"This Is Our Hill To Die On": Dr. Zev Zelenko's Final Message To The World
Bill Gates Is EVIL
Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko passed away on Thursday at age 49 from cancer. Zelenko became well-known after introducing a three-drug combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin as part of an experimental outpatient treatment for COVID-19 that he promoted as the Zelenko Protocol.

Zelenko was born in Kyiv in 1973, and moved to the US at age 3. Zelenko is married and the father of eight.

Dr. Zelenko was one of the exceptions; a doctor who practiced using his mind, heart and soul, a trifecta, and was able to heal and help millions and millions of people in a way that enriched lives. He stood out and didn't follow the protocol, he used his creativity to set make his own. Which gave the most reward to his patients and himself. In a world of common sense this would be the goal one would wish to reach, but our world is not so. He is proof that not all doctors are "bad" "evil" or "mindless." In all of his videos he was a man with an opportunity that desired to give out his best wisdom knowledge and love freely for the world to received. And those who had ears reaped it fruits. I believe he is accompanied in a place full of warmth happiness and light right now. Fairwell, you will be missed doctor. I feel like I lost a friend. We all lost a friend to humanity. I never met Dr.Zelenko in person but I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

Activism of Care |

Important TI Information
Help & Understanding the process by which you have become systematically targeted.
Identifying the Antagonist or the Leader Gangstalker (It is highly likely its someone you know: family, friend, coworker, boss, professor, etc who has initiated the gangstalking process).
Identifying The Red Flags of Gangstalking
Evade the pitfalls that could have very unfortunate circumstances.
Learn the jargon and legal definitions.
Understanding the law and your rights as a targeted individual.

I'm at the grocery store sitting in my car right now. And they are doing a noise complain in the parking lot with car alarms one after another.

Pal Christopher | Prophecy Club
The Alien phenomenon and the occult
The New Age Movement
The Aquarian Christ
Ancient families spellbinding demons


Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid Vaccine

5G - The Invisible Threat Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood if it's not already everywhere.

Causes blood clots and tons of other major health concerns. And you are being eradicated right now!
And everyone just goes about their day as normal.
This military grade weaponry is worse than we were led on to believe.
of course we were lied to. We are lied to about everything.
It's like the vaccine in that it takes some time once it's seeded to sprout and for symptoms to surface.
The seed has already been planted in everybody.
Everybody will have varying degrees of illness already.
However, the illnesses are life threatening and lethal.
And it's up and running and everyone is exposed 24/7.
Nobody is going to survive till 2030. I don't believe, I don't believe people will make it to 2026. That's just my honest opinion. You can disagree all you want. I think by 2026 this country will look like a fallout wasteland.
I can't express and untangle all the emotions I have, I just want to scream in people's faces while shaking them.
Wake Up! Can you have to a normal human response!

Remember the days when it was not here yet? 5g this and 5g that and internet of things this and internet of things that. And now that it is here my phone is slower than ever and I don't hear anymore hype. It's because it's a silent killer. They know that it's operational they want everyone to forget about it, void in the mind. No fight, just die! Just die already human race. Why even try to fight it!go back to your couch potato with your remote and your beer and let the tv take your mind away.its incredible. It's the peak of stupidity. This is a horrible thing to be a witness to, but it's better than being a zombie. I think anyway.

I feel like I am one of a very small few that actually care separated by 200s of miles.
This is absolutely suffocating.

In affect right now. They have known this was bad way back when tvs were only black and white. And everybody just let the towers go up every square mile in America. It's their great Reset. The are just erasing everybody.
Everybody is ok with it or they just don't have the beans to know about it.
And the rest of them:
Have signed on to evil,?
Sold their soul to the devil?
Sold their baby for baby parts?
Sold out the human race to be exterminated?
That means all of you too.
You didn't forget that little detail? No..ya?

Is that where everybody went?
They went underground?
No nuclear bombs,
Microwave tv crispy dinners.
They turned American into a giant microwave oven.

Watch my last upload, it'll blow your mind.
That is why they want the targeted individuals isolated.
TIs read my last upload to understand what they are doing to TIs while they are at home .

Things we're looking up yesterday, what happened?

2 Corinthians 7:9-10 - Ye sorrowed to repentance: for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing.
Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

John 3:19-21 - And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

I think it's supposed to be 15 0's not 21.
Does it really even matter?

6 = 1.000.000
9 =


Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Smoking Owl Tales |
Connecting the Dots - Recognizing and Responding to Stalking
The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking
Confessions Of A Gang Stalker - Scary Stories
How real is Gang Stalking? Is it organized? Who decides who is a targeted individual? This story includes the bizarre confessions of a highly paid and organized gang stalker. They want you to think what they want you to believe. ...So stay tuned for this gruesome affair. Confessions of a gang stalker.

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Background Music:
The background music was composed by The Smoking Owl using the audio production software application FL Studio Mobile. This was a fun project, and while the focus here is on story writing and narration, composing spooky music can happen too.

- A Story You Won't Be Able to Believe. Why? Because it's probably closer to the truth than you may realize. Internet of things, yes it's funny how that was such a big thing and then it just kinda quieted and no big visual change ever took place. Is it hard to believe, that they have made us dumb? And the technology is beyond our comprehension. That's what the plan in their documents day has to be done.
So that was the best story I've heard probably ever. And the scariest part about it, is that I believe 95%+ of it is true. I want to just state this was a genius way to tell your story without the stigma of being called a mental patient. It's brilliant, but also it would be not quite so cowardly if you just came out bold and true. But you were a Gangstalkers, so it makes sense, a lot less cowardly than the rest of them. That's a compliment mr owl.
If you aren't enraged by the end of this you might not be human.

The part that enrages me is the thing about microwave oven. So earlier this year my legs swelled up, I mean huge. I couldn't put my pants are my legs had swelled probably 3x that if normal size. It made walking feel like my feet were busted up, escruciating pain. I went to the doctor did every test they had and no diagnosis. No clothing perfect health. I had to drop out of college the second time I went back because I developed wifi radiation sickness from being at the university so much so often. I have long since suspected that my neighbors were positioning their wifi routers under my desk and bed. And I am sensitive when I get hit in head with microwaves, I recognize it's subtle effects. So what has happened is a blood clots formed in my legs and they get dumped off into my lungs. I have multiple pulmonary emboli in my lungs. This was 2 months after my leg visit. The wifi and 5g are causing the blood clots folks. I never got the vaccine. But now I know I am purposely being murdered and I shouldn't have made it to the hospital that night when the blood clot came loose and blocked my artery. I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to drive 40 miles to the nearest hospital. I'm being murdered, we are being slowly murdered. The doctors I went to lied to me about my condition, I told them I thought I was allergic to the medication because I was at times unable to breathe on it. I got the information from a medical encyclopedia about lung clots. Pulmonary emboli are caused by blood clotting in the legs. My parents got a big fatty paycheck and the whole family is on vacation right now, Europe, everybody except me. My mother directed me to the liars called doctors. The doctors strait out lied to my face.. Wake up people. Wake up.
Infogaurd or infraguard.
I don't have much info on these right now.
If you do link in comment box.

