The REAL Holocaust of the 20th century…
I trained at a gym in the Los Angeles area where the founders were “resettled” Cambodians who fought the Khmer Rouge. The Uncle of the family was horribly wounded in battle, but was still an excellent trainer. The last years of my career I solely trained with Cambodian trainers and never lost…they were some of the kindest forthright and pleasant people I ever met, and none ever said a word to me about being proud of who I was a given…
During the Pol Pot regime the Boxers were all executed…because they were considered extremely patriotic to the king. Most joined the anti communist forces.
You want to meet some people who hate the fuck out of communism?
Pol pot, Ho Chi Minh and various other communists were trained in Paris. Paris was ready to capitulate to communism shortly before Hitler invaded France. The “peace accords, giving concessions to communists, all occurred in Paris…Rothschild country…Think about that.

16yo Shunsuke Montegi vs 19yo Montien (Sitmonchai gym)
2016….best fight I’ve seen in a while, both fighters equally matched with perfect technique….
Don’t miss the train young men, once you realize you are not made of porcelain you will be surprised what you are capable of.

Shadow box on a tire. I actually hold pads for my students and see it they can deliver shots with power while on the tire. When they master this, their punches will be powerful from any position
Thumbnail…Totalloser breaks ribs with knees. Las Vegas 1996

Sneak elbow. The shot you don’t see coming is the one that gets you every time.Brutal knee to finish. This was a crappy mis match fight in my opinion; blue corner had no power….
Watch the slo mo, and learn to throw the elbow from any angle when your hands are tied up.

Young Slovak Warrior (17 yo) fights equally matched young Thai Warrior.
I watch these fights from Southeast Asia very closely…Don’t miss the train, young men…your opportunity to fight begins in your become a leader you have to be willing to attack…Never despair…Never give up. The Viking Spirit is alive and well.

Frenchman has some skills…

Let This Filipino man explain to you just how fucked we are. This video is about one year old, so it is already happening. It’s getting to the point where I’m about to bash my phone in with a hammer and throw it off a bridge into the bay.

This robot can be controlled from a situation room hundreds of miles away. It can be directed from drones directly above it. Oh, and, it doesn’t have any ‘feelings’

Delayed reaction…”Which way did he go, George?”
Seriously though, a strike like this could be fatal. It is very difficult to practice this in sparring without injury, be very careful and wear mouth guard and headgear…
(Unknown fighters, Cambodia)

Sneaky elbow from an odd angle; no once but twice. Watch the slo mo closely and remember this the next time someone grabs your arm.
Unknown Fighters: Cambodia red corner/Thailand blue corner

Ed Sullivan show 1965….

The brilliant strategy of feinting with the drums, hidden troops in reserve, and bombarding the Turks’ demarcation point once most were already across…a crude but necessary representation of the Romanian Warrior Stefan the Great.
Many great warriors of Eastern Europe such as Stefan, Vlad the Impaler, and Sobieski are never taught to children. We’d all be speaking Arabic if it wasn’t for them.

Yeah yeah I know ….funniest comedian out there back in the day.

Canadian Lethwei Champion Dave LeDuc explains proper use of Burmese Boxing Head butts. This is a dangerous strike with a lot of risk, but a good option nonetheless. Way back in my videos you will find more information, also, on YouTube.

Competing for females…All mammals have to defend themselves and prove their worth to get laid…something humans forgot…
Kangaroos have the thrill of sport, and rarely if ever kill each other. There is even a referee…

Kim Veasna (red corner, Cambodia) vs. Phalangnum (blue corner, Thailand) It was a boring fight until the knockout.
Concentrate more on the elbow that missed , and how vulnerable Phalangnum was… although he threw it perfectly, you are wide open if you miss. That is the Achilles Heel of elbow strikes…never throw from too far away.
Kim should have capitalized on this…and threw that right…but he hesitated and look at the results

We aren’t going to live free by just fucking around on the computer; you must be in a constant state of training…mentally and physically. Pick an issue to stand on, and when they come to exercise their will on you, well,…
You write the next line.

Part 1…let some of these sink in before I play the second half

Cambodian Boxing (Kun Khmer)
Sometimes, every tool in the box is outdone by the most basic hammer.

Revenge will eventually take precedence over self preservation, hopefully sooner than later.

Ring the Liberty bell and wave the red white and blue you fucking dim-wits. 8 billion to Ukraine? While Americans die in the streets…your government is the true enemy.

Watch the Slo-Mo and observe the way the hips twist in a shoveling motion…as if you are throwing coal out of a bunker. This is where the power in the shot comes from. Apply to the heavy bag often in combinations…it is a good way to finish a combo.
Too bad the final knee didn’t connect; The Chinaman would have left on a stretcher…or a hearse.

Chamuaktong vs. Brown
Watch closely the Thais elbow technique and how he masters the larger opponent. To beat a taller fighter in the clinch is key; as a shorter fighter you must be too close or too far.
The “Pryde” on Chamuaktong’s shorts have nothing to do with faggots; it was a kickboxing promotion.
The announcers are complete dorks I would rather they just shut the fuck up.

Fag drops truth bomb

Older Thai Warrior comes in under the radar and destroys the arm of one of the most dangerous fighters in Cambodia…


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