Captain White

I am putting myself on trial on my own ship for being an idiot.

The Origins of Captain White

Endless layers of bullshit. The Wafer God.


Robert Stanson's idea on Reverse Polarity Magnetism on steroids

The beautiful skies of central Texas

Another story from the abyss.

I finally get through to talk with Jimmy

Neptune Decrees from Deep Space

Just another Great song by Spaceboy that will be used for my show.

Just another option SCAF intro for the show.

Everything you see represents a "Targeted Individual" and I put them in the box to be rescued.

Lots of metal inside Laura

Laura Jonas tells her story live with Captain White

To all my fellow Navy brethren.

I was not always Captain White, I started out as an airman in VF-103 Ordnance.

This is my primary and predestined mission

Daniel Boden is the real life Gandalf

I am amazed at how forgiving Michael is.

This is hot off the press, just ignore the video, I will make a better one later but need to get this out. All Original photos.

I need a guy on the CB radio and this guy is out there every day for at least the last 20 years and he is crazy but if you hear him when he is not acting crazy he is just a regular human being having fun trying to express himself and I am going out on a limb and call him a friend.

If I only had room for 12 other people at the table, Daniel Boden Would be one of them. He is one of the finest human beings I have ever spoken with and he is a brother.

The Desert Iguana makes an appearance on 27.185mhz

A case of perfect timing


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