Menos' Madhouse

Castoria or Bust! Going All-In until I get her! After the GSSR of course.
1. This is for the NA Server.
2. I am a Dolphin for this game.
2:58 - Stream START! / Introduction
5:15 - GSSR Predictions
9:59 - Pre-Summon Shenanigans
19:03 - THE SUMMONING!!!
56:23 - After-Summon Shenanigans
1:29:06 - Outro

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Original Airing: October 13-14th 2021.
I am Master Menos, This is my Madhouse and this is my FULL Self-Introduction!

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I am Master Menos Lunashi, this is my madhouse. A Wererabbit VTuber on what also happens to be Asylum Property for reasons currently unknown (And that the staff WON'T Tell me.). Why not have fun with it, however?

Past Videos from YT will be slurped to here, including ORIGINAL versions that were later censored for YT due to some hiccups. The uncensored cuts will be available HERE instead of the censored versions!