Penelope Avamour

Since January 2014 the entire world has followed my lead which naturally has caused to occur an enormous amount of pressure on me as this second phase has lots of nuances entwined in it for which I somehow have to convey in a comprehensive albeit abstract manner.

Whilst this video is an original production of mine I can't claim ownership to its originating concept of combining Victoria's Secret imagery with Alan Walker's world shattering popular song Faded, as those credits belong to a Youtuber I recently stumbled upon.

If you are unfamiliar with Alan Walker's song Faded you are one of the few people on this planet who is unaware as the video on YouTube has received in excess of 2.5 billion views since the song's release in 2015.

The imagery of the video is more telling than the lyrics of the song as the video depicts at the beginning a hooded young man in a derelict abandoned building alone with his laptop computer who retrieves from his pocket a faded and tattered picture of a little white house with a white picket fence which he views before returning it to his pocket. The main footage of the video focuses on this young man scouring around inside this derelict building in what appears to be an abandoned mine. The imagery the video conveys is one of utter ruin and sheer desolation.

At the end of the video this young man appears in front of an exact replica of the little white house with the white picket fence which has him retrieve once again the picture from his pocket to view. Only this time instead of returning the picture to his pocket he lets it drop from his hand to blow away in the wind.

The little white house with the white picket fence has always been a symbol of romance to do with a young married couple commencing their new ideal life together full of hope and promise. Even though the video depicts a young man who isn't even old enough to have taken his first step on his prospective long journey in life he appears to have already given up on the ideal life of finding the perfect woman in which to raise a family.

I have no idea what has been the motivation behind the video or the song as Alan Walker could very well be one of these Global Warming doomsday fuckwits who believes the world as we know it is going to end in twelve years going by the lyrics. Of course, it is possible the song is simply about unrequited love. Although, if that was the case I doubt it would have received so many views. Whatever has been its motivation the video is extremely nihilistic, which I am sure has been the main contributing factor in its success as hope is a scarce commodity these days.

Either way, I found the contrasting Victoria's Secret beautiful imagery in comparison to the imagery of the original video a perfect symbolic addition to my stable of videos as my whole life has been one long torturous saga regarding unrequited love for the simple reason I am only suited to the perfect man.

My G+ readership was fully aware of my training as a lawyer as well as my interest in Australia's Fathers Movement bid for equal shared parenting in 2005. My interests basically stemmed from my own curiosity as to why something so beneficial to children would be so vigorously contested by women. Needless to say, this is an extremely involved story which is beyond the scope of me detailing here.

Whilst I was at G+ I received numerous invitations to join White Nationalists, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazi and 14/88er communities which I initially accepted out of curiosity for which I eventually lost any curiosity because the vast majority of these people were no different to that ill-bred pissant punk I recently had an encounter with here on my Bitchute channel, which inspired my previous video Cartoon Nazis.

Most intelligent people soon realise I rationalise everything in the abstract which naturally means there is a counter-balancing argument to everything I may state - in this case women - even if I don't mention it.

Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Third Reich has always attracted social rejects who would still be social rejects even in a utopian National Socialist paradise.

Here's why:

In a utopian National Socialist paradise there only exists good mothers as distinct from good wives because whilst married couples may have their personal difficulties none of any that matters in Family Court as the only thing that matters is the paramount best interests of the child(ren). Therefore, if it can be proved in a utopian National Socialist paradise a man is a misogynistic shitbag he will lose all his assets as well as all contact with his children for life resulting in his utter financial, emotional and psychological ruination.

National Socialism is a cultivating philosophy for the perfect man and no one else.

If it weren't I'd have no interest in it.

When you live in a world as a woman where 90% of Western white males can be decreed a human disgrace to the White Race it is only natural a high level of confirmation bias exist amongst white males via the buddy system due to this predominance where each substandard white male confirms to another substandard white male - and vice versa - he is the epitome of the perfect man, in fact, a veritable superstar.

Of course, whenever a person's entire existence is the manifestation of self-induced self-delusion that person needs to permanently surround himself or herself with similar self-deluded people who are prepared to consistently and perpetually reinforce the others self-delusions they have of themselves.

