Kate Shemirani - one of The Medical Revolutionaries - says don't be frightened by the FEAR PORN from the authorities over vaccination. Kate reminds us that we've been here before as in nineteenth century Leicester when people were brutalised into forced vaccination.

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"We Expose The Lies, We Reveal The Truth"

The motto of the Medical Revolutionaries is:

"We Expose The Lies, We Reveal The Truth".

In this short video Kate reminds us that we all have a choice even though the Army may turn up at your town or school peddling a test or a vaccine.

Don't feel intimidated.

We all have a God given right as well as a legal right to choose what is put into our bodies irrespective of what others tell us.

Remember 'Covid19' is being used to frighten us.

Why did the Government tender for systems to detect what they said in their own words was an 'Expected High Volume' of serious adverse events with this new vaccine?

The answer is that they knew the vaccine wouldn't have had time to go through the lengthy 24 month phase 3 trials to get the proper licence.

So they are covering their backsides in case of massive legislation. They see the public as uninformed, stupid and needing to be told and coerced by scenes of the Army coming to town like in Liverpool and Birmingham.

Read the tender the Government put out in autumn 2020 for a £1.5M contract to try to prevent litigation through new detection systems for what they describe as the 'Expected High Volume of Adverse Events". They knew well in advance that the vaccine is dangerous but they were happy to release it on the public all the same:


Read how they could 'prove' it's been successful:


Watch our for another video from The Medical Revolutionaries!

David Icke speaks the truth.

WITH DR KEVIN CORBETT Sue talks about how her mother's medical diagnosis was a tissue of lies and how the death certificate was likewise fraudulent. Sue describes how she fought hard to get the coroner to over turn the death certificate and issue a new one. Many suggestions are given in this interview for people challenging recent death certificates and for ways to speak up and report the suspect activities of doctors who are out of control. Share your experiences with Sue and anyone with information can contact Sue direct at [email protected]

Sunday 18th October 2020 MILLENNIUM SQ, LEEDS, UK.

Kate's optimistic message about our future.

Kurten drills down on terrorist loving Mayor who cannot justify double standard policing by Cressida Dick: BLM get knelt to by police while antilockdown protesters get baton charges.

Recorded at the antilockdown rally, Glasgow, Scotland, 6th September 2020.
Website: https://www.dundeeresistancemovement.com/

Kate Shemirani asks viewers to question the double standard applied to herself as compared to prominent others in her quest for Truth and Justice.

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Kate Shemirani and Kevin Corbett interviewed by Sky TV (Italy) opposite the Houses of Parliament, The College Garden ,Tuesday 22nd September 2020

What was SO DANGEROUS about Nurse Kevin's speech that the RIOT POLICE stopped it on 19th September 2020? Here is the full uninterrupted Trafalgar Square speech which should have been given at the RESIST AND ACT RALLY September 19th 2020, Trafalgar Square, London, UK.

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