I did find this on one of the infiguard websites,

(of course they are going to be using lingo and code to mask and hide behind).

As part of our social engineering audits, we check the security behaviour of your employees. Our social engineers try to elicit confidential information from your employees through personal contact by exploiting their trust, credulity and helpfulness or even excessive demands and insecurity. Depending on the audit objective and target group, we use different audit methods and types of social engineering attacks. These range from personal contact with the TARGET PERSON by telephone or physically on site, to electronic contact via e-mail, chat or social network platforms, to postal contact. But also the targeted delivery of manipulated USB storage media or the systematic data analysis on the Internet are part of our attack repertoire.

I'm hearing a lot about targeted individuals being drug dealers, and that is a smoke screen used as a good reason why it's acceptable to do what they do. We need to commit crimes to stop crimes. Well now the citizen has even more crimes waged upon him, not less. Anyone who knows 1st grade math should be able to figure that out.

If these were drug dealers and knew they were drug dealers why would they hire people not qualified to harrass them and follow them around, instead of arrest them?

They are hiring people to violate citizens rights and then say it's the drug dealers don't have rights, but these aren't drug dealers and it doesn't excuse what they are doing is illegal.

The people who keep you safe fighting terrorists become the terrorists. The people who are to protect your rights are the ones who don't actually honor or uphold them.

And now people who are targets can't get help because the police have to protect their own behind from going to jail.

How did we get here?

Are people so disconnected they can't differentiate the truth from the lie?

And the answer is yes.

People cannot recognize that a war on terror is actually a war to terrorize.
The War on drugs, was to corner the market and take out competition so they could charge more for the drugs.
They believe to have peace they must war.
I can turn your frown upside down I just have rotate your head 180°.
We have to silence people so they have free speech.
We need to take your firearms to defend the children.
You need a vaccine to prevent sickness.
You need a mask to prevent transmission.
We need to ration so we don't have famine.
We need to shut down society to protect it from becoming dead.
We need to shut down the economy to prosper.
We have to a spray the skies to avoid climate change, we need to dump foreign unnatural toxic particles in it.
We need to be energy independent, turn the lights off already.
We are going to fight fire by controlling the burn(starting more fires) how about you spray some water on it instead.
People are so mo fo king stew pid.
It beggars belief.
Your food is nutritious. No it's been bleached.
Your supplements aren't supplements that they claim.
Christians going to Church to find God.No, you replaced Jesus with a pastor who trims and cherry picks a message just right for you.
The list could go on and on.
Doctors practice health. No. They push petrochemical poisonous pills that destroy your health.
Banks store your money. No, they loan it out.
Money has value. None of the denominations cost anymore than the other to print. The cost is the paper.
The media is to inform you. No, it's to brainwash you with fake news.
Universities are to educate you. No they are to indoctrinate you.
Elected officials are to represent you. No. They are sold out to lobbyists and special interests.
Elections are fair. No. They are rigged.
Is that man a woman? No, I honestly couldn't tell you.
C02 is bad for the planet. No, it's a main ingredient for life.
The ice caps are melting, no the sea level hasn't raised an inch, the land erodes into the ocean.
Oil prices hikes are Russia's fault, no our oil production was haulted.
Hillary didn't send or receive any classified emails. No. That's part of the job you crooked witch.
Gangstalking isn't real. No they pay $15 per hr.
Americans fight for freedom. We just aren't the winners.(once we are honest and admit that we can change that)
And people call me a liar for calling the world upside down.
The American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

AJ+ |

Its for your protection. If you ever need anything, we'll be there for you. We are against terrorism of all kinds, but if you are gangstalked that's too bad. It's likely coming from us at our fusion centers.
The police are supposed to serve and protect – but apparently that doesn't include your Fourth Amendment. Check out our AJ+ explainer on the rise of police surveillance.

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Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid

Bxtidre7 | Youtube

A massive leak of law enforcement records revealed threats to San Diego County. MORE:


Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid

Rick Wiles on TruNews
Prophetic message written by a retired Lieutenant Fireman, Mark Taylor, dated April 8, 2011.

I was going to repost this a few days ago but today seems to be perfectly timed.
If you were to think I feel the Trump presidency was a collosal failure, not saying he didn't have victories, but I see the country was worse when he left..BUT...
I don't know how people think they can argue that, but regardless.
Perhaps we haven't seen everything yet.
The people who believe Trump was a success, havent seen anything.
I never give up 100% on anybody,
Im never 100% sold on anything,
I never trust 100% of anything(humanly speaking)
I'm never 100% right
I always leave a chance I could be wrong
I always leave a sliver in case for the chance of a miracle. And that 1% is wrapped up so tightly in hope and faith.
Do I want Trump to fail?
It's about the people of the country, not Trump.
This is where I see the disconnect.
People tied up in a leader excuse the reason why he is there.
Do I hope Trump will drain the swamp?
Who does not want that are my enemies/opposition.
I want the best for the country and the people.
If you don't want that you are anti-human being...An alien.
I don't care who is in office,
I care about the quality of life for the people I live amongst. Things that impact my existance.
I can't be happy living around a bunch of miserable people.
Trump is just a man, just like you and me, regardless of your sex, you know what I mean. Women are just as capable as any.
Your love of life determines what your worth. Think about it.
My hope is in the individual and our real strength is magnified when we lock arms together.
People confuse the individual person as to an Individual president. That is a dictator.
We put elects in power to represent US.
They work for US.
This deitization of Trump is why the country nose dived.
God is a jealous God. I remind you.
Trump's thunder put God behind a shadow.
God will not save the country when He is over-shadowed.
Again, (excuses for Trump goes here), but again It's about the people.
A Trump rally was like watching teenager girls at an NSYNC concert.
Remember when Moses came down from the mountain?
God's response?
Nobody got what they wanted.
We have to give credit where credit is due.
God determines Trump's success or failure, it's not Trump's achievement to have. It's God's.
When Truth is recognized we can learn from our mistakes.
If we could recognize to put God in the spot light, He would would make our dreams come true.
Living on man's glory has been crumbs for our society, unfortunately.
What God says about putting all faith and trust solely in man is folly.
It's past time we realized we could be so much more than what man can give us. God's promises are still written in that old forgotten dusty book. God wants good things for us, we just have to get behind Him. He will help us reclaim the respect that was stolen, regain our freedoms, our lives.
It's been tried tested and proven.
We must remember what we have forgotten.
Why do you want to live squandering over 1%?
It makes zero sense.
It's your choice, it's our choice, we have to decide this together. If you don't want salvation for your people, then what is it you want?
Dont deify a man.
Don't put man before God.
God will take away His blessing.
It's not my opinion.
It's written.

