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Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies joins us to explain why illegal immigration is ballooning in the United States under Joe Biden—despite available infrastructure and technology to tackle the challenge. She also analyzes a potential withdrawal of Title 42, which allows swift deportations of illegal arrivals in the United States. It suggests even higher levels of illegal flows in the remainder of 2022.

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In an exclusive interview, Colombian Senator María Fernanda Cabal addresses the country’s major challenges, especially foreign interference. She also reflects on running for president against leftist candidate and former guerrilla member Gustavo Petro. Cabal shares why she supports and has confidence in former Medellín Mayor Federico Gutiérrez over Petro in the May 29 presidential election.

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State Department Called to Accept Prosecutor General's Information on Juan Francisco Sandoval’s Dismissal

Guatemalan Prosecutor General Rebukes Unbacked Allegations of Corruption

Foreign organizations are heavily involved in Guatemala’s internal affairs. Nicholas Virzi explains how the US State Department, a member of the G13, is one of the most influential, aggressive, and dominant of the bunch. Virzi’s concern is that foreign intervention is counterproductive, since it impedes economic development and stability.

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The Costa Rican presidential elections held on February 6 had a record-breaking 25 candidates amid major government corruption scandals. Juan Diego Sánchez, PhD, a lawyer, professor, and columnist explains the political situation in Costa Rica. Furthermore, he analyzes the electoral process, corruption cases, and the April 3, 2022 runoff election between Figueres and Chaves.

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La designación de Gloria Porras por parte de la Universidad San Carlos como magistrada ante la Corte de Constitucionalidad de Guatemala se ha paralizado por irregularidades. José Luis González Dubón, abogado, catedrático y doctor guatemalteco en derecho, explica las objeciones legales, las denuncias de presiones y cómo podría terminar el caso.

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La historia de Guatemala y Centroamérica es un campo de batalla cultural entre conservadores y progresistas, principalmente. Carlos Sabino y María Lorena Castellanos, historiadores y catedráticos en universidades guatemaltecas, explican cómo estos grupos tergiversan sucesos como la colonización, la independencia, los conflictos armados y los gobiernos dictatoriales para fines políticos e ideológicos.


Nicaragua's road to serfdom under strongman Daniel Ortega has mesmerized observers. Marco Navarro-Genie, a Nicaraguan political scientist living in Canada, explains how the Sandinistas took over the country and whether the United States should brace for another wave of Central American migrants.

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In the inaugural episode of our podcast, Steve Hecht explains what led him to find the Impunity Observer after living in Guatemala for decades and what stories the mainstream media in the United States are failing to cover.

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Guatemala remains mired in poverty, violence, and dependence on remittances from its migrant population. Martin Barillas, a journalist and former US diplomat, explores the causes and offers a way out.


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