Drinking Rum, playing Fallout 4, this time joining the Railroad.
I talk about other videos being on another channel. But you are in the right place, I have deleted them from my old channel and placed them here instead. Sorry about the confusion.

I noticed the last two episodes were never synced to bitchute, I uploaded today.
The final entry in the vlog. It's game over, checking out from the Bellagio trying to pass time until the plane takes off from the Airport. Mean while I bought some Twinkies and had my first taste of one.
I miss the Corvette Stingray already, I hope I can rent one again some day. At least the Dodge challenger Bumblebee is a proper V8. :D
I also enjoyed sitting at the windows, watching the fountains, recording and zooming in. Good fun.

I noticed the last two episodes were never synced to bitchute, I uploaded today, it's from 2018 so a bit late. :/
So the vacation is coming to an end soon, a final day on the trails on the bike and then back to Las Vegas. But all is not well, it seems that there is something wrong with the car, a weird grinding noise from the transmission I assume. :(
I have booked a room at the Bellagio with fountain view so I can get a great view of the fountains.

I play Fallout 4 and drink alcohol, usually rum.
As a backup, you can also find me here:

I play Fallout 4 and drink alcohol, usually rum.
As a backup, you can also find me here:

I play Fallout 4 and drink alcohol, usually rum.

As a backup, you can also find me here:

So better late than never. So today I set up the lights. Visit the hardware store and try to get into that Christmas spirit.

So someone asked me to upload my review of their product to Amazon but it was rejected for now complying with their community guidelines. I make videos for fun so why bother with their useless rules.

Today I test some RGB LED glasses that can show animations, react to music, has Bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone or Android phone, controlled by an app.
If you want to be the centre of attention, this might be the glasses for your.

Sometimes there are things you promise yourself you won't do because it is a stupid thing to do and then you do it anyway.
This is such one day where I did that.
Now what?
Ok so for those that can't wait I can say that I purchased the Valve Index virtual reality headset so I can play games, exercise now when we can't go to the fitness center anymore and I can try virtual reality again. It has been 35 years since I tried it last time in a arcade, where the experience was interesting and frustrating at the same time. Not ready for prime time.
So this is also sort of an reaction video as well.

00:00 Intro
00:55 Reveal
01:24 Unboxing
03:20 Placing base stations
05:56 First impression
09:15 Starting Half-Life Alyx
11:35 I React to VR
12:30 Learning to walk
16:46 Look out! Strider!
17:27 I have a question for you
19:50 Until next time

Hanging out in my toolshed fixing my bike, had replaced the axle and freehub on my rear wheel. So I have to remove the cassette and the hub and have a look inside. Afterwards a quick escape to the forest on the singletrack if I can find it under the leaves.

00:00 Intro
00:45 What's going on
02:27 Remove Wheel
02:55 Freehub & Casssette disassembly
06:45 A look inside the hub
07:08 Baby Wipes
08:00 Comparing parts
11:00 Reassembly
12:45 Freehub assembly pro tip
15:00 Cassette Assembly
18:15 SKS bikepump rant
19:35 Mounting Wheel
20:35 Testing the repair
21:16 Checking derailleur
24:21 The First Conclusion
25:47 Into the forest
28:38 The Second Conclusion
29:10 See you later / Outtro

Today I am preparing my Twinkly Christmas lights and using the WrapnStore Lights Spooler that they sent to me for testing.

Use code "WRP-25OFF" at checkout to get 25% of each of the products

Twinkly Light Music Controller:
Last Years Christmas Video:

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Unboxing
02:26 Spooling up the lights
05:32 Use on string of lights
06:35 Using with icicle lights
07:35 Conclusion
08:37 An offer
09:11 Outtro

Today I am testing and reviewing the Twinkly Music Dongle that can men your lights dance, according to Twinkly. As you know, I have made quite a few Twinkly videos by now, including my Christmas videos.
Check out my playlist on these products:

So naturally I had to check out this music thingy here that acts as a controller using a microphone. I have both generation 2 and Generation 1 lights that I will be testing. This time it is the Twinkly Icicle and Twinkly Wall lights.

