So happy you are enjoying these

This is my garden last year

Here's another adventure to share with you.

Have gotten a lot done this summer. Will have the house ready to move into by the end of November. I am also offering a chance to build a self reliant community again. Please leave a comment if you are interested in having a chat. This lifestyle is not for anyone. You will have an ability to generate your own power. If you still need to maintain a steady income you will have to be creative as we are in a very rural part of the country. If you are vaccinated, you are not welcome here. You must understand that covid is a scam.

We finally got a few days of good rain. Garden loved it. I have my chicken coop almost completed as well. Will be getting birds soon.

Saved this little guy from Nux this morning. We have a bunch of cool wildlife out here.

There's a new mother in the flock.

Please share with lib-tard commies.

Neighborhood's getting bigger each day.

If one out of three people raised chickens there would be enough eggs to put the egg industry out of business.

Fire is now 52,000 acres.

The Cook Peak fire started on 4/17/2022. The first two days it grew up to 2200 acres. On 4/19 I took the clips in this video. Wind was blowing 20-30 mph with gusts up to 55 mph. The fire grew to over 5000 acres on that day. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Wanted to give an example of what I can run with my solar setup. While running the heater it is also running the lights, a fridge, and a freezer. I have 2560 watts in panels installed on the bus.

Big Brutus is a big piece of equipment worth checking out. Tour the museum for less than ten bucks. Last time I was there I was the only person, and I explored for over an hour. Very cool. It's located a few miles west of Pittsburgh, KS.

Went to see some friends in Kansas. Had some good camping along the way and a quick stop at one of my favorite places in Colorado. Got the last few clips out of order.

Wanted to share all the projects I have going on out here. I look forward to making more videos and meeting good people.

Found a short documentary about my thoughts earlier. Enjoy and God Bless.

A controlled famine would be much easier today. It could be done with a fraction of manpower.

Short answer is the shareholders of The Vangaurd Group, Blackrock, and State Street.

Know this guy? Didn't think so. The world makes a lot more sense when you understand how we got here.

Now that the National Socialist were crushed, there was no more united people that understood the insidious nature of central banks to stop the globalist from ensuring their rule. Over the years they have infiltrated almost every country in the world. Countries that reject their financial rule are demonized and compared to be ruled by tyrants. The Bankers control every aspect of our lives. They have been doing so for so long most people can not even fathom a lifestyle that will give them freedom.

9-15 million Germans died after the war was won. On another note, I have been trying to upload part 8 of this series for the last two days. Seems even Bitchute will act as the truth police if it's the right topic! Because of this censorship I am also uploading this series to my Odysee channel.


The last of the free nations, out from under the thumb of the bankers, made an offensive towards the soviet army in an attempt to save more Europeans. The Red Army murdered and raped their way as they progressed westward. It was the turning point of the war.

Genocide is broadly defined as an eraser of a specific race of people by either, mass murder, destruction of infrastructure leading to mass deaths, the use of famine to bring about mass death, or the intentional forced mix breeding which can over time has the same effect.

International Globalist bankers have never had any consideration for any country or it's people. They seek only control over a countries currency and therefore uses people as "tax cattle." One of the goals of communism is to establish a central bank with total control over the creation of said currency. Remember always, history is written bu the victors, not the righteous.


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This channel started documenting me and my off grid lifestyle. Since the scamdemic, however, I have felt it necessary to share information that I feel is crucial to understanding our world and how we got here. I will upload any documentary I feel is important to exposing the evil that controls our governing bodies. Please feel free to upload anything I present so that you may share with those close to you. All of my uploads can be found over on Odysee as well. Downloading from Odysee is easy and very strait forward. God bless all of you who seek truth and help spread the word.
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