I recently had a visitor to my Bitchute channel who had ventured far away from his protective reinforcing enclave by the name The_Nick_OConnor who had sought reinforcement from me for which I initially was tentatively prepared to provide so long as his interactions with me remained cordially sweet and succinct for which they did not.

There are three concurrent themes I intend to avail myself of in the future in complimentary essence:

1: Victoria's Secret

2: Bruce Lee

3: The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise

I will explain the commonality between these three concurrent themes in more detail in a future video, but for now I only wish to mention there are no second chances socially if you are a male with a woman like me.

Whilst the eyes may be the window to the soul social faux pas are a revealing insight to the character, or lack thereof, of a man.

Subsequently, in my world whenever a man's social behaviour amounts to conduct unbecoming a gentleman for which he is obliged to offer me an apology; my acceptance of his apology doesn't grant him a second chance with me; it only curtails any plans I may have been inspired to devise in response to his unacceptable behaviour to ruin his life.

My entanglements with this person The_Nick_OConnor spans four of my videos:

1: Aryan Goddess - Penelope Avamour

2: Aryan Goddess - Love

3: Aryan Goddess - Braveheart

4: Canis Sapien

I initially engaged him on my Aryan Goddess - Penelope Avamour video after he had written quite a lengthy post informing how he is a twenty-three year old American male who had discovered the wisdom of National Socialism for near on a year now. I had responded in kind with my forth response intended to be my last for which it was so phrased.

Something he obviously failed to detect as he continued to engage me in conversation for which I politely kept responding even though I had not the slightest interest in engaging in conversation with a twenty-three year old American male on the Internet, especially one who possessed views for which I shared no affinity.

Subsequently, the tone of our conversation deteriorated to the extent I requested he leave. However, before any of that had occurred he had joined MeWe social media site and had sent me a request to befriend him, which I had mistakenly granted. He then wrote me an apology on the internal MeWe chat system and sent it to me for which I accepted out of pure expediency stating in caveat I rarely ever forgive male indiscretion relating to me.

A few days later I publish my Aryan Goddess - Braveheart video which he immediately posts a comment in similar vein to his expressed opinions on my Aryan Goddess - Penelope Avamour video for which I had already stated my disapproval. I neither had the available time or the frame of mind to confront him in the comment section on my video then and there. However, I became aware he had communicated with me again via the MeWe internal chat system a few days later when I did have the time spare as well as the frame of mind to confront him.

Needless to say, he quickly resorted to vitriolic abuse, which prompted me to block him.

The systematic public execution program I intend to convince the Western world to institute beginning 2025 with respect to pathetic weak white males is a non-arbitrary system, meaning there will be no panel of judges charged with the unenviable duty of deciding who should live and who should die due to the fact it is obvious now who is a pathetic weak white male.

Of course, by 2025 it will be even more obvious making the need to convene a panel of judges even more superfluous.

A reason for targeting pathetic weak white males - Baby Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial, Gen-Z - is because they have been a vile contaminant in Western society for way too long whose continued existence would only serve to further undermine the already battered reputation of white men by deliberate campaign of the Jews, however, my main reason is so the accusation can never be leveled - by the Jews or anyone - we white people don't know how to keep house.

Needless to say, accusations of anti-male bias will no doubt be bandied about by these pathetic weak white males because perpetually complaining about how unfair life has been to them whilst doing absolutely nothing about it is the single most defining characteristic about these pathetic weak white males.

All women - no distinction made between feminists and non-feminist women - Jews, Muslims, the weather et al are all to blame for them being the repulsive and detestable human beings they are today, despite having had the advantage of being born in a First World country.

It has never been my intentions or purpose to provide life advice or even attempt to define what constitutes a good person as people tend to be a reflection of their environment, which invariably varies from person to person.

My only purpose has been to restore Western culture - white culture - to its former glory.

An endeavour for which I couldn't care less if one million, ten million or multiples of one hundred million people are required to die in its successful quest.

The pathetic weak white male is the most detested living organism on this planet.

They're detested by white women.

They're detested by white men.

They're detested by both non-white men and women.

Even their makers the Jews detest them.

The easiest thing I will ever do in this life is convince the world these repulsive pieces-of-shit need to be permanently eradicated.

I had informed my readership at G+ of my unusual family dynamics with my father being a Grand Mason whilst my mother was a highly respected high profile socialite of the Catholic Church who regularly entertained Catholic Church dignitaries and priests at our family home.

