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Mus.lims dance and sing YMCA

Some example searches that can be done on Google and the biased manipulated results that Google provide. The race ones were brought to my attention on and totally disgusted me. Absolute proof that Google are manipulating their search results in order to push their lefty, white hating men hating agenda.

Is it time for western christians and atheists to unite against the common enemy - Islam?

Our shared heritage is on the line. Our shared values, morals and culture are under threat from Islam.

I put forward my argument for the unity of the christian and atheist communities in the face of this, ever growing, threat.

Original Videos
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Converting Muslims to Christianity

Sam Harris - Not All Religions are the Same

Are you sick of hearing about white prvilege and white guilt? Are you tired of being told that as a white person you are responsible for slavery? Have you had enough of being declared a racist, just because you are white?
Don't you think it's time we discussed all the benefits and privileges that "people of colour" have bestowed upon them?


As I say in the video. Before you start calling me a racist, remember that you don't know me. You don't know what the colour of my skin is. You don't know my cultural background. Don't make assumptions.


Black Business Awards

Black Power Awards

MOBO Awards

Breitbart Report on Michigan University Segregation


Legislation for Slavery Reperations

Affirmative Action

Cultural Appropriation

Dear White People, Shut the Fuck Up

Black Leader Warns on Hannity

DNC Chair Candidate Sally Brown

BLM March

Martin Luther King : "I Have a Dream"

That's right, thousands of virgins in Sweden just waiting for the import of Musgog rape culture.

Sweden surrenders to Islam.

How a terrible immigration/refugee policy can be disastrous, and how blindly ignoring the disaster can utterly destroy your country.
Sweden is sacrificing its women for the sake of political correctness, multi-culturism and globalisation. Now it is sacrificing its nation.

The new Islamic Republic of Swedenistan.



Music was the ISIS Anthem. I'm not putting a link to this as I don't want to allow them any support. You can find it if you want.

Introducing Anne Overnutter
(Feminist & non-binary gender fluid totally messed up other-kin SJW)
If you like Milo or Riley, you're gonna love me.

Skin colour is a social construct.
I wish to draw attention to the Trans-coloured (Non-coloured-coloured NCC) minority.
Please support our cause.


Voice of Anne Overnutter
Mrs North


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