Whats done is done the 2020 election can’t be overturned? Nope, NOT TRUE!
Let’s take a walk through history, recent, very recent history on how a fraudulent election can be overturned and has! We’ll also show why both sides say these electronic voting machines CAN NOT be TRUSTED.
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There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to our elections, we see politicians who can’t walk down the street in their own district without people screaming at them in hate yet supposedly they get 80% of the vote?
We see politicians who enter public service worth 100 thousand dollars become worth 35-100 million dollars. Who knew public service paid so well! What did they sell or who did they sellout to get that kind of pay?
How can all these so called leaders be in bed with big tech, big vote, big media etc and not compromise their values or duty to us and the Constitution?
Join us in this informative yet inquisitive video as we explore are so called leaders and so called elections we have come think of as selections.
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They’re coming after our kids, our jobs, our bodies, our entire way of life in the name of safety and protection.
Straight from a Nazi playbook these vaccine mandates are unconstitutional and clearly unsafe.
Regardless of being pro or con vaccine, every individual should have informed consent and have the right to choose what goes in their body.
Let’s take a look at what the mainstream media refuses to cover, our leaders and big medical refuse to acknowledge.
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The best Nazi was the one who simply looked the other way and complied, are you a current day Nazi? I doubt it if your reading this, and I sure as hell know I’m not. Let’s discuss what’s going on, what I’ve been up to and what you can do too! Missed ya!

If you want to get involved with Operation Sunlight, this is the place to start. Learn about the Precinct Strategy groups, where you can find them online to organize, and how you can get involved. This is a key tactic patriots can use to take it all back, don't miss out!

Robert shares some exciting new features of the Pilled platform, a way you can aggregate all of your favorite movements communications in one place, and shows you how you can get involved with Operation Sunlight.

People Are Waking Up! Thing That Work, Things That Don't. Let's discuss what works, and how you ca make a difference.

Had enough? Voter-election fraud, lockdowns, leadership corruption, failed education system, censorship, rights-freedoms eroding, government size growing out of control etc etc...had enough? Let's discuss as well as cover some news, take your questions and more.

Let’s discuss how both parties are waking, things that work, things that don’t, things we can do, principles that work, what you can do and how your voice can be heard! We’ll cover news, take questions and more too! God Bless ya

From Dog Catcher to President our cities are rigged from the start. Join Bobby Piton, Edward Solomon, Roger Fuller & Beadles as we show you how they do it, how you can check your State & take it back! Don’t miss it! Share everywhere!

It’s astonishing and appalling how little our leaders know about the Constitution. Additionally that they don’t understand the States created the Federal Government not the other way around.
We the people and our leaders at a STATE level in my opinion have the power to take it all back. I walk you through a few examples of the US Constitution and Georgia’s on how we can take it all back.
Share with 7 people and your legislators now. God Bless.

It’s swampy everywhere but Patriots are making progress. We have some good news in progress being made, we have a long long road ahead but some good things are happening we’ll discuss!
Well also take your questions and discuss new features and things coming!

Join the chat, JR Majewski of Ohio will tell us why he’s running for office, what it means for WE the people, give us his take on what’s happening, answer your questions and more! Be here, God Bless ya!

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Let’s discuss our government’s practices, how to overcome them and ways to get Free MoNeY! Plus Q&A!
REPLAY FROM 2/10/2021

WSB and others appear to be going after JP Morgan now! First Hedge Funds now precious metal markets! Let’s discuss what’s really going on in the Silver markets, if the manipulation is real, what outcomes we may see and how to potentially protect ourselves from any fallout. God Bless ya!
REPLAY FROM 2?3?2021

Let's discuss some victories we're having, people who are panicked, things we can do to speed up the winning process, cover some news, and more. Don't miss it!
Sunday 1PM PST God Bless ya!

Josh Phair founder of Scottsdale Mint shares with us his thoughts on where we are and what's happening in the world of money, markets, metals, and more!
4PM PST God Bless

Where we at, where we headed? What needs to happen to set it right? Let’s discuss, take your questions, cover news, and more! Replay from 1-22-2021

Replay from 1/1/2021 We'll discuss how to Make America Great Again, Trump Updates, things going on, possibly to happen, take questions, do giveaways and more! See ya soon! God Bless ya!

REPLAY FROM 11/26/2020
Soooo much going on and down! Big show, lots to cover, Trump, Sidney, Flynn, Wood sooo much more! Patriots in control! Let's hang on Turkey day!


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This is it, either we win or we lose, there is nothing in between.
Replay from 11-19-2020

The one and only Justinformed Talk to discuss this craziness and take questions! Don’t miss it!
Bring your popcorn, drink of choice, questions, and patriotism to our live chat with JustInformed Talk and Crypto Beadles!
From 11-9-2020

Going LIVE at 1PM EST 10AM PST to cover some breaking news, Arizona and HN Audit, takes questions, and more! See ya soon! God Bless ya!

Let’s discuss the Arizona Audit, breaking news, take your questions, and more!

Bring your popcorn, drink of choice, questions, and patriotism to our live chat with 412Anon and Crypto Beadles! We'll talk post-election thoughts, news, current events and so much more! Book and crypto giveaways too! From Nov 5, 2020


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