The purpose of this video is to draw your attention to a long text about Demographic Engineering and the crazy count Coudenhove-Kalergi.

Compared to that long text, this video inevitably contains more ‘sweeping statements’. A bit like the most famous booklet by that crazy count: ‘Practical idealism: nobility, technology, pacifism‘. I already had a plan to make this video when I started working on that long text. Then I had not yet sufficiently noticed however, the very direct link of the crazy count with Japan: his mother was Japanese.

I regularly face the need to remind people of the fact that “WW II” in Eastern Asia started long before WW II in Europa. In January 2022 I did write about Shinto-Japan thus: ....

Back to 2022, back to 2020.
Now, in 2023, every day it gets more appropriate to remind of this.
The title of this post refers to the opening scene of the movie 2000 Mules.
It shows former vice president Biden who spoke -before the 2020 elections- about very special accomplishments of his party: Joe Biden says he’s built most extensive “voter fraud” org in history. Link to video below. Nobody claims that the video was edited!
The defense is that the statement of Biden was 'recontextualised'.

I forgot to mention in the clip that I am not applying the final varnish here. On a traditional painting the final varnish is applied at least a year after completing the actual painting. This blogpost is about ‘retouching varnish’. This varnishing creates unity in the painting, especially by reducing differences in tarnishness.

I call the “extent to which Orwell’s books refer to things that are happening today” ‘strange’. Perhaps ‘spooky’ would be even appropriate here.

About the printing of post cards part: postcards with the portrait of Mrs. Rowling are printed already. The George Orwell postcards will follow swift and about the next I am also sure. They will feauture the most recent portrait I made that also happens to be my best so far: my tribute to India’s great prime minister Narendra Modi.

I’m not quite sure when it comes to my tribute to the De Witt brothers murdered and their corpses desecrated. As strongly as I am against monarchies, especially against the hardly ‘Dutch’ one in The Netherlands, perhaps the painting is too gruesome to be depicted on postcards.

Working links under the video at the website

UPDATE April 2023: I slightly expanded the text, did not change the video.

A video to support the Distinghuised Gentleman’s Ride.
Of course the video is not very short: it includes remarks about history. More specifically: about that ‘precursor’ of WWII, the civil war in Spain and the role of George Orwell therein. And I link the ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ part to the transgenderism agenda.

The link to the account of Toscan Verheij gives access to all relevant information about the DGR and the cause it stands for.
The technique of the website is exquisite too!

The video is about (Abrahamic) religions and changing views on the role of the US in history. A change that I welcome to a certain extent on the inevitable way to a more multipolar world, but that in my opinion threatens to get completely out of hand. And that’s not just the fault of Joe Biden and the American Deep State. From the insane transgenderism camp, there are even sounds today that deny or defend the communist genocide in Cambodia: possibly the worst crime in human history.

‘Misplaced Respect‘ is the prefix in the title of nine smaller chapters in my first book Islamophobia (available in Dutch only).The issue of cultivated spinelessness was then expressed most clearly in that Islam dossier: the obsessive looking away from the real existing totalitarianism as the core of Mohammedanism. The preface to my book 49:49 with good reason concludes:
. "My approach is thus diametrically opposed to that of many who implicitly or even explicitly opt for an attitude that boils down to: ‘Islam will be fine if we just don’ t delve into it or meddle with it’. "

Today, that self-evident spinelessness is a crucial part of several other files. I only méntion the transgenderism dossier here.

"When you accept that you can’t rely on those kinds of stories from journalists and politicians about '97% of scientists agree' and that you shouldn’t strike a contemptuous tone, for example by calling people “climate deniers,” what should you do?
There is little choice but to really delve a little deeper into chairs and work of people who –in name or actually– are involved in ‘climate science’. And that also includes: wondering what does or does not fall under that.
That is quite a task!
If I were a member of the Lower House (regardless of whether ‘climate’ and ‘energy transition’ were in my portfolio) or if I had a job as a science journalist, I would certainly put 100 or 200 hours of work into that orientation."

Direct link to the Long Text on the ODP website

Ranting about an insulting goodie bag?
Actually it is about that horrible combination of incompetence and arrogance. Sometimes I get this impression that in no country but mine it is such a widespread phenomenon. And it is not limited to ‘politicians’ and ‘journalists’. This combination is also self-evident for many civil servants. (I have made Meanwhile in the Netherlands a category for a reason!)

By the way: the Dutch language has no word for a goodie bag. Unless the practice of making one word of it has changed it magically into Dutch …

The Dutch political climate is not like the Ukraine one. Yet.
The most important opposition party (Forum voor democratie) is not forbidden. Yet.
The only dissident broadcaster of those funded via tax-money (Ongehoord Nederland ≈ “Unheard (of), neglected Dutch“) is not forbidden. Yet.

