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Today, Britain First leader Paul Golding visited the site of the proposed new Maidstone mega mosque.
Nearly 55,000 patriots have signed our petition demanding that this monstrosity isn't built.

Britain First leader Paul Golding attended court in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
The way the police in Northern Ireland are treating Paul is disgraceful. 
Please watch Paul's shocking video update from the court.

Britain First leader Paul Golding attended Bromley Magistrate's Court to face charges of breaching his probation.
A large media crowd was in attendance due to several high-profile hearings taking place today at the court.
After a short wait, Paul was led into the dock in Court 2 and watched as our legal team grappled with the Probation Service prosecutor.
After a short exchange, a date was set for a full trial, which will take place on Wednesday 20th of February.

Britain First would like to wish a merry and peaceful Christmas to all our supporters, at home and around the world.
Britain First leader Paul Golding has released a special Christmas message to all supporters of the movement.
In this video, Paul outlines the hardship suffered during this turbulent year and pledges relentless activities and growth during 2019

Jayda Fransen has been arrested at Gatwick Airport by gun-toting police officers and taken to a nearby police station.
During incredible scenes, the police officers ambushed her onboard her flight from Belfast to London Gatwick.
The officers even boarded the plane after Jayda's name was broadcast across the aircraft's tannoy system.
One of the jobsworth officers even accused Jayda of reaching for his colleagues firearm!

Britain First has held a successful day of action and protest in the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury against a local Sharia Court.

Britain First held a flash demo in the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury, against a local Sharia Court.

When Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were sent to prison and our Facebook pages were deleted, the establishment thought that our movement was finished.
In just four months of relentless activity, Britain First is back stronger than ever.

Britain First held a day of action in the midlands town of Nuneaton, home to the UK's largest Sharia Court.

Last weekend, Britain First activists visited the Midlands town of Nuneaton to protest at the country's largest Sharia Court.
While they were distributing thousands of leaflets in the town centre, they noticed an Islamic 'Dawah Stall'.
Britain First leader Paul Golding approached the stall to discuss religion with the Muslims and one of our activists were assaulted.
A heated debate ensured.

Party leader Paul Golding has laid a wreath in Kent on behalf of Britain First honouring the fallen on Remembrance Day 2018.

Britain First leader Paul Golding was detained for two hours at a ferry port in Scotland while the police carried out intensive searches of his vehicle and his property.

Britain First rejects racial hatred in all its forms.
British ethnic minorities regularly attend our events and activities.
Britain First opposes Islamic extremism and mass immigration because they are a danger to the British people.
Britons from all backgrounds are welcome to join our struggle to put British people first.

At the recent Britain First meeting in Manchester, party leader Paul Golding gave a superb speech outlining the horrific persecution of our movement.

Future Britain First local election candidate John Lawrence gave an informative speech at our recent Manchester meeting.

Fresh from protesting outside the extremist Didsbury Mosque, Britain First activists and members headed to Cheadle for a political meeting.
Around 100 Britain First members arrived from around the North West and a great high-spirited rally ensued.
Paul Rimmer - from Liverpool - gave a rousing speech to the assembled patriots.

In his latest video, Britain First leader Paul Golding discusses his latest arrest and mistreatment by the police.

Britain First Northern Ireland (BFNI) held a day of action in the small unionist town of Ballymena and received an amazing response from the local residents.
Ballymena has been swamped with gypsy migrants from Eastern Europe.

Britain First held a peaceful flash demo outside the notorious extremist Didsbury Mosque.
Recently, an imam at the mosque was caught red-handed calling for armed jihad against the West.
In response to this extremism, around thirty Britain First activists descended on the mosque to protest.

Britain First activists organised a street rally in Ballymena that attracted one-hundred and fifty local residents.
The turnout was a symptom of the deep disillusionment with the influx of gypsies from Eastern Europe into this small town.
Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a passionate and rousing speech to the assembled crowd which was well received.

Britain First Northern Ireland (BFNI) held another successful day of action in the town of Lisburn, just south of Belfast.
BFNI is relentlessly active and has held dozens of activities over the past several months.
The people of Lisburn were very receptive to our message and party leader Paul Golding posed for photos with many supporters.

Britain First stormed the office of Northern Ireland MLA Paul Frew and intimidated his daughter and staff!
Only joking, but this was the ludicrous claim made by Paul Frew MLA on Facebook and reported on in Belfast newspapers.
We are publishing the full footage from inside his office to demonstrate that he is telling outright lies!

The small town of Ballymena in Northern Ireland has been earmarked for a massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies.
The local British population is in uproar.
Britain First visited the town to investigate the situation.

Solicitors acting for Britain First lodged the paperwork at Belfast County Court to start legal action against Facebook.
This will be the first time that Facebook has ever been sued for discrimination.
Britain First is seeking an injunction demanding that Facebook reinstate our fan pages.

Britain First held a peaceful and successful day of action in the heavily Muslim town of Bradford until we were ran out of town by a hostile police force.


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.