Lots of good men died in the last couple days but today I woke up feeling refreshed and renewed. Things are looking up. And though it is a sad day for the families, those souls just had their first best birthday party.

Today feels like a victory, one that I haven't felt in very long time. Fourth of July is around the corner and this year I am looking forward to soaking up every minute of it in celebration of our freedoms, any man that fights for our freedoms is my hero, my brother.

I hope you are all as energized as I am to fight.

P.s. one more thing, do as Pete says, you need to read the Constitution & Bill of Rights(it's the least a citizen can do) otherwise you won't know how to fight. The first time I read those documents-infowars used to put a booklet in every order a long time ago.
Its the smallest book you'll ever read but it changed my life reading it-15 minutes. To have those booklets lying everywhere in this country; In every top drawer at every hotel next to the Bible👍

When you read it you realize that you are being stolen from, exploited, taken advantage of, crimes and treason is being waged against every person in this country, and we have the power to stop it. It's US! Not them.

I love what Owen Shroyer in essence said(about gun rights), Democrats don't have the moral high ground, they support baby murder. And they care about kids? therefore, they need to take your guns? Wha?

They have more holes in their principles than my target practice dummy.
Their argument holds water as well as my fish net.

A Call For An Uprising | Bitchute
(I hope you don't mind me reposting your video (FBI WARNING) the purpose is education and to share with others your work)
come from where?
They are your reward for serving the god of this world.

Posed as heroes but are no more than sell outs, selling you out.

I have another video with another 50 more artists to add to this one. I suppose there maybe some people who find fame and fortune and haven't sold out, they just haven't made it public. Just look at the lyrics of almost any famous musician somewhere in the album they have to put it in there. If they are sold it will be in there somewhere, some are more cleverly disguised than others.

God formed the world with words folks. Words are powerful and should never be glossed over as if they don't have power or meaning. This chisels away at our speech.

Do you think musicians who worshipped Satan and got so many followers then later became born again, do you think they will be saved? I'm just asking, because of the influence they had over many others.

Pastor Steve Anderson
A sermon about always striving to learn, grow, and gain knowledge. A wise man will listen and increase learning. The beginning of wisdom and is the fear of God. And the knowledge is the understanding.

>>> 10 years of Gangstalked Cont
So after the chainsaw incidedent, I sent a long text to my landlord:
Hello xxxx,
I've decided I'm going to look for another place to live, the other other tenants are very unfriendly to me, I was hoping this would change, they just really want me out. They constantly make me feel unwanted and it is increasingly getting worse.
They are creeping around a lot, it's bullying and harrassing and I'm starting not to feel safe in my own home.
Their harrassment keeps me from leaving my apartment. At times I want to leave and I feel threatened.
And another thing is that they believe I continue to flood the basement. No plumber has been over to check my plumbing or say anything to me, nobody has said anything. The basement keeps flooding and they are all in the belief I'm up here pouring water down on them. I have checked time and time again and I don't have leaks or open water up here.
I just feel like they are blaming me so I am always the problem and nobody wants me here.
I did not want to get others involved in this and after trying and tuning up being a good neighbor, I find this matters not. Its outside my control.
I don't see a fix to this.
So I think it's best if I move.
And I think that is the best option to make peace and so people will be happy.

How much of a lead time do you need?

Landlords response 5.5 hrs later: (11.30a)

Good morning xxxx,
Thanks for the message. I am sorry that you are feeling ostracized by the other tenants. Four of the tenants work for me and I can assure you they do not wish for you to leave. Javier lives in Apartment 4 speaks fluent English. Marco & Saul who live with him are both here on visas for work but have helped when there is an issue with flooding or repairs. The couple who live in Apartment 1 are Marco & Luz also visa workers who just keep themselves to themselves. Apartment 2 is empty at the minute.
The issue of water coming down into the lower apartment was from a leaking shower I believe but we have had a washing machine overflowing and a broken down pipe as well that caused flooding. No one is blaming you for these issues.
If you want to move out I understand and appreciate your notice. I would like to make repairs and improvements to all the apartments once they are empty. Let me know once you find somewhere suitable I don't have any timeframe for you just let me know when you find somewhere to move to.
Regards xxxxx

Read very carefully what she is saying, it's double-speak. She is telling me sorry you feel like you are harrased but No, you are not being harrased. No!! she is actually admitting it, and the other tenants told her they do not want me to leave?
She can "assure" me of what everybody else feels.
Really? You guys must be like peas and carrots.
She does it again about the plumbing issue.
I forgot she threatened to call the police on me and have me locked up in an institution over the plumbing issue, but nobody is blaming me....
If i would first stop being gangstalked Then my Gangstalkers would be allowed to leave. Come on. It's my fault.
Their is even more complexity and nuance going on her text.
It's mind blowing what she is admitting once you have all the pieces. Illegal things. What about the other 20 people that live in the building? And that is the next post.

Note: she is the boss of the other tenants, the others work for her, that is the only true thing she says.

Somehow it seems everything is connected.
The most insidious people are the most outstanding community contributors aren't they? They are just wonderful.
Drumgoon Dairy is my landlord husband's business
They do not have their own website(that I could find)
but take a gander through this site:
Their was, I promise, an article about a Bill for madatory dating. That is progressive!
And the bottom of this one, I don't know if it means anything, but it's kinda suspicious. No verified address, phone, email, etc.

Zombie-like Woman Terrorizes Florida Apartment, Possibly High on Flakka Drug | New York Post

Residents at an apartment complex in Florida filmed a terrifying encounter with a woman who was acting strangely and aggressively. It's unclear what caused the behavior.

#Florida #zombie #zombies

#Florida #Zombies

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Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid

Out1aw | Gab

Nils Melzer UN Special Rapporteur on torture talks about the serious state in which the UK has kept Julian Assange under psychological torture.

