first half hour-newbies session
0.34 First Live Question:
How to open a Bank Account for an alternate Council
0.37 Hasn’t worked since covid and her Superannuation balance is going down,
Is there a private option for super?
0.41 Received help from Alex months ago with regards to transferring his mother’s property to his
own. Used Bill of Sale and other documents. After months he finally received a letter stating that they were unable to process. What to do next?
0.45 Register still names the Fictional as home owner rather than Living man/woman
0.47 Voting fiction/executor
Should we vote?
0.53 After affidavit is completed, do all previous contracts become null and void?
0.55 Uluki status regarding travel pass, registration etc
Process for travel pass discussed
1.02 If yes vote goes through, will our Care-takership documents still be upheld?
1.06 Went to get a roadworthy certificate for his vehicle, found the system had red flagged his name. Has all relevant documentation in place, what to do next?
1.15 Promissory note sent to the Bank. No reply
Was asked if they had done their Affidavit as the promissory note is only meant for the living
1.22 Looking for documentation on where to find exemption from filing fees
1.32 Does he need 3 witnesses and 1 JP?
Realised later that the JP didn’t write her number on the document
Is there an issue now? Is an amendment needed?
1.38 Notice of Mistake – A section within states that I have not made a claim. In actual case, he has now made a claim against several police. What defines a claim?
1.44 Caretaker Documents – Can he amend his to include National Parks etc?
1.46 Is it possible to ask someone he met of First Nation’s bloodline to sign a Caretaker Agreement, or do they have to be an Elder?
1.55 Do we need to speak with Elders? How important is it to get permission from an Elder?
How do you know that you have an Official Elder?
1.58 Number plate query
1.59 Call Ended.

0.00- 0.33 Newbies intro

Meeting began Live Questions:
0.33pm Affidavit question about her soul name, and what she thought fit her
0.35 Does she find Gov departments in the Country that she was born in or Australia?
German affidavit/ Visa Card discussion
0.40 Son-in-law’s legal situation discussed
0.43 Court cases have gone to aj hearing without her making a plea, what to do next?
How to amend an instrument
Can a Court Lifting Notice be lifted?
Can the Instrument be lifted?
Discussed taking matters to Court
0.50 Trespass signs requested from last week’s Zoom
Stalk & Deer Co logo
0.54 Can the Forensic Examination Document be created for NSW?
0.59 Wording of the Affidavit and reaching the age of majority. What does that mean?
1.02 Main thing is documenting that we are a living man/woman
1.03 Land Tax letter – sent a new letter with an additional amount added
1.11 Do we have a will template?
1.12 Caller devised a letter with regards to Electoral Roll sent to Wiley, asked if it was received
1.17 How caller handled mail from the Reg Gen
1.18 Affidavit name enquiry:
Has a new baby requiring info for recording birth
1.22 Physically went to office asking for Titles document didn’t do it in writing, end result
1.24 Age of majority, caller thought it was 21 not 18
1.26 Was under the impression land with cemeteries on them cannot be charged tax
1.28 Sold car to her living woman. In future can she sell to a Fiction?
Manual Questions:
1.41 Name change (Affidavit) already discussed
1.43 Claim of ownership getting -error message
1.45 Challenging credit cards, has there been success? Using what paperwork?
1.46 Why are we forced to stand under Statutes, Acts and Legislation when we are engaged in Commerce?
1.54 At a festival enjoying a smoke where police are drug testing on the way out. Can he/she use Affidavit as ID and not contract with them?
Back to Live Questions:
1.56 Caller has copyrighted his name. Is that fair in the world of Commerce?
Details requested for Monday night
1.58 call ended

