Patrick Timpone

There’s nothing we see in other people that we don’t have in ourselves.

The only people that aren’t protected are the ones choosing to get the jab. You have to let something in for it to hurt you.

Africa seems to be targeted. The latest virus threat is Marburg. Malaria vaccines coming.

Amazing number of people being fired for not taking the jab. Taking the economy to another level.

21,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) containers sitting off the California coast in cargo ships.

What are the repercussions of believing in a non-spinning flat earth?

Carol wants to know why Foucault pendulums circle as they turn, which is offered as proof of a spinning globe earth.

Lawrence asks: How can I look north from my home in Hawaii and see all the stars rotating around the north star?

What stands out in Patrick’s memories of his DJ days?

True Healing Conference tomorrow and Sunday. Sign up at ORN.

Solendria appreciates Patrick’s earlier suggestion to try yoga; also the Crrow777 show. They talk about seeing and feeling spirits and many other subjects.

What is the most powerful thing Patrick thinks he’s done for his health?

What is the tight energy around our head and face?

The more we become conscious about everything, the more the unconscious will surface.

Everything here is in relationship to its opposite. Every front has a back.

Patrick performs a Hu chant to put the bow on the show.

Show highlights:

3 Things people believe that aren’t true: 1) Scientism, 2) The minerals you ingest stay as the same mineral throughout your GI tract, 3) Beliefs

Terrain theory maximalists vs. germ theory maximalists. How do David’s beliefs differ from Drs. Kaufman and Cowan?

Shedding is real, of both spike protein and graphene oxide.

It looks like Covid-19 doesn’t exist.

What is communism? Has resonance with scientism, is materialistic. Excludes spiritual, emotional, and the mind as influences.

It may get worse, but one day it will get better than we’ve ever seen.

Is secession in our future?

How did David Wolfe become a flat earther?

How can all map making be 5-10% off? Nature of reality is part rational and part irrational. It’s all here and interdimensional.

Are there 2 suns, with one behind the other? The sun behind the sun is a real object, but the front son can’t be blocked, which makes it a hologram.

Spaced out program is to convince you what goes up doesn’t come down. It’s an illusion.

Lucifer and Ahriman seek to destroy any ability of independent thought, using technology. Back and forth swings between materialism and escapism. How are they perfecting our soul?

Decentralized finance (defi) as a clue things are getting better.

Banksters are the problem; they take the interest we pay and use it to corrode the institutions of freedom.

Can use crypto and pool them with other people in pancake swaps. Decentralized crypto berserkers pool the money and lend it to us. Opportunity for crypto lenders to earn very high interest and for us to take control back from the banksters.

Government wants its own setup.

Amazon and Facebook are asking for seats at the UN. is David’s film about hypersyncronicity.

How far will they push us? Now is the time to make a move.

Stars are colonies of intelligences.

Emailer asks what David thinks of Crrow777.

Does David believe the sun is hydrogen? Hydrogen is the ultimate levitational substance.

Are satellites just balloons?

Why does the body age?

Visit David at Telegram.

Junk silver has a minimum premium over melt value. Demand for it growing.

Fed is considering tapering down to levels considered crazy 10 years ago.

Costs are going up with inflation, shipping problems with 72 container ships sitting off Long Beach, CA, oil spill, forecast of empty shelves at Christmas. Getting hard to hide the onslaught of problems.

“Transitory” inflation projected to last a year or two. GDP going up. Can’t raise interest rates until asset purchase program ends.

Fred projects looking at a 30% increase in costs in the next 2 years.

Caller Lance wants to know what happens to numismatic coins and bullion if the Fed introduces a central bank digital coin.

Reporting requirement of transactions $600 and over would mean total loss of financial privacy. Fred predicts the numismatic market would remain unregulated.

Fed doesn’t have a playbook to deal with the unprecedented level of current issues.

Would you ever let anyone else hold your gold and silver coins?

Canadian Shandra thinking of moving to US. Wants to know if she should buy a US or Canadian numismatic coin.

The selling point for a Fed digital coin will be convenience.

Control our money and you control our actions.

We create by what we believe and think. We are here to learn this.

We are all sons of God and are protected by divine spirit.

Our job is to do everything we can in physical reality. We exchange money for goods and services. We need to “move our feet” when we pray. Give 110%.

Patrick is more excited at the idea of bringing a child into the world now than ever.

