Captain White

Young sisters plan to poison a victims food.

Atlantean Artifact - Kilo Echo 5 Victor Zulu Delta1138. Initial Trans-Dimensional Decryption Date: June 29 2020

A close look behind the "Mask of Fear" Satanic ritual and how it is being played out in real time at this very moment.

Simple 4x8 Wire Pattern

Using Sight, Sound and Marbles to Stimulate the Pineal Gland

A deep look inside the latest Atlantean Artifact

Faceted artifact

The Ritual of crossing the equatorial line on a sea going vessel.

CDC Director Dr. Gene Scott

Mind Blowing Atlantean Marble

Pure Shponglyte

The first Atlantean Artifact of 2020 and the most spectacular.

The Last Artifact of 2019

25mm Atlantean Marble

We are following two timelines.

The middle of the Marble.

Induces involuntary dancing

Induces Hypnotic Dancing- Out of Orbit & Shpongle

Getting to the Bottom of the Big Mystery

See if you Pass or Fail this simple test.

Opening the marble from the inside out.

An older artifact that has since been reduced to fragments.

Lothat Heimberg, Wolfgang Dziony, Klaus Mein, Michael Shenker, Ulrich Roth 1972

Listen To Shpongle while taking a ride through an Atlantean Artifact

I found the Pope hiding deep inside this Atlantean Artifact.


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The Life of an Atlantean Wizard.