>>> 10 yrs of Gangstalking cont
So as a quick recap.
Guys harrassing me: noise and isolation campaign.
Out with their chainsaws all afternoon going by my windows trying to scare and threaten me, spewing hate.
Telling me I was a chicken and to come outside.
Would you?
They were "trimming the trees" (probable deniability) they live in the building.
I was on my computer ignoring them
when These guys were at my front door and tried to kick my door down.
Thank God the door held,
I was not expecting them to be this psychotic.
I was not prepared to defend myself against madmen with chainsaws.
I'll be honest I was full of adrenaline.
What am I going to do?
what can I do?
This is where I left off.
I went file a police report previously and they made it into a joke.
So It would be pointless to call them unless they had actually broken in, evidence.
Otherwise it's "probable deniability" and a "misunderstanding."
I am the one who is nuts not them!
I have no rescue, I am alone.
So, my last resort is to take out the gun. Which I don't want to do, So I had to move it.
Instead, I sat on the floor in my bedroom and prayed silently.
What should I do God? Please help me.
I had my eyes closed for some time and everything went to absolute silence.
I then began to here voices.
Where is he?
Where did he go?
I could hear 4 or 5 of them in every direction. Circling my apartment looking for me.
(3 sides of my apartment have the outside past the walls, one side shares a wall with the apartment where these guys roost).
I just quietly and listened.
They started communicating covertly,
communicating and signaling with sophistication. Using thuds, knocks, whistles, birds calls, etc.
This went on for an hour.
I didn't understand why they didn't know where I was because they always know (perhaps you have to be a TI to understand this).
It was not just unusual this was the first time they were clueless to where I was.
After an hour I heard them congregate in the apartment next to me and they were confused and didn't understand how I got away.
a couple of them admitted how scared and terrified they were(that I was going to pop up around a corner and take them out or something). They thought I must have jumped my balcony and left my car.
I decided to turn my light off in the room to signal I was still in my apartment, seconds later I heard a whistle and they were all relieved.
Their were about 8 of them now that I could hear.
They began to start making fun of the guys who had been terrified and giving them crap, and everybody was laughing at them.
They were quite loud, it soon calmed down, it was now dusk, too late for chainsaws.
I decided to get up and go back to my work.
At that point they made a huge loud cheering celebratory shout and whoohoo as if they could now see me again.

I don't know if this was just a coincidence in timing or if they were taking a shot and beginning to party.
The noise harrassment I endure is predominantly (magnifying/amplifying) mimickry, If I open my fridge, they get to slam doors as hard as they can. If turn on the faucet they get to boot stomp up and the down stairs. No matter how quiet I am they do these things anyway. They make as loud of noise as they can.
They hear me from their apartment but I don't hear anything of them doing similar things.
I don't hear them open the fridge. I don't hear them turn on the faucet.
You tell me if you can figure this out.

So I feel like devine intervention had put out the fire but I cannot escape persecution. Can we make it to the end? The more faith you have the more it will be tested. The harder it will be tested. Their is no other way for you to grow. I don't like it. No pain no gain. If their is nothing to challenge you a person wastes. God is working to mold you into something wonderful that we cannot understand, but He has promised it won't be in vain. And I know it sucks and distasteful but it's a proof of your faith. When you understand this, He is your Father setting a standard for you, He loves you, but he does not want you to become some chump, looser, like the losers these Gangstalkers are. Your better than that. You have grace mercy, kindness, compassion, empathy, love, all the good things these people hate you for. You chase after a Godly sort or you descend from grace into the lower vibrational frequencies. Remain in a beta waveform state to avoid mind control.
But their is more to the story.

American Zersetzung

Stop5g | Bitchute
Synthetic Telepathy - Remote Neural Monitoring - Neurological Warfare

Remote Neural Monitoring
• Patent DE10253433A1 – Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver (2002)
• Patent US6011991 – Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity (1998)
• Patent US6039688 – Therapeutic behavior modification program, compliance monitoring and fedback system – Implants (1997)
• Patent US6587729 – Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect (1996)
• Patent US5935054A Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems (1995)
• Patent US5211129 – Syringe-implantable identification transponder (1991)
• Patent US4877027 – Hearing system (1988)
• Patent DE3628420A1 – Device for reproducing voice information in a subliminal technique (1986)
• Patent US4858612 – Hearing device (1983)
• Patent US4395600 – Auditory subliminal message system and method (1980)
• Patent US3951134 – Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves (1974)
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
― Nikola Tesla

Direct Energy Weapons
• Patent WO2012164169A1 – Method and system for observation (2011)
• Patent US7784390 – Solid-state non-lethal directed energy weapon – Surveillance (2007)
• Patent US7629918 – Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system (2005)
• Patent US20030171688 – Mind controller (2002)
• Patent US6506148 – Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors (2001)
• Patent US6219657 – Device and method for creation of emotions (1997)
• Patent US5781108 – Automated detection and monitoring (ADAM) (1995)
• Patent US5036858 – Method and apparatus for changing brain wave frequency (1990)
• Patent US4392379 – Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment (1981)
• Patent US4333474 – Ultrasonic imaging system (1980)
• Patent US4011747 – Method and apparatus for acoustic scanning using waves scattered by an acoustic grating (1975)
• Patent US3815409 – Focused sonic imaging system (1973)

>>> 10 years Gangstalked Cont...
I was going to continue my story but I thought this information was important. My next TI upload I will continue.

What does this video mean?
It means everybody is going to be neural monitored and manipulated, Targeted Individuals are betas, canary in the coal mine. Elections, politics in general will not be for you or I. Our opinions beliefs or wants will not be allowed, you will be tortured for such things. Line up and Get your Neuro link, forget that, they don't need wires anymore to go into your brain, it's wireless. This is not rhetoric, it's worse than I say. They can cook your brain right now with all the nano and heavy metals in your brain. Already are they slowing you down and it will continue till you won't be able to do anything. They are slowly turning up the dial so you don't even notice.
Why are some of us asleep and some of us awake right now? Frequencies. They have figured out the frequency of the masses but they are studying TI's because to get the remaining of us. However, we renew our minds, like a catapillar becoming a butterfly(in my STFN video) It's a spiritual connection that we operate on not just our flesh, and they have difficulty mind controlling us. That is my best guess. But it is rather obvious what their actions are, and trying to do to us, and they are definitely struggling with the ones who remain awake. I think everybody awake is intuitve enough to pick that up. Get close to God and He may perform His miracles. I wouldnt be here if I didn't put all my faith in Him.


Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid

A Call For An Upsrising | Bitchute

How  Television Controls And Programs Minds
Satan's Own Sickening, Smiley-Faced, CDC Boss Walensky From Hell Raves About Bioweapon Injections Now Being Available For 6 Month Old Infants To 5 Year Old Toddlers - The Horrors Of Child Sacrifice Are Now Being Rolled Out In Full View In This 'First World' Country For 20 Million Babies And Toddlers

6506148 B2 Patent: Nervous System Manipulation - Is it Real or › home › blog › 6506148 b2 patent: nervous system manipulation – is it real or just paranoia?
Imagine someone manipulating how you feel. Of course, no one wants that. But how about being manipulated unknowingly? This is exactly what is happening to your nervous system every time you switch on your TV or computer. Well, at least according to

TV is Mind Control through Physiological and Psychological

Mind Control as Plot Device in Popular Media
By Steven Gibson ...

Is The Mass Media Controlling Your Mind?
Mass media mind control is a refined and scientific tactic used to induce fear. Learn about thought transference and the next evolution of humankind.

