Deliberately no English versions of the Old Testament were consulted for the literal quotes. I know, and probably you do too, that the differences are of minor importance.

I see I used a wrong photo: that belaongs to a completely different video. This one:

The tenth video for is the shortest one so far and 'something completely different'.
In the video itself I forgot to mention that I used boneglue to attach the linen to the masonite: it smells bad, but working with it really makes you feel like a painter from long ago.
I plan to paint more portraits on heptagonal carriers: making those yourself is then the only option!

Ninth video at and first of the videos in the category WDWD -What Did Winston Do- that fits that menu-title.

The eighth video at
About a sickening coincidence of two meetings.
I should not exaggerate: actually I did not throw up, I did not even vomit in my mouth.
Two days ago Mr. Zelensky, an extremely wealthy clown -literally, it was his previous job- addressed the Dutch parliament. The next day he did another non-exchange with the Belgian parliament. It coincided with a UN-bureaucrat showing his ‘respect’ to a bunch of terrorists.

This is kind of a sequel to the video on THE DUTCH HORROR IN 1672.
In that video -I made it with the support of my brothers- I promised that I would make a next one about the context of the murder at the "Groene Zoodje" in The Hague.

This video is mostly about how special the Republic was.

A short video about transgenderism. A subject that seems to at last getting the attention it most certainly deserves. Partially thanks to Tulsi Gabbard, partially thanks to the new Twitter policy: canceling the very best female atlethes from their platform for openly not supporting that misogynist agenda.

I painted Johan de Witt as kind of a tribute: in several aspects he was to the Netherlands what Winston Churchill was for Great Britain. For both of them the royals were a real pain in the ass...
And I feel related to him. Not the most but neither the least by the fact we probably share our birthday. Like him, I too have something with mathematics, but mostly I empathize with his rational approach. I do not compare myself with him of course, in the video I call him the greatest Dutch statesman ever.
OTOH, I hate false modesty, so: presenting the painting is also bragging about it in a sense.
Like the brothers De Witt, my older brother and I share many views and values.
I do hope that if today's 'aristocrats' come after me my brother will not suffer for my thought crimes.

#viral Alina Chan, Matt Ridley
#Churchill #Trump #Paintings

A couple of weeks ago Dr Malone was canceled from Twitter. He now has a Telegram channel with over 200000 followerrs:
Mr. Kriegman posted his story on 'Substack':

On the new website Old Dutch Painter, I report quite extensively on PoliceBrutality in The Netherlands. March 14 '21 at The Hague and January 2, '22 in Amsterdam
I was an observant eye witness in The Hague.
See more at for more text, 10 photos and 7 videos.

I published the text below with the YouTube version of this clip.

"My daughter bought this interesting toy for my eldest grandson. He is eight years old. The toy is called a 'Solar Satellite' (Kit) by its makers: a German company called Sol-Expert group.
The box says it is intended for children over 10. I was a teacher at a secondary school. So I can tell: yes, good advice.
My grandson is a clever boy, but he also likes playing football and climbing trees. Some parts of the kit turned out to be quite fragile. After he broke one and I used glue that took some time to dry, he lost his patience. I put most of it together myself.
The next day, the object worked its magic: the satellites were indeed circling the 'globe'.
For about 2 hours that day it was really sunny: instead of 10 revolutions per minute, as it said on the box, it made about 30 revolutions per minute. Wow."

I admit: I was trying to come up with a text to be fully approved by YouTube!!
Here I add more text.
The tiny solar panel provided enough power to make that impressive number of revolutions, provided the device was carefully aimed at the sun. And on the other hand: during the other 22 hours of the day, there was not enough light: it was night or there were too many clouds. The tiny satellites did not move at all.
Instructive indeed!
After my first look, before reading the text on the box, I expected the 'globe' to rotate. However, only the satellites moved. Clever choice: what was rotated by the solar panel weighed less than 5 grams!
The box says that the kit is produced in China. That raises questions about CO2 emissions. After all:
The great efforts directed at furthering the ‘chances’ of those profiting from solar-panel productions are aimed at encouraging that hysteria
That same hysteria about greenhouse effects in European political contexts encourages moving production from the EU (and the USA) to China.

Googling on 'CO2 produced by the transport of a sea container from China to Europe' gives this article as the very first search result:

The article is from 2010 and is not entirely to the point. The authors try to estimate the total effect of the relocation of production from Europe to China.
The article can be found on a EU-related websites, so it is rather lame, but the abstract does state:
“ … a number of recent publications indicate that emission reductions may also have been achieved because production has been shifted to other countries, and in particular China. (...) emissions in industrialized countries are substantially higher, and may not have declined at all. Significantly, emissions from transports are omitted in consumption-based calculations.”

I have not made any further study of it, but I have no doubt whatsoever that producing those toys, meant to influence schoolchildren, would not be viable economically if there were no vast amounts of public money involved.

Introducing my alter ego Old Dutch Painter, announcing activities under the motto 'Merciless Yet Emphatic'.

Winston Spencer Churchill: a study in (spot)light, colour and history.

This is my very first contribution on Bitchute. It is a first and a test in many ways. So please bear and bare with me.

At first, actually this oilpainting was meant to be just a final preliminary for the real tribute to the greatest Briton who ever lived, focusing on getting acquinted further with the characteristic features of his face and on the skincolour(s) I should apply.
As references I used three black and white photos and two paintings: for the face left below and in the centre. Clockwise, ending in the middle, Sir Winston was in the second, third, seventh, eighths and (very start of) nineth decade of his life.
The face in the centre is based on a painting by the famous Graham Sutherland: his ínfamous painting. The old man himself disliked it very much. So much so, that his wife later destroyed the original. Note that the British parliament paid the artist a fee that today would be worth around 100000 US dollars and the great man himself could be persuaded to unveil it on which occasion he gave a very special 'compliment': "a remarkable example of modern art".
Sutherland indeed had depicted Churchill not only as an old man, but as sad and vulnerable too. In my painting I have tried to change it in a way that honours both Sutherland and Churchill a bit more. Especially the body language is very different.

In many respects I am very, very different from him, but there are some similarities too. The least of those is that he painted too (On his 89 impressionist paintings very few people are depicted). He definitely was kind of a loner and he called himself sentimental. I like to see myself as 'Merciless Yet Empatic'. The most striking similarity is that reaching 65 years of age most certainly to neither of us meant: giving up.
BTW, I consider him as the greatest statesman who ever lived. Period.

The show I hope to start early 2022, will contain a 'category' –named WDWD– that has this painting as a standard image.

I am not just another Old Dutch Painter: I already claimed the domain name !
And on the other hand: painting is not my main occupation. I write and wrote quite a lot. Many essays (Most in Dutch; Some of my texts in English can be found here: on the internet, several books in both Dutch and English.

On for now (November 30 '21) is nothing to see yet.
My best friend (my brother) and my second best friend already promised to support me on my new initiatives.


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Over the decades I have produced a lot of political commentary and analysis: books, essays, shorter articles. The great majority of these are in Dutch and in text form.
This account is intended to support my new 'internet presence' as an Old Dutch Painter; website:
I don't set it up for anonymity, but for four other reasons
- After my retirement I started painting,
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- Inevitably, the importance of image and sound is becoming more important and
- last but not least: I want to contribute more directly to organization to counter nihilism and communism and to defend civilization.

PS: I have given up on he idea of a YouTube channel.