https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8KzkTN6skDjFvlyz2HvmA Make sure to subsribe and be there tonight @4:20pm pst for taco Tuesday and The Giveaway

A 420Dean Blazing production

https://youtu.be/SCUwFYQP328 Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! RCLKXWV
https://cash.me/app/RCLKXWV $deanblazing

Let's crank some Rasta music n Smoke some weed

Here's the Creative Commons Bat signal for Pet Monsters Return to You Tube..#CREATENOTHATE

A short promo for Tuesday 5/8/2018

Promo for Sunday 5/6/18

A 420 Dean Blazing promo for 5/3/2018

A promo for the morning chat

The host of how Show Low Arizona was won in A game of lucky seven

A Dollar General shopping haul with the munchies in ShowLow Arizona

A karaoke of I miss you more then I can say.. Original music by Leo Sayer

A little vlog in Show Low Arizona

An original song by 420Dean Blazing for RantJamz "LIVE"

420Blazing morning show

And tonight,s guest is me 420Dean Blazing being interviewed by Crimson Fantasy..BITCHES ūüí® Hers the linkhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfWdNNc3CnreB0LmDlIVJ9Q

Blowing Pot..lol Happy 4/20/18

A 420Dean Blazing production livestream promo BABY

Karaoke cover by 420Dean Blazing.. Original Music by "The Doors"..

Rocky Racoon Karaoke original music performed by the Beatles

Livestream promo for 4\13\18

Thursday @10am PST with special Guest Demseeking Earth Mumma n more..

SmokeMoreHateLess an original song performance by This Old Stoner https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgrQsNqCCeXS5BvHAOa5GgQ

Rockin Pneumonia n the boogie woogie flu-Johnny Rivers in 1972..A cover song performance by 420Dean Blazing.. #SmokeMoreHateLess

All aboard.. just a fun day for A walk with pics


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My channel is mainly to end discrimination against medicinal and recreational marijuana use..I feature live streaming with good music comedy and celebrities..All rolled up into one big fat J.