The above song is based on the melody to the Wellerman (Sea Shanty). All lyrics and vocals are my own.

The inspiration to do this came from the Game Stop saga and subsequent, hilarious sea shanty meme. A few weeks after that meme released, a friend requested I re-work the lyrics for a video game contest he entered. The objective of the contest was to write an inspirational piece based on the history of a specific nation in the game. Well, the re-worked song ended up providing me so much inspiration to visit this nation (play the game), I thought it'd be cool to do this again for the Murrieta Territory, the main setting of my series Civilands.

And so, the Keagan Anthem was born. The anthem is now officially a song the Keagan brothers used to inspire their gang in the early years of their travels west over the Chorisma River and into the Murrieta Territory. It was sang in many saloons, especially by the men Clovis Keagan led following their many conquests. As a fun Easter Egg, be on the lookout for it in the final book!

When the Shadows Run - A Song From the Novel "Crimson River" (Civilands #1)

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LIVE ACTION TRAILER for the Civilands fiction book series.

A new fight for power and control begins now in the Murrieta Territory. Whose side will you take?

** 2016-2017 BooksGoSocial Daily Book of the Year Award Finalist **

Jeannie Morrell is on the run. Chasing behind her is the expanding Keagan gang that just burned her home to the ground. Before her–through the forest of the Riverlands–is the native V’ahani clan and the grizzlies they control.

With her family now gone only months after her thirteenth birthday, young Jeannie will be thrust into an adventure of survival. Somehow she will now have to build a life all her own, in this newborn territory torn apart by greed.

Parts 1-4 of the Civilands series available now. The final book in the series, Crevasse Colossus, is coming soon!



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