Patrick Timpone

ORN Patrick Timpone show notes 9/28/22

Scheduled guest Martin Armstrong is now evacuating his home in Florida due to Hurricane Ian.

The lucrative banking industry - making money by making money for a living.

Imminent banking crisis starting in Europe and then spreading to the US next year.

Sovereign debt crisis will explode in Europe. Promoted by the obsoletes, Patrick’s new term for the elites.

Too Big To Fail movie about banking-caused 2007 implosion covered over by TARP. It was not caused by subprime mortgages.

Long US history of banks running things and causing turmoil.

Is this the big one, the one the crashaholics have long warned is coming?

Spiritual and emotional shifts going on. Communism, gender confusion, transhumanism, climate change, COVID - It’s all been a lie.

Is the CIA or another US agency behind the Monday’s Nordstream 1 and 2 explosions? They’re trying to make everything worse.

NS1 and NS2 pipelines are very deep in the ocean. Sabotage probably required a submarine.

Charles Nenner doesn’t recommend being in equity markets until October or November.

Dollar still very strong because other currencies are in worse shape. Dollar Index won’t go much higher.

Don’t give energy to physical complaints. What we resist persists.

Patrick’s pain in the bladder area went away 2 months after being on an animal based diet. Temps staying up without thyroid now.

Is meat the species appropriate diet for humans?

The technology of X3. Building muscle with bands- the safest, quickest way to build muscle without getting sore. Never losing pressure is key.

Different technology than lifting weights. Repetitively stretching a band with ever decreasing excursions until you can’t move.

What will currency change to? Choosing not to participate in what’s coming.

Hurricane Ian - catastrophic strike this am at west coast of Florida, but winds will expand to the east coast of FL. 2nd landing to come on s.e. coast of Florida on Friday.

Listener trying to go carnivore, but overwhelming sugar urges on 3rd day. Drinking orange juice to satisfy those cravings.

The more sugar you do, the more you want it.

Listener’s mother suffering with colorectal cancer. In pain and is wasting away. Try bone broth, meat, and fat.

Listener not sure they can live without baked potato and pasta. They are comfort foods and wind up being a drug.

Compare the feeling after eating pasta to after eating meat.

Listener misses Richard Maybury shows. He’s taking a break.

Stanley Druckmiller – predicts hard landing by end of 2023. Coming recession or worse. Every Fed hiking cycle ends in default and bankruptcy of government. Massive QE of $30 trillion is fueling the recession. We’re in deep trouble. Most severe Fed tightening since 1980.

The Fed is causing the issues and they know it. Raising increase rates won’t stop inflation. 11 year lows on home sales.

Will the US be the Weimar Republic or Venezuela?

Martin Armstrong found documents showing plans made during Clinton Administration to overthrow Russia.

2 more days on Surthrival Chaga/Reisha 20% off sale.

Looking and seeing from a spiritual perspective, based on Patrick’s experience.

He subconsciously created painful conditions, heartburn and sciatica, so he would not give up on finding out how he created them.

Stretching and body work to let go of images, thoughts, and engrams.

Intertwining of energy between soul, mind, and body brain. They’re separate after death.

Thinking “my thyroid is low” makes it low in the body at that moment.

We can create cancer cells by worrying. It’s usually who is the matter with you, not what.

Disease also results from buildup of toxins. Parasites and buggies show up to clean out the body.

Buildup of stress and tension from daily living which can be released by physical and spiritual exercises.

Gift of awareness from getting cancer. Spiritual issues at the root of disease.

The body is not physical. The molecules are moving quickly.

Soul puts out more light when less trauma and engrams in the body.

Believing in age is an illusion. A false premise that we have to age. We get to chose what we want to believe.

Something is permanent only if it’s permanent in heart and soul.

How to fix a mental construct? Realize it’s not you.

German New Medicine works by finding a trauma. The traumatic event is our reaction to what happened.

Disease happens because of ignorance of the spiritual law that we are soul, captain of our ship, and writer, producer, director of our screen play.

We know that we know.

Yes, they are trying to kill us. But It’s all a control mechanism. Viruses are made up and never been proved to cause anything.

As spiritual beings becoming more awake, we can see through their attempts to control us.

Why do we create these diseases? In the case of Patrick’s sciatica and heartburn, to learn how he created it, so he can help you learn how to uncreate it. Same for us.

Body is trying to heal. When we damage tissue through worry, angst, fear, the body tries to encapsulate damaged tissue. Can start cancer.

How do we get rid of an image or feeling? Understand that it’s not us, that it’s not physical.

What we expect is important. Give ourselves the best life we can. Give 110% in reaching our goals.

Spirit loves to be expressed through fun ways through you.

Divine spirit will give us everything we want and to be as happy as possible.

When you ask spirit for something, tie that something into something that will help others as well. Share what you have to help others. Wish others to get what they want.

Edward has written other books on the gospel, geopolitics, injections, salvation, Zionism, Roman Catholic Church, gospel of grace, and 911 conspiracy.

Who came up with the idea of a spinning globe?

Unable to conceal the existence of God, so instead they’re trying to conceal the creation of God.

This earth is unique in creation. Stars are created by God. If it’s concealed, man won’t seek God.

The Big Bang theory of creation presupposes there is no God as the Creator. Which means there are no rules from God. This results in people behaving without rules and harming others. So government is created and protect the innocent. The core is concealing the existence of God.