In my Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series I had published on my G+ profile between October 2017 and April 2019 when Google abandoned their failed foray into social media I had raised on a variety of occasions my many intellectually based issues with Catholic Church doctrine for which I have always rejected. Whilst I confined myself to the doctrine of Original Sin; I do in fact reject the entire doctrine of Jesus Christ having died on the cross for our sins for the simple reason it makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.

I am one of the few women in this world who understands Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics so I know the problems they've got in proving their theories correct about the origins of the Universe. The knowledge of which has helped me maintain my Catholic Faith despite the Catholic Church being completely corrupt and the fundamental basis of their belief structure being completely erroneous.

This is a small portion of the background story to how my Knights of the Round Table concept was devised for which there is a fundamental dynamic that exists between men and women for which the Knights of the Round Table addresses.

The core essence of which is the concept of love as it should be with Catholicism/Christianity.

It is worthwhile me reiterating the Knights of the Round Table has been devised as a futuristic concept due to the fact the primary issue for me is not whether the International Financial System can be deposed; it's what to replace it with after it has been deposed.

Even though I am obviously extremely limited in how much information I am able to convey in these video uploads here at Bitchute I should be able to provide a fairly basic understanding of the Knights of the Round Table concept over the course of the next few video uploads.

I will be remembered in history for these five reasons:

1: As the woman who changed the world's opinion of Adolf Hitler from one of disrepute to one of reverence ✅

2: As the woman who designed and established the most advanced hierarchical social structure the world had ever known

3: As the woman who dismantled the International Financial System

4: As the woman who orchestrated the most extensive systematic public execution program the world had ever witnessed

5: My pumpkin scone recipe

Granted, the fifth item is a little bit fanciful since I don't know how to cook but the previous four items are well within my abilities.

Whilst the Knights of the Round Table is open to women to join it primarily has been designed to exalt men to the extent it will undoubtedly come to represent the definitive supreme measure by which all Western men are measured.

The main reason for this is because the psychological and emotional well-being of men - more than women - is inextricably linked to their personal perceptions of themselves being providers and protectors.

It is for this very reason the Knights of the Round Table has been designed to eventually become the most recognised institution dedicated to the ultimate protection of Western society.

Needless to say, there will naturally be many various interim phases the Knights of the Round Table will have to traverse and navigate before it receives this universal recognition.

It is for this reason I have substituted the Art of Romance as an intervening intermediary measure because just as the Knights of the Round Table has been designed to be the supreme futuristic measure of Western men, the Art of Romance is the supreme measure of men now due to the fact every Western institution - politics, judiciary, academia and religion - has been thoroughly corrupted by the Jews.


I am obviously assembling a very complex conceptual jigsaw puzzle with these videos of mine for which there exists no particular urgency on my behalf in maintaining their production as they are rather time consuming to create. It is for this reason I volunteer the following information in advance:

I have selected this video of Bruce Lee because his entire life is the personification of personal development in the pursuit of excellence both in the philosophical/spiritual realm as well as physical realm.

I have also selected this video because similar to the methodology of a highly fashionable woman Bruce Lee incorporated many various aspects from various different martial arts he observed which he considered practical and useful in the enhanced development of his own personal style of martial arts, which he called Jeet Kune Do.

It is probably worthwhile me mentioning in ancient Greek mythology it was the Goddess Athena - a woman - for whom the Greeks had decreed the goddess of strategic warfare in addition to her many other proficiencies. Of course, back then they were more enlightened times to what we live in today.

It therefore is not by coincidence I have selected the most hailed - still to this day - martial arts exponent with respect to Bruce Lee in conjunction with a Star Trek fan production with respect to Prelude to Axanar in which it should be obvious the Klingon Empire serves as a perfect metaphor for the Jews because just as it was stated in this short movie by Admiral Samuel Travis, "Their - the Klingon Empire - whole civilisation, their whole culture, is a monument to the art of war", so it is a perfectly apt description of the Jews.

Also, just like the Klingons, the Jews possess a similar grotesque physical appearance.

This is a beautifully warm and spiritually uplifting video crafted by someone else depicting scenes of the Third Reich, which are not necessarily restricted to Berlin in 1936.

