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Newt Gingrich on Fox News
2020 Sept. 16th
Newt Gingrich mentions George Soros funding BLM and Antifa and Melissa Francis cuts him off for it. Seems even Fox News are on the globalists' take.
Notice Harris Faulkner (black chick) seemed bothered by her peers siding with Soros? I think Harris Faulkner had a redpill moment there.

2 Compton Police Officers shot, celebration
Compton, CA
2020 Sept. 14th
This guy immediately went on a social media site to CELEBRATE the attempted murder of two Police Officers. Marxist indoctrination in the public education system and an increasingly Marxist Pop culture are contributing to a very trash culture.

Police shooting of Ricardo Munoz.
2020 Sept. 13 in Lancaster, PA
While responding to a call regarding a domestic disturbance, an LCBP Officer was attacked by Munoz weilding a large knife. The LCBP Officer fled briefly, but was forced to turn around and open fire on Munoz. Later, the local chapter of BlackLivesMatter rioted in Lancaster as local news began reporting the incident.

Far Cry 5
"Grace Under Fire" mission, defending monuments.
You see, Americans...we just don't like having our monuments fucked with. It might seem strange to some ideologies, but, when you go fucking with monuments to our historic figures and important events...that shit just doesn't sit well with Americans.

Doom 2016
Final boss, Spider Mastermind.

Damn Yankees
"High Enough" track 04
"Damn Yankees" [Explicit]

BlackLivesMatter Dallas TX
Attacking WalkAway rally
2020 Sept. 06
Footage by independent journalist, AXXXIOM

Trump vs Biden 2020
Biden's support for terrorist organization BlackLivesMatter and their wave of riots.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad trailer
The original trailer for Tom Clancy's "Elite Squad" before Ubisoft bent the knee to games industry communists.

BLM & Antifa war camp Portland
2020 August 31st.
Filmed by 'Never Alone With Christ', a brave dude.

Daniel Prude RPD bodycam.
2020 March 23rd Rochester, NY.
Daniel Prude was doped up out of his mind and giving RPD a very rough night.

Deon Kay shooting, Washington DC, 2020-09-02. Police bodycam.
Watch closely at 2:25. Deon Kay drew his gun on the officer.

Doom 2016
Xbox One
A quick look at the Lazarus Labs.

George Soros, who owns Viacom and Open Society, is still financing Marxist District Attornies across the United States in 2020. Marxist domestic terrorists BlackLivesMatter and Antifa are also on Soros' payroll as they burn, loot, and murder their way across America.

Far Cry 5 (Uplay)
Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
Had to turn down the graphics settings to keep Fraps from wigging out.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War ad explained in the context of current events. With colleges cranking out Marxist "educators", Marxist media talking heads, Marxist lawyers, and Marxist politicians, it seems Yuri Bezmenov's warnings are very well founded. Yuri Bezmenov was an ex-KBG agent who defected to Canada and began warning the West of communist subversion tactics. In this video, the current influx of Marxist politicians (namely in the Democrat Party) and the rise of Marxist domestic terrorists BlackLivesMatter are sat side-by-side with the tactics Bezmenov warned of. From the classroom to the boardroom to Hollywood to the riots in the streets, it's all playing out in real time.

Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)
Linux Mint
Nvidia GT 730 2GB (low profile fanless)
A snippett from an online co-op session.

Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB agent for the USSR, in an interview in 1984
Bezmenov describes why he left the USSR and sought Canadian citizenship.
Bezmenov also explains the "Subversion Process" used by the USSR to subvert other nations into communism. That same subversion process is being used in the United States right now in 2020 and has been progressing for decades.

Democrat Primary Debates
2019 August
Tusi Gabbard (HI-D) calling out Kamala Harris (CA-D) record of abusing her power as a California state prosecutor. Then, in 2020 August, the Democrat Party chose Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate for his U.S. Presidential run. Priceless.

Doom 2016 (Steam)
Windows 10 64bit
GTX 1060 6GB
Early into the Kadingir Sanctum area.
As usual, Fraps staggered the frame rate a bit, but still came out good.

Far Cry New Dawn (Steam/Uplay)
Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
Graphics are dialed down to keep Fraps from jittering. Otherwise I play it with everything on max.

Far Cry New Dawn (Steam/Uplay)
Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
Liberating the Refinery Outpost, kinda sloppy. I didn't have a buddy with me, so I picked a position where I could lure enemies into a funnel. Not ideal, but it worked.

George Floyd being arrested by Officer Chauvin in Minneapolis.
George Floyd was experiencing a narcotic induced hysteria and behaving eratically. George Floyd resisted arrest multiple times, screamed "I can't breathe" before a he was moved to the ground, and even requested to be placed on the ground.

George Floyd seemed to have "meth mouth".

Far Cry 5 (Steam/Uplay)
Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
I downed the video settings to keep Fraps as smooth as possible. Normally I run the game on the highest settings.

Far Cry New Dawn (Steam/Uplay)
Windows 10 64bit
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
I downed the video settings to keep Fraps as smooth as possible. Normally I run the game on the highest settings.


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