Hiding God brings tyranny. At the core of the global earth belief is hiding God.

Heliocentric model began with Pythagoras 500 B.C. Freemasons hold Pythagoras in high esteem.

Gravity was necessary to explain spinning earth. Spinning creates centrifugal force, which would cause objects to spin off the earth via centripetal force.

Centripetal force is gravity. If earth is a sphere spinning 1000 miles/hour at the equator, objects should weigh more going from poles to equator. It doesn’t, stuff weighs the same everywhere. And in actuality, stuff weighs a fraction of percent less at equator because of atmospheric pressure.

NASA is showing CGI photos.

We’re born in sin. Only way to be a spiritual being is to be born again. We’re dead spiritually until we’re made alive by God and born again.

What is the Coriolis effect?

How is there a north and south pole on a flat plane? There is no south pole. It’s ceremonial. There is a north pole in the center of the flat earth. Antarctica is at the periphery.

How can Polaris track earth when it’s stationary over the earth?

Polaris is embedded in the firmament.

Stars rotate and come back to the same spot after a year. Time-lapse proves it’s the stars that are spinning, not the earth.

If earth was revolving, stars should be in an arc. NASA says we’re spinning 1000 miles/hr to the east, yet stars travel both east and west on time-lapse photography.

Where do rockets go?

Is there a Van Allen belt?

Radio waves supposedly bounce off the ionosphere and bounce off back down to earth. Yet astronauts can supposedly transmit radio waves through atmosphere.

Is the moon solid or plasma?

Google Earth turns flat earth into a globe. Turn it 360 degrees and you won’t end up in the same spot as starting. They’re using software to conform into appearance of globe.

In-Q-Tel is a CIA operation. NASA is an intelligence operation – it’s mind control of the masses. Need to keep the scam going.

Why can’t Hubble be turned around to take a picture of earth?

Satellites are tethered on helium balloons. Elon Musk’s launches are CGI. Tires on a Rover would explode in space.

Why won’t they go back to the moon?

Everything is spiritual in this world, touches on your spirituality.

Exchanging evil things for good is an abomination. They say you’re interfering with a woman’s freedom if you oppose abortion.

Roe v . Wade was made on same basis as the Dred Scott decision, which justified slavery.

Talmudic Judaism wants to influence you into their doctrine. It manifests as communism, which is atheistic.

Judaism uses old testament as window dressing for their own traditions, which are memorialized in the Talmud. Freemasonary is an arm of Talmudism.

You can’t claim to worship God if you reject Jesus Christ. Talmud says Jesus is boiling in hell in excrement.

Satanism wants you to worship creation rather than the Creator. God is a spirit which must be worshiped in spirit, not via icons.

They don’t want you to understand you were made in God’s image.

All alien contact is with the devil. Or a fraud.

Without idea of spinning globe, one of millions in an infinite universe, they couldn’t pull off COVID scam.

Numerable reasons why COVID pandemic was a scam.

Open VAERS reports number of deaths. 42% of reported deaths occurred with 48 hours of receiving the vaccine.

They control the money and thereby control the governments of the world. Bill Gates is just one of the minions. Rothschilds are far more powerful.

They’re putting us through a conditioning process. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Vax, masks, lockdowns.

They’re trying to take firearms away from the people. Mass shootings are a contrivance, a façade.

Christchurch video shows shooting through a windshield, but the windshield didn’t break. Then New Zealand made it illegal to show that video.

How will we end up?

Mark of the Beast

Digital currency will control what you buy and if you can buy. They can turn off your account. It’s the new tyranny.

Who would have thought people could be forced to be vaxxed?

How to make pineapple vinegar

How to make sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut juice useful for digestion, pain relief intestinal cleansing, unfreezes frozen shoulder.

Learn to crochet. You make a useful product, and it’s a way to focus on something and relieve stress.

Young girl with autism and learning disability. Constipated, had 2/3 bowel removed. Grinds teeth. Vitality Capsules to increase to 3 poops/day. Increase water. Increase exercise. Eat cow and pig liver and brain. Eat 4 times as much vegetable. Short bowel should mean more frequent bowel movements. Something very wrong if constipated.

Loud ringing in the ear. Head feels thick. Can’t breathe. Ringing is accumulation of junk around 8th cranial nerve. Increase water and bowel movements. Coffee enema. Increase exercise. Rebuild 8th nerve by eating cholesterol. Eat calf or pork liver, or chicken liver as 3rd choice.

Sleeping on the floor vs. mattress?

Vitamin D supplements are worthless and not shown to be helpful in studies. Vitamin D requires cholesterol and the sun. If cholesterol > 250 and 15 minutes in the sun, you have enough Vitamin D.

Your body can make 85% of the cholesterol it needs. Must eat the other 15%. Reason to eat animal foods. Also to get Vitamin B12.

How did people get iodine before it was added to salt? People used to get salt from seafood and crustaceans, which are also a iodine source. Anticaking issues are not a substantial issue, but could be with a saturated fat or cholesterol deficiency. Cholesterol < 190 has lower life expectancy.

Dr. Daniels’ sensitivities went away after getting off vegan diet.

Shilajit high in trace minerals. Need more iodine than trace amounts. Eat iodized sea salt.

