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Black Texas Rep. Jarvis Jonhson Tells White Texas Rep. Steve Toth - I Hate You. I'm Justified In Hating You.

The Left, COVID, Cuba and the HYPOCRISY of it all...

Fauci and the Left since DAY ONE regarding COVID...

Uncle Jimmy: Black Folk! We Messed This Up!!!

Delano Squires: The Unapologetically Black Can't Define Themselves Outside Of Whiteness

President Biden says there is "an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote." "We're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That's not hyperbole, since the Civil War."

Jason Whitlock - Dear Black People

Yale Psychiatry Dept. professor: Saint George Floyd???

Fauci Wants Americans To ‘Get Over This Political Statement’ of Not Getting Vaccinated

What's wrong with my lawnmower???

Vernon Jones destroys CNN reporter: “CNN’s about controlling negroes, that’s what it stands for, controlling negroes”

Reset Team for Gun Violence???

"White People Are Dumb" and should "Be Less White" According to Penn State Professor

FLASHBACK: Here are All the Times the Democrats Pledged to ‘Defund the Police’

DeBlasio SCREAMED Defund The Police NOW He Wants To Flood NYC With Police

Remember When Bill Barr Had MANY Questions About Voter Fraud

Lori Lightfoot and Alderwoman Clash at Chicago City Council Meeting

Man stuck in traffic as wild broad daylight shootout with fully automatic gunfire unfolds in Chicago

15 Year Old High School Student Exposes Critical Race Theory

Joe Biden's WHISPER Heard Around The World: Can Someone Pull Up The Padded Truck?

When Ibram X. Kendi aka Henry Rogers who has made his living off of racism can't even define the word racism only shows that YOU ARE A FRAUD. #IbramXKendiIsAFraud

Stacey Abrams Flip Flops On Voter ID

A Real Epidemiologist SILENCES The Democrats Fear Mongering Of The Delta COVID Variant

In 2013 Don Lemon Held Black America Accountable For Their Actions...

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Surviving growing up in the streets of Syracuse, NY has allowed Dan Adams to land on his feet and hopefully blaze a trail for those to come. Born to a Baptist Minister Father and God Fearing Mother faith was the anchor and the glue that kept his family together. After meeting and then marrying his future wife while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh the experiences dealing with a wide range of people opened up his mind to what the world had to offer. And with that Dan’s musical aspirations began to form and eventually launched into an independent Hip-Hop music endeavor. Dan took on the stage name Melodiq. Melodiq has been bringing flavorful Hip-Hop since 1994. Fusing Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz has been at the forefront of Melodiq’s music, with influences from A Tribe Called Quest and Gangstarr paving the way for Melodiq to bring his style to the Hip-Hop community. Melodiq’s work rate is outstanding and over the years has built up a solid, soulful and consistent repertoire of material collaborating with producers, musicians and emcees worldwide. As long as there is Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz in existence there will be Melodiq standing firm. Not participating in the political arena for most of his life it took the birth of his son to realize what was important to him. Conservatism would be the ideology that frame who he would be as a man going forward. With so much uncertainty going on in the world today Dan has taken on the task to reach the masses via every medium at his disposal. He hopes to continue to shine the light on Conservatism hoping to bring those out of the darkness.