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Alan talks about the zionism / bolshevism dialectic and why Israel is exempted from the internationalist (globalist) bolshevik agenda. a.k.a the fake right / left dialectic.

Alan's website: https://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/debess
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13UGSRa6adZSUmanrIL5Dg

Fil. dr. Jacob Nordangård håller föredrag kring sin bok "Rockefeller – en klimatsmart historia" från maj 2019

(No english subs available for this perticular vid. Sorry about that. English texted synopsis below.)

Detta är en rafflande och paradoxal historia som visar hur en av världens mäktigaste finans- och oljefamiljer finansierat miljö- och klimatforskning sedan 1950-talet och medverkat till att utforma klimatpolitiska åtgärder sedan 1980-talet.

Rockefellerfamiljens långvariga kamp mot klimathotet innehåller inslag av sofistikerade propagandatekniker, futuristiska framtidsvisioner, nyandlig filosofi samt en dröm om en perfekt utopisk värld där evolutionen står under människans kontroll (Människa 2.0).

Denna dröm och lösning kan dock få svåra konsekvenser för mänsklighetens överlevnad som släkte. Rockefeller Foundations uttalade mission att ”främja mänsklighetens välbefinnande över hela världen” har en mörk baksida.

Frågan är om alla vill vara en del av den nya sköna värld som nu växer fram? Vilka ska vara ledare i denna utopi, och vilka är de som ska bli ledda? Kan demokrati rymmas i en sådan framtid?

Boken är en fortsättning på den forskning som inleddes av PhD Jacob Nordangård med arbetsnotatet Thoughts Leading to Action (2009) vilket vidareutvecklades i doktorsavhandlingen Ordo Ab Chao (2012) och därefter blev publicerat populärvetenskapligt som ett kapitel i boken Domedagsklockan (2013).

Nu har historien om Rockefellers inflytande i klimatfrågan kompletterats och fördjupats av Nordangård i syfte att presenteras för en större och internationell publik.

Kontakta oss vid intresse för boken (300 kronor plus frakt): stiftelsen-pharos.org/kontakt.html

Några röster om boken:

Jacob's research into the impact of Rockefeller philanthropy on public policy is the best I have seen in a long career of profiling the power elite in factual terms, not in conspiracy theory terms. (Ron Arnold)

Det är uppenbarligen inte politiskt korrekt att skärskåda vare sig miljörörelse eller klimatdiskurs. Men det är just detta Nordangård har gjort – på ett mycket övertygande sätt dessutom. Det är en viktig bok han författat. Den borde vara obligatorisk läsning för alla. (Hans Holmén, Docent i Ekonomisk Geografi)

***** English: (No english subs available for this vid. Sorry about that) *****

This is a riveting and paradoxical story that shows how one of the world's most powerful financial and oil families financed environmental and climate research since the 1950s and contributed to the design of climate policy measures since the 1980s.

The Rockefeller family's long-standing fight against the climate threat includes elements of sophisticated propaganda techniques, futuristic visions of the future, new spiritual philosophy and a dream of a perfect utopian world where evolution is under the control of man (Human 2.0).

However, this dream and solution can have serious consequences for the survival of humanity as a family. The Rockefeller Foundation's stated mission to "promote the well-being of mankind all over the world" has a dark back.

The question is whether everyone wants to be part of the new beautiful world that is now emerging? Who should be the leader of this utopia, and who are they to be led? Can democracy be accommodated in such a future?

The book is a continuation of the research initiated by PhD Jacob Nordangård with the working note Thoughts Leading to Action (2009) which was further developed in the doctoral dissertation Ordo Ab Chao (2012) and subsequently published popular science as a chapter in the book Domedag Clock (2013).

Now the story of Rockefeller's influence on the climate issue has been supplemented and deepened by Nordangård in order to be presented to a larger and international audience.