A fundamental difference between myself and any feminist is they don't have any plans to systematically publicly execute all the weak white men infesting Western society, which is reason enough I would have thought not to be a feminist.

In October 2017 after I had made my introductory post on my G+ profile explaining the reason the title of my series had been based on the Arthurian legends my first post afterwards was titled Excalibur - Lady of the Lake - Captain Kirk.

The opening paragraph of this post read:

"You would think after the phenomenal success of the original television series Star Trek which began in 1966 - 69 - three seasons/79 episodes - but reached pop cult status through syndication in the 70's there would be more Captain James Kirk's in this world.

Sadly, there is not".

I, then, went on to mention the symbiotic dynamics between Spock's pure logical reasoning abilities and Kirk's synthesised logical reasoning abilities.

I accompanied this post with a video depicting a brief segment of Sam Harris debating William Lane Craig where he states: “If someone doesn't value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?”

I specifically selected this video of Sam Harris because he is a Jew who most informed people regard as a notorious Zionist shill due to his propensity for selective reasoning on topics such as 911 despite making grandiose statements about the value of evidence and logic.

In essence, in my first post of this series I had described the fundamental underpinnings of my Knights of the Round Table concept and how it is expected to function insofar as acceptance to the Knights of the Round Table is contingent on a person's inability to selectively reason, which is an acquired discipline very few people master even when they do possess the essential higher intellectual cognitive functionality necessary to qualify as a member of the Knights of the Round Table.


I have never considered myself to be a Star Trek - Trekkie - fan even though I have watched more episodes of the show and seen more movies of the franchise than I care to admit. I am the youngest and only girl of a family of three which meant I had no influence even at the best of times as to which television shows I watched as a child let alone being the youngest member of a family who were Star Trek devotees.

Needless to say, the original series - 1966/69 - for which I have watched most of the episodes first aired before I was born whilst Star Trek: Next Generation series - 1987/94 - first aired in the prime of my childhood for which I never liked as I always was of the opinion they should have changed the name of their ship from the USS Enterprise to the USS Good Ship Lollipop due to the scripts being so sickly saccharine.

Besides adoring the opening theme music to Star Trek: Voyager - 1995/01 - I personally loathed this added installment for which I have only ever watched a few episodes. I have only ever watched one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise - 2001/05 - and I have never watched any episodes of the new series Star Trek: Discovery for which I am sure I would equally loathe just as I have done with all the feature length movies of the franchise whether they be with the original cast, Next Generation cast or the new reboot series.

It therefore is somewhat ironic I should immensely like a fan production in Prelude To Axanar as there has always been something about Star Trek I've never liked which I know has had to do with the 'discovering one's humanity - repeated theme they've used in every goddamn series whether it was Spock in the original series whose mother was human making him only half Vulcan or the android Data in Next Generation or the Borg assimilated Seven of Nine as well as the hologram doctor in Voyager.

My view has always been if you are that messed up in the head you shouldn't qualify as a member of Starfleet let alone expect me to find watching the rudimentary emotional and psychological development of some fictional character engrossing viewing, especially when I observe the exact same undeveloped character traits in male Trekkie fans I'm invariably sitting alongside in real life.

The Star Trek universe as it exists typifies the mindless machinations of the simplistically weak minded Baby Boomer generation whereas Prelude To Axanar exemplifies just how more engrossing it is to watch a variation in theme that is more realistic in its portrayal of the real life antagonisms that naturally exist between peoples and cultures.

My personally devised concept with respect to the notion of there being a supreme embodiment of humanity known as The Knights of the Round Table has been the primary motivator in my G+ published series I began in October 2017 titled Excalibur - Lady of the Lake, which I maintained up until April 2019 when G+ ceased operations.

Even so, as I have stated many times since the final curtain fell on G+, other than being a far superior aesthetically designed social media site which allowed visitors to my profile to peruse my published content with a degree of relative ease, its cessation was of little inconvenience to my overall plans as it was becoming ever more increasingly difficult for me to condense the complexity of the subject matter into a single post or miniseries of posts without the assistance of multiple detailed graphics.