I know you have all probably noticed this, but sometimes i notice things but it doesn't actually take notice, do you know what I mean? You look back on something and you are like of course I know that but for some reason in the present it just seemed a little lost. I'm talking about YouTube. I don't waste much of my time visiting YouTube, it's usually to get other YouTubers info.
I have noticed on my home page, (videos for you). I tried scrolling down just to see how far I would have to go before something that is actually of my interest is on there (it was a long way before a home video).
because politics are always at the top. And I spend the least time in that, so that is just pushed propaganda, not saying their may not be truth there. And then it's all these videos that are only trying to get me to watch to influence my mind about things I don't need to watch. But now I am slowly beginning to see celebrities creeping back in. It's politics, celebrities, and musicians. All famous elite minded personalities, it is why I listened to punk rock and bands that are first starting out, before being tainted and sold out to fame while turning their fans into vain.
What I want to see are home made videos of my fellow Americans or from wherever, how can I find a homepage of only those?

I don't want to even hear from a politician a musician or a celebrity, they are sold out shat chests. I have almost no respect for them, because they gave no respect to us. I hope that you don't let them slither back into your life, as for me they are dead for eternity even if they are picked on YouTube for me. That doesn't mean a total ban, it just means I will always remember what and who they are. So this is the thing I noticed but I didn't notice but then I began to notice again.

What does that have to do with mind control?

It's a dam shame something like YouTube has become and continues to go about it's bad way. The wind blows everything In life that way, but I stand against it and take the beating.


👤Stranger Than Fiction News› STFNews
Banned by screwtube and fakebook, our videos have been viewed over a billion times. Stranger Than Fiction News delivers powerful reports on Politics and Current events... if you're tired of the GMOs, the endless wars, the mandated vaccines, the geo-engineering then STFN is the place for you.

Stranger than
As you likely know by now, Stranger Than Fiction has been rebranded as Pure Nonfiction at IFC Center (our new home can be found at the link)

👤Trey Smith
God in a Nutshell: Truth is in the Journey ~ documentaries by Trey
God in a Nutshell project is a documentary site run by Trey Smith. At God in a Nutshell you will find documentary films on God and the ancient world.

TheScariestMovieEver | YouTube Channel

👤Mark Passio |
Natural Law

👤 James F. Lee Jr. | ClimateViewer News
Climate Technology & Chemtrails News


🟢What is going on out there?

🟢 Chemtrails

🔵 "What in the World Are They Spraying?"
A Must-See Documentary
Don't take my word for any of this. Investigate for yourself. Begin by watching What on Earth Are They Spraying? The amount of evidence is overwhelming if you just .

🟢 Are we alone in the Universe?

🟢 Intelligent Design vs Evolution (Laws of Science)

🔵 NASA's Live video stream from the International Space Station caught 6 unidentified flying objects passing by. Some believe them to be UFOs after the scene

🟢 Flat Earth

🟢 Extraterrestrials and Demons

🟢 DIMBS Underground Cities

🔵 CRYSTAL CITY SHOPS - 35 Photos - Shopping Centers
39 reviews of Crystal City Shops "Located along Crystal City's business district, this underground shopping mall caters to the working crowd.


🔵Will Technology Replace The Human Workplace?

🔵What will happen if technology keeps replacing employment?

🔵AI and Automation Will Replace Most Human Workers
Economists were skeptical that robots could permanently displace humans on a large scale.

🟢 Contingency - Insurgency

🟢 Video artifacts - anomalies

🔵 Scientists claim terraforming the Earth can pave the way!
More talks of “climate change” and space colonization, it’s becoming increasingly apparent why geoengineering practices like aerosol spraying might really be a distinct possibility. >>>(Just like you need to be vaccinated)<<<

The radar image map shows a extensive circular and stationary return just southeast of Las Vegas NM. Appreciation is extended to the members of the Chemtrail Tracking USA board of the aerosol operations research

🔵 Methane: Everything You Need to Know | UNEP - UN Environment Programme

Pastor Charles Lawson

A collection of people being out of control, out of their minds, having superhuman strength and that appear to be demonicly possessed.

Flakka | Gateway to Demonic Possession (not limited to Flakka incidents alone but also other bizarre events).

Flakka, also called gravel, the zombie drug, and the demon drug.

Flakka is a white or pink crystal synthetic drug that is chemically similar to bath salts.
It is usually made from the chemical alpha-PVP, (α-pyrrolidinopentiophenone) a synthetic version of the stimulant cathinone; a synthetic drug that is compared to cocaine but is considered much more dangerous.

Flakka causes terrible hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis...

Flakka is usually imported from China, Pakistan, and India. The drug is a potent, highly addictive stimulant ...

Flakka South Florida is hotbed of activity, and may once again become a health concern in the United States.

Learn more about the drug, side effects and what to look for in order to be able to recognize a Flakka user and potentially save a life.
(Links below)

Riders Of The Night | Lucas Brenton
Heroes (Grand theft Remix) | Alesso Feat. Tov Lo
Gun | Electric Valentine
The Taste of Regret | In Fear and Faith
Calgone | Incubus
Rosetta Stoned | Tool
10,000 Days (part 2) | Tool

🟣 Ohio Mom Accused of Beheading 3-Month-Old Daughter Spoke of 'Demons'...

🟣 Mom accused of decapitating 6-year-old child and dog claims devil ...

🔵 Flakka (alpha-PVP) DEA Factsheet

🔵 Flakka Drug Signs & Symptoms, Side Effects, Complications

🔵 What is flakka and why is it so dangerous?

🔵 The Zombie Drug Flakka | RN Continued
Learn more about the drug, side effects and what to look for in order to be able to recognize a Flakka user and potentially save a life.

🔵 Flakka |

🔵 Florida Zombie Drug Flakka:
Everything You Need to Know›
June 25, 2018 - Flakka is designer drug related to bath salts, also known as gravel,

🔵 Flakka Drug Effects & How to Get Help for Flakka
February 1, 2022 - If you or someone you know uses flakka, this page will help you become aware of the dangers associated with flakka and seek treatment for the abuse of this substance if that is necessary.