apologies for the glitch in the middle

Half hour newbies session
Live Questions:
0.35 Is it best to do the flag & photo in magic format or add later?
0.36 How to approach a penalty notice received and make it a non-negotiable instrument?
0.44 Alex to do a video on above question
Explained what to do with bits in boxes
0.49 No JP will sign an injunction as it’s not “Legal Doc format” Another saying it has to be signed in a Court. What to do next?
Paperwork returned from Council unopened stating “unclaimed”
0.54 Has a Toll Tag and she wants to return it stating she is no longer a client
Can she hand tag over the counter? Advise on how to word the letter
0.56 Read out a letter from Revenue Qld regarding his son-in-law’s fine. Asked if Wiley can read it at their meeting on Sunday
0.59 Received a letter from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Does she ignore or reply with a smart comment?
1.05 Land tax letter received from Sharon she has added a couple of additional paragraphs to the documents. Wanting it checked to see if it was ok
1.07 Granted a legal leave from the Supreme Court in October. Needing help filling out next lot of documents. Alex to look over
1.11 Do we have a template for an Interlocutary for NSW. Who does it get sent to?
Goes to the Court with a copy to the prosecution accompanied with an affidavit
1.12 Completed Land Transfer docs and posted it to the Titles Office. Received a letter stating he is wanting to transfer to the living and needed to pay a fee
1.15 Clause outlining marriage record between 2 people
Marriage between 2 and licence explained
1.19 Wrote a Declaration of Land metes & bounds found a USA version but converted it to suit.
She had done a Bill of Sale – what to do next?
Manual Questions:
1.29 Is there a Law in their legislation that refuses an Affidavit as a form of ID?
1.33 Looking for a recommendation for a Broker (on our side) that can help to find security instruments bonds etc
1.35 Looking for Legislation that says a service provider cannot disconnect you from a service whilst in dispute for fraud (elec, water etc)
1.37 Further on from Question above in manual:
What paperwork to send? Whom to?
1.42 How do you create your own fiction? Heard about the POSTS registered mail system
If CEO is replaced from when the mortgage fraud is committed, are the doc’s sent to the original CEO or the new one?
1.45 Fictitious name originally on one page now on two
Discussed 5 cent stamp
Discussed licence
1.47 She has trademarked her all CAPS name, and has received a large electricity bill in her all CAPS name. Can she bill them for using her CAPS name?
1.49 Westpac Bank sent mortgage fraud paperwork. Given 56 days to rebutt pages with the listed fraud. The Bank didn’t respond for 4 years. Several people appeared with a Form 26, (didn’t exist) Police soon arrived stating the order was valid. He was evicted, and has been homeless since February. He is looking for a remedy
1.58 Call ended

0.34 Counter claim for fraud Magistrate accused.
Fraud explained
0.42 Follow up on last week’s call – Dog regulated as dangerous. Matter in dispute 24 days
Council is ignoring paperwork and threatening
0.50 Notice received from Council Solicitors
Advice – Never file a defence
Is an interlocutory a defence?
0.53 Received documents of property seizure & sale regarding credit card debts. Upon saying they will seize his cars, they are now going after his house
0.58 Manual Q’s:
Commercial lien process for a Bank CEO.
Has 2 invoices, does he/she combine invoices or do 2 separate lien processes?
1.02 Notice of Legal Liability – Where to access? Re: product purchased from overseas and customs not releasing
1.03 If a Birth Certificate only lists your given and middle name and not a Family name, is it necessary to put it on your affidavit?
1.04 Are bills to be paid mailed to the Reg General sent to where you were born, or where you live at the moment?
1.05 Return to Live Q’s:
Selling house to self, if a Bank is still involved can we still sell to self?
1.11 Best line of action to take re: First Nations Corporation and their intent/power
Which documentation will stop action?
1.23 Can she put a caravan in the car section of her affidavit if she doesn’t have a car?
1.26 Discussed the tree causing mould in her house, on (claimed) Council land.
Asked if the OH&S Act 2004 was only for work place injuries
The need to put Council in a position of negligence
1.32 Can she be a member of the PCTA if she is not in the region?
1.36 Is it possible for her parents (in CAPS) to sell to herself the living woman (in lower case)
Will a land Title search come up with CAPS or lower?
1.40 Discussion re: Magna Carta
1.45 What to do if there has been no response to paperwork by the Reg Gen in Qld
Not paying invoices/Commercial lien process
1.50 Affidavit for Dummies document explained
2.04. Does Uluki have anything to do with yes vote
2.07 Call ended

Templates discussed will be uploaded to https://thepeoplesloreofterraaustralis.com/

The how to's, the what not to do's and the why!!!