Of course, even if this had been possible to do at G+ it is most unlikely I would have been permitted to continue publishing content there for much longer as I am certain my G+ profile would have been terminated by Joogle just as my YouTube channel had been terminated by them in June this year due to the rampant success we've enjoyed exposing the Jews since January 2014 for being the culturally destructive mendacious pieces-of-shit they most definitely have proved themselves to be.

As the title of this video indicates I only intend for this video to be a brief introduction to The Knights of the Round Table which I am only publishing now in purpose of providing context with respect to all my other videos I have published on my Bitchute channel. In this regard, my purposes have always been in relation to the establishment of an ultra superior class of people as distinct from any currently existing superior class of people. A distinction for which very few people in this world qualify as 99.99% of the world is composed of inferior class people. A statistic for which the Internet itself confirms as 99.99% of the pundits publishing content on the Internet are completely clueless.

It is worthwhile me reiterating my primary objective in the establishment of The Knights of the Round Table is in purpose of deposing the International Financial System, which also can be described as the Shadow World Government. I have previously referred to the International Financial System metaphorically as a multi-headed hydra dragon invoking the fable of Saint George who heroically slew a single headed dragon. My purpose in this respect has been to emphasis the huge disparity that exists these days with regard to the folk tales of yesteryear in which males were depicted as being brave and courageous compared to the cowardly pieces-of-shit Western white males - especially from English speaking countries - have become today.

Finally, my use of the scene from Groundhog Day is a symbolic reference to Pure - Natural - Beauty always triumphing over every other contrived strategy or tactic, which is obviously a standard theme of mine. The German phrase appearing at the end of the video Meine Ehre Heißt Treue - My honour is called loyalty - is the motto of the former National Socialist organization, the Schutzstaffel (SS). The phrase refers to a declaration by Adolf Hitler following the Stennes Revolt, an incident between the Berlin Sturmabteilung (SA) and the SS in April 1931.

This is the first video I am publishing that includes my new introductory video which I intend to utilise in accompaniment at the commencement - as I have done in this video - on most of my future planned videos.

I have titled this video The Goddess Collection because it includes every pertinent conceivable symbolic inference I have made about myself since January 2014 when I first joined G+ - too many to detail here - inclusive of the song FU by Miley Cyrus with respect to the lyric "'Cause what you gotta do, is go get yourself a clue" which is obviously meant to be an inference to the mendacious cultural destructive nature of the Jews.

Something I regularly stated on my G+ profile is I only identify as a highly fashionable woman as opposed to any other label because it is a distinction that can never be faked due to the fact all the king's fashion designers and all the king's stylists can't turn Humpty Frumpty into Cinderella unlike a fairy godmother. The term Aryan Goddess therefore is an advanced transformative term I've utilised in purpose of distinguishing the subtle difference between the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian Legends fame and my devised social hierarchical construct which my G+ readership is well aware is the pivotal central kernel to everything I am about, as similarly to the Arthurian Legends it too comprises a Knights of the Round Table concept.

Of course, it is probably worthwhile me mentioning for the benefit of my new MeWe/Bitchute subscribers I began a series of posts on my G+ profile titled Excalibur - Lady of the Lake in October 2017 even though for constructive personal reasons I despise the Arthurian Legends, which I undoubtedly will have reason to mention again in the not too distant future. I maintained this series from October 2017 all the way through to April 2019 when G+ ceased operations. My final miniseries of posts under this banner were titled appropriately Excalibur - Lady of the Lake - Goddess. This entire series is available on my MeWe profile which is the only reason I established a MeWe account as the proprietors of this social media site had the foresight to offer G+ users the ability to transfer their entire G+ profile to their site.

Due to the complexity of the subject matter in conjunction with the limitations of posting detailed lengthy posts on social media I've always utilised a lot of symbolism in my posts that are reflective of my real life dynamics. For instance, in the original version of the Arthurian Legends it was the Lady of the Lake who handed the sword Excalibur to Arthur, and by doing so decreed him king. The symbolism I've invoked here relates to the idiom "Behind every great man is a great woman". Of course, in my personally modified version it reads "Behind every great man is an even greater woman". Needless to say, these type of quaint subtle adaptations I make are not made by me to satisfy any narcissistic traits of mine but rather to reflect my real life dynamics because a woman of my beauty, intelligence and social status does have the social influence to make kings of men, which is why I am such a highly desirable woman.