Why do babies come out breech (feet first)? Didn’t have enough amniotic fluid to move around. Breech birth is no big deal, doesn’t require a C-section. Flip babies at the hip before birth.

20% off sale on Surthrival Reishi and Chaga through the ORN website. SAVE20 code.

Florida caller says hurricane coming. What are nonperishable cholesterol sources? Fry up liver. Fill up cooler with ice, put liver and cholesterol foods in it, liver is good for 3 days. Get a portable grill with a tank. Make pickled eggs.

How to make adequate online income?

White spots on nails, despite taking zinc daily. Bump on butt cheek – parasite? Ignore fingernail. Stop sitting so much. Put turpentine on the bump. Put castor oil on body, waist down. Do exercise, especially splits, to clean the lymphatics. Avoid sitting.

Listener with stage 3 colorectal cancer and excruciating pain in abdomen and rectal area. Bedridden, vegetarian but takes dessicated liver. Cancer means there is a deficiency in the intestines. Cancer is an inability to repair, and the area collects trash, which is called a tumor. Is actually a parasite infection – tumor is a parasite condo. Take Ivermectin – body weight/10 = mg. of iVM to stop parasites from growing. Take once every 2 weeks. How did you get to that point? Vegetarian diet didn’t have enough connective tissue. Eat cow small intestine, pressure cook 2 hours, in tomato sauce if tolerated. Dessicated liver if it helps to feel better. Cook half pound of each organ and drink the broth. Eat overcooked vegetables.

60 y.o. man with gallstones. Take bitters, sauerkraut juice, make stools soft. Liver flushes are stressful, require dehydration and malnutrition for a period. Could do 1-2/year. Cause of stones is dehydration and constipation. Put topical turpentine on painful spot.

Helping a sprain with castor oil and turpentine.

Shedding from the vaccines – real or fake? All live vaccines shed. Don’t shun anyone who has been vaxxed. Keep your immune system where it’s not compromised. Use turpentine from time to time.

Grapefruit sized cyst on right shoulder blade in 5 year old girl. Has had it for 3 years. Look at BMs, up to 5/day, increase water. Put castor oil on her waist down for 3 days, then neck down for 3 days. Get her exercising out in a meadow. She’s had a problem with eliminating waste.

Hemiparesis from a stroke from stress, one BP med. What caused the stroke? She was dehydrated. Malnutrition from not enough cholesterol. Increase water intake. Increase BMs to 3/day. Vitality Capsules. 3 oz. liver twice a week, 2 oz. brain 2-3 x/week. Milk thistle – 1 tsp. in water up to 3x/day. Expedites removal of damaged cells. Paralyzed part needs range of motion movement 3x/day.

Look at molecular hydrogen to help stroke patients.

Applying topical castor oil causes cell to detoxify.

Fending off asthma

What to do for cramps at night.

Mom has cervical

Call with Russell Bentley live from Donetsk, which was formerly in Ukraine and then voted to be a republic in 2014.

Donetsk and Luhansk having referendums this week about joining with Russia.

Are there Chinese or N. Korean troops in Ukraine? Russell says no, and whatever mainstream media tells you, you can assume the opposite.

Corporations are profiting from the 10 time increase in LNG gas prices while the poor consumer suffers.

European court tells Russia in 2020 that they must sell LNG at capped rates. No legal basis for the decision. Deprived Russia of their just profits.

Donetsk occupied by German Nazis in 1941. Many Ukrainians became collaborators. Germans called them Schweinhund – pig dogs.

Ukrainian Nazis went underground after Russia won in WWII. Supported by west with a propaganda operation. Operation Gladio.

Putin will not lose this war. Has been careful to minimize damage and civilian and troop loss.

This Is a war of NATO and the west against Russia. Is a war for the future of humanity. They want famine, depopulation and destruction.

Why is the west blocking mainstream Russian media channels, like RT? People are being lied to by their government and mainstream media. What don’t they want us to hear?

The Moon of Alabama is a truthful site. Also, The GrayZone, Max Blumenthal. The Saker, Vk on Facebook, the Duran, Alex Mercouris.

Beware of Gonzalo Lira, NPR.

Putin has done a limited conscription of 300,000 men. Calling up reserves with experience and special skills.

Russians understand whoever defends Donbas defends Russia.

Russia initially came in and thought they could do a gentle invasion. An error of being too honorable and too compassionate. Up against head-chopping, cannibal Nazi Ukrainians.

Chrystia Freeland is deputy prime minister of Canada and minister of finance. Her father was a Nazi collaborator.

If Putin pushed up against the wall, he will use nuclear armaments. He says a world without Russia is not worth living in.

Davos crowd, WEF – they want to be like God, to be God, and that’s who we’re fighting against. WEF transhumanist Yuval Harari thinks humans don’t have souls.

Russia allows media that is anti-Russian and promotes the Ukrainian side. A trust that Russians can detect BS and know that reports of Russia bombing Donbass are false.

Support for Putin is around 80%. Profits from LNG priced 10 times higher now is supporting the ruble, the best performing currency in the world.

Russia didn’t have the political and economic power in 2014 to fight the Ukrainian coup d’état. Higher profits from selling energy now. China, Brazil, India, South Africa now in alliance with Russia. 75% of the nations in the world support Russia.

