This one is simply a 1-minute excuse remover.

Here's the reason why we haven't seen today's mass murderers behind bars (even at so late a date and with so much evidence against them), plus the most effective way to bring about REAL justice, all explained in just 7 minutes.

A note of thanks:

For those who are recipients/distributors of our deeper DVD ministry, we want to thank you for all the great responses on our docu-series "Facing Reality" so far. Part 3 is soon to be released, having even deeper connected dots than the previous two, and with YHWH's blessings of approval, should be mailed out in the next couple weeks or so. We thank you for all your faith and hard work in helping us get this deeper information out there apart from the A.I. prying eyes!


Our whole team agreed that a video like this is long overdue.

Please share it with your friends who you feel should see this. ...for the sake of our babies.

Thank you.

How many times have we heard someone resentfully say, "The Bible was written by men!"

Well, have those same people begun seeing how many of you had correctly warned them about the deadly vaccines yet? Perhaps now they may really see that the people who want to run this world are the ones telling all the lies to use and destroy them (?) ... where such friends might now better trust you when you show them even more evidence on how desperately those big shots have been trying to get us AWAY from that Bible?

Here's another unique and very useful tid bit that I would guess a very small handful of you had ever noticed before. Enjoy!

Those who properly know the genuine Bible know that it doesn't need the least bit of sugar coating ! and that's because the news of it's message is nothing but sweet music to the ears that make the medicine of it's brotherly disciplines a most wonderful joy to swallow!

Without the Bible as the base of programming in today's people, millions, if not billions are now becoming transhumans, but only for the satanic side of the good/evil spectrum, a situation that we are explaining in greater depth in our DVD releases.

To study such topics from a deeper biblical vantage point with us, feel free to email us with your thoughts at:

[email protected]

Are we compassionate towards others as our Savior had been? ...and is that characteristic an automatic sense of guidance in our lives? ...or does the world, more admittedly, have us drawn into their "king of the mountain" contractual ideologies, pushing us to selfishly enter into materialistic competition against our neighbors?

A very short one since I hit you guys with a twelve minute video just yesterday :-) ...and this shows just one part of the satanists' overall spiritual barbed wire whereby the elite had long kept us intellectually confused, intimidated, emotionally hopeless, and thereby trapped for many centuries in their infinitely faceted religious house of mirrors.

Its a war for your mind, where the stakes are your soul.
But the considerations in this 5- minute video may be a big turning point for some folks who may not have seen how all the "religions" are actually there to intentionally distract the world's multitudes from just one thing: YHWH's Bible.

Extras from other sources:
Did Rome create Islam?
"The Islamic Connection":

Islam congregation comfortable in deserted Roman Catholic church in the U.S.A.:

This is somewhat of an appetizer for our new DVD series, with the first installment on that series coming soon for those of you who are routinely on our distribution list. For those who may want to find out how to be a part of that team for YHWH's glory and our world's quicker recovery to truth and freedom, email us at:
[email protected]

YHWH's greatest blessings to the more serious of you, who are standing for biblical morals and our children's safety!

Giving kudos to our friends at Truthstream Media, this one is somewhat funny, but creepy at the same time

The following link is the full 1.5 hour video that we take a short clip from in our much shorter feature today, and please be forewarned its about Ai and some bizarre things that it is doing to make our world very uncomfortable. Not just the malfunctioning chat bots and techno tyrants, but facial filters and the fearful places that mankind is headed with this "weird" technology.


A 5-minute explanation as to why many people today seem to resent the more serious believers among us.

As somewhat of an evidence-based follow up to our earlier video, "Speak Truth One to Another" (link below), this one shows more verification than before that people are getting back to hard copies! ...and even the normies now as well!

Previous video:


For many of our poor remaining Catholic friends who are yet not able to see how they've been drawn into a system of false devotion of the God of the Bible, we offer another short sampling of how millions have been cheated out of the real hope in those Bibles.

A short jurisdiction and law office video to tide you folks over as I work on an upcoming documentary. Blessings to all who are seeking Him!

For those who want to know more about how some of us have found "victory over the beast", and the powerful way it protects those who achieve this milestone in one's walk.

For more, see our "King of Kings Broadcast series" on this channel.

This is a 7-minute nutshell way of seeing how badly the majority of us are both:
A) being lied to, and B) being gullible to it.

A short classic from our very early dusty youtube files.

YHWH's people versus we the (secular) people, in a unique, helpful illustrative light.

(Due to tech censorship and A.I. bot issues our deeper material can now only be attained through our DVD ministry. To find out how to become a recipient of discs as a part of our DVD truth education teams in the U.S. or abroad, contact us via [email protected] )

Can you spot the problems in all of today's cleverly "misleading" video presentations?

A full addressing of this clip's deeper hidden "misdirections" is expected to be available soon on the DVD version for those in our growing disc distribution circles.

Blessings to all who hunger to see and know these deeper things with us!