Subsequently, because I utilise a lot of symbolism due to the complexity of the subject matter I intend to use this introductory video at the commencement of many of my future videos - especially videos with Victoria's Secret content - in purpose of reminding the viewer the woman publishing these videos is one of the most beautiful, intelligent and highly fashionable women in the world who possesses an extremely rare acute judicious analytical mind whose personal life motto is 'Defy Me And You Die'.


What almost now seems like a foreboding ominous premonition insofar as how my life would eventually unfold; even though, at the time, it was the exquisite beauty of the story as to why I first fell in love with the movie Somewhere In Time starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve; having declared it then and there, at the tender age of nine, to be my most favourite movie of all time.

A declaration almost thirty years hence that has never changed.

Somewhere In Time is a beautiful romantic love story based on a seemingly impossible premise in which two people separated by time and generation - she in the past and him of the future - had always been destined for each other in life, who, despite the flux in the time continuum would by sheer devotion alone bridge time itself so that they both could be together, if only, for a moment in time.

It subsequently is somewhat uncanny I should be one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born to this world who would have been better off having been born to another time and place reflective of a more antiquitus era than to have been born to not only a gormless chickenshit idiot country, but a gormless chickenshit idiot world having now declined more than five marriage proposals for the simple reason none of my would be betrothed - despite their many admirable qualities - possessed the intuitive wherewithal to safeguard me in today's disconcerting times, as is beholding of any man and prospective husband.

Needless to say, I don’t for a moment believe my story to be unique as I am well aware of many other people - both women and men alike - whose life experience is similar to mine when it comes to finding that seemingly elusive perfect match. I, therefore, in this secondary phase intend to create the ultimate Dreamgirl and Dreamboy classification by making a slight addition to both the groom and bride standard wedding vows, which read as follows:

Groom: I,____, take thee,_____, to be my wedded Wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, worship and protect, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth.

Bride: I,_____, take thee,_____, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, honour and obey, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I give thee my troth.

The central pillar of Western civilisation and culture is logic and reasoning which was first advanced by the ancient Greeks centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ, which is why ancient Greece is commonly referred to as the cradle of Western civilisation. In the ensuing millennia various other methodologies had been developed in purpose of enhancing mankind’s ability to rationalise logically, reasonably and critically by people such as Galileo Galilei in the 16th century.

All of which was abandoned by the Silent Generation in conjunction with their abysmal offspring the Baby Boomer generation in the late '70s to be replaced by mindless Hollywood produced indoctrinating propaganda from of all things a television miniseries such as ‘Holocaust’ starring Meryl Streep and Michael Moriarty, which aired worldwide in 1978. In essence, a fanciful tale for which no one had ever heard of before became accepted afterwards as historical fact as opposed to being immediately dismissed as historical fiction.

The television miniseries ‘Holocaust’ was just the beginning by Jewish controlled Hollywood in what would ultimately be dubbed the Holocaust Industry which has produced a never ceasing stream of so-called Holocaust related themed movies, television documentaries and television programming since the '70s in an all out assault to convince the world of an event that never happened for which they’ve been undeniably successful for no other reason than the Silent Generation in conjunction with their abysmal offspring the Baby Boomer generation had forsaken the most precious inheritance bequeathed to them by our forebears dating back to ancient Greece.

A failure of duty to my generation and all future generations of White people so incomprehensible in its gross negligence it will take the better part of the next five years - in addition to the previous five years - for my generation along with Generation Z to even arrest the continuing current spiralling cultural decline for which Western civilisation is still in the throes; before we can even begin to solemnly rededicate ourselves anew to both ourselves and our culture, which I intend to have symbolised by strengthening the only oath of devotion we ever make in our lives to another person.

A reoccurrence for which no generation of White people hopefully shall ever have to endure ever again

I have crafted this video as an historical marker signifying the forever illuminating twilight conclusion of the initial phase - of a three phase agenda - and the dawning of the secondary phase.

Whilst the creation and production of video content had neither formed part of my original designs when deciding to embrace this most toxic poisoned chalice of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich in conjunction with the Jewish Question back in November 2013; nor had it been in my original designs for it to be a multi-phased project.

Needless to say, a lot can change in five years.

