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Activists from the North West took to the streets of Swinton, in Greater Manchester, to spread our message of patriotism and nationalism.
The town centre management tried in vain to order us to leave.
Also, a hostile left-wing miscreant hurled verbal abuse at our activists until confronted.

For the second day running, the Britain First vessel 'HMS Alfred the Great' has been patrolling the English Channel around Dover.
This Britain First maritime campaign is intended to deter illegal migrant crossings.
The never-ending invasion of migrants via small boats and dinghies has to end, but the government is literally doing nothing about this crisis.

In response to the escalating migrant invasion across the English Channel around Dover, Britain First has launched our own vessel to hold regular patrols to deter migrants.
What we are calling 'HMS Alfred the Great', our vessel spent today patrolling the waters around Dover searching for illegal migrant crossings.
Britain First is now the only political movement anywhere in the world with its own navy!
Our captain who will sail the vessel in the Channel is an ex-Royal Navy veteran.
Today our captain and the head of BFD, Samuel Cochrane, led the first Britain First anti-migrant patrol of the English Channel.
We hope to make a significant impact on the situation in the Channel by holding these patrols on a regular basis!

The BBC is the biggest peddler of fake news in this country.
They distort, twist, take out of context, lie and poison at every opportunity.
Their biggest concern is forcing their left-wing ideology on the rest of us.
Britain First activists visited the huge BBC offices in Salford, Manchester, otherwise known as Media City.

Britain First activists from the North West held a huge anti-grooming banner across a busy road in Manchester, attracting massive support from passing motorists.
An endless stream of motorists either beeped their horns or waved to our activists.

The next target town on our list of Islamist grooming hotspots is Burnley, in Lancashire.
Grooming gangs have been exposed operating in Burnley, including a gang that raped a 12-year-old girl, took her to a drug den and passed her around like a piece of meat.
At the end of an 18-month ordeal, the young girl fell pregnant.
Horrific examples like above are happening in towns like Burnley nationwide, mostly ignored by the fake news media.

Britain First activists have visited grooming hotspots nationwide as part of our campaign 'Operation Downes'.
There are an estimated 250,000 underage victims of Islamist grooming gangs across the country.
The most famous examples are Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford, but there are dozens of other hotspots.
Starting earlier this year, Britain First launched a relentless wave of activities designed to combat this scourge.
The latest hotspot to be visited is Bolton, in the North West, on the outskirts of Greater Manchester.

When Britain First visited the midlands town of Derby, party leader Paul Golding locked horns with the police and a local left-wing idiot.
Both the gormless police and the professional liberal moron provided much entertainment!

After raising the funds to build a new BFD training centre, Paul Golding visited the new premises to film a thank you video.

Britain First returned to the Sussex town of Crawley and found huge support for our movement among local residents.
A tiny handful of local left-wing idiots alerted the communist groups 'Stand Up To racism' and the UAF, who quickly tweeted for reinforcements to head for Crawley.
It took these miscreants hours to travel to Crawley and when they arrived, they were the most repulsive specimens of society.
Britain First campaigned for hours in the town until a rag-tag gaggle of left-wing degenerates and Islamists turned up.
The police then threatened Britain First with arrest and confiscated our PA system to pressure us to leave town.

Last Sunday evening, anti-terror police ambushed our head of security Sam Cochrane at Belfast airport and confiscated his mobile phone.
This was an exact re-run of what they did to party leader Paul Golding last November when he returned from Moscow.
Britain First immediately mobilised and ordered our legal team to dispatch harshly-worded legal letters and within two days 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' caved in and returned Sam's phone.
This is another great victory for our movement against the gestapo police bullies.

The North East activists of Britain First held a mid-week activity in the town of Gateshead.
Our activists held a 'White Lives Matter' banner over the busy M1 motorway, attracting huge support from passing motorists!
Following this, they headed to a nearby retail park to mass leaflet hundreds of cars.