2021 True Healing Conference coming up October 9-10, workshops October 16, 2021. See ORN homepage to register.

German New Medicine (Germanic Health Knowledge) summit on October 16, 6-9 PM EDT. Register at USA German New Medicine (

Kenyan listener excited to find ORN. Enjoyed the 2009 Jay Gutierrez ORN show on low radiation stones and cancer.

Meesha said Dr. Daniels was right, mad cow disease was a test run for the upcoming food shortages.

Dr. Fauci said Christmas is okay for the vaccinated. Why is he still a spokesman?

Why did the FBI raid the lower Manhattan headquarters of the Police Benevolent Association?

Vermont, with the highest vax rate in the US, is experiencing a Covid virus surge.

Marine Lt. Col Scheller jailed for criticizing General Milley and the Afganistan withdrawal.

Crrow777Radio show airs twice a week.

What does earth really look like? Flat and stationary?

Our bodies and 3D material are attuned to this realm. We are engrossed in 3D reality and our consciousness matches that.

TPTB wants us to believe we are insignificant. That God didn’t do a very good job in making us, so we need a jab.

We are the apex creation. If we think we live on a unstable spinning earth, our thinking will be unstable.

Try going outside and imagine you’re spinning. Imagine how it feels. 20 minutes later, go out and imagine you are perfectly stable and stationary. Note difference in the 2 feelings.

Lunar wave is a firmament wave and has been photographed.

Crrow777 aims to prove the moon is see-through and very young.

Emailer asks if the moon actually a reflection.

How did the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer get their names? Every map is incorrect.

For 7 years prior to Covid, had been a wealth of movies released like Walking Dead and Zombie Nightmare.

Vedic texts– idea of a central sun, a central divinity center.

Nothing leaves our atmosphere. Satellites are in this atmosphere, are Sataloons.

Elon Musk is an actor. Don’t ask an actor for the truth.

Regina wants to know when the heliocentric model came into being.

Calendars have been jacked up multiple times in history. Problem knowing when things actually happened.

History of earth has been written in the stars.

Kerry asks if the spinning globe model is how they got away with the Covid lie.

We are on the precipice of an age of enlightenment. Once we recognize we are a divine spark with free will, we don’t want to fight.

George wants to know what The Great Reset is all about.

Regina asks how we got here on planet earth.

Every culture over history has a version of what happens after physical death.

Will unvaccinated, unmedicated babies and children transform the world? Will they wake us up to our higher abilities?

2400 pages in the proposed infrastructure bill. What is in there?

Check out Charlie Sewell’s forms on ORN for vaccine exemption.

Legislation introduced in Arkansas legislation to exempt people with natural immunity, or negative tests, from vaccine mandate.

God-given rights trump civil rights. Courts don’t recognize God-given rights.

National citizenship of 14th amendment took away state-citizenship status. People became property of the US. Birth certificate means we’re born into slavery.

Emailer Fred looking for help on how to remember his dreams.

Emailer queries about how to find legitimate health information.

Is ivermectin a good choice?

Ashika asks: Will there be massive death or long term effects from the Covid jabs?

Sign up for free event on 10/16. Stories of people using Germanic Healing Knowledge (aka German New Medicine).

Peter says “Too many dreams. How about living in reality now and let God take care of it?” Patrick responds.

Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor and Germanic New Medicine Consultant. She helps people to understand their symptoms from the GNM perspective, guides them in learning to trust their bodies, and teaches them mental shifts for creating a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

How does learning how you perceive the world help you know more about yourself?

“I’m not good enough” thinking causes tissue erosion. Why does repair following self-evaluation lead to stronger tissue?

Why does cancer start? Why is cancer an adaptation?

Is cancer metastasis a myth?

What role do bacteria play in recovering from a tumor?

Why is the name German New Medicine evolving into Germanic Healing Knowledge?

Does a patient need to understand the Germanic Healing Knowledge concept before they can heal?

Why do the authorities want to suppress this knowledge? Dr. Hamer was jailed.

Societies are currently suffering a territorial fear of something invisible, creating fear of the unmasked, unvaxxed, unclean surfaces.

Enders paper introducing the idea of viruses was just a theory.

It’s not what you’re consciously aware of, it’s all the messages you’ve received in your life to cause you to still experience a fear conflict shock.

Ask yourself how you really feel.

Why is symptom manifestation a tissue repair process and not a detox process?

