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Zoom Timestamp 16th November, 2023
Half hour newbies session
Main Session:
0.34 There is a double up of Schedule of fees in the Affidavit 1 & 33
0.36 Alex revealed that Councils will cease to exist as of 1.1.24, all will change and we should know the details in the next fortnight
0.39 Transfer Title Agreement of Land and Living name issues with Titles Qld
Definition of viable
0.43 Question regarding States in Affidavit – Vict Sect 90-94
0.46 Listing out Departments in Affidavit
0.48 Does the Transfer of Ownership of vehicles get sent to the people’s Court?
Manual Questions:
0.48 In Bitchute Alex & James video mentions he has teade marked his children’s names
Questions regarding names & copyright names
Unsure how to join Zooms/passwords etc
0.56 Process to correct when you have realised a mistake has been made in a document
How does it effect the document?
Are you still in honour if you add additional terms not in original documents?
0.59 Unilateral mistake discussed
1.00 Is there a maxim that identifies the order of jurisdictions?
1.02 Hierarchy discussed – First in time First in Law
No hierarchy in Natural Law
1.03 Is Tax statute relating to Civil or Criminal matters?
1.06 Has several Fictitious names (deed poll, marriage, marriages) how to add to Affidavit?
Return to Live Questions:
1.13 Is it ok to refer to a car as a carriage or does it have to be called a vessel?
1.17 Confirmation requested around Trespass Signs and Breaching property
1.19 Notice of Entrance Document
1.24 Where to find the Lands Title Registrar of NSW – Service NSW
Getting out of a situation after not sending interlocutory documents
Paying a sum of money under duress as ‘living woman’
1.36 Do you need to Register a Private Property Trust
1.38 Chris discussed his case (2 Appeals Judges agreed that Council has No Authority) but would not make a ruling. Application for costs discussed, and who to add as a defendant
1.48 JP refused to sign Affidavit, what to do?
1.52 Renewable Energy plans to take land from farmers. How to help them?
1.55 Title Deed paperwork viewed/discussed
1.59 New person asked for locations for websites, social media and affidavits etc
Call Ended

The games the Magistrates play

Zoom Timestamp 9th November, 2023
First 30 mins- Newbies session
Manual Questions:
0.34 Electricity Company ignored challenge/dispute
Replied with: we consider the matter closed right? Should I ignore that and continue with my correspondence?
0.35 Explanation requested regarding Alex’s process with the Electricity Company
0.36 Service provider query and invoicing them whilst in dispute
0.38 Seeking a JP in Melbourne to sign an injunction. Are there other ways to have an injunction, that the service provider will take seriously?
0.41 Reference requested for a HCA matter where the High Court states: “We are only subject to statutes with our consent”
0.51 A lifetime AVO in place by his children, however his mother is dying, and when the time comes he wants to go to her funeral. As the children will also be there, what can he do?
Live Questions:
0.53 Notice of Conditional Acceptance & Full and Complete Disclosure sent to CEO with regards to a speeding fine
0.55 Can you subpoena the camera to come to court for a fine for not wearing seat belt correctly?
1.00 “All rights reserved” explained
1.01 Statement of claim received from local Court with regards to unpaid rates
Does she send the envelope back as unclaimed?
1.20 Issued paperwork to Red Eneergy stating he doesn’t consent to his rate increase.
Received a reply made out to his Living name stating it won’t go up without his consent
1.25 Has a situation with the Bank freezing his accounts
Operating in the private and private discussed
1.37 Going to Court tomorrow, with regards to not wearing a mask fine
paperwork submitted acting as Executor. Should she follow the scripts?
1.49 Why isn’t the Gov Birth Reg document used?
1.55 Confused about the overseas Registrations for affidavit
Needing an explanation about the Notice of Conditional Acceptance
2.00 Not sure how to fill in Interlocutory Application/Statement of Claim
2.19 Tried to lodge an Interlocutory in Court which was not accepted
Can it be lodged in a different Court?
2.26 Back to front Z – Bills of Exchange
2.30 Call Ended.

