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Ask; “Are you waiting for the messiah to come save you from your sins?” Judaism believes in the divine, but being part of that divine world, is rather shaky.

There are stark differences between The Synagogue and The Church.

Judeo-Christian’ serves to impose the notion that Judaism possesses the requisite root of Christianity. But is this view correct?

I was taught that Israel was to be divided by tribal inheritance, to be the place of God’s Sanctuary, to be allotted with regard to special functions, and specified regions, of and for the priesthood.

The tribes are gone.

God’s Sanctuary doesn’t exist.

The priesthood is extinct.

What Biblical rights exist?

What will change the world?

Not politics, not the ballot box, not the right, not the left, not Trump, not Newsome, not a Speaker, not a Leaker, not nationalism, not globalism, not a free-thinker, nor the latest-trend seeker.

Only life-changing preachers of The Church.

On a winter’s night, in a deep and dark December…I walked into an Orthodox Church for the very first time. I gasped: “I’m home!” I never looked back.

Judaism was my childhood religion in practice and learning, all my social groups were Jewish, my role models were Jewish, my best friends were Jewish, everything pointed to me being Jewish, including my face and habits.

But I couldn't make it work, I left Judaism. This is my personal story.

Besides him talking too much, too psychological, moralistic, an intellectual ‘geek,’ he seems like a pretty nice guy.

Rabbi Mannis Friedman bills himself as a devotee of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson.

Father Josiah Trenham has a Vid up on Oliver Anthony.

Another rabbinic repudiation of what The Church has believed and acculturated into civilization for two thousand years.

So it's easy to debunk Ben Shapiro.

But since all are made alive in Jesus—the new Adam—the Holy Virgin becomes the new Eve, as prophetically expressed, “The Mother of the Living.”

“Only those who fast and rely on God will survive.”

Wickedness seems to have the advantage over goodness.

I mean, how do you suppose God would deal with today’s evil, so depraved and obscene?

Would one corner be treated and others go unheeded?

When the Church is abandoned, its voice silent, its spirit worldly, then culture is split, civilization is partitioned, and defenseless.

“A house when swept clean of a demon,” Jesus says, “then left empty, seven demons worse than the first enter in.”

Thus does Jesus show—in the Gospels—the end of the Temple, the sacrificial system, the Levitical priesthood, with the covenant nation of Israel left desolate.

The Messages to the Seven Churches are strident urgings to repentance—due to “things which must shortly come to pass”—as St John stresses three times in Revelations.

Want some preachy, glittery, pumped-up hoopla?

Joel Osteen, an evangelical Baptist babbler, is your pre-fab windbag.

Splitting up bible events is a trendy thing for evangelical preachers to do.

John MacArthur is a Protestant evangelical preacher based in Los Angeles.

He propounds the error that salvation is by “faith alone.”

Thus, anyone saying they “believe in Jesus Christ,” nothing else, are “saved” for life.

"A certain man had two sons. And the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living."

How could these men—of an ordinary sort, fishermen, hiding for fear of the religious leaders—suddenly, in a whole change of character, turn the crucifiers into believers, and then take the whole world into their net?

This alone proves the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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