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Zapruder Film Shows JFK's Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot

Sabrina Fairchild is the young daughter of the Larrabee family's chauffeur, Thomas, and has been in love with David Larrabee all her life. David is a three-times-married playboy who has never paid attention to Sabrina because to him she was still a child. Eavesdropping on a party at the Larrabee mansion, as she has often done before, Sabrina notices David enticing yet another woman. Distraught, she leaves her father a suicide note and starts every car in the garage so as to kill herself. Instead she is interrupted by David's older brother Linus, who escorts her back to her quarters above the garage.

Sabrina had been on the point of sailing for France, where she is to attend Le Cordon Bleu, the famous culinary school in Paris. After two years there, she returns home as an attractive and sophisticated woman. When her father is delayed from picking her up at the station, David offers her a lift instead without even realizing that it's Sabrina....

Directed by Billy Wilder
Based on Sabrina Fair by Samuel A. Taylor

2 years ago [2021]
My father has a lymphoma next to his heart and has gone through kemo and kept getting extreme nausea that made him lose 30kg he has been complaining about not being able to eat and vomiting from the kemo for over 6 months and has now been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer tumor that has poped up in the esophicus and can't eat at all now has a feed tube in his nose that is being moved to his stomach and no longer wants any medical treatment I'm going to try this when he comes home from hospital next week and let everyone know if it works.

a year ago [2022]
Hi, this is an update. It WORKS. Seriously, give it a try. Dad was not able to eat at all.
- Started on 10th May [2022] with 4 activated drops in 100ml of distilled water every 2 or 3 hours for first week throughout the day.
- 2nd week, 8 activated drops in 100ml distilled water every 2 or 3 hours.
- 3rd week, started adding 8 drops DMSO to the 8 activated drops of CDS in water every 2 or 3 hours.
- 4th week, he started eating soft foods and pureed soups again.
- 5th week, 8 activated drops plus 8 drops of 99.9 % DMSO in 100ml water 3 times a day.
- 6th week, he is eating food again. I think the DMSO really helped but you have to drink plenty of water.

Had CT scan last week. Doctors said tumour is still there, but has not grown and his esophacus has gone back to normal. They seem surprised that he is eating and not taking any of the medications they prescribed.
When he started eating, he got bad reflux. I treated that with 1 tsp of Bicarb in 40ml water then followed by a 100ml glass of 50ml lemon juice and 50ml water or 1tsp of crushed ginger with 1tsp honey in the 50ml lemon and water worked instantly to ease the indigestion instead of the antacids anti nausea they prescribed. Other than some diarherra and headaches in 1st and second weeks and bad body odour and breath from the DMSO, he is looking and doing great now. No more weight loss or gain that has stable since May. Skin cancers on his arms are healing. We are going back to the higher dose protocol we did in May and I will update again end of August or September.

2 years ago [2021]
God bless you guys. We need to combat the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex any way we can. Spreading knowledge about alternative healing and wellness protocols and techniques is a damn good start. Our controlled corrupt government needs to be overhauled.

7 months ago [2023]
Kirsty@nne, after one year, I would like to know what happened to your father with de CDS treatment

Consider yourself fortunate if you're reading these words and came upon this video. By listening carefully, you will realize that NOTHING worked for this mother's highly autistic son after following conventionl, orthodox treatment and "new" trial therapies for FIVE years and paid out over $200,000 with ZERO improvement. She stumbled upon the MMS story and fortunately had an enlightened woman doctor who did not try to disuade her from trying MMS and was open to the possibility that it might help. Notice that her son experienced CONTIUNOUS and STEADY improvements in her child's condition after she began using MMS. She mentions that, at the time, a 4 oz bottle set of MMS cost her $25 for THREE months for a 3 month supply and therefore cost her $100 for a FULL year of MMS treatment with PHENOMENAL and amazing improvements after paying out over $200,000 and gaining zip for her money.

CDS Water Concentrate https://educate-yourself.org/cn/CDS-Water-Concentrate-22apr19.shtml#top

The Basic Science of MMS

How to Make CDS Water https://educate-yourself.org/mms/cdsproductionexplained15mar13.shtml

Nov. 9, 2023. This is the video that got 23 year old Matthew North killed. He was found in his car some months after posting this video with a bullet hole through his temple. His brother said that there was a suicide note, but no one is going to accept that Matthew committed suicide. The quality and thoroughness of his research - and superb video narrations - is far, far above what an ordinary mortal, regardless of age, usually produces on the internet. Had he lived, he would have become one of the most feted journalist/investigators of all time. Mind you, he was only 23 years old. What a phenomenal man. May God Bless his soul for all eternity for his great accomplishments in research and reporting. ...More to follow, Ken Adachi

How to Obtain MMS or CDS Concentrate
How to Make CDS Water, the World's Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator at Home ~ For Next to Nothing
CDS Water Concentrate

(There is an error in this video. Starting from around the 20 minute mark and until 25 minutes or so, the men being pushed into a pit with tires, and then shot, are not Israelis killing Palestinians, but rather is a video from Syria recorded some years ago. I'm confident that Max did not know that when he put the video together.)

Max Igan does a good job of accurately summarizing and describing the vicious genocide of unarmed Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including women, children and cattle. It's flat out, in-your-face murder. It's EXACTLY the same thing that Bolshevik Jews did to 66 million Russian and Ukrainian Christian civilians between 1917 and 1953; no different. Murder is their game - providing, of course = that the "enemy" in their one-sided "wars" is ALWAYS defenseless civilian and NEVER an enemy who can shoot back and defend themselves.


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