00:00 Introduction
02:50 Unboxing
06:00 Configuration
16:08 First Test
19:28 Second Test
22:03 Pinball Test
27:38 Conclusion
29:05 Outtro
So I haven't been playing Fallout 4 for over a year and I am a bit rusty to say the least. I started a new game to join the Institute, my least favorite faction just to see it and now the time has come to choose sides.
I have purchased a remote controlled switch, running on 12v, capable of switching up to 250v(if you dare). It has 5 remotes included. Maybe for a Halloween project or something else.
It is simple, easy to use and cheap.
I'm no @bigclivedotcom and this isn't my usual format so bear with me. :D

So this is a rather long video so here's some chapters in case you are in a hurry.:
00:00 Introduction
00:18 Unboxing
03:00 Lack of high voltage seperation
03:36 Connecting wires
07:00 Power up and configuration
09:08 Connecting a LED for testing
16:44 Let there be light
18:10 Range test
20:00 Wrapping up.

It is always fun do dig into stuff and so I am looking at which sites and services on the internet that car is talking to. Amazon, Apple, Google or others?
#tesla #privacy #ev #electriccar
I can recommend @fullychargedshow if you want to see videos about EVs and renewable energy.
0:00 Intro
0:23 Privacy, sharing of information
1:20 Amount of traffic
2:20 Who are the car talking to on the internet
7:15 Summary
8:43 Thanks for watching

Converting the LED sign to use USB power.

So it is finally time to add some more light on the gumball machine on the Twilight Zone pinball machine.
If you found this interesting, you should really check out @Joe's Classic Video Games

All microphones are not created equal. Here we can hear how much a difference it makes when you have to make sacrifices.
See chapters below for which microphones are used when.
If you want to see more videos about differences between microphones, check out @Booth Junkie who, unlike me, knows what he is doing.

I use a bunch of Rode microphones so we will be listening to the Røde NT1a, the SmartLav, Wireless Filmmaker, built in GoPro, built in Panasonic GH5s.

Check chapters for which microphones are active in this video:
00:00 Preface
00:12 Intro
00:24 Interrupting Transmission
00:36 The Challenge, Rode NT1A
01:45 Rode Wireless Filmmaker Focusrite Scarlett
02:35 Rode Wireless Filmmaker on GH5S
03:50 Audio on GoPro Hero 6
04:40 Rode Wireless Filmmaker
05:20 SmartLav+ on iPhone 11Pro
05:44 GH5S Built in microphone
05:58 Rode NT1A
06:57 Conclusion
07:18 The End
I probably have been watching too much @Pan TheOrganizer lately, but here's a 1 minute summary of how I do my weekly maintenance wash. I don't always apply the coating, it depends on how the water behaves when I wash it.
I might switch to the Turtle Wax ceramic coating, but their latest product isn't available in Europe yet, so I have already purchased one of their latest version available around here.

00:00 Main video
01:00 Result
01:14 End

I purchased this $30 LED marquee sign with lots of possibilities and configurability, even a remote. So is it any good, or just fun.

The complete description of the product was:
23CM 12v LED Car Sign Remote Control Motorcycle English display Board Scrolling Programmable Message Blue Cheap Diy kit

00:00 Intro
01:12 Unboxing
03:50 Trying to get it to work
07:48 How to configure it
11:02 Testing it in a car
12:40 Conclusion
14:05 Outtro

Doctors just HATE him for telling you this secret.
This will make it a lot more comfortable to wear a face mask. Now you can breathe freely.

Doctors just HATE him for telling you this secret.
This will make it a lot more comfortable to wear a face mask. Now you can breathe freely.
I wonder why?
In case you wondered,
it's a joke.

This video is about my top 10 videos on YouTube. What are those videos, why did I make them and MORE!

Here's the complete top 10 list with links:
Number 10: The record low water level at lake Mead
Number 9: Lake Mead low water level and Hoover dam power production
Number 8: Grand Isles, about the car in the water for 22 years
Number 7: DJI Mavic 2 live streaming review - Live vs. recorded
Number 6: Visiting Hoover Dam in Fallout: New Vegas
Number 5: Twinkly RGB LED Lights 2019 testing them before Christmas
Number 4: Edwards Air Force Base Tour
Number 3: Tinkering with Twinkly Wall 200 LED RGB lights
Number 2: Heavy Metal (Takin' a ride) with lyrics, Don Felder
Number 1: 2019 Hoover Dam and Lake Mead water level new normal

00:00 Intro
00:33 Number 10
01:18 Number 9
01:51 Number 8
02:28 Number 7
03:17 Number 6
04:01 Number 5
05:41 Number 4
06:30 Number 3
07:10 Number 2
09:33 Number 1

Even though the current state of the planet makes it hard to go shopping for a new car, I finally got an EV and I hope I will never have to drive an ICE car again.


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