Another ripper session, thank you Chris

0.08 fictitious name
0.14 Crypto
0.15 Magistrates Court- the accused has moved to avoid court and paying monies owed- Notice of Default Judgement
0.18 Court Attendance- what to lodge, what to say
0.36 Council- dog registration
0.48 Manual Questions:
Court script questions
0.58 letters o gate
1.00 document deconstruction
1.58 Child harassed by Police
2.10 Employment issues as the living being
2.34 ended

First 30mins for newbies
0.38 How to rebut a letter received from Council
0.40 Willingly signed a Contract with the ATO what to do now
0.45 Immigration issue (Alex to read letter discussed)
0.49 Why using the word assembly is not the right word to use
0.57 Alex/Helen working on documentation
Where to get a flag? Why to put the flag top left
1.05 Questions on Affidavit/Annexure
1.09 Is the same process used (Affidavit) for younger generation eg.18 yrs the same for all age groups? No recommended way to claim your trust
1.13 Started a new job, facial recognition introduced to job site, isn’t happy about the situation.
What to do?
1.18 What to do when a Company only has a Post Office address?
1.19 Going to appeals court tomorrow – confirmation needed regarding Affadavit and Interlocutory
1.22 Bank process discussion – taking on the Westpac Bank and letter from Collections Team
How to shut down a complaint
Manual Questions:
1.38 Is there a way out of the Digital Duties Form?
1.39 How to revoke/rescind our marriage?
1.40 Where is the Bill of Sale for land & vehicle?
1.40 How far back in the Zoom’s should I go?
1.41 Can we make our own stamps instead of buying from the PO? How to go about it?
1.42 There are 7 files for BOS and Transfer for vehicle and land. Which one is the best to use for each?
1.42 Do we use vehicle templates for trailers?
1.43 We have a fixable rightoff. It’s not registered but the VIN is in my husband’s name.
How to correctly change the wording for him to sell it to me?
1.44 How do I correctly add wording to my Truth Affidavit to add the transfer of land?
1.45 How do I change guns into the private?
1.46 “How to” on stamp seals
1.46 Tip on what to do if having issues with HB site
1.47 Holding a private Event on property with over 60 participants. Wanting to put up a notice on the second gate to not put off first timers
1.50 Leaving grandmother’s maiden name off Affidavit
Back to Live Q’s
1.51 Follow up on last weeks Toll Notice and follow up mail – No details (names) were included on paperwork. Tip: Executives can usually be found on Linked-In
1.53 Coat of Arms
2.00 Has a forensic document from the US – Mortgage Audit software
2.04 Not negotiable notice for rates
2.05 Requested link for above mortgage Audit site
2.06 Confirming that you can use a PO address instead of an actual address
2.16 Has created a Council letter – depending on response, will share
2.19 Perth Magistrate Court refused to accept paperwork handed in, he was removed from Court
2.30 Call Ended.

