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Gotta love how the one demon lefty can't even answer a simple question. And sadly, this dude is likely correct. But then again, the ruling faction likely wants to stir up violence. That's what they do.

Not my video. But I wanted to share. This is an instructional video on how to talk to a commie employee of CNN the proper way, starring Kari Lake.

This video belongs to the Bee. Apparently, they had to privatize it due to censorship. Imagine that. Anyway, some people did have the video saved. So I borrowed one of their copies. This is actually pretty funny. Unless you are a filthy enslaved sheep. Then you might take offense to the mocking of the covid gods.

Their national anthem was boring and had nothing to do with actual China. So I helped them out with my own version.

I don't care what someone's religion is. I am a believer in the first amendment. But Satanism has to be the most retarded. Literally everyone I know who claims to be a Satanist, is a weeaboo retard who thinks life is Dungeons and Dragons and anime. Then, I saw this whole "hail Satan" thing in some Twatter photos. I guess they feel super cool when they say something like that. The Satanists got their little paper mache baby baphomet thing in some capitol display in Illinois. So what? W O W ! ! ! ! ! How inspiring! I wish these losers would learn first, to take a shower sometimes. And second, that the world literally doesn't care about them. Oh, and that Anton LaVey was a douche. Who also raped dogs. And gerbils.

I was trying to buy a doll for a kid's Christmas. Then I realized that there were nearly no white ones because they decided to stock the shelves with only those of color. Diversity rules!

Oh, I am on Gab. So if you want to share some hilarious anti-globalist memes or something, I'll be there.

Check out this little compilation from Roosh. Isn't it nice that Pfizer seems to sponsor the same "media" outlets that constantly spread the fake vaccine propaganda? Weird, huh?

Saw this deer while attempting an anti-flab hike. Part of the hike brought us through a local cemetery where we encountered a whitetail deer. Things were going well, until the deer decided to disrespect the dead by pooping and peeing on graves. What a skank!

This video sucks. I tried the whole robotic voice thing. It didn't turn out anywhere near the version I had in my head. Nevermind that though. The fact is, the media sucks commie wieners. Even though this video is dumb. You get the point. I tried, under the influence of heart meds and sleeping pills. Gotta give me some credit for the attempt.

Just an update video. Because I filmed the whole process, but my sucky camera sucked and the video files were all suckily corrupted. My bad. But the wine is done. And honestly, it was surprisingly not that awful!

Tyranny sucks. Especially the global variety. Not my video. Because I am not a chick. But this chick is right on.

Apocalypse wine. Disgusting. Enjoy. But you probably won't.


Not my video. Once again, I couldn't think of anything to film which would be mildly interesting. So here is yet another screen cap. This one of a girl speaking truth against the unholy covid cult. This kid ("kid" because I am old) nails it. And some of you my age act like there is no hope in the younger generation. So far, I'm quite impressed with these younger people when they push back.

Again, not my video. I've just been sharing stuff lately which I find interesting in case you guys didn't see it. This is Dr Dan slamming the poor and very falsified guidance by the CDC and state entities on the Rona garbage. Absolutely masterful!

Sorry for the bad quality. Something happened when I screen capped it I guess. This is Desantis addressing Comrade Joey's failures and attempted tyranny. Its funny.

This is just me demonstrating some UN vehicles parked outside a Government facility via Google maps. Its pretty boring. I wouldn't watch it if I were you.

Not my video! Just had to point that out. This kid gets it though. ("kid". Because I am like 500)

This is not my video. But I had to upload it. Listen closely to what this total USMC Veteran Pimp has to say about mandatory "vaccines"

Don't do it, man! Use REAL BLACK POWDER. At least in the flash pan. This was just a test. The barrel was loaded with 25 grains of powder with toilet paper rammed behind it. No projectiles. Basically a "blank". I was able to get some Pyrodex P (FFFG equivalent) to ignite in the pan. But it was an EXTREMELY slow burn, and after only a few shots, the lock and flint were so charred from the slow burning powder, I couldn't shoot anymore without a serious clean up job. I erased the remainder of the footage. But decided to keep the first shot that actually went off.

I ate cicadas. Hey people, its just protein! Anyway, my spider is in the video too. I tried to feed him so I could get a video of him eating, but he has been eating fat cicadas all week and wasn't hungry.

Warning if you are wearing earbuds or headphones: Careful. These cicadas are finally all over the place in my neighborhood and are being so loud, I couldn't finish watching Spongebob. So rude! I fed one to my tarantula for revenge.

We got bored. We had a spear gun. And a garage. And some things we wanted to shoot. And a terrible camera. And a free editor. So, why not?

I don't know what this boar was doing. So I screen capped it. Ask Rockstar, man. Don't ask me.

I was on a local bike path with my young nephews when we encountered a garter snake. They were demanding they keep it. But I was insisting we let it go. I won in the end. It seemed as though it just fed on a heavy meal, or was injured. Couldn't tell. But the snake wasn't feeling well regardless.
Oh, btw, my Blog is back up. I'll be adding more content as I get time. Feel free to check it out and see how bad it sucks:

Ohio sucks. But sometimes they come up with something so cheesy, it's almost funny.
On another note, I am done with Youtube. And I have also started a Rumble channel entitled "Mythical Cheesyness" as a call out to my previous Mythical Cheese Pirate character on Youtube. It includes boring videos of poor quality, as always. I will be mirroring everything here that I upload to there, just so I can have a couple of 'alt-tech' video sites going for me. You know, to have a back up in case of the communist purge and all. Here ya go, just in case:

Oh, btw, my Blog is back up. I'll be adding more content as I get time. Feel free to check it out and see how bad it sucks:


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