Production of agricultural fertilizer is a major industry. Fertilizer producers shut down because they couldn’t pay energy prices to make it. Farmers didn’t have fertilizer this year. Russia offered to give free fertilizer to poor countries of the world. Coming food crisis.

Nordstream 1 pipeline supplies 40% of all LNG to Europe. Nordstream 2 would double capacity at reasonable prices. Pipelines shut down, energy market now completely destabilized.

People that own the US wanted to destroy Europe as an economic competitor, return them to the Middle Ages. US will be next.

You’ll own nothing, but you’re not going to be happy.

German journalist Alina Lipp who reported from Ukraine was threatened. Germany took her assets, jailed her. Then went after her mother.

Still food in Donetsk grocery stores, but prices have escalated. GMO foods not allowed. Russian rubles, Euro, US dollars used as currency.

What impact will winter weather have? Tough on people in Europe and Ukraine. Russia will not sell LNG to their enemies. Donetsk and Lugansk have the ability to heat the homes of all the residents with hot water radiators. Russell pays less than $20/month for all utilities combined. City can’t shut off utilities.

Are there parts of Ukraine not experiencing war? Still nightclubs open in Kiev. Most heavily Nazi city in Ukraine is Lulav on Poland border.

Russell’s hope for the future: Russia secures the Donbass region, the nuclear power plant, and the port. Ukrainian army repelled from the eastern region.

If the conservatives win the US election in November, will this thing stop? Russell is an economic communist, a social conservative, and thinks the economy should be for the benefit of the workers.

Much of the billions going to Ukraine is funneled through a money laundering operation and is directed to selected elites.

Ukraine’s economy is now sex slavery, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and drug trafficking.

What is the truth about eating carbohydrates? Impact of carbs on health.

Antigens cause inflammation and eliminating them can reduce leaky gut.

Problems caused by commonly eaten foods. Are they species inappropriate?

Listener recommended eating yellow mustard for immediate relief of muscle cramps.

Going down the garden path at a societal level. Different realities for different folks.

Don’t concern yourself with the evildoers. Live in the reality you want.

Waking dreams often correspond with nightly dreams. They can foretell the future or warn us.

Patrick dreamed of Chinese in military uniforms. China is trying to game our system.

Courts never heard any cases about November 2020 election fraud. What’s stopping them from cheating in the November 2022 election?

Having an intuition that something is up.

Animals vacate areas before tsunamis. Sensing danger coming.

Swimming in cold water or cold showers right after workouts can help vacate lactic acid buildup.

What will people do for a living after the Great Reset?

Taxing your solar panels, metering your wells, and constraining your rain water usage. Keeping you from consuming “too much”.

If you’re not an elite, you’ll be one of the obsoletes.

We need to take a wrecking ball to all hospitals and medical establishments. The only way out is a revolution.

Food additives being touted as a health supplement at a greatly increased price. olive oil is dated when olives are picked. Look for “estate grown and packed” on olive oil labels.

Soy first manipulated in 1888 by radiation. DDT also used for food manipulation. Can now use CRISPR to make anything they want.

Vitamins don’t cause acid or alkaline reactions until you overdose on them. Any beneficial effect is from shocking the body.

If taking big niacin doses, need Vitamin C with it to prevent toxicity.

Homeopathy – a thief to catch a thief. Allopathic medicine – a cop to catch a thief.

The allure of foods from far away and mysterious places.

Caviar (which is an egg) is an excellent food for making babies, especially if eaten at sex-circulation time.

ADAPTNOW sale. 20% off Surthrival Chaga and Reishi.

“Toilet to tap” water, aka poop-water, coming in California. Purifying sewage water until it becomes clean enough to drink.

Slowing digestion down with cold water.

Venison and wild game digests faster than pastured meat.

Mushrooms are a reflex to the penis. Frigidity implosion.

6.8 earthquake in Taiwan, 7.5 in central Pacific coast of Mexico.

Texas is sinking, it’s not the ocean rising. Taking the oil out is causing subsistence.

US napalmed AWOL US soldiers in the jungle. Story buried after news organization bought off.

Does the energy of meat that people eat harm them? Yes, if the animal suffered before death.

Want wild-caught fish. Be wary of food labels. Spirulina company exposed for using blackboard chalk.

The life force of the animal, its vitalism, needs to be considered in choosing food. Don’t want confinement animals as food.

How about shrimp as food? Atom’s story of “rocks in eyes” going away after eating all the shrimp he could eat.

What does urine character tell about a person’s state of health? See Dr. Revici’s book, free search via The Crazy Pharmacist. Also

Patrick not peeing as much on his carnivore diet and is doing well on it. Atom says that diet would kill him.

Temple Grandin – instrumental in the movement for humane treatment of livestock. 32 year professor at Colorado State University in animal science. Great movie about her called Temple Grandin. Raffi’s son Michael Dilsizian on YouTube.

Background in biodynamic farming. Studied water under Dr. Rudolph Steiner and Dr. Schallenberger.

Concept that water can die and be brought to life intrigued him early on.

Developed egg vessels to mimic what water does underground as it comes back to life. Used historically, these can bring waters temperatures down to the low 40s without refrigeration.. Need wind, being on a balcony, and non-glazed vessels. Must be porous for breathing. Moisture and wind tends to chill and temps will drop within an hour.

