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Fighting for all the children and exposing the satanist evil scum!!!

It's time the whole truth and nothing but the truth came out this covid scam is the biggest smokescreen ever used in our human history!!!

The fight for the children on westminster bridge!!!

On July 19th members of the public took note of the satanic cults that have been brought to light from decades of abuse, if everyone got involved this could end now!!!

On July 19th members of the public took note to what has been happening for decades #itstime

Jeanette and Co fighting the satanists and fighting for the childrens futures and retribution for the lost ones

Police turn there backs on truths O the irony!!!

It's all time for us all to unite for the children!!!

Expose all these criminals!!!

Have you had enough yet???

Let's expose the truth satanic ritual abuse

As we march we are met with chants of hail satan by the lgbtq scumbags that was met with our response 🤬

A letter to the world from Wilfred!!!

Stopping traffic and waking people up to the real pandemic!!!

Hannah Joy singing our beautiful SOS anthem 💪❤️

They want all the children for the constant supply of adrenachrome, this has to be stopped now!!!

SRA exposure at Buckingham Palace #pedopalace

Shown the door by a priest couldn't make this shit up if you tried!!!

Samantha Browne speaks outside the BBC!!!

Some clips from the day

2 jibjabs 🤣

All freedom warriors unite Myself, Tyrant Finder, Jeff Wyatt, AJ and Co 💪💯

Freedom warriors telling truths as always, we will be exposing satanic ritual abuse on the 26th at Hyde Park!!!

Everyone should be joining us daily weekly whatever it takes to end this tyranny!!!

It's time to stand up everyone should be out daily weekly whatever it takes to end this dystopian life!!! Just following orders like Hitler told his Stasi troops!!!


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