Give her a Christmas Gift that will leave her smiling from ear to ear. Shopping for Christmas Gifts for Her can be a tough task, but it needn't be.

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Find a housewarming gift for the home that's sure to please the occupants of the new home.

When choosing Banksia products, it is important to be aware of the endangerment of many of the species, and to purchase from a reliable source that promotes sustainable practices.

There are trade-offs with the size and type of the rock salt and the longevity of your salt mill.

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The large background timber is fiddleback Chestnut with its natural ripple adding movement and texture to the design; next is a fine strip of orange coloured wood stripping with an outer border of Sassafras. Professionally framed and supplied ready to hang, this enchanting work will bring a breath of Summer and nature to any room.

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How can you get others to stop putting their drinks down directly on your wood furniture? After all, coasters can be a drag. They can stick to your glass. They can be flimsy and unstable. And finding and using a coaster is a distraction, however momentary, from conversation and socializing.

We have been selling our wooden walking sticks for many years during which time they have remained one of our most popular items because of their strong construction using sturdy spigot joints, their choice of handle - T-bar or knob - and of course the range of beautiful native timbers used in their making.

Our original and unique set of Australian wooden animal blocks are perfect for decorating nurseries and children's rooms.

It’s been a hectic day in the office, and it’s left you mentally drained and exhausted. As much as you’re pushing yourself to do your best, too much stress is never good for the body and mental health. Even when you’re finally home and ready for bed, it may take a lot of winding down before you’re calm enough to drift off to sleep.

They are shaped a lot like daggers and all your do is insert them underneath the corner of the fold side of the envelope. Simply apply pressure in an upwards motion, so that you can successfully slice through the folded edge of the letter and in that way open the letter cleanly.

We understand it can be overwhelming seeing so many varieties of shaving supplies out there. That is why we have gathered the perfect shave kit made for those who may be new or returning to safety razor shaving. Wet shaving is the answer to so many struggling with the high cost of cartridge razors, or the cheap painful shaves from shave clubs.

Good questions. All of them. And it just so happens that we have produced the answers below. In short, you’ll almost certainly deploy some combination of three key places/approaches, both for redundancy and because different types of info require different types of security.

Wood is tougher to sanitize, but it's also (often) tougher in general – you won't find as many deep scratches in the surface.

Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes. There are also cutting boards made of glass, steel, or marble, which are easier to clean than wooden or plastic ones such as nylon or corian, but tend to damage knives due to their hardness. Rough cutting edges—such as serrated knives—abrade and damage a cutting surface more rapidly than do smooth cutting implements.

What makes an occasion special is that it is special to both parties, so the gift you give has to express all your love and good feelings and you want it to be beautiful, fabulous, the best!

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Walking sticks come in many shapes and sizes, and can be sought by collectors. Some kinds of walking stick may be used by people with disabilities as a crutch.

A walking stick makes a great companion whether you are planning a trek through the mountainous wilderness or just to the park and back. Crafted of durable materials like solid wood or lightweight aluminum, a hiking staff from our selection is sure to last you for years to come.

The Bonneville 2 Layer Jewellery Box is made from a selection of fine, decorative native timbers starting with a beautifully figured panel of Silky Oak on the lid, framed by Tasmanian Myrtle which also forms the main body of the box.

Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stands for. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community. It is the step that will enable you to say 'I am Australian'.

A hard and very durable timber with rich reddish-brown color tones, typical uses include heavy construction, general joinery, boatbuilding and other marine applications. The warm colors and high density make for excellent T&G flooring. Gum veins are common and give natural character.

Australian Woodwork is the destination for cookware, kitchenware, tabletop and giftware, with a vast range of Australian made items guaranteed to excite.

Shop for handmade wooden jewelry box on Australian Woodwork, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods.

We are one of the few stores in Australia exclusively specializing in genuine Australian made products. Much of our stock is hand made by Australian craftspeople whose skills and finished products are equal to the best in the World.

In this video we give you tips on how to celebrate this Christmas in good old Australian style. A Perfect Australian Christmas your guests will never forget.

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Whether it's for him, her or the kids, spread festive cheer with Australian Woodwork's range of unique and out of the box Christmas gifts and present ideas.


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