Why can it be dangerous to resolve territorial loss or sexual conflict that have gone on more than 6 to 9 months?

Why do we see so many thyroid issues? Prostate issues?

Why does disconnection cause disease?

Classes in Mind Mastery are opening in January 2022.

Free summit in October 16, 2021 featuring stories of people using German New Medicine. Register now.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Could it be that “The Boys” are doing everything they can to get people into the streets, so one day they declare Martial Law when it gets out of hand, or before?

How should we handle their bad behavior and evil intentions?

The smartest and most strategic move is to actively resist or actively yield by quietly not complying. Works for us ;-)

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War around 500 BC. Subdue the enemy without fighting. Is that what’s happening to us today?

Do we create health conditions by what we think?

Is the answer to detach yourself from them completely? Did we create them?

You will be protected because you trust in God.

Where are they going? Tell Joe we’re losing our patience with these vaccine mandates.

Know you will be okay. It’s just a bad movie.

What are the best financial options in these times? Cash? Gold? Silver? Coins? Crypto?

Emailer asks who they would come after if they declared martial law.

Polls show half of military will refuse the vax. United Airlines has 593 workers refusing.

Don’t quit, make them fire you. Send them a certified letter first.

Tony reports strange times in Dublin, with outward appearance of normality.

Oni wants Patrick’s take on Dave Murphy’s references to the Old Testament and the End Times.

Christina had something in her larynx that was lasered about 10 times. How to heal it?

Emailer questioned how to use pure pine gum spirits of turpentine for the parasites in her gall bladder.

Why might anti-parasitic Ivermectin help people with Covid?

Why have we become psychologically weakened by the spinning globe theory of earth?

Why do they lie to us about our cosmology? The uneducated eye knows we’re on a flat plane. We must be taught otherwise.

Dave says the Old Testament is real history and explains how we got here.

We must be created because everything is interdependent.

Lost History videos explain the lost history of flat earth. Our earth has been melted out of a greater earth. Email Patrick to get the video link.

New land appears as the sun melts the ice at the extremes. Finding architectural buildings that couldn’t’ be built today.

The map of the earth is up on the moon. It’s dark spots represent the current land masses of earth.

Why is the magnetic center of earth moving?

Our maps are 2,000 years out of date.

Why would NASA spacesuits not withstand the pressure of the vacuum in space?

How high is the firmament? What is the barrier that stops us going too low or too high?

Emailer George wants to know what is above and below earth.

Is earth a state of consciousness? It’s a dream in the mind of the Most High, a point of conscious awareness.

Second Esdras in the Apocrypha explains why we are here.

Caller Sean wants to know the number one thing that clinched flat earth theory for Patrick and for Dave.

Chris asks: Is pangea, a supercontinent where land masses were all connected, true?

David questions if the sun is a ball of hydrogen.

The fallen angels taught astrology.

Old Testament is the Book of Remembrance. Why are other ancient texts not trustworthy?

Paleo Hebrew is the original language of man, a language of word pictures. It’s unlike other languages because it resonates with the right side of the brain. Can’t be translated into western languages.

Show highlights:

What are the virtues of the plank exercise vs. the Copenhagen version? Dr. Daniels demonstrates.

Most diseases are due to parasitic infections. Plus malnutrition, dehydration, not enough poops.

Is Covid due to a common source outbreak, rather than a contagion spread person-to-person?

What causes breast lumps?

Emailer has sciatica, Dr. Daniels blames gelatin. Use pig tails/feet or chicken feet.

How to help painful periods?

Caller has exhaustion, is it Lyme?

High blood pressure, abdominal aneurysm, chronic heart failure – what to do?

Is mad cow disease real?

Is there a bioweapon that’s been released? How is that related to the loss of the value of money?

Government making Covid medical decisions with no basis of evidence.

What to do for bad knees with no cartilage?

Can Ivermectin be used for Covid symptoms? Does horse paste work or tablets only?

How can droppy breasts be helped? Upright posture, pectoral exercises, ham hocks.

Can we cleanse the blood naturally? Search on Strong Water Bitters.

How to help COPD? Using turpentine and NAC.

How to help cold feet?

What to do for numb toes? Dr. Daniels demonstrates stretches for foot flexibility.

Can a family of 3 children with Gitelman Syndrome be helped?

How to stop burping 50 times a day?

