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Powerful Democrats Officially Call For Overthrow of America - Learn How to Stop Them, - FULL SHOW 7/8/20
In this Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, we reveal how the planets have literally aligned, and the quickening is here! Spreading this link is a revolutionary act, so share it now! It’s now official: Democrats are calling for the permanent alteration of America, including its economic and political systems. The United States of America will never be the same if you stand down and let this happen. Help stop it by sharing this link!

Next Phase Of COVID Tyranny Ahead As Deep State Globalist Sex Trafficking Revealed - War Room Full Show
A loaded transmission for today covers all of the latest developing news and current events with a loaded slate of powerful guests. Elijah Schaffer joins to talk about the madness in the coverage of COVID including CNN describing a cCOVID tornado. Peggy Hall joins to discuss her research into the science, or cover up of the science, when it comes to coronavirus and the effectiveness of the mask. Harrison Smith breaks down a bombshell video of a Democrat Senator instigating and promoting the violence that landed one man in a coma. Jacob Engels back on the War Room to discuss the latest banning of Roger Stone’s last accounts on Facebook and Instagram. More health experts are coming forward explaining the lies and cover up of the coronavirus outbreaks. Also, has another radical leftist been caught faking a hate crime?

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Topics by Timecode:

— 00:00:00 Trump pulls out of WHO — but how much money is he pouring into Gates’ vaccination agenda?

— 00:12:14 COVID’s not 1918, it’s not even a pandemic; death rates plummet to same as flu, many asymptomatic

— 00:22:00 Texas is testing everyone in hospital & if positive, counting as hospitalized BECAUSE of COVID instead of WITH — just like they did with deaths

— 00:31:24 NYT & DYNUZ cheer protests as 1st Amend but go on hysterical anti-Christian rant to deny the other part of 1A — “the sermons are permeated with virus”

— 00:42:36 Globalist obsession with biometric tracking turns to palm reading — PalmID, reading subcutaneous vein patterns and instantaneously matching to database. Funded by government & corporations for buying, selling, doing businesses and tracking movement

— 00:55:23 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) suddenly stops when infant vaccination stops because of COVID

— 01:03:42 “Hopium” the new stimulant drug for Stock Markets. Fauci has run tests on his personal friends, Moderna & Gilead, although it will have serious side-effects on others including addiction & crashes.

— 01:16:36 Marxist migrants, Ilhan & Kshama, openly talk about destroying America

— 01:35:17 Duckworth ducks debate with Tucker, then shows herself to be the warmongering successor to McCain

— 01:45:18 Cancel Culture eats its own as 100 libs discover the value of free speech when THEY are attacked

— 01:54:28 Violence of WHITE BLM

While the establishment leftstream media is busy promoting the idea that white people are inherently racist, real life experience proves that "white privilege" is not all it's cracked up to be. When will Americans be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin?

A Hispanic man in downtown Saint Augustine tells Kaitlin why he's supporting Trump in 2020, and his thoughts on everything going on in the country.

Kaitlin completely picked apart the inconsistent logic of these two Biden supporters.

Of course the coverage and admiration for Mount Rushmore was business as usual for Bernie Sanders and later Barack Obama. CNN's Jim Acosta even referred to it as " a “fitting stop for a presidential contender” in 2008. While the left trigger their petty tyrant new world order response by claiming that Television Icon Mary Hart was flashing the White Power symbol as she introduced Donald Trump. That same group crying in their 4th of July Cupcake has no comment when it comes to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spreading the same supposed vicious KKK symbols.

Meanwhile President Trump gave America the best fireworks show the White House could muster under a tsunamai of propaganda. As Trump Derangement Goons expressed their deep hatred for our Country in the streets and on television screens. Meanwhile the Columbus statue was thrown into Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Total stupidity reigns among the disconnected rabid marxist cultural revolution brownshirt machine that is still pretending to protest the death of George Floyd long after Minneapolis was declared a disaster by its Governor.

A reporter in Jacksonville was caught wearing a mask on a nearly empty beach.

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels threatens to deputize gun owners against BLM protesters. Meanwhile in lawless St. Louis, a leftist prosecuting attorney threatens to press charges against the Missouri lawyer couple who defended their home with firearms as so-called protesters broke into their gated community.

Was there a mysterious stranger in the room during discussions on the Declaration of Independence that convinced the Colonial Delegates into signing the document with an impassioned speech?