Activists from the Midlands region of Britain First took to the streets of heavily-Muslim Derby recently, with big support in the town.
Hostility was a bare minimum with only a small handful of left-wing degenerates opposing our activists.

The Eastern region of Britain First - led by Regional Organiser Geoff Miles - hit the streets of Chelmsford in Essex recently to recruit new members.
Essex is a target county for Britain First due to the huge numbers of 'White Flight' English residents who have moved out of multicultural London.

Britain First is back on the streets in Northern Ireland following a recruitment blitz in eight towns and estates across Belfast and county Antrim.
Northern Ireland is a target region for our movement and we intend to re-establish a serious presence across this part of the kingdom.

Activists from the north of England hit the streets of Manchester at the weekend, delivering nearly 1,000 recruitment leaflets.
The only hostility on the day occurred when a rabid left-wing thug confronted several of our female activists.
This big set man was brave enough to square up to several Britain First ladies.

Activists from our South East region held a well received recruitment drive in the Sussex town of Crawley.
The police had tipped off the local Labour Party, approximately ten of whom turned out to oppose Britain First.
Party leader Paul Golding humiliated a local Labour councillor who called him a 'racist' by referencing the fact that the Labour Party is under official investigation for racism against Jewish people, only the second time this has happened in British political history!
The left-wing opposition posted to Twitter claiming that they had 'run Britain First out of town' despite the fact our activists campaigned in the shopping district for several hours.
When the police threatened to arrest our activists using coronavirus legislation, our activists left the town centre and headed off for a social in a local nearby public house.
Despite the Labour Party and Antifa opposition, the local English residents of Crawley showed their support many times over for Britain First, some even asking to pose with our activists for a photo behind our South East region banner.
Paul Golding posed for several selfies with local supporters.

Hot on the heels of our confrontation of Bradford social services, Britain First travelled to the grooming hotspot of Oldham, Greater Manchester.
Our team visited mosques, take-aways and taxi ranks to raise awareness of the scourge of Islamist grooming gangs in the town.
Oldham social services are under investigation for failing the victims of Islamist grooming gangs, but the council was closed due to the coronavirus.

The highly active midlands region was out again at the weekend spreading the message in the town of nuneaton.
Nuneaton is also the town where a huge and notorious Sharia Court is based.

The Yorkshire town of Bradford is notorious as a stronghold for radical Islam and Islamist grooming gangs.
In particular, the social services in the town have failed miserably to protect the young victims of grooming gangs through fear of being called 'racist'.
Britain First travelled to the town to confront social services and ended up speaking to the deputy director, a Muslim who refused to answer questions.

Britain First activists descended on the town of Taunton in Somerset at the weekend and offloaded over 1,000 recruitment leaflets.
Regional Organiser Sharon Workman led the action in the town, with massive support but still the odd incident of hostility.

Britain is being invaded on a daily basis by migrants who cross from Calais to Dover on small vessels.
When they get to the half way mark in the English Channel, they are intercepted by our coastguard and instead of being turned around and sent back to France, they are brought back to Dover. 
This silent invasion has been ongoing for years now and the authorities are doing nothing to stop it.
On the contrary, our coastguard is acting as a taxi service for migrant crossings and bringing them to our shores where they are given benefits and other perks that are unavailable to the average British citizen. 
Britain First decided to confront the coastguard at Dover over their complete lack of interest in stopping this migrant invasion.

Britain First activists in Northern Ireland have swung back into action with a recruitment drive in the town of Antrim, near Belfast.

Middlesbrough has witnessed some high profile Islamist grooming gang scandals over the last few years.
As part of our national anti-grooming campaign 'Operation Downes', a Britain First team visited Middlesbrough police station to confront them for their lacklustre efforts to tackle this issue.

When a Britain First team travelled to Middlesbrough police station to confront them over their grooming failures, a mouthy local Islamist started verbally abusing our activists.


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.