Water is densest and healthiest at 39.2 F. Can penetrate cells best at that temp and hydrate better. Shape of egg allows it to vortex inside. Periphery Inside the egg is always colder than the middle. Difference in temperature and egg shape creates the movement inside. If no movement, the water will die. Need soil bacteria, minerals, carbons, darkness, coral, to breathe, and time.

If not maintained properly, egg gets moldy. Stopped making egg vessels 14 years ago. Making them would be a good project for a nonprofit. Clay materials must be very low in heavy metals.

Theology and philosophy are Raffi’s passion. Not enough to have good food, good water, and supplements.

Put your water in the refrigerator, where it’s cold and dark already. Movement not needed with colder temperatures. Want water at it’s densest.

In hot water, you release toxins into the water. In cold water, you can absorb minerals. We drink water to hydrate. Need water to be as close to 39 F as possible.

Can’t detox all the time, need to hydrate the cells. Drinking alkaline water all day long isn’t good for you. High pH water doesn’t taste bad, so you think it’s harmless.

Options for whole house filter systems are the cartridges. Depends on what is in the water. Base is 3 cartridges, 4.5”x20”. 4 if you have hard water.

When water sits for a long time and ages, it forms goo, so want to be changing cartridges. Want a system where the homeowner can change the cartridge and not need a plumber.

When you’re taking care of one problem, you often create another one.

1st cartridge is sediment cartridge to catch particles. Can have “woven cotton” which has polypropylene plastic in it. Pressing water through very fine openings. Raffi uses coconut carbon, started with zinc and copper. Large variation in coconut carbon on the market. Sri Lanka coconut carbon is best. Many manufacturers use acid washing, but you don’t want the acid embedded in the coconut carbon, and Raffi’s isn’t.

2nd cartridge is coconut carbon block, unless dealing with fluoride.

3rd cartridge is also coconut carbon block. Blocks require glue to stay together. More expensive to compact coconut carbon manually, which Raffi does.

Filters get dirty and have to be changed. Reason you don’t want a big 15” or 16” tank. Frequency of cartridge change depends on the water.

Different systems needed for city water so to get rid of fluoride and chlorine.

Whole house systems not recommended for renters. Use Reverse Osmosis unit instead. His R.O. systems under the sink have 6 cartridges. Cartridge #5 is the most complicated.

Uses coral calcium to add minerals back in that are absorbed by the body, instead of calcium. Don’t want to drink hard water. Raffi doesn’t like water softener systems. One reason is what the beads are made out of: DVD, divinyl benzene. A clear liquid from crude oil, and water softener water gets pressed through it.

So what to do? If you don’t use a water softener, you have to change pipes every 15 years in hard water areas like TX.

Raffi likes anti-scale units instead of water softeners. It changes structure of water so calcium and potassium don’t stick and will also help clear pipes. Need a filter system ahead of an anti-scale unit. Need to change anti-scale unit every 1-2 years.

Whole house filter isn’t sufficient. Need a point of use filter for drinking.

Raffi shows his R.O. unit, which has 6 cartridges inside non-porous plastic housing. Can produce 550 gallons/day, so don’t need a tank. Will not incubate mold.

He’s installed whole house filters for gardening water. Commercial cannabis operations grow better and have fewer diseases without water contaminants.

If a water shortage, maybe not even city water available, you can use an adapter and take the unit to a different location and purify the water from a creek or swimming pool, for instance.

Cheapest things to change for your health is air and water.

Nuclear testing ruined the water in the city and basin of Las Vegas. Raffi wanted to protect himself from the radiation while living there, so he developed his shower filter. Engineering challenge to design the right amount of resistanc

The pleasure of beneficial synchronicity.

Why is moving so stressful? Imprinting by the birth experience, which is everybody’s first move.

Everyone that’s had a strep throat has had throat cancer first. The infection cleans out the cancer tissue. The throat is where we express, and the lymph glands there are a filter of what we say.

Victims don’t get well and don’t do what they want to in the world. Instead, look at it as a love story of all molecules trying to help us.

Why did Patrick get a leg cramp? Could be Ca, K, or Mg imbalance or too much lactic acid. Or from a dream where intensely jumping over or reaching something. Standing up with feet flat on the floor may help it go away. Warmth is good. It’s only during the repair of the muscle fibers that it hurts.

James has been getting ill and has low neutrophils. If neutrophils are low, lymphocytes may be high normal or higher. Could be an issue of going into repair with exosomes (viruses), which means a conflict about contact with other people or territory. Means the body is going into repair. Or, if everything is low, something’s going on with the bone marrow.

Antibody is a protein against a person’s own body. Immunizations accentuate and make the body go out of balance. Overreaction has to be stopped, even if it means killing our own cells, and antibodies are produced.

Original wording in Jefferson’s Declaration Of Independence was life, liberty, and property, not life, liberty, and happiness.

Listener has macular pucker and foggy vision. Would ozone gel help the eye? Dr. Massey asks: What is the love story?

Dr. Massey shares story of a 2 year old seeing their mother leave and developing macular issues as an adult on the anniversary of that event. Something I’m seeing is creating suffering, so the brain creates the foggy vision and macular pucker to muddle the view of the unpleasant sight.

Ozone stimulates stem cells.

