How Do Entity Attachments Work Through Souls and People? This video gives an overview.

False Light Agenda, Dark Magic, Psychic Attacks, Soul Incarnations & More (Youtube Live from January 10, 2021)

Tourism As A Recycling Trap, Matrix Overlay Over Countries, Areas With Bad Karma & How It Plays Out

Analyzing Donald Trump and Melanie Trump's energy. Also analyzing Joe Biden's energy. What is really going on behind the scenes? What is their plan, agenda and who are they on a soul level?

Are You Being Attacked On The Astral Plane? How Much Meaning Do Written & Spoken Words Have?

A video on the mandatory vaccine agenda, the Mandela Effect, Monolith in Utah, Cell Bodies Restructuring, Positive Thinking & More!


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Welcome to Pleiadian Healer! I am a Soul aWakener & Shamanic Healer, expanding your consciousness and raising your vibration. Here to guide you through your journey of awakening, healing and self-empowerment. Connecting your soul to your true purpose.
I am here to remind you of your cosmic self, your Starseed origins and your greatest power, which lies within you. I do this by tapping into the Akashic Records and channeling of your multi-dimensional self and the self-created realities at your disposal.

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