🔵 BC Action Line

Owen Shroyer
Gay Pride For Kids Shows Pornographic Art Display To Children
War Room With Owen Shroyer

Owen talks about the depraved sights being shown to kids during pride month.
When I used to be in the party scene in the drunkest city in America I ended up meeting and knowing a lot of gay people. And it was all fun for a while, but did not last. That's another story. When I do judge somebody I do it by their character, and I don't typically do this unless things start really crossing lines. I don't want to get into details but I give everybody a fair shot. It's not me that has the problem with gay people it's they have a problem with whatever or whoever they wish, generally speaking. Whatever they like it dislike. I don't want to completely condemn them and make the schism and division wider but my beliefs are my beliefs, I don't push them on people, I don't want them pushed upon me. However, everyone is walking over egg shells around gays, and that says everything.
They have classes themselves.
I shouldn't have to worry about if I am going to offend somebody. Because it's impossible not to, especially on the internet. But if you are gay and you think this guy in the video is funny to you or you see this as not abhorrent and disgusting and even worse because it's around children. Then you beliefs are not healthy for a society, you are proving a selffulling prophecy. You are proving God was right. Their is really no place for this. It's an abomination, it's overstretching the freedoms you have, and don't be alarmed if people hide you back in the closet.
Do we need to rewind the times? Do you need a babysitter? Or can you be a respectful part of the society? If public displays of your sexual perversion continues don't be surprised when you have to live like Harry Potter again in the future. "Roe vs Wade will never be overturned." Keep pushing. Your gay pride parade is a freak show, not suitable for a society.
Making other people feel shame as you flick your blame on all of us while we gave you a chance to show us you weren't how you actually are. I'm at the boiling point and about to run over. And I think many people have had about enough.
God requests humbleness. So what do they do, pride themselves in flagrant opposition to God's Word. Don't eat the forbidden fruit, so they put on a performance a display of eating the forbidden fruit.

Are you trying to bring down the wrath of God on all of us? Is that what it's all about? To give God your middle finger. That's what the pride show is all about, nothing else. It's about hatred. You will go to hell and you want to drag the country down with you. I don't see any quality of character in that kind of behavior. I see hate and you are not going to take me to hell with you. I would be a monkeys uncle for you to ruin it for me and everyone is else in the country.

Truthfully we have been bent over backwards in tolerance because we believe in second chances, and if you gay people aren't careful it's going to swing back to the other extreme. And it will be you to blame, we won't buy that one again. And I believe that is also the elite agenda. The plan is to gays to bring us from extreme to the xtreme, to demoralize, they are pawns to polorize and we can't be fools by such treachery.

I think a lot of people are fed up, and are just sitting quiet, but when their is a sign of action everybody is going to be moving on it. Your poopy dick and balls don't belong in public, last I checked that is a crime. I want to live in a society where I'm not scared to see what's on the sidewalk.
Thank you Owen for having the guts to report on this. I don't want to see this stuff but I think we need to see it.

If I did this, I would recieve what I would expect. Why is it different because of ones personal sexual orientation? Which is a minority. Democracy is supposed to be about the better good for the majority of people, yet the majority has no vote and is treated less in this "democracy" which is the opposite of what it actually means. The spell and illusion is being pulled over our eyes. The elephant is fearful of a mouse. It is pathetic and I'm not going to be a part of it. I don't respect those who don't respect me. And it upsets me this disrespect to our country our beliefs, our values, our culture is being taken and used against us, our tolerance and second chance we have given and they spit in our face and fornicate perversion Infront of our children. It's showboating. It's grandstanding, they boast as if they have conquered us. Maybe they need a reality check? They could bring the judgement down just as Sodom. The New Testament said Sodom is an example of total destruction. It's all brainwashing to take down this country and it's citizens, to hell. America is not clearly identified in the Bible. Russia is, China is. But not the christian super power of the world?

Pastor Steve Anderson's Wake Up call to America.
He explains 4 reasons why people are asleep in America, using the Bible as his source and reference. A lot of End Time Signs clips.
Warning: Pastor Steve Anderson is strong willed about homosexuality, so if you are gay, I wouldn't watch this.

The reason I make these movies with hard messaging is not to make you feel guilty or to cast blame and say something is your fault.
Why does God tell you not to focus on your flesh?
Because your flesh is weak, it's this wet suit that we have to carry at all times, that has all kinds of demands, it needs to eat, it needs to sleep, it needs to waste, it has emotional and social requests. Its tasking, it's always demanding. We desire things to be easy and pleasant, we would like to have everything for nothing. I have witnessed what people who get all those things handed to them become. The people who never have to work or push to achieve. They become some of the most wicked people. They don't know the value of their own hands, they are privaledged into spoil.
Without God, man does not discipline to achieve the best in humanity. Generally, that is absolutely true. Americans, even athiests to satanists raised in America have christian values and beliefs that make up who they are. All the other religions were formed off the idea of Christianity. If their was no God, all we would have is humanism, which is moral relevatism, which is satanism. God came so we could ascend and refine ourselves and chase after a Godly sort.
Most people either do not understand this or reject it, because of everything I just said, their flesh wants to rest. They don't want to flex their spirituality. They want a humanist approach, where what they desire is right and they are the judge, when they are not the judge. This humanist desire is the default of life. We want total control over what we do with our lives. You either get what I'm saying or you don't. But you have to understand this to understand why God is good, yet he is the trainer that pushes us to keep working out, keep excercising, keep practicing, and we are like I'm tired, I just want to watch my show, I just want to sleep. Do you realize this is not the time to be laxidazical, this is not the time for rest. We need to be prepared, and that is a workout process. Striving to remove our of your life is hard work. Without that hard work, God cannot purify you. Without your will, you will atrophy.

Man when left to his own devices and desires naturally wants things to be easy, complacent, peaceful. And I'm saying that produces a weak person, a weak spirit, if you don't exercise your going to struggle if times get hard. You either are weak or you work to be strong and that means hard work and our flesh desires us to be lazy. It's a fight it's a battle so you can overcome. I want you to overcome hard times. God doesn't give us everything, he doesn't let us atrophy with privaledge, because it makes a weak person. And people hate God for trying to have themselves pick themselves up. They will surround themselves in fables as protest to their humanist desires.

Can you wax strong against a hard message? Can you put in work to create something beautiful? Can you repent and refine your spirit to make a better world? Freedom isn't free, it requires vigilance and moral fortitude. It requires specific attributes to manifest. The attributes of God.

My own personal experience acknowledges that because I am born again I am a different person. Compare and contrast before and after. Even though I held on to firm principles I surrounded myself in a decaying demoralizing setting called American society of the 21st century. Because of God I have put my feet down and have stood up in the river, I stand against the current as it's torrading to pull me downstream. I try helping others to get their feet grounded because the river turns into a waterfall.

I exist at a time and a place where I have put my own desires, of the flesh and the world, away. Is this what my personal wish, desire and design for my life? No. It was to be selfish and do all the things I wanted to do, and play, play, play. And I filtered and selected the tables to support my behavior and desires. And you can become very successful and wealthy this way because this world pays you for decadence, it rewards you for stupidity, it relishes you in your self interest with interest. And this society is being washed away and down the drain. It's becoming less civilized and more a jungle. Not nature's jungle, the devil's jungle. That's the path away from enlightenment, freedom, civility, humanity, and God. And if you don't fight against the current, you wash away with it. If you go to sleep. You will wake up in a hell you can't awake from.

Can you appreciate the hardness of God? It's tough love and He creates a value to our lives, He wants us to strive for our potential. Lazy is easy evil pays you.