Do I need to worry about a worker in my home shedding from his second Covid jab?

What are the problems with taking digestive enzymes?

What to do if someone’s had one Covid injection?

Flu like symptoms, 104 fever – -what to do? Take castor oil.

What causes disease? Number one thing is stinkin’ thinkin’. “They” try to convince us there are things out there that are going to get us.

Ask: How did I create this?

Why do they want to hide the idea of a flat earth?

How would Drs. Cowan and Kaufman respond to Dr. Peat’s contention that viruses exist even if they can’t be isolated?

Are scarcity, terrorism, and overpopulation all made up?

How does the immune system play a role in sexual attraction?

Why is there no evidence for a curved earth other than painted “photos” from NASA?

Where did life originate?

Patrick explains the elevation he felt after understanding that the spinning globe earth theory is fake.

Emailer recommends the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam. Patrick concurs.

Emailers share kudos for One Radio Network shows.

Ann asks for Patrick’s opinion on the Bible and spiritual issues.

Patrick responds to emailer’s questions about yoga.

Patrick shares why he was suspicious about the moon landing from the get-go.

Emailer responds to Dr. Peat’s prior comment about dogs, says the ability of dogs to understand language is clearly demonstrated

when a different language is spoken to them.

Did Patrick have snake karma? He tells his story.

Tess asks about karma and having a soul. Patrick says we are soul and we channel spirit.

What is the hidden secret of the oath of office?

No corporation can tread on the laws of the Constitution. Why Is censorship by Facebook and others a violation of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act?

How did the Alberta case overturn mask wearing requirement? “Where is verified material evidence that backs up the statement that wearing a mask reduces transmission of Covid virus?”

How to use Charlie’s letter requesting religious exemption. Mail it to a specific person. Send it to the chairman of the board, etc.– put them all on notice.

“If you’re going to reject my religious exemption, you must do it under affidavit, otherwise your denial is invalid.” Back it up with a civil rights complaint. Notify multiple authorities of the discrimination.

Use Charlie’s letter to challenge both vaccine mandate and testing mandate.

Enforcement officials need to present a warrant plus an affidavit of harm.

What to do when lawyers say Charlie’s letter is crazy and dismiss it?

Oath of office gives no immunity for unconstitutional doing.

Arguing on the basis of experimental use (EUA) and Nuremberg Convention is arguing the wrong thing.

Don’t quit, get fired. Keep a timeline affadavit. Never threaten. Write first before having an in-person meeting.

Step-by-step guide to using Charlie’s religious exemption letter, using caller Taylor as an example.

Link for 8 page Civil Rights violation package: HHS Office for Civil Rights Complaint Form Package. Pages 1 and 2 are the actual form. Important to read every page.

Emailer asks: Why does religious exemption work in a right-to-work state?

Charlie’s email: [email protected]. Charlie is not an attorney. Please respect his time.

Patrick King in Alberta province got Provincial Health Minister to admit there is no verifiable material evidence that Covid-19 exists. Court lifted quarantines, contract tracing mandates, and fines.

Register at ORN for Virtual 2021 True Healing Workshop is October 9-10, workshops October 16. Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Brogan, David Icke, Sally Fallon Morrell, others. Workshop will educate on the New Biology – how biological systems work.

What are the surprising properties of water? Which has a double helix, water or DNA? Water crystals?

What is the psychology of masks? Power to change the consciousness of person interacting with a masked person.

How does detox with water work?

Water knows the truth. It transduces and receives information. Can’t game the system with water.

How can medicine use water’s powers?

Higher temperatures melt gels and get the embedded toxins out of the body.

What is mature water and why is it best? What is wrong with hydrological cycle water?

What are holograms in the blood?

Believe it or not? The heart is a vortex with small vortices within.

The complexity of the body is beyond our current comprehension.

Emailer Josie asks if there is a safe and effective vaccine? Why take them if there is no virus?

Is it true viruses are alive and they’re solid?

Are bacteria living? What is their purpose?

Evan asks about using a blood test to confirm Covid rather than PCR?

Celeste wonders: What about the computer simulation of Covid and the spike protein?

Joy is trying to understand how 3 of her friend group got sick with Covid symptoms if the terrain theory is true.

Delusional thinking around Covid has people agreeing to inflict harm upon themselves.

What is the evidence that China has released something? Is China a patsy?

