Coronavirus War Room Ep19 (with Dr. Judy Mikovits)


Science degrees are worthless and please support student loan justice!!! https://studentloanjustice.org/
Comment on this video. Good or bad doesn't matter. I have noticed some censorship around this matter on Bitchute and I figure if you all comment when you watch it I can get a good idea of the real view count. https://www.change.org/p/covid-19-economic-response-cancel-student-loans-by-executive-order


Pay attention. I think all these celebs and similar types may end up being thrown to the wolves
to cover for the real devil here... That's what I keep thinking when I see this crap.
We do need to absolve ourselves of idols... but there is much more than that going on here.


This is a mirror of this

Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated
•Apr 6, 2020


This is from Jeff Censored on youtube
WOW! Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen SHOCKING Coronavirus Revelation!

Scott Jensen
March 23 at 9:44 AM ·

COVID-19 update: CONTAINMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Mitigation and suppression should be laser focused rather than a smattering of potentially hoped-for outcomes. In short order - if not already - we will be feeling the tsunami impact of unintended consequences, and this will make “Humpty Dumpty’s great fall” look like he stepped off a curb.
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Apparently CBS once did real journalism occasionally. I am amazed.

Original source here:
"Dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine” CBS 60 Minutes 1979

Place where I found it here:
"Dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine” CBS 60 Minutes 1979



For some reason the first upload of this redo never showed, so here it is again. I redid this because I thought this video deserved more views. Please spread it everywhere! Also, please watch the video linked to below for proof that the Parkland shooting was a false flag and that the closet video was recorded 5 hours before the shooting started, straight out of David Hogg's own mouth. See the approximately 1:54 mark. Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution


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Anyone who doesn't own a rifle that can hold at least a 20 round mag, and at least three 20 round mags, should not be allowed to vote. That needs to be an un-repealable part of the new Constitution. That would have saved us all from the anti gun mess.
(Disclosure... I am only not a hypocrite on this matter due to the fact that I don't vote because all the elections are rigged... yes, I know that is lame, but I am broke)