First 30 mins- newbies chat

1.10 Difference between amended and corrected
1.13 Wanting to open their rural property up for Community Events without being involved with insurance Companies etc., what to do? Private Trust info
1.18 Needs to change a hearing date as she has 2 scheduled on the same day. Was given a form to fill out, unsure how to fill in based on their terminology as a ‘living woman’

2.21 Received a nasty big rates bill. She returned it with a letter. 2 Days later she received a telephone call from the Council querying her letter (letter created by someone else)

Manual Question:

1.30 Aust && NZ Acts prevents selling/trading the meat of animals that were “home killed”
Questions about home kill and how to get around it
1.34 Fine went through SPER she organised a direct debit payment system
Another fine was sent to her previous address, by the time she received it they had started the process of direct debiting the fine without her consent. What to do?
1.38 Received a letter back from Council stating they will follow the Law and any further correspondence from her will be ignored
1.41 Court of record – public record. How to subpoena an audio
Magistrate called her wanting to hear her case via phone
1.46 Using Superannuation to pay Council Rates. Cover letter with affidavit explained
1.48 Quotations: single/double, brackets etc explained
1.50 Council Doc – Query re: Comm Constitution Act
1.55 Vacate a Hearing Document discussed/scrutinized exercise
1.56 Bureau of Stats sending out documents with an ID number and not a name
1.58 Has a Magistrate hearing tomorrow. What crimes can he list against the police?
Can he ask the judge if the police committed crimes?
How to file Private Criminal charges
2.02 Council tree damaging a private property with a heritage listed frontage.
How to get the Council to remove said tree which is also heritage listed
2.06 Red rate find + interest
2.07 Civil matter filed in Supreme Court. Impecunious meaning explained
2.09 Council doc sent giving them 28 days to respond. Received another letter 2 days later.
What to do next?
2.11 Purchased herbal products online from overseas, has waited 6 months for release
2.18 Traffic infringement emailed. Several days later they sent documentation stating they will confiscate his gun.
2.24 Has been driving an unregistered car for 2 years without being pulled over.
Questions re: travel docs
2.30 Can public hospitals enforce mask rules?
2.37 Tango Energy letter discussed
2.42 Right to travel docs discussed
call ended

0.00 Meeting began
0.05 Manual Questions:
When dealing one to one (physically or phone) needing information on your files, when ATO asks
“Are you (fiction name)? What is the best method for dealing with this situation?
0.08 Is Fines Victoria still legally owned by Alex’s friend?
0.09 Paid for a mentorship program in 2020 which didn’t commence because of pandemic restricting travel. Can I recover monies paid?
Unable to alter input names in affidavit – Are 4 separate affidavits needed to fill in for the different names?
0.12 Common Law Int websiet down for weeks now. Are there other groups registering names?
0.15 PPSR website states that the “Security interest is not an ownership interest”
What’s the point of registering here then?
What is the meaning of “Nonc and Nret” in relation to Vic Gov?
0.17 How does one register property into the private?
0.19 Live Questions:
0.21 Is the public registrar on the website just for liens?
What is the process?
0.25 Traffic Infringement notice (received follow up letter)
0.28 Has a CommonLaw group in Vic, doing affidavits but the process has stalled as they are awaiting registering names from other groups. Can those sections be deleted?
0.30 How important is it to print affidavit out on foolscap?
0.32 Court fines documentation – Bills Exchange 1909
0.38 What stage of this process can you sell back property to self?
0.40 Person is living in Thailand as a permanent resident . Officials say he has a crime against his name (says he didn’t do) Best way to handle situation?
0.44 Discussion about template for further names (given names/fiction)
1.01 Any current templates drafted for land tax?
1.07 Bill of Sale – transfer of property. Not sure where to find reg number
1.12 Need to know how to change host and lock ID number. Setting up a new Zoom link for
Council (WA) What is the process?
1.14 Currently doing his wife’s affidavit. She has a Qld address but also has a property in SA
Does he send paperwork to that State also?
Correct use of malfeasance or non-feasance discussed
1.16 If land is in a Company name, are there any issues transferring to a living man?
1.17 Do we have a list of terminology? How can we get involved and help compile?
1.30 Asked for an update on Alex’s meeting with First Nations
1.36 Full stop in affidavit, does that mean it’s invalid?
1.33 With regards to documentation posted: His computer sates that it pending
However on Australia Post site it says delivered. Is that fraud?
1.36 Call ended.