Rob asks how there can be a Delta variant of a virus you say doesn’t exist?

What about shedding from the vaccine? Evidenced only in intimate partners and nursing babies.

Did Drs. Kaufman and Cowan know about the virus before Stefan Lanka? Hear Stefan on Freedom Talk 1; he’ll be at the conference.

Why do Drs. Cowan and Kaufman do this?

What is Orgone energy? To be discussed at the conference.

Tom thinks Joe Biden is rapidly becoming an ex-President.

Accepting Covid as real is a better foundation to demonstrate evidence they’re lying to you, are malevolent, and have another agenda. Why are they suppressing therapeutics?

Are we willing to torch every aspect of medical privacy for this disease that has only a 0.1% fatality rate?

They want complete control of all of your information put into a singular data base.

Was the Newsome recall election fake? Did Orange County, CA really vote 60% in favor of Newsome? They cheated so hard they wound up with numbers that made no sense. Did Biden really get 81 million votes?

Will be major elections in every major economy of the world (except China) over the next year.

What will be General Milley’s out on treason charge? Is Nancy Pelosi also guilty? Remove them and others by charging them with high crimes and treason.

Davos people are controlling Biden. But they’re not really in control and are making it up as they go. They may control Twitter and Facebook but they don’t have control of the information space.

Do we need people in the streets in the US?

If refusing the vaccine mandate, make them fire you in writing for cause. Get a termination letter. Don’t just walk away.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum answer to the system failure is global technocratic communism.

How do people get started with crypto currency? Tom explains crypto and Bitcoin.

Apple is putting the screws to Visa and Mastercard with lower transaction fees.

Is crypto safe? Are bank accounts safe?

Is it true they can shut down Bitcoin whenever they want, so it’s just not long term sustainable?

If they shut down the internet, do you lose your crypto?

Emailer George asks if Tom has an opinion on Cardano.

Tom covers crypto all the time, at a philosophical level first, and then at the nitty-gritty level.

Why is Tom long-term bullish on Bitcoin?

Does Dollar Inc. know what it’s doing?

Can Trump or any president in 2024 be able to affect the value of what you will be able to buy with the dollar you are saving?

Diversify assets out of the stock market.

What can we really believe? It’s all about fear and keeping you off your game. Learn from ORN.

Consider being a patreon of or helping ORN.

If the sun is 93 million miles away, as NASA says, how can sunspots be seen from earth?

Email Patrick to get link for Lost History videos.

Why is the UN and USGS using a world map created in 1800?

Why was NASA created after Admiral Byrd’s expedition? Why did we supposedly go to the moon?

Video of Conan O’Brien interviewing Buzz Aldrin: “It’s make believe.”

Emailer Phil reacted negatively to Santos Bonacci.

What does Patrick mean when he says we are the only truth there is?

As Tom Luongo advised, If someone wants to force you to take the jab, don’t quit. Make them fire you.

Is college worth the tuition?

Video from Eric Dubay debunking NASA’s credibility on the moon landing adventure.

Are fallen angels trying to blast through the firmament? Are the globalists?

Are satellites a scam too? Why is NASA the number one purchaser of helium and balloons?

Emailer Judy asks how long remdesivir stays in the body. Email Dr. Ardis.

Go to Bitchute to see videos of ORN. Patrick recommends subscribing to Bitchute to get auto updates.

Billy from Portugal shares how he is touched by Patrick and his shows. Comments on David Weiss and Santos
Bonacci, a long-distance flight, and sailing trips.

Emailer says Patrick is a conspiracy theorist and not looking at the truth.

Emailer looking for recommendation of where to find reasonably priced property in Texas.

Emailer asked her granddaughter to live by Richard Maybury’s 17 words. Looking into Eckankar.

Patrick expounds on Eckankar.

Coming up: The New Biology, a virtual True Healing Conference. Oct 9-10, 2021. Drs. Kaufman, Cowan, many others.

Syncretism is the underlying science that is underpinning every field of knowledge. It Is the universal, truthful religion. Everything is interrelated.

How do you work with people like Fauci?

Love can bear evil, but it cannot bear an excess of evil.

How to stop violence? Violence vs. justice.

Corruption is like leaven in the dough. It must be removed.

We experience astrology, which is electromagnetism, when we see the effects of a full moon. But we deny it.

Why does this matter? When people learn the truth they learn their full power.

What are planets made of? Is the moon merely a projection?

