This is the 2nd part of episode 14 brucees birthday! When we do a second podcast we are on the sesh haha so enjoy the chat👊

It was good to sitdown with american james we had been planning to do this podcast for a while! James has his views on things which alot of them i agree with and some i dont but we are still mates and can find common ground and have a chat! Because if you cant do that whats the point of life? Checkout his channels

In this podcast it was xmas break dan pitts(editor of the podcast) and his dog aries came over for a chat about allsorts of things from loneliness to music to the mind to lockdown! Was good to see him as it had been a while since we met up.
Here are some links to his business and music.



This is the second of 2 parts updating about the censorship problems we had with youtube! If you want to listen to the first part go to the old youtbe page! It has the first 15 podcast available there!


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Welcome to the-wisefool podcast where we have working class people who live the daily grind.
On these podcast we talk about allsorts of things but the main reason for the podcast is freedom of speech and debate!!!
In this era of life we live at the moment these things are being taken away from people and they are important to life!!
Its the age of fakery and control and we have to realise this is what we are seeing in realtime.
So stick ya headphones in no matter what you are doing and enjoy THE REAL TALK!