About the growing phenomenon a targeted individual is experiencing: commonly known as gang stalking, organized harrassment, or community mobbing.
What is happening and why is it happening to you?
* 10 years of being gangstalked continued...

Jeremiah Cohen

Chris LaSala
GANG STALKING: Gaslit By The god Of This World

For more info:

Short Interesting TI story

Who are Gangstalkers(hosts)

Dr. Rima | TI help (This is not medical advise, I make no endorsement, use your own judgement)

- Has Anything Changed? (This is a continuation of a previous story/post).

I moved from ND to MN to SD in hopes to get peace and be left alone. I moved into an apartment in a small apostolic town; 8x8 blocks in size.
I'm never going to live in a apartments again if I can help it. After this time.
Currently I live on the top floor because of the noise harrassment; 4 years of being tracked in my apartment by the stomping heavy feet from above relentlessly following me everywhere I would go in my apartment. How he/it knew precisely where I was at all times? It really starts to really get under the skin. Even in my bathroom, no courtesy of privacy ever!
Here is an example of how rediculous it was.
To give some idea of how chilling it is.
I would make a circle going through the bathroom into my bedroom into the kitchen and back into the bathroom, like a race track. I wanted to see how long he/it would follow me going in repeat circles, round and round, then faster and faster.
I don't recall how many times I went round by I was sprinting as fast as I could through the apartment to evade this gorilla's footstomps, to get out from under being over my head. It was frightening their was no lag ever. It tracked me perfectly, yet how could it keep up being right on top of me from room to room? Because if they had equipment to see me it should have slowed them down. Right? Its mind boggling.
Things would happen that I couldn't explain or even think could be possible.

So I didn't want to be at home so I would go drive at least till I started to drive. I would to have fleets of vehicles following me like it was a funeral. Their would be cars ahead of me waiting for me, even when I was driving aimlessly and without a destination. And your thinking this can't be real, that's what I thought, but my eyeballs weren't lying to me. It's just nonstop crazy and it chips away at you over time.
When I would stop to go into stores, vehicles would pile into the parking lots. People would wait by the cashier and checkout lanes at the front and people would follow me throughout the store. None of these people I would see I would ever see again, same with the vehicles.
I wanted out of the city, when I moved I didn't want people living above me. Makes sense?

So now I live in a four plex and I'm noise harrased from all sides and from below. They know my location wherever I go. What makes this worse is they channel their hate at you. It's like telepathy, like when you feel like somebody is watching you, you feel it, but you also are feeling the intensity of their hate towards you. I don't understand their unfounded hatred, it's very strong and is sent in the Pounding at my feet from the apartment below, from the walls on my sides. In Slamming doors. A noise campaign every 5-15 minutes all day every day, sometimes starting at 4am and even earlier. They use young children to hide behind. So I just bought some nice headphones that also mute out the background. They slam doors countless times a day. Even with head phones and the constant treatment, the noise still startles me.
My dishes rattle in the cubbards. I've gone and filled a police report out with no aid.
Last week I heard a reving motor from outside my window,, already staring in at me was a GS holding a chainsaw + friend, calling me outside. I said, I'll be right out! I just have to put my shoes on! I went back to my work, then I heard a try to kick my door in. it was so loud I almost did a backflip out of my chair (w/my headphones on) the chainsaw reving.
Thank God I put new hardware in and reinforced that door. If that door would have come open, I was not at all prepared for a man with a chainsaw 15 ft away.
Thank God my door held. I could have defended myself against an intruder, a chainsaw limits your weapon choice.
I was seeping out from all the adrenalin.
What was going to happen? What if they make it in to my apartment?

I'll continue with the story in my next post

Elijah (Malachi 4:5)!! Listen to him, church
Brother Deckard | Prophecy Club
LoveGodListenJesus| Youtube
Uploaded Dec 2010

Malachi 4:5 - "Behold, I will send you ELIJAH THE PROPHET before the coming of the GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY of the LORD"

Mark 9:11 - "And they asked him (Yeshua/Jesus), saying, Why say the scribes that Elijah must first come? 12. And he answered and told them, Elijah verily cometh first, and RESTORETH ALL THINGS."

Malachi 4:6:- And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Luke 1:17 - "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."

Mark 9:11 - "And they asked him (Yeshua/Jesus), saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come? 12. And he answered and told them, Elijah verily cometh first, and RESTORETH ALL THINGS"

Folks, just think; John the Baptist was an Elijah, but was he sent before the "dreadful day of the Lord(Malachi 4:5)" ??!! But now we all know that Jesus is returning soon and the terror day is coming!! And lo! Elijah has indeed come and is RESTORING ALL THINGS!!

Prophet Elijah was sent before the 1st Coming of the Lord Yeshua(~2000 years ago), and we know that to be John the Baptist. The same way, Elijah IS sent NOW before the 2nd Coming of our L-rd Yeshua, and he is Prophet Deckard!!!

If G-d had INDIVIDUAL Major Prophets like Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea etc in the old days, why not can He have an INDIVIDUAL Major Prophet now?!! Folks, G-d is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever(Mal 3:6, Hebrews 13:8)

Listen to THE Major Prophet, G-d has sent. He is sent "to make ready a people prepared for the Lord(Luke 1:17)". G-d has sent him before the return of our Messiah, the dreadful day!! Listen to what the Spirit is saying in the last days.

Prophet Tom Deckard is gathering Ephraim(or the 10 lost tribes of Israel), each and every day.!!!

BUT, a GREATER economic collapse is coming!! And this one will make the Great depression of 1929 look like a picnic.!! So Listen to the Prophet and start investing in silver and gold. And prepare for the global plague (that is going to scrounge the earth and millions are going to die) too! Put up food & water etc (coz, there is going to be a global food shortage!), for the days ahead are going to be perilous (earthquakes, famines, hurricanes etc) for united states of America & the whole world!


Arrest Faucci and Gates

Dr. Judy Mikovits | Has mRNA Technology Been In Flu Vaccines Since 2015?


Still Human | YouTube
Dr Robert Duncan & Dr John Hall interview, Zeph Daniel
Full length interview of Dr. John Hall and Dr. Robert Duncan by Zeph Daniel.. This comes from an interview that was done around January of 2011..

Project: Soul Catcher ~ by Dr. Robert Duncan

A New Breed Satellite Terrorism ~ By Dr. John Hall

I said I would post two days ago, I am doing everything I can right now 200%. I have multiple working videos so their should be a spurt of them. If I could get iMovie to cooperate with me, and then when iMovie decides to let me in my hard drives decide to go ghost. It's just incredible folks. It's unfortunate coincidences that are just beads on a long thread of events.