Kaitlin asks beach goers in Jacksonville 4th of July trivia questions.

Californians openly rejected Democrat leaders who shut down Fourth of July festivities by celebrating Independence Day the right way — with thousands of fireworks. Governor Gavin Newsom had ordered the re-closing of parks, bars, and restaurants, and cancelled Fourth of July festivities, citing a rise in new coronavirus cases. But that didn’t stop frustrated Californians from lighting thousands of fireworks throughout the state, with stunning aerial video showing just how widespread California’s revolt against Newsom’s orders were.

President Trump delivers rousing Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Kaitlin ran into a father and son at Jacksonville Beach that thought they knew her, but knew nothing.

Alex Jones was proven right again when in 2018 he predicted that a new American civil war, launched by the Marxist Democrats, would coincide with Independence Day in an attempt to co-opt the revolution of 1776- for which July 4th was named- with their new communist revolution.

A white woman and her husband have been charged with felony assaults after a viral video surfaces of the couple pulling a gun on a black woman and her 15 year old daughter during a tense confrontation in a Chipotle parking lot. Brandon Tatum (

Real Americans are the scourge and true threat to the life's work of the Neo-Globalist elites. Their desperation is playing out in the streets of America. Their attempt to diminish the freedom of average American citizens is reflected in the overwhelming cancellation of the Fourth of July. The time to separate the wheat from the chaff is fully upon those that would stand up and fight to protect a Republic that is gradually being stripped bare of its foundation.

Nydia Stone makes a emotional plea to POTUS to pardon Roger or commute his sentence for being a Donald Trump supporter. Be a Part of History! Sign the Petition! @realDonaldTrump

Why the American Revolution gave birth to the greatest form of government in all of recorded history

The response to Covid-19 mirrors Communist Chinese brainwashing torture techniques.

The COVID -19 Hoax is taking on monstrous proportions under the watch of none other than the CDC. During a May 18, 2020 meeting of the Collin County, Texas Commissioners Court, officials detailed a new method for counting COVID-19 cases. The footage reveals that the State of Texas is being directed by the CDC to inflate infection numbers.

Wading deeper into hell world.

Democrats Cancel 4th of July in Blue States/Cities as America Awakens to the Chinese-Funded Civil War - FULL SHOW 7/1/20
Meanwhile, in middle America, the sleeping giant is rising! Watch and share this global transmission! Watch and share this bombshell Wednesday edition of the most banned broadcast in the world!

How The Globalists Will Use COVID And Riots To Correct Their 2016 Defeat - War Room Full Show

Big show today as Tom Pappert hosts while Owen is away on assignment. Tom talks about the retaking of CHOP after violence broke out there over the past few days. He also breaks down the hurdles facing this coming 4th of July celebration. Patrick Howley joins Tom Pappert on the War Room to describe the next steps in the globalist agenda, the medical squad making the rules, and the funko pop George Floyd debate taking place on reddit. Tom Pappert takes interesting calls including a woman from Provo Utah who knows first hand information about the ANTIFA shooting.

For viral content, in-depth insights and breaking news be sure to follow David Knight on Parlor and Twitter @Libertytarian

Topics by Timecode:

— 00:04:27 USA Held Hostage Day 107: Deconstructing Fauci’s lies about 100k/day cases & “models”

— 00:25:55 Ron Paul, eyewitness reports & hospital personnel vs media lies & govt propaganda

— 00:31:44 General Flynn: “doing the harder right and not the easier wrong”. His op-ed piece calling on Americans to wake up & act & John MacArthur tells Christians that BLM is NOT about protecting black lives

— 00:56:18 Eric Peters,, on medical tyranny of the gesundheitfuhrers, the “DAD Act” being pushed in Washington and why we no longer have iconic cars (or liberty)

— 01:24:28 GOP FL Gov pushes masks, Judge Napolitano pushes back — it’s not simply bad medicine, it’s bad law and tyranny

— 01:43:38 Biden’s “no-brainer” pick for VP and her father’s connections to UN Open Borders & Soros’ Open Society

— 01:54:52 Marxist mob comes for Seattle Mayor & she changes her mind about the “street party” called CHAZistan. Mob fires into SUV, arsonist sets himself on fire trying to burn down a home. What are your legal rights to protect yourself ? And, another look at the lawyers who protected their home in St. Louis


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