Vitreous floaters is about a floater to block out the vision of a particular spot. E.g. to block out the vision of dead bodies from wartime.

Constellation via Zoom with Stephanie Richmond.

Bruce shares trauma from his birth experience when his umbilical cord was strangling him. When triggers happen, notice the mood. As a baby, would bang his head against the wall – means I want to go forward, but I need to be stopped. Anything the baby’s brain takes up is what the mother doesn’t have to feel. Holding the breath and becoming stiff – I have to hold the stiffness for the mother. The baby takes on what the mother can’t bear.

Why would the cord be wrapped around the baby’s neck? Ancestral experiences of someone who was hung, or who had to leave their home before they were ready. Advancing in life could be difficult, because it brings back memories of being strangulated when moving forward. Rebirthing may be helpful at both mental and physical levels.

Dr. Massey speaks highly of a somatic therapy session that eased some long-standing knots in him.

Listener asked: What is the immune system? What is authentically me and what isn’t? What does it take to maintain authentic me? It’s not like a military operation of kill everything that isn’t me. Instead, there’s a love story there.

Social distancing and masking – they want us to think anything that I don’t think is me is out to get me. But anytime I think it isn’t me, it definitely is me.

The futility of vengeance.

Listener was told they have no antibodies. Doctors want to give immunoglobulins. If a person is susceptible to severe repair (get severe flus or illnesses), it’s probably autoimmune. Immunoglobulins can be helpful. Can turn off allergic phenomenon. Dr. Massey recommends Megamucosa by Microbiome Labs. Also, increase protein digestion to get more immunoglobulins. Stop gluten and dairy.

Patrick shares his 3 pm. coffee enema experience. Filled up with lots of coffee, kept enema in for an hour. Next day, had big chills, shaking, had to cancel show. Consequences if we do something beyond our adrenal capacity to produce anti-inflammatory hormones.

Fiber doesn’t get digested which means it doesn’t get used and must be excreted.

Some people with brown eyes who genetically have blue eyes have reverted to blue eyes after colonics and enemas.

We’re spiritual beings in a body. Why are we here? When do our souls arrive?

What is the right food for our species? The sacrilege of saying vegetables aren’t good for you.

We’re here to find out how this all works.

Listener asks how to attract an intimate relationship into their life.

Be happy. Follow the “Build it and they will come” model. Make yourself as attractive as you can.

Patrick is feeling better on carnivore. Digestion and colon calm and quiet now. Eliminated leaky gut. Minimal need for food preparation allows more time for productive pursuits. Flexible eating times. No concerns about pooping.

Patrick has flipped his opinion on Konstantin Monastyrsky’s advice to avoid fiber when he was a ORN guest. Author of Fiber Menace.

Nancy is trying to eat more carnivore but has cravings for sugar at night. Try having some butter or blueberries.

Ray Peat says best pork is bacon. Pork cheeks are good, also pig feet. Fat doesn’t make you fat.

Does circumscision cause premature ejaculation? Exercises to desensitivize. Deer exercise. Books by Stephen Chang, The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom, and The Complete System of Self Healing. Book by Montak Chia, The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know. Tap testicles. Learn to injaculate. Pine pollen.

Atom says the foreskin loss thing is nonsense.

Is it more pleasurable to do a one-time ejaculation with a high pleasure level or to do multiple injaculations with each at a comparatively lower pleasure level?

What is the actual cause of warts?

Bonded debt of the US is around 40 trillion dollars. It must all be paid.

Germany seizes control of Russian-owned oil refineries.

US running into the ground from sending support to Ukraine.

NASA as a money-laundering operation. Where is the evidence for a global spinning earth?

Eating a species appropriate diet (carnivore) fosters clarity of consciousness. It’s not just about feeling better.

How can you kill an animal? Technology now can kill them quickly and painlessly.

Want to buy from providers that treat animals respectfully.

All souls give up their life for other souls. Everybody is eating some other soul.

People in India revere cows as sacred and are vegetarian. They are passive, poor, struggling.

Indian government wanted people to keep a cow so they could at least have milk.

This is a Renaissance time for culture to start exploring questions in life.

If someone can’t chew, bone broth is suitable.

Dr. Peat’s recommended progesterone, Progest-E, can be ordered at

Listener recommends FreeTube, since YouTube removed ORN videos.

What is Mercury in retrograde?

Dr. Shawn Baker said the human body is red meat.

Carnivore makes grocery shopping and meal prep easy.

If what comes in just goes out, why do we need to eat it? Most of grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes gets pooped out. Whereas meat gets absorbed into the body.

This is the Big One for the financial system. It will not go back to normal. Get some gold and silver coins – call Fred Dashevsky at US Capitol Coin.

When we deposit money in the bank, it’s theirs. We are loaning money to them.

Get as liquid as you can.

They think raising interest rates will lower inflation. Really?

Housing will slow big time.

Joey’s Instagram: @carnivore_camaraderie. YouTube

His diet has been 1 year animal-based, then 6 months pure carnivore.

Influenced by Paul Saladino videos that vegetables could be toxic.

Isotope analysis showed early man ate almost entirely carnivore.

Plant-based diet doesn’t provide enough calories and nutrients.

Testosterone levels used to be much higher. Vegans have lower T than omnivore, despite their healthier lifestyle.

