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Playstation 4 Gamer ID: GSaint318
Here's to 20 years of Silent Hill oh yes it's been that long.

Playstation 4 Gamer ID: GSaint318.
My thoughts for the upcoming Dragon Ball Project Z game.

Playstation 4 Gamer ID: GSaint318.
Just giving my honest thoughts and opinion about the upcoming Resident Evil TV Series being produced that's coming to Netflix.

PlayStation 4 Gamer ID: GSaint318
My unboxing of the Resident Evil 2 Remake Collectors Edition.

PlayStation 4 Gamer ID: GSaint318
A look into the upcoming game Metro Exodus.

Saints Vs. Rams Blown Call and blatant favoritism from the NFL

My thoughts on Mortal 11's Reveal and gameplay footage
PlayStation 4 Gamer Id: Gsaint318..

Well we all know what the definition of insanity is it starts with getting woke.

Talk about having a bad day folks.
First I heard about Mean Gene Okerlund. Then Super Dave Osbourne and now this.

Please let me know what your favorite memories of the late Mean Gene Okerlund.
I must admit it did hit me pretty hard after uploading this video.

My thoughts and Z Nation

My thoughts on the staff and YouTube's future.



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