To join these calls:
Thursday 7.30pm Qld time
Zoom Meeting ID: 867 1044 8593
Passcode: lore

0.00 Intro
Discussed whether individuals can record this video privately
0.05 Manual – Bitchute Trust speech with James and Alex, suggests ‘old’ affidavit might need
0.12 Magistrate Bench Book – the book is not very enlightening, any other versions/explanation
0.14 Marriage Ceremony – Do we have a template without having them in your bed?
0.16 Process of collecting dollars for their breach of contract
0.17 ATO owned by CommBand and Blackrock. Are there any other owners? Can it be verified?
0.18 What is the best way to finalise 3 personal loans with lenders?
0.19 What is the NZ process to access trust details?
0.20 Live Q’s:
0.21 Surrendering drivers licence in NSW, what’s the process?
0.24 Tender and interlocutory document
0.33 Transfer property into private from website. People Court to stamp waiting for PCTA to stamp
Previous mortgage reg number not sure where it is
Attorney in Fact – Who can do it?
Do they appear in Court?
0.42 Cover letter for affidavit, is ther a place where they are all listed?
0.45 Multiple names on birth Certificate, where to list multiple names? How to do it?
Do you have to purchase copyright of a name?
0.51 Received a Court summons in CAPS – unclaimed mail
Can it be used as evidence of fraud?
0.59 Affidavit Questions of given names/maiden.
Private plates – Do you need to get it done?
1.05 Interlocutory affidavit q’s
Where interlocutory is heard?
1.21 Further interlocutory questions regarding numbers.
Documents have in legislation: claimant & defendant -wondering about the use of the work defendant
1.25 Suspended licence, car unregistered using private plates
1.29 Amendments to affidavit. Can you correct/amend affidavit?
No need to send entire affidavit just the amendment
1.33 Interview out today how/where to send it?
1.35 Do the documents have any weight without a completed affidavit?
So an interlocutory doc is no good without an affidavit?
General discussion

0.00 Intro – Alex shared news
0.09 Manual Questions:
Getting her head around how trading the weight of placenta on the stock exchange. Where is
information to read up upon how it all works?
0.13 Asking the Bank whether I am the holder or the owner of my home loan
0.15 Expressed Trust – requesting the link
0.16 Made a mistake with her name in Declaration of Living Status, what to do?
0.19 Pass code needed for ZOOM
0.21 Is everyone aware of the Real Australia Day in Cooktown?
0.22 Accessing Cestui Que Vie Trust to pay bills – via Reg General
0.29 Immigrated to NZ as a child how is this different to being born into citizenship?
0.34 How can a Living man be a Director of a Company. What guidelines apply?
0.38 Could you extend this to apply to buy the Trademarks of our various names?
James spoke of US citizens becoming Nationals. NZ has method of joining (Maoris)
Here in Oz, is it a matter of us identifying with ‘Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders’?
What do we need to print up?
Discussion on First Nation and the next step
Overtaking Corporation and those with guns
0.41 Leaf: Can he add a submission to paperwork?
Coat of Arms used on Documentation fraudulent
0.54 Live Questions:
0.55 Council parking fine paperwork sent. Received paperwork stating correspondence was
ridiculous. Final notice received, anything to do further?
0.58 Fines now being sent to SPER – SPER is now cancelling licences
1.00 District Court Appeal in NSW, asking for a filing fee of $136
How to respond to filing fee?
1.03 Manual changed? Same website?
1.04 New Zealander living in Australia does affidavit apply to him?
Best way to finalise personal loans using QCV Trust
1.11 Mentioned Telstra has zeroed out his bill. Methods used for dealing with bills
1.18 Infringement Notice for parking in a disabled parking area without a permit. What to do?
1.27 Summons over a suspended licence, sent in relevant notices.
What’s the difference between a Judicial Registrar and a Magistrate?
Double sided copies in black/white – So colours have no bearing?
Does it have to have a flag/Coat of Arms? Also rubber stamp?
1.34 Revenue sent a Notice of Mistake – now cancelling his licence!
1.39 Need a system showing vehicle is listed in the private – publicly listed documents
1.41 First Nation’s docs ok to use in WA?

