The earth is flat. Volcanoes Are A Hoax! The Dome Is Made Of Blue Glass. Formed By Lava cooled rapidly!

By Erin Rocha

How the sun works on the flat earth

By Terry Eicher

Flatter than flat. No curvature in sight.

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Title:How to Denoise the World!
Begin:00:00:03 End:00:17:11

Title:Epic Infrared Aerial Photogrammetry of the Flat Earth
Begin:00:17:11 End:00:38:55

Title:Aerial Near Infrared Imagery with a Sony E PZ 18-105mm G Lens
Begin:00:38:55 End:00:52:58

Title:Epic Gravity Experiment
Begin:00:52:58 End:01:04:23

Title:The Globe Delusion is Ending Soon!
Begin:01:04:23 End:01:08:10

Title:Louisiana in 3D Infrared
Begin:01:08:10 End:01:10:24

Title:Flat Earth Mountains in 830nm Infrared from 35000 ft
Begin:01:10:24 End:01:45:26

Title:Simple Aerial 3D Infrared Video Creation (Red Cyan glasses required)
Begin:01:45:26 End:01:47:21

Title:Epic 3D Moon Photo and the Dome
Begin:01:47:21 End:01:53:14

Title:Eyes of Glory
Begin:01:53:14 End:01:59:36

Title:Mt San Jacinto from 123 miles in High Res IR on super clear day!
Begin:01:59:36 End:02:19:17

Title:High Resolution Infrared & The Flat Earth 1080HD
Begin:02:19:17 End:02:36:50

Title:View of Baja from Texas at 760 mile Distance
Begin:02:36:50 End:02:39:14

Title:Infrared Flight over Gulf of Mexico HD1080
Begin:02:39:14 End:02:57:46

Title:Mojave Flight HD1080
Begin:02:57:46 End:03:07:57

Title:1000 mile visibility across Lake Huron to Hudson Bay
Begin:03:07:57 End:03:24:33

Title:Baja California and Sea of Cortez in Infrared from 200 to 500 miles HD 1080
Begin:03:24:33 End:03:37:47

Title:Shocking Solar Diameter Change, Fall Equinox-1 (v2) 1080p
Begin:03:37:47 End:03:42:27

Title:Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and Hudson Bay at 1200 mi in Infrared 1080p
Begin:03:42:27 End:03:59:35

Title:Amazing long range Infrared Time Lapse at 50+ miles over water
Begin:03:59:35 End:04:01:51

Title:Infrared Horizon from 33 000 feet, Astounding Flat Earth Phenomena !
Begin:04:01:51 End:04:15:29

Title:The Great Lakes of North America in Stunning 950nm Infrared, Part 1
Begin:04:15:29 End:04:24:31

Title:Mt San Jacinto in 3D Infrared, seen from 123 miles away, 4k
Begin:04:24:31 End:04:27:45

Title:Airborne Flat Earth Analysis in Infrared, Las Vegas from 28000' and 190 miles away!
Begin:04:27:45 End:04:35:00

Title:Stunning 3D telescope image of the Moon in incredible contrast set against the Dome background (4k)
Begin:04:35:00 End:04:36:10

Title:Epic 500 mile visibility in Infrared from 31000 ft Astounding and Shocking Flat Earth Phenomenon!
Begin:04:36:10 End:05:38:28

Title:Stunning long range imaging over 100 miles in infrared reveals the amazing flat earth reality!
Begin:05:38:28 End:05:51:18

The globe is a lie. Wake up from that big great comatose of a sleep.

Wireless radiation is a threat to humanity. People are dying left and right because of this technology. Eugenics in every way. People gotta wake up to this Orwellian nightmare. Depopulation agenda.

Thanks to Safe Technology for Santa Rosa for a lot of whats in this video.

The truth is there for everyone to see. Everyone has been deceived. The earth is completely and utterly flat.

The sun is not 93 million miles away. We live on a flat earth.

Depopulation is underway. Billions will be exterminated through different eugenics programs. A new world order agenda. The secret societies in combination with the Zionists are hard at work trying to exterminate humanity. Watch what you put in your body.

Depopulation. The extermination of humanity. A population reduction is underway. People need to read the Talmud to understand the religious aspect of this agenda. The protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

A possibility. Some say the moon is plasma. We know it is see through to some extent. When measured moon light seems to be colder than being in the shade.

Video by teethofthelamb

Sky cam view of the night sky above the flat earth

Great presentation on flat earth.

By Taboo Conspiracy ii -

Curved water debunked. Optical illusion.

Space is a fake reality. A deception. Blood boils in a vacuum. Rocket propulsion does not work in a vacuum. Anything which pushes against or propels from the air does not work in a vacuum. A vacuum does not work without an enclosure. Any sort of pressure requires a enclosure like a dome. Our atmosphere has a barometric pressure. We live inside a dome. A container which holds all this pressure and the atmosphere.

Space is purely a product of the imagination. Scuba divers. Under water walks in large swimming pools. Some 'astronauts' almost drowned at times from leaks in the suits.

A flat earth reality

A view from a jet

Everyone is being dumbed down. Depopulation is occurring.

Satellites use balloons to travel across large distances. All our communication across the world is done with fiber optic under sea cables.

Curvature is no where in sight. No where to be found.

Chemtrails galore

Either we hit the dome or there is more land beyond the ice wall. There's a reason why no one is allowed over there. It has nothing to do with safety.

The people regulating the wireless are the people selling you the wireless equipment. Nothing is being checked for safety. They all know it causes cancer but they continue to sell everything since it makes a lot of money.

Flat earth cosmology

The earth is flat according to the bible. Only later the controllers decided to remove/reword these words in the bible. Anything that supports the flat earth has been changed in our time to support the globe. It is a deception to push people away from God.


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