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Intro: Panzer Dragoon
10. Enemy Zero
9. Panzer Dragoon Saga
8. Albert Odyssey
7. Tryrush Deppy
6. Herc's Adventures
5. Saturn Bomber Man
4. Keio Flying Squadron 2
3. Guardian Heroes
2. Magic Knight Rayearth
1. Elevator Action Returns

I hope this make us want to play more games :) Rocket Knight Adventures Clockwork Knight


It's Time for a pop quiz 7/10 to win
5/10 playing on hard mode "Sound Only"

Sega Genesis Mini
10. Dick Tracy
9. Sun Set Riders
8. Dr. Robotnik's
7. Alisia Dragoon
6. DJ Boy
5. Green Dog
4. Dynamite Duke
3. Chiki Chiki Boys
2. Lightening force
1. Mystic Defender

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Time for a Pop Quiz. How well do you know the NES. You need at least a 7 out of 10 to pass.


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