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Video originally posted back in 2013 on YouTube. Was removed with over 60K views for violating their terms of service. I am simple asking questions that the anti-Whites hate.

White Genocide Mantra with Spanish flash cards.

The crew discuss how to handle "white supremacy."

Bob Whitaker's White Genocide Mantra, fighting the Evil anti-white empire!

One way to respond to being called a racist.

The team at FWG explains who an anti-white is.

The crew discuss our established religion of political correctness.

1:32 Why is political correctness a religion
1:38 What is political correctness
2:24 Bob Whitaker audio “Our Established Religion” Definition of religion, consequences of being a religion, our established religion, every religion regards only itself as Truth, religion is a set of required beliefs regardless of results
5:50 Belief required for employment, our ruling theocracy, Religion of Political Correctness (ROPC) overrules everything
7:38 Bob audio Martyrs, saints, Holocaust
10:50 Every religion says we have a lock on the truth including ROPC, heresy must be silenced, truth is no defense for heresy
12:56 We all have to treat Political Correctness as a religion, PC is a scam, the only consistency in ROPC is hatred of white people, PC pecking order, many who call themselves atheist follow the ROPC, reaction to blasphemy
15:52 Followers of ROPC are not above belief, they are contradictory not rational, ROPC is a mirror of Westboro Baptist church
17:12 Bob audio faith shows PC is a religion, every religion thinks it is The True Faith
20:24 PC demands everybody believe it, PC Sharia, conservatives don’t talk about ROPC but they should, don’t force ROPC on us
22:25 Bob audio An education which is trying to change beliefs or attitudes is teaching a religion
24:55 Followers of ROPC call non-believers “uneducated”,
25:48 Bob Whitaker article Ignunce, invincible ignorance, religious fanatics feel anyone who knows the faith must believe it, ROPC requires ignorance, we KNOW your arguments we don’t BELIEVE them, it is the learned who stifle progress
32:34 Christianity is not our chief religion, ROPC cannot tolerate other religions, Galileo, Soviet genetics,
37:05 Trump tweets
38:24 Bob article identical twins, TV fad, Phil Donahue, leftism is a failure, priests of political correctness emphasize nurture over nature, Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow
45:30 ROPC requires faith, ROPC is absurd, “diversity is our strength” analyzed, what we do works
47:47 Diversity forced on Vermont, diverse means less white, we are living in a theocracy, use the freedom you have
51:49 Bob audio Bob Jones University has the wrong attitude, questioning interracial dating, Bill O'reilly
55:45 ROPC trumps everything, game of trumps, religion of anti-whitism, border crisis is all about white supremacy, no one expects Mexicans to take care of their own kids, pro-white equivalent of AOC
1:00:10 Bob Audio Implication of ROPC, violating 1A, under ROPC diversity is holy, belief in all men are created equal is required just as Catholics are required to believe in the trinity though neither is understood, under ROPC All-Chinese schools are educational institutions all-white ones are not, ROPC only applies to whites, always label PC as a religion
1:05:28 You can’t talk about religion without talking about ROPC
1:06:45 Beliefs of ROPC, priests predicting the wrath of God,
1:11:35 When reality doesn’t fit ROPC they adjust reality to fit the religion
1:13:07 Mapping out ROPC, van Spronsen, cult of PC demands everybody adopt their religion, now they’re becoming violent
1:16:50 Attributes of ROPC, ROPC is an inquisition not apartheid
1:18:52 WJCT God of ROPC, genetics is the ultimate heresy to ROPC, nationalists are evil not mistaken, PC utopia, their utopianism is futile



Bob Whitaker Audio “Our Established Religion”

Why Johnny Can't Think ebook
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The regular crew are joined by Georgia Peach, a former radio show host at KSCO who was forced out for speaking out against white genocide.