Yes, this is a very basic posting, but should our sub numbers begin to grow again (as they used to before all the censorships), perhaps we will post more of the deeper materials that we have been exclusively (and increasingly, btw) distributing on disc, but for now, hard copies are bringing an amazingly larger recipient base as of late, with many people that we meet in person proving to be very grateful and hungry for what they can't find on line due to all the censorships and shadow banning by big tech's ever encroaching A.I. browsers and search engines as we had shown with our video, "Speak Every Man Truth With His Neighbor", here:

For those who would like to be a part of our DVD distribution efforts, or wish to go deeper than we show here on our channel, feel free to email us with your interests at

[email protected]

Blessings to all who are striving to exceed the righteousness of today's scribes and Pharisees that they might enter the safety and protective jurisdiction of YHWH's kingdom! (ref. Matt 5:20)

...and never any guns or bombs required!

Once enough people see and understand the simple concept behind this government built on love, they will see how we could beat our swords into plowshares, being able to see through the centuries of lies they've heard about the Bible and its laws!

But for now, we must be shown just how evil, evil can be... under man's laws and politics. That is, until the stubborn and the fence riders either join us, or are taken out, being much as it was in the days of Noah.

As you will see in the news segment, time is running out fast for those who have yet to choose sides.

Short and to the point.

See Romans 3:4

This is a 6-minute follow-up to our video from
Dec 2022 titled, "Giving Our Children to Satan Through Caesar's Marriage Covenants".
(links to both channel copies here):


Volume 4 includes:

- they "do" nothing to help the injured
- a Bethelite commands fires to cease
- Bethel students meet a real preacher
- the real dangers behind their music
- even an ex-guru speaks against their practices
- more "fire tunnels" filled with countless "kriyas", that summarizes how cities who permit this to fester and grow in their churches and towns will slowly lose their societies altogether.

Thank you for watching this series, and please help us wake your friends and loved ones to the serious dangers of their considering or following these cults. As more of you may now see, these churches are a literal trap door to the satanic side of the spirit realm! And with so many churches now being so apostate and lukewarm, there are few churches setting the right example anymore, where these poor new age victims don't even know they are out of line in such ways.

I am also aware that I have probably offended a lot of new agers out there, but your soul is more to me than my ratings on this channel. I wish my having to awaken you folks could have been less painful for you, but better the small emotional disappointment for you now, than the agony of serious pain snd suffering you may have to go through after this life is over, sound fair?

Please share the true biblical gospel of repentance and reforms for these people.

And again I thank all of you who are trying to awaken these poor people... and blessings to all who are listening with ears to hear as well!

Volume 3 contains...
- Heidi Baker totally demon possessed
- sister church in norway diaper dance
- Bethel's "children ministry" exposed
- Bethel takes kids where Disney leaves off
- brainwashing children and youth in China
- Bethel creating a china-like church in U.S.
- the coming "church police"
- Bethel's "strategy" to help spy on redding residents
- Bethel's "Trance-formation" center
- A merger of Bethel with elitist control

Volume 2 includes horrific clear evidences of both mind control and elitist control issues in areas such as:

- Jenn Johnson disgracing YHWH
- Bill Johnson's tall tales
- trojan horse alluring music
- lying to children in occult training
- total evil brainwashing of youth
-"fire tunnels"
- Bethel in bed with global elite
- data tracking and face recognition
- "soaking"
- Bethel's new name: "Global legacy"
- Kris Vallotton meets with Pope
- plus much more !

There are also some very alarming enslavement issue connections that these people are steering people into, coming up in the next two volumes!

The new age churches are all powered by mind control. ...satanic mind control.

Volume 1 contains facts on:

- Seeker friendly compromise

- worship of vibration and frequencies

- new age mysticism

- hypnotic music

- kundalini

- false prosperity preachers

- eastern mysticism

- contemplative prayer

- yoga

- emergent church

- word faith movement

- experiences over scriptural truth

- State of Israel following Bethel practices

- Heidi Baker's demonic spirit

- kriyas

-ex-witch testifies against Bethel.


Volume 2 coming soon, as each volume gets deeper and deeper!

In the last two uploads we showed you how scientists are learning how they are being lied to about evolution, how the powers that ought not to be are the ones hiding these things from us, and today you will see some evidences to get the gears turning about just how badly the real science has been (at the least) a good bit slanted, if not totally upside down.

Today: new evidence in dinosaur bones and the serious massive amount of information in our DNA.


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The world is slowly awakening to the reality that all of man's law systems are not working for them. But how many will dig deep enough to see how hard the world's predator class has worked for many centuries to pull us away from a knowledge and trust in the system of law given mankind in the Bible?

We hope to help increase that knowledge and trust in YHWH (the God of the Bible) in what we affectionately call, His "government built on love".

If you know He is infinitely more intelligent, exceptionally more fair and more loving than any man, then why not trust in the incorruptible law system that He designed for us and help us end this madness?
Would we not all feel better under a government built on love?

Blessings to all who seek and trust in Him!