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Fox news host Tucker Carlson cites several examples of the media's disinformation and big lies that cause division in society. CNN leads the the destructive propaganda campaign

The liberal feminist expressed concern that her Democrat party is pushing unnecessary coronavirus lockdown measures infringing on constitutional civil liberties

600Breezy: "You're gonna fuckin die!"

Heidi: "it was trash, ...hurtful, ...disrespectful"

Breezy hopped on '69's Instagram stream and both started trash-talking and abusing each other

Tucker Carlson: The windmills and solar panels froze, so the power grid failed

Robert Ballecer: "we wanted to do something fun"

Van Der Veen called out the host after she downplayed Democrat House impeachment managers doctoring evidence in their presentation

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Democrat and left-wing media for their big lie about the January 6 Capitol riots

Tessica Brown's “Bad, bad, bad idea” using Gorilla glue on her hair goes terribly wrong

CORONA-LOCKDOWN: TYRANNY Policeman punch Polish Cafe owner for daring to open business in Manchester, England

Interview of a gay rights campaigner on Ugandan TV derails as host asks hilarious questions and loses control of interview

Boxing legend Mayweather cried racism after Paul taunted him with a poem in a hilarious video

Fox News Tucker Carlson slams Biden and the Democrats for weaponizing government power to target conservatives and Republican voters

Charles Payne upset at Charles Gasparino who's interrupting him as they debate stock trading restrictions by some brokerage platforms like Robinhood, over the GameStop/WallStreetBets trading frenz. Gasparino defended the restrictions.

Tucker Carlson On The GameStop Trading Frenzy

Tucker Carlson called out leftwing outlets and CNN's "dwarf king" CEO Jeff Zucker who are calling for the shutdown of Fox News

UFC 257: Conor McGregor Knocked out by Dustin Poirier.
YouTuber and pro boxer Jake Paul mocks McGregor and offers $10k (down from initial $50M offer) to fight him.

Trump in farewell speech praised the MAGA movement and thanked his supporters: "this is just the beginning"

Tucker Rips Democrats For Stoking Anti-white Racism, Bigotry, Hatred And Fascism

The president called out big tech censorship and left-wing cancel culture in the powerful speech calling for end to political violence

The senator was heckled during a press conference

THROWBACK: Lele Pons Insane One Nightstand Story(Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast)

Air force veteran Ashli Babbitt was killed during a peaceful protest against congress' certification of the 2020 election amid allegations of election fraud

Rep.Cleaver of Missouri ended the opening prayer for the 117th Congress Jan 3, with gender-insane “amen and a-woman"


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