The titles of the three phases are as follows for which I have no intentions of elaborating on here at Bitchute so you'll need to visit my MeWe profile at the link below if you desire further information:

1: Preparatory

2: Orientation

3: Resurrection

Just so it is stated for my Bitchute subscribers and visitors: I am one of the most beautiful, intelligent, affluent and intimidating women in the world who has zero tolerance for pathetic, weak, insecure soyboy - MGTOW fuckwits - males for which 90% of my generation - millennial - consists.

My attitude is no different towards Baby Boomers for whom 99% are pathetically weak males.

Subsequently, it has never been my purpose to publish Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich videos for reasons of nostalgic memorabilia but rather to illustrate the character traits of a man who is only ever born to this world once every thousand years so others - male and female - may be inspired in their own life.

It is for this same reason I publish Victoria's Secret content, which I will be doing more of in the future.

Therefore, if video content depicting a beautiful man or beautiful women are not to your particular tastes then just go on your miserable pathetic way without making an ass of yourself by leaving a disparaging comment or thumbing down my videos.

MeWe link:

This is a truly beautiful music video by Swedish musical composer and singer Saga, which was released as an album song in 2000


He sat in a room
in a square of the color of blood.
He'd rule the whole world
if there was a way that he could.
He'd sit and he'd stare
at the minarets on top of the towers.
For he was a beast
as he hatched his new plans to gain power.

And the snow fell
covering the dreams and ideals.
And the snow fell
freezing the blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell
they had to keep up for survival.
And the snow fell
and defeated the beast's only rival.

They took the old roads
that Napoleon had taken before.
They fought as a force as a light
against the darkness in a holy war.
One day they were looking around
and the sun was shining on the cold flowers.
The next day they were freezing to death
in the sleet and the ice cold showers.
And the snow fell
covering the dreams and ideals.

And the snow fell
freezing the blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell
they had to keep warm for survival.
And the snow fell
defeating the beast's only rival.

Then came the deadly roads
back from the stairs of their retreat.
The cold racked their bodies
but worse was the pain of defeat.
Many people who had hailed them once
now turned and looked away.
These people now knew
that the beast was on it's way.

And the snow fell
covering the dreams and ideals.
And the snow fell
freezing the blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell
they had to keep up for survival.
And the snow fell
and defeated the beast's only rival.

You finally came back
to the borders of your fatherland.
Now enemies came
traitors everywhere at hand.
Many people who had fought and died
knowing that they had to win.
It still sickens my heart
to see the picture of the red flag in Berlin.

And the snow fell
covering the dreams and ideals.
And the snow fell
freezing the blood and the wheels.
And the snow fell
they had to keep up for survival.
And the snow fell
and defeated the beast's only rival.

This is a music video by Sinead McCarthy who is also known as Shiksa Goddess/Goyim Goddess, which was first published in 2015.

In this music video Sinead has borrowed the melody from an Avril Lavigne's song I'm With You adding alternative lyrics to suit her renamed title Gassed No Jews.

This is a music video by Sinead McCarthy who is also known as Shiksa Goddess/Goyim Goddess, which was first published in 2015.

In this music video Sinead has borrowed the melody from Taylor Swift's most successful song Blank Space adding alternative lyrics to suit her renamed title Blank Check/Cheque.

Adolf Hitler's 'Our Enemies Today Face The Entire German Volk' speech which he delivered to the German nation from Berlin on January 30th, 1940 will forever be hailed as the most eloquently powerful oratory performance by any national leader in the history of the world.

The sheer raw passion Adolf Hitler evokes in this speech barely conceals the contempt and resentment for which he is consumed and harbours towards his international political adversaries who have done everything within their power to bring about an armed conflict with Germany for which he had done everything in his power to avert - an armed conflict which will ultimately result in the deaths of approximately 60,000,000 innocent lives by war's end.

The so-called Jewish Holocaust has recently been in the news due to comments made by that stupid American congressbitch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comparing USA southern border detention centres to 'Nazi' concentration camps for which she has received widespread condemnation because everyone knows 'Nazi' concentration camps were actually extermination camps - or so the fable goes.

