There are not a whole lot of blade choices for injector razors. But the blades are at least being made and not overly expensive.

This is my other flavored Nub cigar. This cigar has a nice aroma and taste.

This is my last of a 5 pack of Nub Nuance cigar. Not a fan of mint flavored cigar. This cigar does have a really nice aroma. And my 2 cents on Avengers endgame.

The Nub Nuance cigar is a mint flavored cigar. I do not like mint cigars but the This Nub cigar had a great armoa.

It took me 4 years but I finally got the Arko shave soap. It's a good affordable shave soap with a generic soapy scent. I am using the Supply V1 handle with their v2 base plate. Good razor and good shave soap.

I ordered the Supply mild and aggressive baseplates for thheir v2 razor. These also fits the v1 handle which I have.

I am smoking Ave Maria Argentum cigar while talking on a few subjects. This is a full body cigar with great taste.

After using this cheap razor to shave with. I can not recommend buying this razor. If this will be your first razor buy something else. Now, the Vi John shaving cream is a good shaving cream. Not the best but good enough.

This here the 2nd razor from Ming Shi. I cheap Chinese made razor for the Chinese market and not meant as export. It is suppose to be a copy of the Gillette twist to open adjustable razor made way back in 1962-1963.

I plan to do a 3 week shave test on the Rockwell Model T razor. So far the razor is great as advertise. I found one glitch with the razor which I describe in the video.

This is a higher end cigar. It is a mild tasting cigar. I bought a 20 count box of Rocky Patel vintage 1992 years ago. I have been slowly smoking them. Good cigars overall.

This is the actual shave and I can say its fantastic so far.

I got my Rockwell Model T adjustable twist to open razor. I signed up for their indygogo about 2 years ago for this razor. So far I am liking this adjustable razor and will keep using it more to make a final judgment.

Here I smoke the Nub Connecticut cigar. A mild cigar that uses slow burning leaves. I also talk about magnet schools and the mostly cons of going to one.

It's warm now and I am able to make cigar videos. I recommend Gurkha cigars for anyone wanting to try a cigar.

I havn't used this Arko Men shaving cream in a long time. Getting back to shave creams after using shave soap. Good shaving cream, not expensive and if you're willing to wait because its only available online.

This shave soap by Shannon's Soap is a very strong scent that reminds me of a barnyard or petting zoo. I recommend buying a sample first. And I talk a little about my DNA ancestry test I did.

In this video I am shaving with Chiseled Face Midnight Stag. A manly scented shave soap. Scent is in the range of leather mix with gasoline. I also talk about recent PC issues with Gucci and Prada. My trip to a Korean sauna.

This is my support for Egard Watches.

Yes, gillette went and gone full blown SJW. They made a anti-male commercial pretty much calling all men sexual deviants, over aggressive behaviors and toxic masculinity. Masculinity is not toxic in any form or culture.

This video was done the week of Thanksgiving, sorry for the late upload.
Stirling blue is stirling's interpretation of Channel Blue and has a fresh water type smell.
I do like this smaller 3.5 oz size stirling is selling.

Trying CAO Flavours moontrance cigar seeing if its the same as the pipe tobacco. It does have a similar scent but the pipe tobacco is a lot more strong. Good cigar

My first NUB cigar and I have to say I like this little stick. This is the real deal it is not a gimmick but it is a niche cigar. Try one for yourself.

I am smoking a CAO Steelhorse cigar and watching live coverage of midterm elections. Midterms is were more older voters go to the polls but this time I think more young voters got out there. And CAO steelhorse is a dam fine cigar, little on the strong side.

During October is when you will see lots of Circus and carnival roll into town. This was a small circus in a mall parking lost.


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