Contact us if you are interested in the book (300 SEK plus shipping): foundation-pharos.org/kontakt.html

Some comments on the book:

Jacob's research into the impact of Rockefeller philanthropy on public policy is the best I have seen in a long career of profiling the power elite in factual terms, not in conspiracy theory terms. (Ron Arnold)

Obviously, it is not politically correct to see either environmental movement or climate discourse. But that's exactly what Nordangård has done - in a very convincing way. It is an important book he authored. It should be mandatory reading for everyone. (Hans Holmén, Associate Professor of Economic Geography)

Get the book (in Swedish) from Stiftelsen Pharos:

"Maurice Strong, a self-confessed socialist, was the man who put the United Nations into the environmental business, being the shadowy-figure behind the UN secretaries general from U Thant to Kofi Annan. His reign of influence in world affairs lasted from 1962 to 2005. Strong has been variously called “the international man of mystery”, the “new guy in your future” and “a very dangerous ideologue”.

Strong made his fortune in the oil and energy business running companies such as Petro Canada, Power Corporation, CalTex Africa, Hydro Canada, the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, Ajax Petroleum, Canadian Industrial Oil and Gas— to name just a few.His private interests always seemed to be in conflict with his public persona and his work on the world stage. Strong’s extensive range of contacts within the power brokers of the world was exceptional. One admirer christened him “the Michelangelo of networking”.

Maurice Strong described himself as “a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology”.

In 1972 he organised for U Thant the first Earth Summit, The Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This led to the formation of UN Environment Program with Maurice Strong at its head. Later, as the UNEP boss he organised the first international expert group meeting on climate change.

This led to exotic UN sponsored organizations such at Earth Council and Earth Charter, The World Resources Institute, the World Wildlife Fund and later The Commission for World Governance and the UN’s University for Peace. Strong was the driving force behind the idea of world governance by the United Nations when he dreamt up a world tax on monetary transactions of 0.5% which would have given theUN an annual income of $1.5 trillion. About equal then to the income of the USA.

The stumbling block was the Security Council, and their power of veto. He devised a plan to get rid of the Security Council but failed to get it implemented. Then came along the idea that global warming might just be the device to get his World Governance proposal up and running.

In 1989 Maurice Strong was appointed Secretary General of the Earth Summit and in 1992, addressing Earth Summit II in Rio, he told the thousands of climate change delegates.

But what Strong didn’t tell the delegates was that he was involved in the purchase of the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, which he bought from Adnan Khashoggi, an arms dealer who had strong connections with the Bin Laden family.

This 200,000 acre cattle property, called the Baca had two hidden secrets. One was that it sat above vast underground water systems, which Strong wanted to remove. He formed the American Water Development Corporation to exploit the water by pumping it out for commercial intent but was stopped by the locals as they feared it would destroy the delicate environment.

The second secret was that Maurice Strong had been told by a mystic that:

The Baca would become the centre for a new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the globe in the years to come.

As a result of these revelations Strong created the Manitou Foundation, a New Age institution located at the Baca ranch — above the sacred waters that Strong had been denied permission to pump out. This hocus-pocus continued with the foundation of The Conservation Fund (with financial help of Laurance Rockefeller) to study the mystical properties of the Manitou Mountain. At the Baca ranch there is a circular temple devoted to the world’s mystical and religious movements.

The valley in which the Baca establishment is located is also traditional home for various Navajo tribes. They believe that their ancestors were led underground here by “Ant People” and according to Navajo tradition they were warned of a coming cataclysm by “sky katchinas” (sky spirits). No wonder Strong wanted to buy the Baca.

Meanwhile Maurice was also busy founding the Earth Council Institute in 1992 and recruiting world luminaries such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Shimon Peres, Al Gore and David Rockefeller. In 2000 Earth Charter was formed as a further push by Strong to create a world governing body.

Unfortunately, in 2005, the most powerful man in the push to save of humanity — by steady promotion of the theory of human induced greenhouse gases — was caught with his hand in the till.

Investigations into the UN’s Oil-for-Food-Program found that Strong had endorsed a cheque for $988,885 mad"

- John Izzard Source: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2015/12/discovering-maurice-strong/

Talk By Alan Watt - https://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/

Corbett Report:

In this video, Dr. Jones breaks down how this happened, what this organization REALLY does, provides historical context. Whether PewDiePie intended this or not, he has brought the crimes of this organization to the attention of his 100+ milllion YouTube Subscribers and Red-Pilled them on the truth about this anti-American hate organization.

