When you put it that way...

Love blossoms in the Wasteland.

The origins of Mara (R4-04) and how she comes to terms with her past. She initiates conversation only after you have max affinity with her.

Building a resort on Murkwater sounds good.

Acerbic ghoul meets naive scientist.

Behold my awful sniping skills.

Benny can't take his surprises very well.

Not a good idea to go diving into the lake with Power Armor anyway.


2 katanas in the most unlikely of locations.

HN66s FoggierKatana NV by Humannature66 & Foggier

Both found in the wrecked aircraft in the Glowing Sea.

Freedom is earned, not given.

Mara, Birdie and Audrey converse with ye olde saltbolt captain of the USS Constitution.

Tales from the Commonwealth Companions and Heather give their opinion of the USS Constitution and react to the First Mate's greeting.

Railroad spy meets dogged journalist.

Music: Wii Shop Channel Music

Audrey. Birdie and Mara give their take on the farm that grows its crops on sewage waste.

Asian boi meets Irish gal.

Follow up video of Helios One energy redirection.
Yup there's no reason to activate laser weapons, right?

Vulpes joins a Legion affiliated Courier on the quest to conquer the Mojave.

Taking down the Elko gang.

Poster is found in the Crimson Caravan Head office, gang hideout is near the Emergency service railyard near the NCR prison.

Heiress Ghoul meets Marker of Maps.

Cleansing the wasteland of human traffickers.

Where did the red line go?


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