What is physical reality? Is it merely plasma, gas, liquid, solid, and ether?

God thinking is the electrical universe we live in; God knowing is the magnetic transcendental world. Magnetism is the source, electricity is the force. These explain the illusion of matter.

What is the significance of laser beams shot at the firmament all stopping at 98 miles and not crossing over each other?

What are torus fields?

What happens when we have dream experiences?

Human intellect progression of opinion sense knowledge understanding wisdom intuition, and synergy.

We change but we’re still the same. The soul doesn’t disappear.

How liberal, conservative, progressive viewpoints can all be good, yet get transformed into bad?

Are the laws of karma developing the human race?

Are Bill and Melinda Gates and the evil cabal trying to wake us up? Are they actually doing us a favor?

Emailer Melinda asks if stars, planets and the moon are inside or outside the firmament?

Astrological significance of conception vs. birth days.

Why do some people age?

What are the downsides of ejaculation?

Emailer asks why thinking we live in a snow globe is more spiritual?

What is the evidence for the earth being stationary?

Emailer Kate asks for explanation of shooting stars, meteors, Haley’s comet, and other celestial events.

Why have fish fallen out of the sky?

Why have historical records been removed? Santos likes Lost History videos.

NASA wants us to believe going further out is the answer, but the answer is found by going within.

“They” are getting desperate, pouring out medications, enacting euthanasia, but scriptures say they’re not going to get away with it. The curtain is opening.

The Bible is Santos’ favorite book; it never fails. Bhagavad Gita and other traditional scriptures also good resources.

Randy asks, so rain comes from the firmament and not the clouds?

Kate wonders if aliens actually exist, and is Stephen Greer controlled opposition?

This planet is controlled by the law of karma.

Aliens come from under the earth. Hell is under the earth. Earth is meant to be only paradise and purgatory.

Judy asks for an explanation of fallen angels.

George asks how we can be in the Great Awakening if we’re in the Kali Yuga, which is the worst of the worst?

Where does Santos think he’ll go after he leaves this body?

Why Is flat earth vs. spinning earth not just small potatoes?

Judy questions about this being a cosmic egg and if the madness is from the “Fallen Angels” trying to break out.

TJ asks for an explanation of the theory of gravity.

Gyroscopes prove we’re living on a stationary earth. They never change their orientation.

We are born free and we will remain free forever.

History is radically different from what we’ve been told.

Earth is not a flat pancake nor a spinning blue marble going around the sun.

Curvature of earth should make long-range photos impossible.

NASA admits they have no photos of earth. It’s all been paintings.

How is earth like a pond? Why is Antartica the highest land in the earth? Google “Antartica shoreline”.

Why do global treaties say no one can go to Antartica or beyond?

What is earth really? What are planets?

Can the moon really cast shadows on earth?

What really causes seasons? Sun is closer during our winter. Confounds Heliocentric theory of earth.

Support for astrology and creation.

Hit Dave’s “Flat earth sun moon zodiac app” to find other users. Read the reviews.

Eclipses come in cycles, proves we’re not spinning in space.

Pilots and scientists not allowed to talk about flat earth.

16 Emergency Landings that prove flat earth.

Is there really a sound barrier?

Spinning earth theory has anomalies in sunrise and sunset times around the winter solstice that are explained by flat earth theory.

Why all the misinformation? They don’t want us to know we’re significant. We’ve lost power because we don’t know we’re the center of creation.

Caller Tayler says photo of the sun in the clouds is a great proof of flat earth.

Rockets are balloons with a light show. It’s all fake.

Why is gravity nonsense?

What is outer space?

Stationary nonmoving basin vs. spinning at hypersonic speed.