This video is in support of the broadcaster. I added English subtitles because these developments in the Netherlands are of interest to an international audience. The reason for this is that both the Dutch prime minister Rutte and warmonger Zelensky are admirers of and admired by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

This Rutte is in his fourth term as prime minister. Formally his coalition is supported by four political parties that together recieved only 49% of the votes in 2017. Polls suggest these four are now supported by only 30% of the voters. The mutual admiration of Schwab and Rutte was best demonstrated here, in a video titled: ‘Schwab: “Water, gender and so on” ‘.
While a couple of years ago Rutte and other political leaders that support him flatly denied any relationship with the World Economic Forum, nowadays the Dutch prime minister appears in parliament with a bag with logo and title of this platform. Hence the nickname: middle finger government. It deserves that name also because the ministers therein are the most loyal (to Rutte and vice minister president Kaag, a long time close ally of terrorist leader Arafat) and least competent in Dutch parliamentary history.

The mutual admiration of Schwab and Zelensky is best demonstrated by the clothes Zelensky wears depending on who he visits. When he is invited at the White House or by leaders of European countries he wears a messy T-shirt, sometimes in military camouflage colors.
Only meeting Klaus Schwab he wears a suit.
Eleven months ago he addressed Dutch parliament in a zoom-session.
See video about that ‘visit’, titled ‘Meanwhil in the Hague, Brussels and New York. (BTW: only Forum for Democracy rejected inviting Zelensky for a propaganda speech in an official session of parliament…).

Link to Dutch petition to support Ongehoord Nederland (Working links at

‘Legitimate aims’ of national governments are a deeply worrying element in two of the ECHR-rulings I criticized in so called ‘long texts’ that can be found in the category Jud(idical)Act(ivism) .
More specifically under the heading "Elephants in Courtrooms".

"It is disgusting. To use an understatement"

“The non morally corrupt judges should speak out on the abuse of the judicial system”

The texts on the two above mentioned ECHR rulings can be found here and here.

My tribute to Joanne Rowling, JKR, painted on a heptagonal self-made, rigid carrier. The next one in this series of tributes is of George Orwell. I actually started working on that one before I started with this one.

My pinned tweet says: “If you oppose #misogyny and or nihilism the #transgenderism-agenda is THE issue you need to focus on in 2023“.

This certainly also applies to my country: the Netherlands. The consideration of a bill that should lead to ‘self-id’ has already been postponed several times, but there is little chance that the decision-making on it in parliament will not be completed until next year. Hence: priority for this painting.

By now at the OldDutchPainter website you can find 11 (longer) texts and videos in the category transgenderism. In a way the first of those is still the most important one: Direct link to that long text, titled “Women’s sport, liposuction and perverse priorities“.
(Working links on the website

I used the (in)famous photo of Chamberlain as featured image. Somewhat amazingly I could find it at the BBC. (Link)
This is a good source to start if you know little or nothing about why the name ‘Chamberlain’ to many is almost a synonym for ‘appeasement’.
(working links at

A video about a longer text. At my Academia account.
In a way it is a video about the huge difference between Europe and the USA. To quote Randy Newman:

Step out into the light
You’re the best dream man has ever dreamed
And may all your Christmases be white

While I made the video I was again amazed by the facts about the Salem Witchhunt. Among those: the year, 1692.

Direct link to the long Academia text, titled "Another special role of the USA & The girl sacrifice and Lillith’s ‘rant’" can be found at the ODP-website.

Note on the absulutely surrealist photo of those cameras on the students: as a former teacher I can tell that a student wearing a coat in class is either provoking or mentally or physically not well …
No, I am not afraid to be perceived as unfriendly.

Three working links for these below are at
The long Japanese video
Yes, Yuval Noah Harari is a member of the World Economic Forum.
The Times of Israel article

This particular and personal story about tears of relief is actually an appeal to read a long, recently translated text of mine:
One could blame my emphasis on the idiocy of using that inappropriate use of the term ‘pyramid’ on the fact that I worked as a math teacher. I advice you to switch to another point of view: politics nowadays is poisoned by an almost happy dismissal of logic and common sense. Not being able to do simple math unfortunately seems more like a recommendation for politicians than a disadvantage.

Under the original at the ODP site you find direct links to pages mentioned in the video.
About Beslan. A Wikipedia lemma that provides a rather extensive reminder/start for further investigation. In Dutch a extensive article I wrote about the monster of Utoya that I started with comparing it to the Beslan atrocities.
The video about May 10, 1940 (still to upload here).
About halfway it deals with the huge difference between Norway and Sweden in WW III)
Wiki lemma about Febrile convulsion.

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day that reminds of one of the most horrible episodes of recent human history and to one of the most beautiful aspects of Jewish culture: commemorating every individual.