1:56 Georgia’s background
2:54 Georgia’s KSCO deplatforming story, bringing white genocide to AM radio,
9:57 Georgia’s awakening to the war on whites, Cabrillo college says it’s not okay to be white
13:42 Georgia starts to remoralize whites
17:23 Censorship is backfiring
18:27 It’s Okay To Be White in wikipedia
19:30 White genocide is not about money
20:02 White traitors
22:12 Demoralization and demonization of whites
23:20 If whites are so evil why does everyone want to live with them?
24:03 What happened to white women?
26:33 How Georgia came across Bob Whitaker and white genocide, Georgia’s future
28:29 A strange bouquet and an illness
33:17 CBS openly advocates political violence
36:36 ANTIFA are never help accountable, James Fields, Trump’s inaction
39:07 Opioid crisis, Mike Moore lawsuit
46:42 South Africa
47:18 The only hatred out there is hatred of whites, Dem debates
50:33 All I ever wanted was to have the discussion, censorship causes violence, they want civil war
53:56 Word war, samizdat, identifying the problem, reversing white demoralization
56:23 Anti-white, discrediting anti-white weaponized terms, code words


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The crew discuss the nature of the struggle we are engaged in and how it differs from other methods of gaining power.

1:25 Nature of our struggle
1:38 Brief review of the basics, terminology, changing the way people think
3:50 Changing the way people think not appealing to people, imposing terminology not affirming terminology
5:35 Calling them racist doesn’t work
6:07 The one ring, affirming the Religion of Political Correctness
6:55 The opposite of affirming is discrediting, don’t try to prove you’re not racist
9:16 We are the interrogators, put the anti-whites on the defense, power comes from controlling terminology
10:46 Anti-white terminology is all code words
12:57 White genocide takes away their moral high ground
13:36 White genocide is not hyperbole, it is a criminal charge, the law is on the books, accuse them
16:02 ONLY whites are being attacked, pro-whites are being censored and imprisoned
17:51 Youtube is engaging in the equivalent of a book-burning, rewriting history like 1984
19:38 Redefining respectability
24:31 Staying on point, terminology, slogans
26:42 Deconstructing anti-whitism
27:29 False dichotomy of power, a word war is not a discussion, psychological operations
29:23 Accelerationism, planting seeds, repeating, long term strategy, long march through the institutions
33:05 White psychology, truth
34:17 It is not an idea war, it’s a WORD war
35:55 Yuri Bezmenov explains demoralization
39:38 Leftism was never seriously challenged until us, people are afraid to challenge the system
43:18 Whites are demoralized, the solution is to reverse demoralization, is it irreversible? Pavlov’s dogs
49:13 Our enemies know we’re effective
51:11 If you find something your enemies don’t like do MORE of it, not less
51:48 We appreciate donations, billboard, fighting the mental health crisis of white self-hatred, publicity from billboards, ban on pro-white speech
56:47 All publicity is good if you have an effective message
58:01 Mass media technology has given our enemies an inherent advantage, history, modern priest class, our enemies are professionals
1:00:38 How to fight them, internet has shifted the balance of power, wack-a-mole
1:02:36 Driving people into our camp
1:03:54 Bob Whitaker audio: “Arguments” Making your point
1:05:34 Bob: example you’re not against religion, you are against rivals to the Religion of Political Correctness, deconstructing anti-whitism
1:08:57 Bob: Using your time efficiently, say something new
1:11:51 Bob: Respectable conservatives legitimize liberalism, we have to make points that make liberals uncomfortable
1:16:16 Bob: Use any discussion to make your point, examples -political correctness is a religion, a living constitution is a dictatorship. Jonestown, I am not of your faith
1:23:10 Bob: Internet is breaking in, don’t use the old rules example -we’re in the Middle East for Israel. Redefining media, average person is empowered
1:27:32 Bob: using the news
1:28:55 Bob: who are WE? We are the new mainline point of view. We are the real opposition. Dog whistling
1:31:53 Bob: We make points that are in the back of the minds of a lot of people. Discipline. Staying on point. Tailgating.
1:34:52 Bob: repetition example -Why do Communist countries have to shoot escapees? Don’t be afraid to repeat.
1:37:03 Bob: When you find something that bothers anti-whites, repeat it. Staying on message. Crawling conservatives
1:41:08 Bob: Put your opponent on the defensive. If you get off your point you are legitimizing the enemy. Truth is a great weapon. We are expressing a mainline point of view
1:45:00 Bob: The people make the country
1:48:05 Bob: Make your point simple, boil it down. MY race.
1:49:48 Bob: Leftism is the idea that professors should rule the world. Re-education. Sensitivity training. There are no camps teaching racism
1:54:26 Bob: Use the news. You are talking to the audience. Brown countries are poor. Make your point even if you lose the argument. In your opinion
2:00:26 Anti-whites say non-whites are inhumane