The United States today sits upon a precipice and the dream of the Founding Fathers of a new age of reason for all humankind may soon be washed away by the sands of time as just another failed effort to bring humanity into alignment with the force of Natural Law.
Time and again, humanity has been brought closer to this dream of an age of moral reason and cooperation that would define the terms of international law, political-economy, the arts and even science policy. The topic was treated at length in Plato’s Republic, Laws, and Gorgias, just as it was treated by the great Platonist of the Roman Republic, Cicero in his Commonwealth and Laws. It was treated thoroughly by the Platonic Christian St. Augustine of Hippo in his City of God and Free Choice of the Will and it was treated by Augustine’s followers Alcuin (advisor to Charlemagne), Dante Alighieri, Nicholas of Cusa and countless great Renaissance scholars and statesmen.
The idea of a society founded upon the cultivation of the love of higher pleasures of the spirit rather than the feeding of the lower pleasures of the fleshly passions is thus a long standing one which has never been properly resolved and which has been sabotaged relentlessly by historic forces seeking to keep humanity enslaved to beliefs in sense perceptions as serfs chained to a cave wall believing that those shadows cast before their eyes were all the reality that exists.
It is our contention that without an appreciation for this dynamic interplay between sets of paradigms as a driving force in global grand strategy, then it were impossible to achieve any truthful understanding of what made such anomalies of history as the 15th century Italian Renaissance, the 1648 Peace of Westphalia or the 1776 American Revolution possible.
This volume will showcase the international grand design led by Benjamin Franklin that manifested in the establishment of the American republic and trace the next 130 years of world history as the USA was targetted for destruction by oligarchical forces from London and also from within leading up to the assassination of William McKinley in 1901.

Matthew Ehret is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation and Canadian Patriot Review. He has published scientific articles with 21st Century Science and Technology, and is a regular author on several political/cultural websites including Los Angeles Review of Books: China Channel, Strategic Culture, Off Guardian and The Duran. He has also authored three books from the series the Untold History of Canada.

What happened to all the rock stars who used to be for freedom? We talk about the vaccine passport in Britain.

Fake vaccination cards can land you in jail in some places.

What do you think of Sirhan Sirhan being paroled? Two of his sons testified on his behalf.

Atom tells us about an exorcism gone wrong he once witnessed.

Observing the angle of the sun to understand chronobiotic nutrition.

Patrick’s been pondering the cosmology we’re been taught; Atom challenges Patrick a bit about it.

Atom is on the side of the born again Christians at this point; he tells us why. Rick Wiles’ TruNews is an excellent source of news information

Atom has written a new E-book called Secrets of the Serpents that focuses on conspiracies; he tells us how to purchase it.

Elon Musk wouldn’t exist without DARPA.

You have a much bigger chance of getting vaccine damaged or even dying from a vaccine than you have from dying from a virus.

The 3 different types of karma. Why instantaneous karma is the best.

Searching more effectively using Google.

Atom tells us how he dealt with petechiae and edema.

The best fish to eat.

The magic of hydrogen.

Minimizing Omega-3s

The problem with pork these days; why bacon is the best form of pork to eat.

How to talk to someone while they’re in a coma.

Are there actually more hurricanes now due to global warming? There’s always been hurricanes; maybe there’s just more people getting in the way now.

Your world will always be how you see it and believe it is.

When we incarnate in a body, all the ideas, beliefs, images, stresses and tension we experience are what form the body.

Patrick’s sudden knowingness of the need to stretch, leading to gains in spiritual awareness and better relationship with the body, mind, and soul.

Many comments showing interest in “flat earth” and “lost history” ideas.

True physical health advances depend on spiritual health.

Emailer asks about grooming and feeding a dog, Cornucopia pet foods, spaying, vaccinations.

Emailer appreciates Drs. Cowen and Kaufman shows.

Did emailer’s Dad know the moon landing was fake?

Patrick believes that the moon landing never happened.

Does gravity exist? Can we leave earth’s atmosphere?

Universities are controlled by organizations with an agenda.

Is what we’re told about money, cosmology, pharma and Covid all made up?

If you believe in the original lie, the germ theory that you can breathe in something and spread it to others and kill them, then you can believe in the lies that follow, like the Delta variant and PCR test.

Bridgette calls to talk about the video that presented evidence questioning the moon landing. She recommends a Aajonus Vonderplanitz video.

Flat earthers say a gigantic black rock is at the north pole, which is the magnetic part of the earth. What is the name of the biggest, globalist, richest, swampiest investment organization in the world?

Fear is what the globalist, elite, Illuminati, swampy people live on. Fighting them gives them energy, and they just do more. You get energy whether for or against.

Once we let go of all we believe to be true, what is left?

How do we get more spiritual?

Why aren’t we more God-realized?

Taylor from Austin called in to talk about Buzz Aldrin’s appearance and his surprising indirect admission on the Conan O’Brien show. Tel-e-vision – selling a vision. Coming to grips with a reality that is not. We had to live through untruths to get to where we are now. Fired because he refused the jab.


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