I got to get to get to work

Richard Holly | YouTube
I saw this same video post with 645k in 4 hrs on YouTube, it's gone now. This guy is sharing the same video,
he must be certainly shadow banned but I still found ya!
This is one of the first videos I've seen that is an example of the kinds of things they do.
They tailor everything to the individuals personality.
They wo years of surveiling everything about you is all preparation and training that has to be a boot camp.

The street actors are only there following instructions.
They are literally without a brain,
they are controlled externally.
Military grade tech and black magic or spirituality warfare. It's all tailored to who you are.
I have chanters that bring things up from the pit.
The goal, their are a few. I'll go over in next description.
This is a Master/ Slave programming.
Guess who they want the slave?
I'm supposed to jockey up to them, they can come on down and kiss my ass.
After all these years my biggest question still is,
why don't these people get a life?
I mean I'm not important,
nothing special,
nothing any other person can't achieve.
And my life is a cherry.
It's because I think, I still have a somewhat functioning brain they can test and experiment on.
Thats how sick the reality we live in is,
and nobody is coming to help or save me,
the police laugh,
They are serious about crime: speeding tickets!
No president came to aid when he was in office.
If your not experiencing it, well
it's going to be like the movie Ghost.
Patrick Suauzi, I must be dead already.
Get away from my wife!
Sorry Patrick your privaledges stop at peep show.
Their is a ton to f information to go over.

This video is what gangstalking looks like once it goes operational.
I will tell you what happened this week and you can compare the difference of how things are 10 years later.

I'll post again tonight

Subscribe to catch new videos:
Catch up on the New Biblical Cosmolgy series, UNCOMMON GROUND:

This message is so important, God's Law, where would we be without it? But it is being cleverly hacked at in a most beloved TV series claiming to be about Jesus. Satan should be er be underestimated and I fear people's love for a tv series with trump the very Words of the Bible. And this is why it is so important to understand the deception and the attack.
Their is a counterfeit Jesus that is convincing people to believe God's Law is only old testament, only spoken by those foolish pharisees, but it's a twisting, its the Word of God being posted as words of the pharisees. They are the blasphemers.
I'm so upset because I didn't even catch it till the 5th or 6th episode what was being propped up.
What message is that?
That God is Law and that our duty as man and woman is to keep God's Laws. God's law doesn't change, God is, was, and always will be, and He had every Word wrote precisely as He meant to.
And the new Chosen Series is deconstructing this teaching.
The "new" covenant teaching that we don't have to follow God's Law, ok but stop calling yourself a Christian.
(And I'm not hating, their are many good things but if the root be bad, then the fruit cannot be good).
And this was a message that woke me out of my sleep while watching the first season at the exact moment when that statement was made. I haven't continued further watching The Chosen. I believe it was episode 5 or six of the first season. But the first episode was all about that God is the Law and Jesus was not in the first episode, only later to find out this is what the pharisees we're preaching. And Jesus comes in later to say those pharisees are fools, you don't need to listen to listen to what they have to say, they are just old and not with the times. it's a free for all, get wasted and be merry. And go about it as if anything were the norm.

How hard is it not to worship other Gods?
How hard is it not to murder?
How hard is it not to stick a knife in your neighbors back?
How hard is it not to commit adultery?

🥳🤪😜🤩Conveniently, we don't have to worry about all that anymore, because we are the chosen with the new covenant. Whatever we decide to do Jesus is okay with and he will always forgive us. I mean we are the chosen.
(Sounds like a divorce to me).
...and people are lapping it up.
You want to know why this country is falling and being turned to rubble?

This is where the attack is on the church right now.
Pin point precision.
God does not make mistakes nor does he change, the old testament was not written to being unimportant, and living by God's law is the only way you will receive God's Seal and not the Mark of the Beast. The only way is to follow God's Law. Follow the ten commandments and keep the Sabbath day holy (or perish). And God forgives sinners who are repentant, their is no repentance with the new covenant. All of scripture needs to be included as one unit. It's all important, it's the Word of God.

You can watch The Chosen Series on Facebook and many other places for free. I suggest you watch the Pilot so you can better understand what I am referencing, if you haven't seen it. It looks like a cuddly carebear(but it's got razors inside) and how this attack is being performed and perpetrated. It's very subtle and desirable, psychological deceitful desire candy.
(One of my all time favorite scriptures)
2 Timothy 4:4

1I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;

2| Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with ALL longsuffering AND doctrine.

3| For the time will come when they WILL NOT endure SOUND DOCTRINE, but according to their own desires, chasing after their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up on themselves teachers;

4| AND THEY SHALL TURN AWAY FROM THE TRUTH, and shall be turned unto FABLES.

5| But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make FULL PROOF of thy ministry.

* 6| For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.

7I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith

(If you have a new covenant, then their is no will to fight a good fight, if you can't keep God's law, you receive lawlessness, and it's all around us).

Can't you see Im trying to save you and this country!
But I need your help.

If a tv series about a counterfeit Jesus is so important to you that you would give up the real thing?

*4:6 Look Up & Compare the versions. Which version/s DONT say Jesus "is already" (in motion) being poured/offered?
He is stationary, ready. The KJV stands out.
(And the Douya Rheims)


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About JourneyOfAdam
This is a channel created in the spirit and support of freedom/liberty. It is not only our job to fight for freedom of speech and expression, but also to be listening.
I promote to protect the founding principles of America.
It's also meant to challenge you.
Only by being challenged can you grow.
I post things that I don't believe but also things that I do.
The reason for this is to push the boundaries of your thinking.
If I only fed you what you like you will end up in a tunnel, limiting your scope.
Seeing only what you want to see.
If you can't hear other people's ideas, that is actually damaging to your abilities as well as it is divisive.
What you want is to see and gain understanding of the entire landscape, and limiting your abilities to think. That is why giving everybody freedom creates to the strongest citizenry.

This is not about having a cult gathering with rigid beliefs.
The purpose of this channel is also to raise awareness and to raise the voices of those being muzzled.
Let's uncover the real reason of the 'conspiracy' which the news will falsely report to tell you.
Their are always at least 2 sides to every story.
To be truthful you need to go to those opposing sides to hear their stories. The news reports their side, and they will even hire actors to give an narrated opposing view, which will always benefit the view of the news channel. They will also make false claims that the science is in their favor when that is a bold faced lie. The news is not objective at all. What they are really involved in is shaping peoples minds into their ways of thinking, not giving you the news.
This channel operates differently, it builds off the facts.
Or at least the facts given at the time.
I am only one person, and I am not perfect, and I cannot keep up with everything that is happening. This channel is for you, so don't let the Trolls win, post your comments, nobody cares what the Trolls have to say. They are here only to intimidate you from communicating.

I want you to decide for yourself. I want people to have their own voice.
One of the biggest lie of our time is that vaccines are supported by science and that science says that they are 'safe and effective'. Well they are absolutely not.
Read the science and learn the truth not hearsay.