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Hey guys, sorry for the reflection in my glasses. I tried moving the camera so the light wouldn't reflect, but to no avail lmao. Anyway hope you guys enjoy the video, take care guys.

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Hey guys, hope you're all keeping well. Apologies for the lack of content in the last month or so. I promise in the next coming weeks there's going to be more content, thank you for your patience, you all take care.

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Hey guys it's yo boii here, HawaiiBadBoi.

Hello! And welcome to HawaiiBadBoi Productions. My name is Orrin Sayce, I am the owner and founder of HawaiiBadBoi Productions

Now you may be asking yourself, “What is HawaiiBadBoi Productions?” Well allow me to tell you. HawaiiBadBoi Productions is the home to all short films, sketches and projects written and directed by myself.

Not only will there be top tier content, but we also provide a videographer and editing service at a very reasonable price. Do you have an upcoming wedding or event that needs to be filmed and edited? But can't find someone that doesn't break the bank? Then look no further as HawaiiBadBoi Productions has you covered. For enquiries or bookings, please email me at:

[email protected]

Or alternatively message me on Instagram @hawaiibadboiproductions

So what are you waiting for? It's all here at HawaiiBadBoi Productions and it's all waiting for you!

Take care!