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Redefining Respectability article

Bob Whitaker Untrained Eye audio "Arguments"

The crew discuss the April 9, 2019 House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism.

The crew discuss our exchange with genocide scholar and genocide denier Dirk Moses.

The crew discuss Ken's call into John Fugelsang's show on Sirius Radio.

The crew is joined by special guest John to discuss Farhad Manjoo's article in the New York Times and accompanying video which unsuccessfully attempts to refute white genocide.

The crew discuss Facebook's proposed rules to ban ONLY pro-white speech.

The crew is joined by special guest Lord Nelson to discuss the fact that a country can be based on one of two things: a people or a set of words and to discuss the implications of this fact.

The crew discuss how to fight the propaganda war and discredit anti-whites including the use of narratives.

The crew is joined by special guest Lord Nelson to discuss how power actually works and how to fight the propaganda war and discredit anti-whites.

The crew discuss the recent purge by Youtube of heretics to the Religion of Political Correctness and their ridiculous justifications for political censorship.

2:44 Did we cause the purge?
7:46 Destroying supremacy.
10:41 The end of censorship is the end of the regime.
13:20 Youtube blog post censorship announcement.
14:17 Calling disagreement “hate” is childish.
16:05 Self-serving media/academia complex protecting its power.
16:29 Consulting “experts.”
17:13 Censorship causes violence. Youtube wants violence.
18:58 Bob on fake vs real censorship.
20:30 They’re admitting they don’t care about free speech.
21:15 Respectable Conservatives never talk about real censorship.
21:34 The REAL reason for this purge is to silence exposure of white genocide.
22:10 Anything government requires you to believe is a lie.
22:26 Youtube blog post cont’d specific actions.
27:06 Supremacy, superiority and separatism are all different things.
28:16 Separate to protect non-whites from oppression. Access to whites is a human right?
29:51 Separation is better than forced integration.
32:16 Youtube’s reasons for censorship are ridiculous.
32:30 CBS inciting violence.
33:20 A Respectable Conservative’s job is to protect leftism.
35:05 Religion of Political Correctness.
35:40 Did Hitler talk about Jews like anti-whites talk about white people?
38:15 Youtube blog post cont’d event denial.
39:15 Truth
40:32 The minute they let off on the censorship, they’re done.
42:22 To destroy the system, focus on white genocide
43:40 Alt-lite never defend our right to speak.
44:44 Youtube blog post cont’d allowable content.
47:44 We say nothing extreme.
50:11 Anti-whites have no shame, you have to repeat.
51:15 Get anti-whites on the defensive.
52:35 Intent
53:59 Youtube blog post cont’d allowable content.
54:54 Community Decency Act of 1996 Section 230 Internet platform indemnity.
58:39 Youtube blog post cont’d rewarding supporters of political correctness
59:00 It’s not about money, corporations are not in charge, Big anti-white is.
1:02:37 Pete Wilson
1:03:39 Contradictions, discrimination
1:05:26 Driving people into our camp.

The FWG crew discuss the Christchurch shootings and how censorship causes violence.

The crew discuss current events from a pro-white perspective.