Newbies session- first 30 mins
Earlier discussion about council issues concerning a dog.Did previous affidavit (but not ours)
0.37 Affidavit – Can she call herself a Spiritual Ambassador?
Contacts for Gympie region? Autograph of Living Owner.Where can she use her soul name?
Has a family Coat of Arms can the rest of the family use it if she copyright’s it?
0.47 Location of Wormy Document?
Received fine from WA Court which came in all CAPS should he send it back as
unclaimed/deceased estate?
0.58 Affidavit content explained
0.59 Various Court cases that happened today was discussed
1.00 Can you capitalise on the fact the Magistrate left the room/abandoned
1.03 Alex discussed his Court case today
Manual Questions:
1.12 Son was arrested, affidavit was unrebutted. Should they take a copy to the Police Station so he doesn’t have to do his 3 x weekly check in. Will he be re-contracting?
1.14 Why do we refer to this Country as Terra Australis and not New Holland or Sahul?
1.15 Is there a template for Council?
1.16 Is there anything SA can do to stop “The Voice” as it went through there before the referendum?
1.17 Apprehensive about online applications, Co Director etc.,
Correct defense in providing the argument in Court
1.24 Would like to offer services to whomever was working on Mini Black Law Dictionary
1.25 When writing letters – Do we write to the Trading Name or the Business Name?
1.26 Originals don’t want anything to do with Government, Lawyers etc
Is there a way to Transfer Titles to our Clan making it watertight?
1.29 Does a foster (carer) have any authority over a foster child in car with regards to jabs?
1.31 Return to Live Questions:
Government Departments are pushing for names for ‘offspring’
1.35 Registering Council – Doesn’t like the word Council
1.38 Picked up his 3 Titles of Land which has been sold to the ‘Living Man’
Can he create a new Title then ask the Titles Office to destroy originals?
Type of paper?
Can he invoice for “personage” if the continue to correspond?
1.43 Was asked a question about private content, not openly discussed
1.45 Will details talked about tonight be added to the Affidavit template?
Interlocutory – paragraph 15 & 34 (updated)
1.49 Further to Manual Q re: son reporting to police
Son was on the call – Affidavit remain unrebutted, what to submit next?
1.54 CEO was invoiced, then retired. What to do now that she has left?
Send the new invoice to new/old or both?
1.58 Follow on from a previous question: ABN/Trading Co
He received a letter from Court, threatening to burn all correspondence and take his property as well as access his Bank Account.
How does he stop them accessing his account?
2.07 Received a bill asking for $219 towing fee
Parking ticket issued for parking in a private car park
2.11 Can a JP sign/stamp their own documentation?
2.13 Sending letters to councillors – all on the same notice or separate?
2.16 If you don’t do your Affidavit you will lose your homes etc.
You don’t exist in their system

ZOOM Timestamp 12th October, 2023
Newbies session for first half hr

0.30 Question about not voting on Saturday,
Not voting and what excuses can be used
0.39 Contract Law
0.39 Affidavit question needing a Birth Certificate/Living Status/Annexures
0.42 Affidavit name query about Soul/Living/All Caps
Who receives a copy of the affidavit?
0.48 Are you supplying a definition of words with the affidavit?
For Alex to reply to later on call
0.49 Problems with CommonLaw site down and registering.
Vehicle section in affidavit question
0.50 Reporting to police 3 times a week, does he keep reporting now his affidavit has been
0.51 Will the Aged Pension be affected if an Affidavit has been completed
0.55 Getting off the Electoral Roll, is it too late to lodge paperwork?
1.00 If a Bill of Sale has been completed, can you still drive a car with current rego plates?
1.04 Wanting to know if anyone has sold any property from Fiction to Living
Bill of Sale explained
1.14 Bills of Exchange – received a bill from Council (rates) with a coupon attached to it
Manual Questions:
1.21 Keeping an eye out for templates to be put into alphabetic order, to be put into the manual
Can it be done by Xmas?
1.22 Affidavit Question: #34 DNA free of injections meaning discussed
1.25 Is there anyone paperwork can be sent to, to look over paperwork and help with details?
1.27 Affidavit question: Birth, Deaths & Marriage related
1.28 Can sections of the affidavit be removed eg. grandparents names unknown
1.32 How to fill in the Ficticious and Living Name Statuses properly
1.33 3rd and 4th offspring not registered with BDM. How do I correctly fill out their Live Born
records. Printing questions etc
1.40 Dispute with Electricity Co currently in communication, invoiced with personage etc
If they send a cease and desist for harassment, how do they proceed to communicate?
1.46 How to add other vehicles such as motorbike to the Property section of the affidavit
1.46 Sent Notice of Better & Further Particulars. Question about post office procedure/process and
documents being collected
1.52 Offspring affidavit
1.52 Note about Alex’s frustration when ‘newbies’ admit to using other peoples documents
People being unaware of different documentation
1.56 3rd Party interloper acting for a credit card company emailed a Deed of Assignment saying
they had a contract with the credit card stating the debt could be assigned
2.00 Return to Live Questions:
Impecunious used in a civil matter as per Alex’s suggestion
9.04 Does the State hold Title on VIN numbers of vehicles?
9.08 Unsecured creditors continually calling, process to stop it?
9.13 Discussed paper used for Affidavit
9.15 Registered post mail returned and discussed
9.25 Return to question about using a glossary with your documents
9.27 Claiming ownership of names in Affidavit
9.29 Call Ended.

