"A Time for Choosing"

How similar is the narrative and agenda today? Has anything really changed but the 'faces'..?

The speech was aired on October 27, 1964 and it was electrifying. Can you belie it wasn't for another 17 years later that he would become President? ('81-'89)

This is BY FAR the Most Accurate ‘Hollywood‘ Depiction (circa 2002) of a very real ‘Deep Underground Military Base’, from the Movie / Video Game franchise Resident Evil. Plot circles about a zombie outbreak originating in this Umbrella facility. DULCE underground Facility (well documented) has been visually depicted and presented in a similar way.

'Umbrella Corporation' is involved in Weapons Development, Genetic Experimentation, and Pharmaceutical Enhancement

this theme is connected to the Secret Space Program / Super Soldiers / Coronavirus 'Gain of Function' / Genocide / MILABS / Monarchs / Montauk / MK-Ultra

James Rink and other Super Soldier insiders claim this is in fact a real Off-Planet 'Corporation' involved in precisely these kind of projects >>

DUMBS in America - Detailed Breakdown

What does this timeline look like from a Time Jumper's perspective? John F. Kennedy left some powerful words in the ether. Notice a pattern? Let's see who's been paying attention..

For anyone who's already paying attention, you already know the Mainstream lies about everything. Many still underestimate just how fake all of it really is. Here's a sampling of what those of us in-the-know have been trying to highlight for years. Now they just can't hide it anymore, and they're getting sloppy.

Using Chipotle as an example of what to expect, and how this mask policy typically works from establishments to fast food and beyond. Here are some simple proven tactics to enable you for next time.

Much of society is 'over - it'. If you find yourself in this category, and just aren't sure how to stop doing something you've been doing for over a year, these brutally honest tips might help do the trick.

Enjoying the 'Pretendency' ? They might be sellin' a Pretend Presidency.. but we're not buyin. Hold the Line, it's all part of the #Plan​. Got yo back like we were 17!

Is it just a mask? The Joker Reminds Us Where We've Been, and Where We're Going.

Obvious Predictive Programming from THE SIMPSONS
Americas Media Magnates meet in order to "come up with the next phoney baloney crisis to keep Americans at home, glued to their TV's too afraid to skip the commercials..."
Subtle right?

Before his death, JFK tried to warn the Press and the American People of the hidden power structure lurking within the Establishment. His speech has been Re-Mixed to a modern Unsolved Mysteries theme with Image Slides as Visual aid to the subject matter outlined in his speech, [to the Newspapers Publishers' Association, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC April 27th 1961.]

All the best 'evidence' the mainstream / MSM refused to acknowledge. 'Baseless Claims' they kept repeating over and over as if that had some factual grounding of some kind lol.

Del Bigtree of HIGHWIRE takes a closer look at the new Vaxxed vs UnVaxxed study that has come out

Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive- The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple

#Qanon is real! The People's General #TakeTheOath with family on 4th of July

Simple, Uncensored, Self explanatory.


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