1:33 Barack Obama confuses the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution. Founding of America. Free speech vs. the proposition nation.
7:53 Trump threatens Mexico with tariffs. White demoralization. The wall.
12:45 Abortion. Pro-white reaction to abortion.
18:34 Immigration vs. assimilation.
20:11 Ann Coulter sours on Trump
23:11 Republicans going after the minority vote.
23:55 Reparations
24:39 Twitter trying to justify censoring ONLY pro-whites. Censorship vs opposing views. Deradicalizing anti-whites. Anti-whites can only prove our points.
30:03 Counter-subverting the surveillors.
30:53 Twitter CYA, justification for censorship.
32:08 Non-discrimination doesn't work.
34:22 Putting anti-whites on the defensive.
34:32 Separation is not supremacy.
35:00 Bob Whitaker why non-discrimination doesn't work.
35:44 Not discriminating between criminals and non-criminals.
36:14 Why is discrimination wrong? Everybody discriminates.
36:44 We can't oppose genocide cuz discrimination?
37:14 They can't be reasonable about integration because if whites are allowed territory anywhere all whites will go there.
37:40 Our discrimination stops genocide; their discrimination imposes genocide.
37:58 Beto says living with brown people is cruel and inhumane -unless he's forcing it on to whites.
40:31 Trump dog-whistling to whites, fake president.
42:07 Exposing white superiority.
44:10 John Cleese: "London isn't an English city."
45:25 Whites have no monopoly on colonization.
45:59 All groups have done as much damage as they could -except whites.
48:20 Everybody knows it's about race.
50:17 If race doesn't matter what's diversity?
50:58 Whites are being subjected to genocide, blacks are not.
52:36 Magic dirt.
52:56 Anti-whites define white all the time.
54:06 Three white females sue New York schools. More diverse=less white. Positive discrimination.
56:40 Lawsuits can be good but they are no substitute for winning the propaganda war and taking power.
57:50 They're just anti-white.
58:28 Our terms are getting out there.
1:02:34 Toxic whiteness is anti-white hate speech.
1:04:17 Something doesn't exist until it's named.
1:05:06 It's a word war.
1:06:17 False dichotomy: a word war is not a discussion/debate and it's not a shooting war.


BANNED! The video that panicked Youtube! The video TPTB don't want you to see!

The crew discuss the fact that everyone assumes white moral superiority -ESPECIALLY "anti-racists." Included are excerpts from Bob Whitaker's Untrained Eye audio "Routine Racism."

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Bob Whitaker Audio "Routine Racism"

1:59 Bob Whitaker : Only whites are expected to care about other races
5:40 It's Whitey's fault
6:26 Access to white people is a human right
7:14 Living in a brown country is a death sentence
8:26 Basic human survival needs: Food, water, shelter, white people
8:43 Anti-white accountant
10:40 Expecting non-whites to act human
11:52 Everybody gets to live with whites -except whites
12:36 Bob Whitaker: Documentaries talk about non-whites exactly like they talk about animals
13:46 UNICEF commercials and ASPCA commercials are identical
15:22 Tamara Cincik attack, Haiti rape
18:00 Trump Tweets: no concern for whites
18:30 Whites are immortal
19:42 Whites only regard other whites as a serious threat
20:30 White Man's Burden
21:40 Only whites care about the environment and leftist issues
22:53 Anti-whites are just taking advantage of white psychology
23:38 Bob Whitaker: We always talk about how GOOD animals are
25:22 Natives are wise
26:09 Bob Whitaker: We feel comfortably superior, Orientals are WISE
28:03 Bob Whitaker: It's a MORAL superiority
29:18 Why are whites trying to do away with themselves?
31:51 Defeating the supremacy term
32:59 Repetition
34:12 Anti-whites can't handle being told that THEY think whites are better

Congressman Chris Van Hollen states America's duty to stop white genocide.



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We DEMAND an open and free discussion of white genocide without threats of attack from screamers, thugs, or thought police.

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