The reason for making this video is twofold. Last Christmas, literally on Christmas Day, I wrote what I thought was a short and somewhat understated message to an elderly man of East Asian descent about his remarkable sympathy for Hitler’s Germany.

Shortly after, I came across an account on the video channel Bitchute with the curious name “Way Of The World” (WOTW). There I saw a bizarre video in which Jordan B Peterson, a person I really admire, is attacked in a very strange way. That WOTH account has a large number of subscribers for Bitchute (25000) and the video in question has already been viewed more than 65000 times.

The ODP website already contains a lot of blog posts and videos about the –in age– middle of those three Abrahamic religions (see e.g. the tag Bible reading) . The last one of these is about the former viceroy of the Netherlands, called Donner, and his hero Emperor Constantine: the embodiment of Christianity as a state religion !

In the book 49:49 the Mohammedan version of those three gets the most attention.
Here in this video, the eldest of those three gets the most attention.
Although careful and understated, like the above mentioned message, I address ‘problems in jewry’. Especially those with defining it and in that chosenness-thingy.

Bluntly summarised: A) I am disgusted with the Jewish religion, B) I appreciate aspects of Jewish culture and C) I support the state of Israel (not unconditionally, but almost).

The video by that bitchute-account WOTW starts with a clip from a video that made JBP even more famous than he already was. In an interaction that was presented as an interview by a woman called Cathy Newman she twisted every sentence of the man but failed miserably. At one moment he literally said: ‘I got you there’. And she agreed …
The racist opponent of JBP in that frequently viewed video with dramatic music in the background, here ‘presented’, as it were, his own ‘I got you moment’ to expose JBP. This ‘Jew’ did not want to enter into a conversation with an outspoken racist, while he presents himself as someone who never stops arguing. On the one hand, the video portrays JBP as someone who likes to play the victim card and at the same time considers himself superior.

Only those who viewed a considerable number of videos from this Old Dutch Painter could have seen it coming: a video with observations and experiments with this special house plant, Monstera Deliciosa, especially its aerial roots.

And yes: its fruit is edible but you have to be careful!
To be honest I never had the privilege to eat one of those. However, I did enjoy the company of this house plant for over five years now.

Both a commendation OF and a certain addition TO my long text about viceroy, ChristianFundamentalist and judicial activist Jan Hein Donner (see below).

"The current king could be a descendant of Willem van Oranje, nicknamed 'The Silent'. A man who is portrayed by some as a kind of initiator for the independence of the Netherlands, which he certainly was not. He was at least as opportunistic as the average king or emperor in European history. Every principle was foreign to this scared man."

Long text:

When it comes to the phenomenon called ‘Gain of Function’ criminal is even still an understatement. It is pure evil.
The Chinese Army is deeply involved in virus-related research. On purpose in the video itself I do not even mention the speculations by the military about using viruses as part of biological warfare. Claiming this to be an actual policy of Communist China by any nuclear power would imply: preparing for WW III.
Texts from some Old Dutch Painter are not directly related to any country with nuclear weapons, of course. I see it as important to send the message to the communists that people ARE aware of the evil plans. This message should not be sent by political leaders outside communist China: to offer them the possibility to stop all efforts aimed at world power in 2048 and to stop al attempts to frighten the rest of the world into submission without having to admit (ending) these activities.

.. To some extent I was alarmed rereading my own text in translation ..
.. about a note in my 2012 text ..
Direct link to that longer translated text, 'Peer-reviewing and the prestige of science: A plea for non-peer reviewing':

The first episode of 'Elephants in Courtrooms' was about Pastafarism and the Dutch 'Council of State'. This episode is kind of a sequel. The judges who came up with the verdict criticised in episode I referred extensively to the ‘European’ ECHR. That organisation is the subject of this episode.

This video is my eleventh in the category 'Against nihilism' but only the third tagged 'transgenderism'.
The other two are a short video and a long text. The part in that really long text that is forgotten most often I read to you here.

Link to the lon text:

Still catching up. The immediate sequel to this one I already published here at Bitchute. It is called 'The apax of misogyny'
BTW: my brothers injury was much worse than I thought seven months ago. He did not die but had to go through life saving surgery that will have an effect for the rest of his life.

Warnings based on developments in the Netherlands.
How justice systems can be abused can be derived from these developments.
The video refers to this text:

Catching up publishing a video from May. Unfortunately an update as well.
In this video I tell that I am pleased to have discovered the existence of the International Churchill Society. The update is about that same Society, Zelensky and Climategate.
It turns out that the cancellation of Winston Churchill has even reached the Tories in Great Britain...
See my video of October 13 '22:
In a way that news actually influenced the quality of the painting in a negative way ...


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