Newbies intro:
0.08 Plates removed by police from his bus, police added bogus defect notices to vehicle. Next
0.13 Supreme Court Hearing questions
Decided to hear pre-case next Wed 5pm before the Glue Meeting
0.19 Do the ID plates have to be the same size as the Corporation plates?
Main Session:
0.33 Manual Q’s:
Can parts of the affidavit that are not needed be removed eg. father is unstated on birth certificate
0.34 Is the shorter version of the affidavit available yet?
0.35 Is there an email address for the affidavit to be sent to, to be looked over? As Alex mentioned in an earlier video
0.36 When filing in the fictitious name, do I use all of my ‘known as names’ or the name when I was born?
0.37 Can I print the affidavit at home, or do I need to print at the Post Office? Photo etc
Property is owned by 2 Super Accounts and 3 people. How do I move to the private?
0.38 Having issues with advertising puppies on Gumtree
0.39 Youngest 2 offspring don’t have Birth Certificate’s through BDM. Do I still need to
copyright/trademark their names?
0.40 BDM in my State for Affidavit?
0.41 Hoping to connect with the No Campaign, inviting more groups to unite
0.45 When filing in the affidavit for our offspring do we use our soul name or given name?
0.58 Hasn’t paid rates received letter from debt collector. What to do next?
1.00 Bills of Exchange discussed
1.03 Can they put a caveat on the land Title? (unpaid rates)
1.12 Council responded with a letter following their correspondence advising them that they will no longer be paying rates
1.15 Will the PCLS plates be purple/gold?
1.17 QCAT issue
1.18 Question asked about the Wed night Galactic Zoom and the format of the files
1.19 Had to vacate a court hearing. Is it best to agree to a hearing date
Executor explained
Magistrate went ex parte on another matter. Next step?
1.34 Does he refer to the Living Entity in the 3rd person? Does he ask for a jury?
What paperwork is required? Discussed the importance of ‘reading into evidence’
1.48 Received a Letter from Council in “The Fiction” hasn’t opened it
1.51 Went to a land Auction from Redland Council, auctioning homes of people that didn’t pay rates. Bill of Sale explained
1.55 CQV and Executor of Trust Account explained
1.59 Discussion about paperwork from other people
2.00 Legislation explained. Never use Legislation to support your case
2.01 Received a $900 bill from the SEC when her bills are normally half of that
Payment has been deducted on a direct debit system. Can she recoup the amount?
She is aware Alex has stated previously not to complain
Can’t challenge council until affidavit has been done, is that correct?
2.03 Unable to get CEO details stating Privacy Act
Mentioned that the utility bill could be an estimate with regards to a previous question
2.09 Letter from the CBA discussed (recording off)
Call Ended.

Thank you Wylie for running the show this morning and delving into Bills of Exchange!

Newbies session...

