By popular demand; a favourite of the folk-right - Gubben i stugan.

To inspire simple living, independence, low turnover, freedom from government and corporate mind control.

Swedish documentary from 1996 about Ragnar Fredriksson (born 1919) in Kestina near Grängesberg, Dalarna. Filmed and directed by Nina Hedenius.

Step inside the temple, see the ancient ritual - The Disembodiment Gesture.

Once your treasured one is free of the mortal body, love finally becomes truly endless. In a series of time-honoured practices, eternity comes alive in the moment and you may embrace the fully developed spiritus of that most special person. Hear the priests humbly singing their praises, hear the priestesses proudly saluting on their flutes, hear the retarded children bashing their silvern collars - all in celebration of The One!

Once a secret solemnis, The Disembodiment Gesture is now open for viewers on weekends. Remember to pay your respects to the wise initiates by dropping a few coins in the bowl by the doors.

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Exploration near home with the kids.


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