On September 10th, the largest individual YouTuber, PewDiePie, released a video where he stated that he would be donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Following 24 hours of backlash on the internet from his fans and cultural commentators like Dr. E. Michael Jones, PewDiePie retracted his offer to donate to this criminal organization.

Dr. E. Michael Jones is a world renowned and best-selling Catholic author, lecturer, and editor of Culture Wars magazine. His books include:

📗The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing
📕Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control
📘Barren Metal: Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury


Copies of "How Meyer Lansky Took Over the Cincinnati Ballet" are available in paperback and Amazon Kindle
here: https://amzn.to/2lSregQ

Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqu-4AY-501xV5iCtt7dMKQ
BC: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/emichaeljones/

William Stuart explains his research and his views but also shares his ideas on possible solutions.

"You know, an all-out battle on land, and heavy battles in the sea, and this total bombardment over Rotterdam and over London, the High Cabal is operating here." Sir Winston Churchill High finance, the High Cabal, has been running the Brotherhood of Light very secretly for over 1500 years. It has grown stronger. From this Cabal of the Roman Empire, fashioned again in Venice in 697AD, white slaving and currency manipulation in the Eastern Mediterranean arose. It became the ruthless mask of the Knights Templar, who invaded Europe and Britain in AD 1150. The Red lodges that resulted from that period still exist today. By the mid-16th century the Cabal was back again, this time smashing the monasteries, introducing slavery, large houses and currency manipulation, and controlling the East India Company that held power over a fifth of the world's population. So we trace here the Cabal's hoof prints into the still existing and unsolved Templar mysteries, into the Round Table, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission of today. "

Book: The Invisible College - The Great European Secret

Book review comments f. Amazon:
"Interesting read with some good general information, but almost totally devoid of footnotes and references to sources, especially for ancient events. The author could greatly improve his way of relaying information. His video interviews sound exactly like his writing in books, but that's a hard form for study."

"In the last years of the Republic of Venice, the billionaires saw that their ideal system of government was under threat. So they sought to spread their system of government to the rest of the world. At about this time, Freemasonry came into being. It was claimed that Freemasonry had existed throughout history as a trade union for stonemasons. Freemasons were told that their society had started in ancient Egypt. There is no evidence however of Freemasonry existing before the 18th century. Venice was the only place around where people held Freemason type ideas, so that is probably where Freemasonry started."

"Bizarre defense of the Bank of England. "We don't know who the stockholders are, but they are working for our benefit". This makes me question all of his points, but interesting, well articulated information nevertheless."

My thoughts/comments: I've been intriqued for a long time about this Lombard story but have not found much evidence to establish any hard connections between the later ominous banking cabal and their system of control which supposedly grew up up in Venice and what its specific relation and/or association to this group of migratory people was beoynd being part of establishing the early housing colony on water i.e. Venice. I do however find quite a few connections to other groups of peoples, cultures, powers and principalities dabbling in what can be precieved as mysticism. The Lombard migration and re-settlement seem to have lasted for about one hundred years (376-476 CE) before being oblitirated and conquered by the Franks under Charlemagne. My research on all of this this is still somewhat limited.

Joe Atwill & Timothy Kelly Discuss Vaccines, Censorship, The Deep State and the Depopulation Agenda.

Related: Vaxxed - From Cover-up to Catastrophe, the documentary.

More from Tim Kelly:

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/profile/VN58YYOn8cTT/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKAZwaFnH_QX1ddYDQf-lg

Report from a Royal Institute of International Affairs Global Meeting on world governance.
(Video visualised By AstralWalker One 17 dec 2017.)

The proceedings of the second unofficial conference on British commonwealth relation 3rd-17th september 1938 The British Commonwealth and the future is readable here/Royal institute of international affairs.


Music Nate Maingard Working Class hero Subscribe for more videos from http://smarturl.it/NateMaingardYT

Astralwalker One YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13UGSRa6adZSUmanrIL5Dg

Ryan Dawson interviewed by Timothy Kelly for 'our interesting times' -series.

Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to share his thoughts on the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. Ryan is an author, independent researcher and the proprietor of the ANC Report.

Epstein Crime Map: https://www.ancreport.com/report/jeffrey-epstein-crime-map-july-18-2019/

Very good research into who Epstein really are, who his friends are and what these enteties have done.