Storm hit so feed dropped out. Apologies for the 2 part video

We would like to thank the trolls who joined us, your constant attempts to divert our meetings only make us stronger as you validate our processes and direction. To us, its empowering!

first half hour-newbies session
0.34 First Live Question:
How to open a Bank Account for an alternate Council
0.37 Hasn’t worked since covid and her Superannuation balance is going down,
Is there a private option for super?
0.41 Received help from Alex months ago with regards to transferring his mother’s property to his
own. Used Bill of Sale and other documents. After months he finally received a letter stating that they were unable to process. What to do next?
0.45 Register still names the Fictional as home owner rather than Living man/woman
0.47 Voting fiction/executor
Should we vote?
0.53 After affidavit is completed, do all previous contracts become null and void?
0.55 Uluki status regarding travel pass, registration etc
Process for travel pass discussed
1.02 If yes vote goes through, will our Care-takership documents still be upheld?
1.06 Went to get a roadworthy certificate for his vehicle, found the system had red flagged his name. Has all relevant documentation in place, what to do next?
1.15 Promissory note sent to the Bank. No reply
Was asked if they had done their Affidavit as the promissory note is only meant for the living
1.22 Looking for documentation on where to find exemption from filing fees
1.32 Does he need 3 witnesses and 1 JP?
Realised later that the JP didn’t write her number on the document
Is there an issue now? Is an amendment needed?
1.38 Notice of Mistake – A section within states that I have not made a claim. In actual case, he has now made a claim against several police. What defines a claim?
1.44 Caretaker Documents – Can he amend his to include National Parks etc?
1.46 Is it possible to ask someone he met of First Nation’s bloodline to sign a Caretaker Agreement, or do they have to be an Elder?
1.55 Do we need to speak with Elders? How important is it to get permission from an Elder?
How do you know that you have an Official Elder?
1.58 Number plate query
1.59 Call Ended.

0.00- 0.33 Newbies intro

Meeting began Live Questions:
0.33pm Affidavit question about her soul name, and what she thought fit her
0.35 Does she find Gov departments in the Country that she was born in or Australia?
German affidavit/ Visa Card discussion
0.40 Son-in-law’s legal situation discussed
0.43 Court cases have gone to aj hearing without her making a plea, what to do next?
How to amend an instrument
Can a Court Lifting Notice be lifted?
Can the Instrument be lifted?
Discussed taking matters to Court
0.50 Trespass signs requested from last week’s Zoom
Stalk & Deer Co logo
0.54 Can the Forensic Examination Document be created for NSW?
0.59 Wording of the Affidavit and reaching the age of majority. What does that mean?
1.02 Main thing is documenting that we are a living man/woman
1.03 Land Tax letter – sent a new letter with an additional amount added
1.11 Do we have a will template?
1.12 Caller devised a letter with regards to Electoral Roll sent to Wiley, asked if it was received
1.17 How caller handled mail from the Reg Gen
1.18 Affidavit name enquiry:
Has a new baby requiring info for recording birth
1.22 Physically went to office asking for Titles document didn’t do it in writing, end result
1.24 Age of majority, caller thought it was 21 not 18
1.26 Was under the impression land with cemeteries on them cannot be charged tax
1.28 Sold car to her living woman. In future can she sell to a Fiction?
Manual Questions:
1.41 Name change (Affidavit) already discussed
1.43 Claim of ownership getting -error message
1.45 Challenging credit cards, has there been success? Using what paperwork?
1.46 Why are we forced to stand under Statutes, Acts and Legislation when we are engaged in Commerce?
1.54 At a festival enjoying a smoke where police are drug testing on the way out. Can he/she use Affidavit as ID and not contract with them?
Back to Live Questions:
1.56 Caller has copyrighted his name. Is that fair in the world of Commerce?
Details requested for Monday night
1.58 call ended

