This week's discussion is over 1 Peter 5:8-9 and remaining sober and vigilant in the final hour.

This week's discussion is about the change in animal behavior, in which some non-nocturnal animals are choosing to be nocturnal to avoid humans.


Hey everyone, sorry about the short week last week. These past couple of months have been hectic with graduation, job hunting, and launching 2 novels. This week's chat will piggy back off of last week's video on dinosaurs and genetically engineered species. We will look into the bible and see what it says about such things existence.

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If you haven't seen the movie you might want to wait to watch this video.
This week's discussion is over the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the possibility of humans and dinosaurs coexisting in urban legends, and weaponizing genetically engineered species.


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In this video I discuss the release of my second novel Skepticism, the general plot and inspiration behind it as well as share some life updates.

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Just another Q & A session about whatever comes up in chat. This week will be only a hour and will end at 8 rather than 9. I look forward to talking to everyone soon! :)

This week's discussion is about keeping your eyes fixed on Him amid being tested. Sometimes when are given a message or instructed of something we find ourselves facing obstacles to our faith and testing us. It's easy to get sidetracked and focus on external issues but we must remain steadfast.

This week is week 34 of monday night chats. I will address last week's video and delve more in depth into the topic of demonic possession and spiritual warfare in present day.

This week's discussion is over a article I came across about the reality of demonic possession from the viewpoint of a psychiatrist.


Week 33 of weekly streams

This week's discussion is a word of encouragement about when we run from God's calling for you life.

Week 32 of Monday Night Chats, I will start by reviewing last week's video on the pharisees and sadduccees.

This week's discussion is over a story revealing that many germs were found in the waters of motel and hotel swimming pools.


This week is the 16th addition to the "Some things that have been on my mind series. I want to discuss how the spirit of confusion creeps in with trying to use the "right" name of God, version of the bible and avoid bible changes.

This week's discussion is a continuation of the cult mentality of the masses series. I will first discuss how resocialization works on a individual level in total institutions, methods of manipulation and how this ties into the masses being manipulated.

Thank you everyone for the continual support. This is my final video before I graduate. All of your support has been a great help through these college years.

This week's discussion is on how unclean spirits or demons operate like biological pest such as bacteria, viruses and parasites and how the full armor of God protects us from these pesky attacks.


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Welcome to my channel. I hope you enjoy. A little bit about myself in case you were wondering. I'm a 22 year old girl studying biology at the University. I enjoy writing, researching, questioning the norms, and discussing topics in the realm of: general conspiracies, the paranormal, biblical prophecy, and current events.