A prominent data scientist was also prevented from speaking to the Michigan House oversight committee because of extreme corruption in the leadership of the state Republican Party:

It's time for Democrats to put up or shut up. Sign a sworn affidavit attesting to your first-hand account that there was no voter fraud on election day, or stop standing in the way of investigations into electoral improprieties.

Vote fraud whistleblowers are under attack by institutional power, with their sworn affidavits attesting to heinous abuses being largely ignored. But We the People are not taking this injustice laying down.

This is #DetroitLeaks 2: The Aftermath.

This video covers the successful lawsuit that came out of the initial DetroitLeaks video release and how the Democrats lied in court in order to continue their illicit vote steal. It also debunks Attorney General Dana Nessel's claim in her blatantly unconstitutional cease and desist order and gives juicy new leaks exposing additional electoral corruption!

This is the video that has been aggressively censored by Big Tech. Twitter has repeatedly blocked it from being posted and Google had it removed from YouTube. Please share this video and become a poll challenger for election day:!

Original Description: Audio from poll trainings throughout October in the city of Detroit have revealed shocking corruption, unethical behavior, and perhaps even criminality from state employees who are tasked with protecting electoral integrity. We have audio of state employees telling poll workers to lie to voters, destroy ballots, disenfranchise poll challengers, and even call the cops on individuals who object to the unfair process! Spread the word about the #DetroitLeaks. http://bigleaguepolitics.con


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