The interview is almost 3 hours long but very informing FYI.

Tim Kelly is also avalible on BC and YT. Follow Links.
Only a few of his many interviews will be avalible on my channel.

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/profile/VN58YYOn8cTT/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKAZwaFnH_QX1ddYDQf-lg

Ryan Dawson is also on Bitchute and YT.
BC: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/dawson/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rys2sense

Wonderful Italian neo-folk music. Lyrics + Translation included
Acustic music, vocals.


One of the most important voices of progressive education, John Taylor Gatto exposes in several of his books, articles and interviews the undercurrents that steer the direction of the current education system. These undercurrents within our education systems are most prominently exposed by Gatto through his exposé of Alexander Inglis’s book Principles of Secondary Education. In this book from 1918, Inglis lists the six primary functions of education and Gatto takes these as his critical point of departure.

"Learning isn’t the reason the texts are distributed. How can you establish if someone has developed automatic deference to authority? By checking to see if they’ll follow stupid orders. Function one achieved." - John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018)

The six purposes of schooling according to Inglis:

1. adjustive function – establish fixed habits of reaction to authority.
2. integrating (conformity) function – develop like-mindedness, unity in thoughts and habits.
3. directive function – label children to mark them in the class structure.
4. differentiating function – divide and conquer strategy to immobilize the social structure.
5. selective function – preservation of the ‘favored’ races – tag the unfit.
6. Propaedeutic function – grooming of those in higher classes to manage the lower classes.

Plenty of articles on this to choose from. I picked one to share here created by Anna Brix Thomsen in 2014.
"John Taylor Gatto: Blowing the Whistle on the Education System. 85" - by Anna Brix Thomsen

Anca Cernea on the radical political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin operating in Russia and who is good friend of Putin. From the speech - Cultural Marxism: a Threat to the Family at Rome Life Forum 2016. Dugin admits to being is a great admirer of Aleister Crowley.


"No matter how hard he digs at his memory, Winston is uncertain whether a time existed when Oceania was not at war with someone." /../ "Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. - Orwell's 1984"

#duginism #russia #deepstate #freemasonry

The geopolitical cultural marxist agenda against african americans in the US told from a Christian perspective. Some needed questions are being asked in this short docu. Well worth a listen.

"The quiet cultural revolution WILL be televised and streamed live. Human rights have been weaponized and groups are being divided on racial/social lines."

"New video games are numbing the masses, and sports stars/celebs are being utilized to cry wolf, all the while a huge plan is brewing beneath the noses of a nation."

"The truth behind the marxist social death squad BLACK LIVES MATTER, how we got to this point and the bringing together of the nation under the new world order through Trauma Bonding."

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32)

Creator's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZRq-0n5fsB6bTiWE-QUyA
Creator's Patreon channel: https://www.patreon.com/dayzofnoahchannel

"Social Commentary and Documentaries regarding------Media Theory, Polemics, The Esoteric, and Popular Culture Studies."

Fabian Socialism / Oligarchical Collectivism: The Institutional “ism(s)” That Threatens Our Very Biology

Explained here by Aaron & Melissa Dykes from Truthstream media

(original video was edited down a bit removing a then contemporary political discussion about obama care.)

Author site: http://www.truthstreammedia.com

(From jewish marxist to swedish nationalist - Lasse Wilhelmsons fight for free speech.)
** This video is in Swedish and no english subs are available as of yet unfortunately. Sorry about that.

Statsvetaren Jonas Nilsson, vars dokumentärfilm Boer Project om folkmordet på de nederländska nybyggarna i Sydafrika har gjort en videointervju med före detta marxisten Lasse Wilhelmson.

När Wilhelmson i samband med 1968-vänsterns framfart genom västvärlden kämpade för socialismens seger, hade han inte en tanke på att många av hans medkämpar liksom han själv hade judisk bakgrund. Det var först långt senare som han tog reda på att de kommunistiska revolutionerna var judiska projekt.

