Cover ImageUnlike the Jealous Negative Nancies will have you believe

I discuss how you can attract more people to your social media Accounts Including your Vlogging Social Media Accounts.

Human Sex Trafficking Traps

In this Law of Attraction Video, I discuss why it's okay to focus on Money and that you are able to focus on other things Aswell.

Well... Were waiting!!!!!!!!

In this Video I go into Brief Detail about what Money Layering is

Your Bio Score and TMX play a determining factor in Your Lloyds Banking Group Security.

In this Video I go into detail on a method in which Organized Financial Criminals

Fire up the Direct Debit Indemnity Claims.. Well the ones your able to do so

We are now on the path that is heading towards a New World Order

I present in this Video to suggest that George Soros is highly lied in funding Violent Protests and Funding of Coup's to overthrow Government Regimes through out the world George Soros offical Website -

George Soros Open Society Foundation -

Black Lives Matter Movement Website -

A Story brought to you by none other than the BBC (British Brainwashing Coperation) is it factual are is the Shadow Government of the West Planning to start a Mass Coup towards China

Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape -

I talk about the Recent out burst o Alleged Racism on Social Media, Mostly on Instagram and other failed arguments from the Angry Snowflakes (Political Correctness)


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Hey, 34 Years Old, Full of Energy Vibrant, Online Political Activist, Part of the Anti-Vaccine Crowd,

Pro Freedom of Speech well Pro Freedom altogether
Pro Life in every aspect of the way
Social Media Superstar

I'm the guy with the microchips in my head that has also Camera and Microphones on them that people watch somewhere on the Internet world..

So Technically speaking I am a Reality TV Internet Star Aswell..

Love Vlogging and Blogging and once all the Mellow Drama ends well guess what I'm flying even higher than before and nobody will be able to knock me down again.