0.00 Introduction
0.02 New people introduced
0.06 Red light camera fine, has corresponded with Revenue Dep’t now issued notice from SPER
0.09 Notice of Direction & Instruction received
0.10 Does she need a Birth Certificate (born in Sweden) to complete her affidavit? as she cannot
access it
0.21 Accessing your CQV Trust to offset a tax liability
ATO changes to rules
Discussed the ‘other’ section – which is now not available
0.27 Proposal for Resolution of Dispute with police (Chris)
He is invoicing for $2.2m
Court notice he received has included a CIN number. Unsure what that is!
Sent by registered mail to wrong address which he has advised them of before. Received finally a
month later
0.35 Sent Notice of misfeasance to Reg General in Qld. Received paperwork back, discussed the
way envelope was formatted.
0.39 Unable to get PPSR for affidavit
Family Trust discussed. How to start the Trust
0.43 Mother had a prepaid funeral bond. Power of Attorney discussion
0.46 With regards to Chris’s earlier question: Can Common Law Court help?
Was it read in court? Pleaded not guilty
0.51 Delivering documents personally. Terms & Conditions/stamped
The importance of getting paperwork into witness box
0.54 Family custody issue, ex wants custody of 15 year old child. Child doesn’t want to go with
her mother. Consent order/Independent psychological assessment discussed
1.01 Revenue NSW parking fine. Opted to go to Court and challenge. Counter claim for fraud.
Council running a racketeering operation (Chris mentioned he has done that previously with
1.08 The way Courts play with paperwork, so pay attention
1.10 What sections do we remove with regards to overseas documents (PPSR)
1.15 Vehicle into affidavit – How to Transfer to the People’s Court?
1.17 Can we be an Attorney for a dog? Clearfield Doctrine
1.21 Where are we at with the ID cards. Is it digital or physical discussed awaiting First Nation’s
1.23 Zoom Ended.

0.00 Intro
0.09 Alex has said a JP can dismiss a fine. Where in Legislation can I find it?
Can a JP help with a Commercial lien?
0.11 Challenging a Council’s fine, with a simple letter asking for evidence they own the roads with
parking spaces
Can we conditionally accept their offer for court hearing for $10 mil or alternatively refuse the
services of any Corporate Court except CommonLaw Court
0.23 Tango Electricity has changed its conditions (price) How to re-negotiate a new deal?
Non negotiable across invoices/correspondence explained
0.25 Finding an Attorney in Fact
0.27 Mail from Qld opened in NSW by Post Office and returned to sender
0.28 Where to contact Derek Balogh for mortgage template?
Live Questions:
0.29 Is there seminar in Gosford? Where to find Alex’s NSW schedule?
0.30 Where to find Documents in manual? Trust vs Private Trust discussion
0.36 Turning 18 able to access Cestui Qui Vie Trust? How to?
Divorce property settlement without involving Lawyers
0.41 What follows a Notice of Conditional Acceptance?
Notice of Appeal Guidance. Court of record discussion
1.00 Looking for Statutory provisions for Appeals Court, can’t find anywhere
Notice of Direction & Instruction
Letter received back from Registrar denouncing monies held etc, advised they don’t hold Trust
accounts etc
1.08 Tax issue with financial gain. Unsure about documentation who/where to send
1.16 How to list more than one car on affidavit
Trust for himself and his daughter, adding all assets to one Trust
1.19 Do you need 2 people for a Trust?
Can he add Trust to a Court?
1.21 Bill of Sale & Transfer of Title, ID Card/Affidavit
When all is done is the car then registered with Peoples Court of Terra Australis?
1.27 ASIC Registered, is the fictitious name enough or do you register all 3 names?
1.29 Children under the age of 7 CQV Trust – How to remove child from the system?
1.33 Common Law Court done through ASIC?
1.34 Fine not paid, sent relevant letters. Now received SPER letter
Initially name all in Caps – this letter in lower case but still has a surname
1.40 When you send a letter to Reg General to access CQV do you need to identify it?
1.41 Call ended


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