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Because of the coronavirus lockdown, all political activities have ceased.
There are other ways, however, that patriots can help our people during this difficult period.
Britain First chief of staff Ashlea Simon has been cooking for the homeless in Manchester.
This simple act of Christian charity is another way of demonstrating how much we love our people.

Britain First east midlands regional organiser Joseph Lydon gave a passionate speech at a recent meeting in Manchester.
Joseph is a rising start of Britain First and a dedicated activist.
Please watch this awesome video which will stir patriots to action.

Since January, Britain First teams have been relentlessly active on the streets of Britain campaigning against the scourge of Islamist grooming gangs.
Our teams have visited taxi ranks, mosques, kebab shops, police stations, council offices, social services departments and many more.
Their efforts have been exemplary, but this campaign is only just beginning.

At a recent meeting in Manchester, party leader Paul Golding gave a lively, off-the-cuff speech about the right of the British people to be proud of their own heritage and culture.
Britain First is a movement of nationalism and patriotism.
Paul explains that we do not live in a democracy, but a corrupt oligarchy that forces its leftwing, globalist beliefs on an unwilling British people.
Paul outlines how the British nation is being deliberately dismantled and ends with a fiery call to action.

Britain First activists hit the streets of Huddersfield, visiting kebab shops where the local Muslim owners were keen to help our campaign and raise awareness.
Many of them pinned our leaflets to the walls of their shops.

Huddersfield in Yorkshire is a particularly bad town for Islamist grooming gangs who prey on underage white English girls.
Recently, dozens of these Islamist Pakistani gangs have been sent to prison for long sentences.
As part of 'Operation Downes' a Britain First team arrived in the town and confronted the police about their unwillingness to combat these gangs.

Britain First is hard at work exposing notorious Sharia Courts around the country.
These courts are infamous for trying to implement barbaric Sharia Law and are mired in scandals about their treatment of women.

Britain First returned to the popular seaside town of Blackpool, in the North west.
Our activists spent hours visiting shops and stores around the town raising awareness about the presence of grooming gangs.

Blackpool, in the north west, is a famous seaside town that is not usually associated with Islamist grooming gangs.
This was the town where teenager Charlene Downes was brutally murdered and chopped into kebab meat.
A Britain First team travelled to the town to confront the local jobsworth police.


Charlene Downes is the most high-profile victim of Islamist grooming gangs.
She was groomed, murdered and chopped into kebab meat.
Paul Golding sat down with Charlene's mother, Karen, for a candid discussion about what happened to her daughter.

Britain First dynamo Sharon Workman addressed a recent meeting of Britain First in Stevenage.
Her speech was uplifting as she explained why she supports Britain First.

As part of our national anti-grooming campaign, Britain First activists confronted Telford police.
The inspector admitted they had forty years of evidence of Islamist grooming gang activity in the town.
Telford has been dubbed the child sex capital of Britain and a is a major hotspot for Islamist grooming gangs.

Telford has been described as the child sex capital of Britain.
Telford was the location of a horrific Islamist grooming scandal where thousands of underage English girls were pimped, raped, tortured, trafficked and sexually abused.
Britain First arrived in the town to confront social services who were complicit in the scandal, but they refused to speak to our team and hid in the background like cowards.

This video details a shocking sequence of events.
It explains how a politician criticised the levels of immigration into a British town and was arrested, prosecuted and convicted of a hate crime as a result.
Now opposing immigration in Northern Ireland has effectively been criminalised.

Britain First leader Paul Golding is continually being harassed by the police.
In just two weeks, Paul's vehicle was pulled over three times for 'routine checks'.

Party leader Paul Golding attended a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court and pleaded NOT GUILTY to a charge under the Terrorism Act 2000.
This is the full video report - including Paul being interviewed by the media.

At a meeting in Stevenage, Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a speech detailing the harassment he has suffered at the hands of 'S015 Counter Terrorism Command'.

After being banned from Luton for three years by order of the High court, Britain First returned to the town for a day of action.
After a peaceful day campaigning in the town centre, a small group of scruffy leftists attacked our team.

Charlene Downes is the most high-profile victim of Islamist grooming gangs.
Paul Golding met with Charlene's mother Karen to discuss our anti-grooming campaign.

As we reported several weeks ago, Kent police made contact with Paul Rudge, Britain First regional organiser for the West Midlands.
They informed him they would be travelling up to Birmingham, where Paul lives, to arrest him and then interview him for an offence in Dover from last autumn.
The offence was 'wearing a political uniform contrary to the Public Order Act 1936'.
In plain language, Paul was wearing an item of Britain First clothing from our online shop.
You couldn't made this nonsense up!
On the day, two detective constables from Kent Police travelled from Folkestone, on the south coast, to Birmingham to arrest Paul and charge him with this offence.
However, when he arrived at the police station, a gormless officer from Kent Police informed Paul that it would be a voluntary interview and he wouldn't be arrested!
This is naked political harassment and a complete misuse of police resource.
Paul told them he would not submit to a voluntary interview and if they wanted to interview him, they would have to arrest him.
In the end, the police chickened out of arresting Paul and he walked out a free man.
The officers from Kent Police then supposedly drove all the way back to Kent empty handed.

Joseph Lydon is an ex US Marine, now living in England.
He has volunteered to become the new Britain First regional organiser for the East Midlands.
Paul Golding sat down with Joseph to discuss his new appointment and the first activities in his new region.

As part of our anti-grooming operations in the North East, a team of Britain First activists confronted the headquarters of the Labour Party in the region.
The Labour Party are such cowards, they refused to send someone out to speak to our team.

On their way to carry out anti-grooming operations in Nottingham, two cars filled with Britain First activists were pulled over by the police.
The officer in question, a moron jobsworth, claimed it was a routine stop, but the police car appeared out of nowhere with their flashing lights on and followed our convoy before they pulled our cars over.
After a series of name checks, Paul Golding gave the police officer a verbal lashing.

The first anti-grooming operations of our new East Midlands region saw a team of activists visit the Hyson Green area of Nottingham.
Led by new regional organiser Joseph Lydon, the team visited kebab, ice cream and Halal meat shops before mass leafleting nearby car parks.

As part of our national anti-grooming campaign, Britain First visited the city of Sunderland.
Paul spoke with the mother of a grooming victim, then our team headed out to visit the local mosque and taxi ranks.


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.