Low fat diets and statins lower T. Zinc, eggs, organ meat raise T. More T means higher ability to reproduce.

Becoming a noncomformist and skeptic after becoming carnivore.

Archeological examples of microevolution but none of macroevolution.

Impacts of Joey’s carnivore life on his personal relationships.

Divergence from his parent’s view of the world. A questioning child trying to use common sense.

Electronic gadgets contributing to feminization of men.

Recommends Bart Kay and Dr. Kiltz for understanding of carnivore physiology.

Effect of diet on his athletic performance: Keto had terrible effects. Meat and fruit -did great. Pure carnivore – terrific performance and improvement.

How can fruit be bad for us? In nature, animals eat fruit to become fat, in preparation for the winter. Makes no sense to eat fruit in the winter. Fruit also has a lot of sugar in fructose form.

Fruit has been hybridized to be sweeter and is not a health food.

Sugar is how we put on body fat.

How about fat? Eats high fat ground beef, also tallow by spoonfuls.

Eat as much meat as you could possibly want. Eats only raw dairy, which still has lactase in it.

Organ meats – do it in percentage that would be in the animal. Higher ratio of organ meat to muscle meat is probably best, because scavenger animals and early humans would have eaten the organs first.

Grass-fed, grass-finished, no antibiotics meat is best and is low in deuterium. Even grain fed meat is better than vegetables, but grain is high in deuterium. Deuterium is super-high in processed foods, in water, and is a major factor in disease today. Deuterium replaces hydrogen in metabolism and spins slower in the electron transport chain.

Cows eat grass, which ferments in the gut. The fiber converts to fat in the form of short chain fatty acids.

Now pooping 3 times a week instead of 2 times/day.

His website is

Health changes in his 40s led Shawn to investigate a meat based diet.

Was a champion athlete, but wanted to be an even better athlete.

Experienced persistent aches and pains, tendonitis, early arthritis, increase in BP, sleep apnea, metabolic changes, which went away with a carnivore diet.

Beside avoiding processed foods, what should you eat? Most people don’t do well on a plant based diet.

Want food that is easier to digest and absorb nutrition from. The answer is animal foods for most people.

Animal tissue is bioavailable and what we are already made from.

Gorillas eat 40-60 lbs of food a day. Spend 80% of waking hours chewing it all.

More efficient to eat at least 70% meat. Not making as much waste when eating animal vs. plant.

Dr. Baker eats 90% red meat, 3% pork, chicken, fish. Also eggs, dairy, cheese. Rarely eats fruit.

Not opposed to raw meat, but it is a contamination hazard.

Is additional fat needed? Maybe for some. Depends on body fat. Low fat is not sustainable. His diet is 60-70% fat.

Constipation is inability to evacuate the bowels. Not determined by frequency.

Co-founder of Revero, an online platform being developed to treat disease with medical nutritional therapy.

How significant is sugar in our health? We can make glucose from protein and fat without consuming any sugar. It’s hard to moderate sugar.

Dietary carbs are easier to overeat, less satiating.

How do carnivores get rid of excess iron? It’s not how much we eat but rather how much we absorb. Iron regulation is under the influence of hepcidin, which is influenced by insulin levels.

High ferritin is a marker of metabolic unwellness, not that too much meat is being eaten.

Since carnivores have a reduced need to have bowel movements, where is meat going in the body? It’s being absorbed.

Dr. Baker generally eats two meals a day.

Hunger is the best sauce. Food tastes better when we’re hungry.

Some people have intolerances to non-meat foods and it’s okay to not eat them.

Don’t rely on your diet to provide entertainment in your life.

Listener on BP meds and thyroid asks if he can just start eating carnivore? Have your doctor help you wean off meds. Don’t stop them cold turkey.

Adequate level of blood glucose depends on how fat adapted the person is.

Eat more and lift weights to build muscle and gain weight.

Patrick shared his 8/3/22 enema experience. After effects made him cancel Atom’s 9/5/22 show.

The effects of heat on the body.

The cell is designed to be slightly acidic. The life is in the acids, which are volatile. The alkali in food are metals.

Donkeys as guard animals. They don’t like canine animals. Donkey milk is closest to human milk.

Adrenaline lets bears survive hibernation.

Our main enemy is bureaucratization. More laws and regulations taking away our liberties.

Why don’t they want us to use the sun? We don’t take full advantage of solar power potential.

Russia isn’t fighting the Ukrainians, he’s fighting NATO and the US. He should stand up to his real enemies and cut off their oil and gas.

Hitler wouldn’t attack England in the beginning of what became WWII.

How to erase trauma with predecessors if they are no longer alive? The unconscious forgets nothing.

Use Mind-Hacking to deal with traumas with people. Also yawning and stretching are helpful. Find your heart’s desire.

Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey tried to present evidence to a New Zealand court of falsity of virology. Court refused to accept it, so Patrick will be writing a screen play about it.

Mesmerism works better than medicine. We tumorize what we suppress from consciousness. The unconscious mind knows what we’re trying to get away with.

Original Flatliners movie is a good illustration of karma.

Feeling guilty makes a situation worse.

Patrick’s refrigerator went out, then his home air conditioner, then his car air conditioner. What does it all mean? Was Patrick overheating?

What explains synchronicity? Atom had multiple printers go out. He figured out the issue was expression and figured out how to make things better and faster.