Den officiella historien är att Theodor Herzl är sionismens grundare, och att det skedde på den internationella sionistkongressen 1897. Men det visade sig att den som var sionismens anfader var Moses Hess, som var en av de första socialdemokraterna i Tyskland. Det visade sig att Hess var Karl Marx’ mentor in i socialismen. När jag upptäckte det här märkte jag att det var något som inte stämmer: Varför pratar man inte om det här? Varför pratade vi inte om det i våra studier i hela 68-rörelsen, att Hess och Marx samarbetade?

Wilhelmson började forska i saken, köpte stora mängder böcker och läste senare även texter på Internet. Under tidigt 2000-tal reviderade han sitt politiska engagemang. I intervjun berättar han om vikten av att sträva efter att uttrycka det man uppfattar som sanning. Wilhelmson, som även har varit en uppskattad gäst i Radio Nordfront, bjuder i videon på en faktaspäckad intervju med klara besked, och en politisk livshistoria med välgrundade resonemang och slutsatser.

Palestra media:
Web: https://palaestramedia.com/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1rJTe0xdJuv06gJU-765tA

-- Translation ----

From jewish marxist to swedish nationalist - Lasse Wilhelmsons fight for free speech.
Reupload of a swedish interview done by Palestra media.

When Wilhelmson, in the course of the 1968 left-wing movement in the West, fought for the victory of socialism, he had no idea that many of his companions, like himself, had Jewish background. It was only much later that he found out that the Communist revolutions were Jewish projects.

The official story is that Theodor Herzl is the founder of Zionism, and that it happened at the International Zionist Congress in 1897. But it turned out that the person of Zionism was Moses Hess, one of the first Social Democrats in Germany. It turned out that Hess was Karl Marx's mentor into socialism. When I discovered this, I noticed something was wrong: Why are you not talking about this? Why didn't we talk about it in our studies throughout the 68th movement, that Hess and Marx worked together?

Wilhelmson began researching the matter, bought large quantities of books and later read texts on the Internet. In the early 2000s, he revised his political commitment. In the interview, he tells about the importance of striving to express what one perceives as the truth.

A Modern Odyssey. Embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of our modern times, and with courage face the Shadow. Through Shadow into Light.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” -C.G. Jung

Written, Directed & Produced by Lubomir Arsov Original Soundtrack “Age of Wake” by Starward Projections Composited by Sheldon Lisoy Additional Compositing by Hiram Gifford Art Directed & Edited by Lubomir Arsov

'IN-SHADOW' is an entirely independently funded, not-for-profit film. If you'd like to support the artist,

Gallery quality ART PRINTS available here: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/inshadow/
Film Website: https://www.inshadow.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inshadowmovie/ Music Composers: https://www.starwardprojections.com/

Contact: [email protected]
© Lubomir Arsov 2017

What this thing called zionism is really about. This is the second interview by Adam Green with Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Adam Green runs the show Know More News and Jon Bjerknes is a historian and author.

First interview 'The Bolshevism & Zionism Dialectic' can be found here.

More from Adam Green can be found here.

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/qPYBk4x8LaDs/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRjFptz7970mppuiGuZtpQ
Web: https://www.knowmorenews.org

More from Jon Bjerknes can be found here.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVxAsLYi9AztI_Y_KbByFTA
Web: https://cjbbooks.com/

Music: The Hymn of Acxiom + lyrics - Vienna Teng

With its Orwellian lyrics and vaguely creepy chords, "Hymn of Acxiom" sounds like a critique of mass data collection and surveillance. But Teng says the song is meant to empathize with databases as well as excoriate them.

"I felt like there's so much [to say] about the data that's being collected on our behaviors and patterns. On the one hand, we are approving of it, in the things that we choose to buy, in the things that we consent to. But on the other hand, I think we're all a little uneasy about it, too. So I wanted to write a song that challenged both sides of that."

The Private NSA. See What Acxiom Knows About You

America's Birthplace 2019 A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence
- Report by Melissa and Aaron Dykes [30min]

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/TRUTHstreammedia

The "pansexual", race-mixing counter-culture agenda within capitalism.

Cultural Marxism and capitalism.

Ep 99 of Powers & Principalities Series hosted by Tim Kelly and Joe atwill.

Tim Kelly is also avalible on BC and YT. Follow Links.
Only a few episodes will be avalible on my channel for now.

