My Ghost of Tsushima Impressions video.

My thoughts on asphalt Legends 9 Nintendo Switch Port.

In the video i made a mistake, the cheapest ipad Mini is $399.99

My review of Metro Exodus by A4Games.

A sweet anime title for your Nintendo Console.
Switch Upconverter
Recording Device Elgato HD60

Nintendo Switch impressions video

Some folks will say anything for money, I think Candace Owens is one of them.
In America Criminals have human rights, if that's a problem for you, Leave.

Let's talk some Halo 2, on the latest installment on the Master Chief PC Collection.

My recommendation of Shadow Warriors 2.

My initial thoughts on Shadow warriors 2 by Flying Wild Hog Games.

My review of Gears 5

Here is my year 2020 take on a game released in 2012.

Why I think you should play BloodRayne 2 on Xbox
Also available on:
GOG and Steam PC
PlayStation 2

My full review of Concrete Genie a game that deserves a little more love then it gets.
Bitchute exclusive

Finally something different, my thoughts on "Concrete Genie"

My Review of Doom Eternal, so far the best game of 2020.
Bitchute Exclusive

We dive back into the forgotten era of Ubisoft with "Prince of Persia The Two Thrones"

Why are people so afraid of everything? and I am not talking about that virus out of China. The things people run away from today are problems that have existed since the dawn of man.

My Impressions of Doom eternal by ID Software.

One humble guys thoughts on the current social climate.

Today i tell my thoughts on the newest version of Halo Combat Evolved, Windows PC.

My thoughts on the Half Life remake, Black Mesa.

Get Bitcoin for shopping, no extra Charge.

See Why i totally recommend "ZAT" by Rebellion Games.

Today we play the Chinese Souls like, Bloody Spell

We play Sphinx and the cursed Mummy, on RetroTime


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