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Timing starts on fadeout upon entering, stops on fade to white leaving, this is to mimic my split times in runs
Finally sub 18, and by a fair amount :) Some slop on way down but whatever, overall solid I believe

Lost 7-8s going up to gold, gold on way down but definately can improve, lost 3s on boss and other slop...some day sub 18 will happen

New gold, timed from fadeout entering to rod appearing in hands.
I got hit by spinner thing around beamos so reset, I know I'm bad

Following is only from my own bad testing:
After catching the first fish (regardless where caught) the cat will follow you whenever you have your fishing rod out, all over the village. This works but alerting the cat from across the creek with fishing rod out so he tried to follow you and warps behind you.
For some reason I either got it 1-3 tries easily (even on console) and then other attempts just never could get the cat's attention, I am not sure if this is determined once you load the room or not but I would test upon entering for TAS to be safe.

It is not optimal I know, you can get 15r from first patch alone however that is 0.09% chance and I spent about 3-4 hours going mad trying to get that
First time encoding TAS trying to get highest quality ect

goat of the year award

when you consider the frames lost from Link putting his sword away they tied to the frame, but I am a bad TASer bear in mind

In RTA I always either bonked or rolled to early and didn't make it
wondered if it was possible to roll directly in front of chest during CS

TAS Comparison 2
I knew it would be slowly from RTA but wanted to try TASing again

First TAS, my Jump Attack does save time

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