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Ein Freies Servicevom #BundesAmtFürVolksVerStändNis


An Austrian former Refugee and Healer tells his story

Xiaomi Mi 4K footage
processed in GoPro Studio 2.0

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#HowNot2LoveHer? ;) <3

Next time Meez™ gotta figure out how to turn off the blinking lights... ;)

C the #CounterManipulation?
NeverMind... Still A Great #ProDuct ;)
prolly infinite supply...

Bear with Uz til the #EndOfELECtriCITY


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...showing #StrangeBHaviour at login attempt

Anyone else lately realized that strange BHaviour when U try to login on Binance when BTC Price is very LOW?

after sum time IT just shows that: {"code":-1003,"msg":"Too many requests queued."}

Haph1zoEKb3QqBUpy Trading!

If U can grab sum BTC at such low Prices, go for IT

might try KuCoin instead ;)

UnFortunately my DTube account still doesn't work :(

working IPFS Codes generated, but no show on DTube

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