In response I decided to create this video utilising film footage and music from the final scene of the movie The Bourne Ultimatum starring Mat Damon in conjunction with Victoria's Secret promotional film footage of supermodel Doutzen Kroes in purpose of creating my own short movie thriller from the perspective of a beautiful and intelligent woman who knows the so-called Jewish Holocaust is a fabrication.

Dear YouTube subscribers,

I have uploaded this brief video to inform as part of my Salome - Dance of the Seven Veils series which I am currently publishing on my new MeWe profile - after Google decided to abandon their failed social media platform G+ in April this year of which I had maintained an active profile since its inception in mid 2013 - I intend to create exclusive original content in purpose of clarifying some of the rather complex subject matter I have been addressing these past few years in both my Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series I had published on my G+ profile and now my Salome - Dance of the Seven Veils series I am currently publishing on my MeWe profile.

However, this exclusive original content will only be viewable on my Bitchute channel as I have no desire to provide the adult diaper wearing flakes and freaks employed by YouTube the opportunity to shadow ban, place in limited state as well as throttle/reverse the view counts on anymore of my videos.




This video by The Impartial Truth comprises segments taken from Spero Patria's scrapbook and makes up Nicht-weiß[ss]er Kamerad (Non-White comrade) which not only refutes the Jewish/Allies lie Adolf Hitler sought world domination; it bears testimony to the fact Adolf Hitler always perceived National Socialism to be a universal doctrine/ideology/socioeconomic-blueprint for which the whole world was welcomed to embrace and adopt.

It should always be remembered the economic miracle Adolf Hitler performed with the German economy occurred during the Great Depression which meant Germany was the only Western economy seeking to be supplied with large quantities of raw materials from undeveloped Third World countries whose only source of income at the time was derived from selling Western economies their raw materials.

Of course, because of the Great Depression demand for undeveloped Third World raw materials was equally depressed.

However, not only did Germany not take advantage of the prevailing depressed economic circumstances in the world in their trade dealings with these undeveloped Third World countries; they invariably offered better financial deals with these undeveloped Third World countries for their raw materials than they had been receiving from other Western economies before the onset of the Great Depression.

Needless to say, Adolf Hitler was winning support all around the Third World due to Germany's fair, just and respectful treatment of the peoples of the Third World.

It is in this context Adolf Hitler speaks of England in this video in conjunction with his desire for the German people to be peace-loving, self-disciplined/obedient, self-educated and courageous as he didn't want the German people to exhibit the same disrespect and contempt the English people had shown towards all the non-white people of the Third World they had subjugated and colonised.

This video is another brilliant production by The Impartial Truth depicting the contrasting attitudes towards war between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler.

The video depicts life in Berlin in May 1939 four months prior to the outbreak of World War II.

I don't know the name of the German folk song being sung.

This truly is a beautifully crafted video by The Impartial Truth depicting not only Adolf Hitler's truly remarkable incisive intellectual mind, but his love and compassion for the German people as well as all of humanity.

After five years participation on the soon to be defunct failed social media site G+ I was suspended for the first time for two weeks for supposedly having violated G+ community guidelines when all I had done was refer to Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks as Churned Yogurt and Anal Colostomybag in a post.

All of which I found hysterical.

But since I am one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world I decided to create this video which I've slightly adapted so I can publish it on my G+ profile in compliment to my first post back from an unjustified two week suspension.

Needless to say, regarding all the pathetic soyboy fuckwit males who for whatever reason these days identify with Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich for which they - typically - mistakenly treat as some newfound male dominated exclusive private sanctuary, and who are sure to thumb down my video because according to their distorted perceptions of life and the world sexy naked women didn't exist in the Third Reich: my message to these dickless wonders is to gofuckyourself.


The original video is actually a commercial for a Portuguese beach towel designer and manufacturing company by the name of Futah.


Here is the YouTube link to the original video:

This is my most favourite video crafted by The Impartial Truth as it provides amazing insight not only into Adolf Hitler's delicate highly cultivated sensibilities regarding his aesthetic appreciation of beauty, but also his extraordinary strength of character exemplified by his abilities to respond to his critics with sophisticated aplomb and acuteness in rationale.

It also reveals his sheer determination of fulfilling his utopian vision in the creation of the Third Reich which he intended to be the highest cultured society in the world defined by greatness, honour and strength, which he had hoped would serve the German people he loved as well as all of humanity for a thousand years or more.


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