apologies for the glitch in the middle

Half hour newbies session
Live Questions:
0.35 Is it best to do the flag & photo in magic format or add later?
0.36 How to approach a penalty notice received and make it a non-negotiable instrument?
0.44 Alex to do a video on above question
Explained what to do with bits in boxes
0.49 No JP will sign an injunction as it’s not “Legal Doc format” Another saying it has to be signed in a Court. What to do next?
Paperwork returned from Council unopened stating “unclaimed”
0.54 Has a Toll Tag and she wants to return it stating she is no longer a client
Can she hand tag over the counter? Advise on how to word the letter
0.56 Read out a letter from Revenue Qld regarding his son-in-law’s fine. Asked if Wiley can read it at their meeting on Sunday
0.59 Received a letter from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Does she ignore or reply with a smart comment?
1.05 Land tax letter received from Sharon she has added a couple of additional paragraphs to the documents. Wanting it checked to see if it was ok
1.07 Granted a legal leave from the Supreme Court in October. Needing help filling out next lot of documents. Alex to look over
1.11 Do we have a template for an Interlocutary for NSW. Who does it get sent to?
Goes to the Court with a copy to the prosecution accompanied with an affidavit
1.12 Completed Land Transfer docs and posted it to the Titles Office. Received a letter stating he is wanting to transfer to the living and needed to pay a fee
1.15 Clause outlining marriage record between 2 people
Marriage between 2 and licence explained
1.19 Wrote a Declaration of Land metes & bounds found a USA version but converted it to suit.
She had done a Bill of Sale – what to do next?
Manual Questions:
1.29 Is there a Law in their legislation that refuses an Affidavit as a form of ID?
1.33 Looking for a recommendation for a Broker (on our side) that can help to find security instruments bonds etc
1.35 Looking for Legislation that says a service provider cannot disconnect you from a service whilst in dispute for fraud (elec, water etc)
1.37 Further on from Question above in manual:
What paperwork to send? Whom to?
1.42 How do you create your own fiction? Heard about the POSTS registered mail system
If CEO is replaced from when the mortgage fraud is committed, are the doc’s sent to the original CEO or the new one?
1.45 Fictitious name originally on one page now on two
Discussed 5 cent stamp
Discussed licence
1.47 She has trademarked her all CAPS name, and has received a large electricity bill in her all CAPS name. Can she bill them for using her CAPS name?
1.49 Westpac Bank sent mortgage fraud paperwork. Given 56 days to rebutt pages with the listed fraud. The Bank didn’t respond for 4 years. Several people appeared with a Form 26, (didn’t exist) Police soon arrived stating the order was valid. He was evicted, and has been homeless since February. He is looking for a remedy
1.58 Call ended

0.34 Counter claim for fraud Magistrate accused.
Fraud explained
0.42 Follow up on last week’s call – Dog regulated as dangerous. Matter in dispute 24 days
Council is ignoring paperwork and threatening
0.50 Notice received from Council Solicitors
Advice – Never file a defence
Is an interlocutory a defence?
0.53 Received documents of property seizure & sale regarding credit card debts. Upon saying they will seize his cars, they are now going after his house
0.58 Manual Q’s:
Commercial lien process for a Bank CEO.
Has 2 invoices, does he/she combine invoices or do 2 separate lien processes?
1.02 Notice of Legal Liability – Where to access? Re: product purchased from overseas and customs not releasing
1.03 If a Birth Certificate only lists your given and middle name and not a Family name, is it necessary to put it on your affidavit?
1.04 Are bills to be paid mailed to the Reg General sent to where you were born, or where you live at the moment?
1.05 Return to Live Q’s:
Selling house to self, if a Bank is still involved can we still sell to self?
1.11 Best line of action to take re: First Nations Corporation and their intent/power
Which documentation will stop action?
1.23 Can she put a caravan in the car section of her affidavit if she doesn’t have a car?
1.26 Discussed the tree causing mould in her house, on (claimed) Council land.
Asked if the OH&S Act 2004 was only for work place injuries
The need to put Council in a position of negligence
1.32 Can she be a member of the PCTA if she is not in the region?
1.36 Is it possible for her parents (in CAPS) to sell to herself the living woman (in lower case)
Will a land Title search come up with CAPS or lower?
1.40 Discussion re: Magna Carta
1.45 What to do if there has been no response to paperwork by the Reg Gen in Qld
Not paying invoices/Commercial lien process
1.50 Affidavit for Dummies document explained
2.04. Does Uluki have anything to do with yes vote
2.07 Call ended


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