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Britain First activists held a fiery day of action in the city of Stoke-On-Trent, to launch our summer offensive, nicknamed 'Operation Lionheart'.
The support from the local residents was overwhelming and hostility was at a minimum.
The tranquility was spoiled by an IRA-supporting Labour Party member, whose verbal batting match with Britain First leader Paul Golding led to a crowd forming.
Paul then pumped out a series of mini-speeches and the crowd overwhelmingly showed their support.
About 2,000 leaflets were distributed and the day ended in a social for our activists.

Recently, Britain First raised funds for a new office headquarters.
After a week or two or moving in and getting our systems set up, our administration is now back in top gear.

Our South West dynamo, Sharon, has recorded a new video message to encourage more British ladies to get involved.

A few weeks ago, the Labour-run Greenwich Council completely rebuilt the area where the 2013 attack on Lee Rigby took place, making it almost impossible for Britons to lay flowers and wreaths.
This was a deliberate and malicious attempt to stop the British public remembering what happened to Fusilier Rigby.
This flower bed, believe it or not, contains new trees that are covered in spikes, an obvious sign that Greenwich Council wants to deter the public from leaving wreaths etc.
On Sunday afternoon, a group of activists attended the site and pushed a number of flags into the ground of the new flower bed.
A wreath was also laid.

Today, party leader Paul Golding was due to stand trial at Ballymena court, in Northern Ireland.
In a bizarre and unexpected turn of events, the verdict was postponed until Thursday 6th June.
There won't be a formal trial either, the whole case is being handled behind the scenes via written submissions. 
Paul filmed a short update video on the hills above Belfast.

For six weeks now, Britain First activists have been pounding the streets as part of our local election campaign.
Britain First applauds the commitment and dedication of our street activists.
With loyal patriots like these, we can win our country back.
HQ has released a video tribute to our activists.

'The Battle for Britain' details the horrific persecution Britain First leader Paul Golding has suffered at the hands of the British establishment.
'The Battle for Britain' is an epic struggle against extreme odds to survive in the face of terror threats and an unparalleled campaign of state persecution.
This shocking and brutal story is a must read for all patriots and nationalists...

A team of Britain First activists attended a huge veterans and bikers protest in London, in support of 'Soldier F'.
'Soldier F' is the name given to an elderly British veteran who has prosecuted for murder in relation to 'Bloody Sunday'.
Hundreds of IRA terrorists who blew up little children are given immunity, but British veterans are being hounded.
An estimated 25,000 veterans and bikers descended on central London to protest at this unfair situation.

A team of Britain First activists attended a huge veterans and bikers protest in London, in support of 'Soldier F'.
During the protest, our activists noticed a gaggle of communist idiots with a stall directly in front of the statue of Winston Churchill.
One of these communists even jumped up on the statue plinth.
Immediately, our team walked over to confront them.

The upcoming local elections are the start of Britain First's transformation into a serious political force in this country.

Homeless veteran Tom Foley handed his 46,000 strong petition to Downing Street today.
Tom and a Britain First team attended a veterans and bikers protest today in support of 'Soldier F', an elderly veteran being prosecuted for his alleged role in Bloody Sunday.
Tom has four children and is registered disabled.
He has been refused a one bed flat by Lincoln Council.
Tom camped outside Lincoln Council offices for two weeks and then walked the A1(M) to London.
Tom was banned from delivering his petition to the door of No 10 Downing Street, so instead had to hand it in at the gates.

Party leader Paul Golding gave an informative speech in Northampton, discussing the persecution of our movement and the problems within Islam.

Paul has filmed a short video update from the unionist town of Carrickfergus.

At a recent meeting in Dover, Britain First elections officer Dr George Whale gave an informative speech on immigration.
Packed with details and information, his speech is a must watch for all concerned patriots.

Britain First kicked off its election campaign in Hertfordshire with a mass leaflet drop in our target ward.
Our local candidate - Geoff Miles - led the activists and managed to get most of the ward done in a single session.

Party leader Paul Golding was found not guilty by Bromley Magistrate's Court for allegedly breaching his probation.

Tom Foley is a homeless British Army veteran who has been refused decent accommodation by Lincoln Council.
Tom has a degenerative spinal condition and will be in a wheelchair within a few short years.
Britain First has launched a campaign to help this homeless veteran get back on his feet.

Britain First hit the streets of Manchester, campaigning for hours in the city centre.
Dozens of our activists occupied the area around St Anne's Square in the city centre, giving out thousands of special localised leaflets.
Despite the presence of a far-left communist conference in the city, there was a complete lack of hostility.
After the campaigning ended, the activists headed for a venue in north Manchester to hold an indoor meeting.

After a day of action in the town centre, Britain First activists headed to the construction site of Maidstone mega mosque for a flash demo.
For several hours the passing traffic beeped their horns in support.

Britain First held a day of action against the construction of a mega mosque in Maidstone, a historic town in the heart of Kent. 
Britain First is leading the opposition to this mosque, which is extremely unpopular with the locals.
After the campaigning in the town centre, our activists headed to the mosque site and held a banner protest for the passing traffic.

At the recent local meeting in Dover, party leader Paul Golding gave a rousing speech about mass immigration.
Immigration is wildly out of control and our open borders are leading to an avalanche of migration into our overcrowded island.

Several years ago, Britain First ran a campaign against the Gillingham mega mosque.
Unfortunately, our focus was directed elsewhere and now the mosque is being built.
Paul gives a dire warning at the construction site.

Britain First activists spent the day campaigning in the historic town of Northampton against plans for a big extension to the mosque.
During the day our activists encounter some hostility which was captured on camera.

During the day of action in Northampton, party leader Paul Golding noticed an abundance of homeless tents.
While asylum seekers get immediate housing and benefits, homeless Britons are left to rot in tents in town centres.

Britain First activists spent the day campaigning in the historic town of Northampton against plans for a big extension to the mosque.

This two-storey eyesore will cause huge parking problems in the local area and local residents will suffer.

Letters of objection from local residents are being ignored due to political correctness.

Dozens of our activists distributed thousands of leaflets to the public.


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Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.