BC: https://www.bitchute.com/profile/VN58YYOn8cTT/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKAZwaFnH_QX1ddYDQf-lg

The rare interview with Prof. Carroll Quigley from 1974 regarding his book Tragedy And Hope and why he wrote it.

interview with Quigley performed by Rudy Maxa of the Washington Post in 1974.

QUIGLEY: “Now, this is. I knew the Round Table group was very influential. I knew that they
were the real founders of the Royal Institutes of International Affairs. And I knew
that, all the stuff that is in print, that they were they real founders of the Institutes
of Pacific Relations. I knew that they were the godfathers of the, uh, Council on
Foreign Relations ..” - Transcript exerpt from interview.

Full transcript:

Preceding (written spoken notes before audio interview start)

Quigley was a private tutor for fmr. US. president Bill Clinton.

Talk by Jeff Steinberg, Counterintelligence director EIR. (f. 1997 approx)

The destruction of nation states, the christian faith and democracy.

"Jeff Steinberg presents the ugly genocidal reality of the corporate structure, the raw materials cartel, the mercenary armies, the modern opium war on most of civilization, terrorism, psychological brainwashing operations, & the religious and environmentalist lunatics, all run out of London….

Ed Spannaus introduces the September 1997 panel on Britains Invisible Empire. Counter-Intelligence editor Jeff Steinberg opens by detailing the structure and nature of the modern British Empire starting with Queen Elizabeth, her perrogative powers, the Privy Council, and the corporate power she wields. Are you deluded enough to think that the British Empire is a relic of a romantic bygone age?"


Talk by Jeff Steinberg.
Video is from 1997 approx. (feel free correct me if I'm wrong on this date)

Episode of Know More News with Adam Green interviewing Christopher Jon Bjerknes (05.04.2019) They discuss the faux agency of Hitler as the saviour of Germany and the zionist / bolschevik dialectic past and present.

This video was banned by google/youtube after a few hours as predicted.
Edit: It's also avalible on KMN BC channel link below

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Links:

Know More News!

Alan Watt on the technocratic surveillance agenda being implemented under the guise of fighting crime, terror and hate.

"Alan Watt Blurb, "A Chip Off the Ashlar or the Old Masonic Block"
© Alan Watt Dec 13, 2006 - Visualised by AstralWalker One

The Mathematical Equation, Tracking Microchip Implants, Kevin Warwick, Implanting Inmates, Dogs of War, "Now Is The Time", Addictive Convenience, Isaac Asimov, Cyborg Bees, Bionic Men, Aleister Crowley, Police, French Revolution and Voltaire, Dr. WHO, Napoleonic War, MADD, For and Against, Order Out of Chaos, The Beast of Revelations, Sumer and India, Altered States, Scripted Fantasy, Terrorism, the Masses

Dec. 10, 2006 article abstract from Toronto Star Archives
Support Alan's Work via Books, Discs and Donations - http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.net

Transcript - http://cuttingthrough.jenkness.com/transcripts/Alan_Watt_Blurb_A_Chip_off_the_Old_Masonic_Block.html

(Song: "Watching You" by the Police, "End of the Innocence" by Don Henley)
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt 12-13-2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Astralwalker one videos.

"I'll be Watching You"
By Sting

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Every single day
And every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

Oh, can’t you see
You belong to me
Now my poor heart aches
With every step you take

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you

A speech delivered 1994 by EIR history editor Anton Chaitkin entitled "America's 'Young America' movement, Slaveholders and the B'nai B'rith".

Image: Knights of the Golden Circle (copperheads) aimed to control these parts of the americas. https://deephighlands.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/knights-of-the-golden-circle-map-of-the-confederacy.jpg

#history #america #britain #philosophy #masonry #slavery #empire #organizedcrime


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I'm looking for the man behind the curtain.

* Mirroring several interviews created by Timothy Kelly here.
* Added a documentary from Bill Still.
* Added a documentary by Adam Curtis.
* Added some clips from Melissa and Aaron Dykes.
* Added a clip from the creator calling himself 'Dayz Of Noah'.
* Added a documentary by Juri Lina.
* Added a few clips from Alan Watt.
* Added misc clips from another unnamed creator.

I believe in spreading certain vital historical analyses far and wide in an attempt to stop further falsification and erasure of history.

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