We live in a connected universe, not a linear universe.

A doctor was able to hypnotize fish scale disease away when he believed it was only a rash.

Unexplainable healings.

Umbilical trauma and spermal racing trauma.

When does soul come in? It’s a spirit that comes in when you take your first breath.

We are each the Akashic record. Atom wants to reincarnate forever. Prior life as a grasshopper.

Patrick doesn’t believe in age. We each have a biological inner child which doesn’t change.

Sleep apnea can increase lifespan, unless you get frightened that you will die from it.

Why does Patrick feel he’s doing well and have more energy since eating carnivore? He believes in what he’s doing.

Warren Buffet is 92, eats Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, no vegetables, still living in his same home, living his own life. His joy is making money. Doesn’t give interviews or do emails. His only rule is don’t lose money.

Coming soon, FED NOW, safe effective instant payment system for everybody, starting next year. On the Federal Reserve website.

What is Atom’s opinion on wheat germ oil? Better choices are olive oil, pistachio, almond oil. Atom wouldn’t take wheat germ oil or cod liver oil.

Ear wax is yellow fat disease.

Oysters are very good. Good zinc, copper source. Egg is one of the most perfect foods. Caviar is good. We are the same as the bear family, with different types eating different types of foods. Any food high in silicon cools you off, such as cucumbers.

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Biden’s Monkeypox czar. Self-described as a gay health warrior. Does drag appearances.

Atom recommends Viking (2016), a Russian movie with subtitles. Available on YouTube.

Cancer inhibits fat absorption. Get vitamin supplements and absorb them by holding them in the mouth. Cholesterol is good for cancer that is metastasizing. Clarified butter is best. Eggs are good too.

ADAPTNOW 20% off sale of Chaga and Reisha at Surthrival.

We humans like to think we can catch something.

Germ theory – the juggernaut of modern medicine. It’s all based on fairy dust.

Google these germ-denying people, and check out their ORN shows: Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Amandha Vollmer, Mike Stone, Barre Paul Lando, Sam and Mark Bailey, Robert Young, Jennifer Daniels, Melissa Sell, Dawn and David Lester.

Getting sick is a detox reaction to chemicals, toxins in air, food, water, and toxic thoughts.

Caller Brian talked about carnivore diets, detoxing, and the ORN way-of-life.

Given the right terrain, the toxins come out of us.

Why did everyone get sick “with COVID” at the same time? Fear, thinking you’ll get something, false positive testing.

We don’t need fiber. See Konstantin Monastyrsky’s ORN interview, he’s also at Carnivore diets reduce the need to poop as frequently because not eating vegetables, fruits and grains reduces the amount of fibrous bulk that transits through.

A slippery substance called glycobiome forms a protective coat of our colon and intestines, per Dr. Kiltz. It gets damaged by fibrous food and then causes leaky gut.

Taylor says that medicine’s viewpoint is that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, douse them with B.S. We are easily programmable as humans. We can’t acknowledge the bamboozle.

We’re in deep doo-doo because enough people will realize some day that the FBI, CIA, judges, DOJ, and politicians are crooks.

Caller Sean in Seattle said there’s not one court in the US that can see a living man or woman rather than a corporate entity. The US has been corrupt from inception. See David Martin’s American R/Evolution film. Most important health advice: Stop poisoning yourself. Invest in something worth more in the future. Gold and silver is a store of value, it’s not an investment. Recommends air-fryers.

Listener asks about a sinus infection and dust mite issues.

Patrick’s coffee enema experience. Started enema eat liver shunt time at 3 pm. Put 48 ounces of coffee into his butt and laid there for 1 ½ hours. The next day, woke with chills, body aches, felt bad for 2 days. Important to maintain liver.

Despite all its troubles, the US financially beats out Europe and China. A lot of dollars now coming into the US from overseas, strengthening the US dollar relative to other currencies.

Europeans and Asians getting negative returns.

The US dollar is not strong, but it’s better to the foreign investors than what they have available internally. US dollar index is 110 today, an unprecedented high.

That depresses the price of gold and silver. Gold and silver effectively on sale in dollar terms. Gold and dollar prices are inversely related.

Credit problems starting to surface. Cheap credit debt starting to default.

FED threatening to unwind its balance sheet. $8.8 trillion is on the US balance sheet, and we owe 6 trillion 100 billion dollars to the FED.

COVID shut down a tremendous amount of US economic growth.

US has a weak economy, high inflation, but continued consumer spending due to government handouts, which markedly increased debt.

FED trying to fight inflation without shooting the economy in the foot, while simultaneously unwinding the balance sheet.

Fred sees a continued increase in interest rates. Junk debt going into default. Will lead to a credit crunch.

Growth in stocks up until 2 years ago came from companies being able to borrow cheap money. Without cheap money, companies need to show that their valuations are justified.

How to get people to come back to work? With higher costs, workers have expectations they need to earn more.

Is it safer to have money in local credit union? People have a feeling they are separated from banking institutions.

Lots of fraud associated with pandemic payouts.

Executive Order 14067, issued 3/9/22, gives 180 days to come up with a plan for digital currency, then 20 days to start implementation.

Fred thinks it will be 5 to 10 years before digital currency is implemented, and it will be an evolving thing.

Digital currency won’t solve any problems. Money will look different, and it will be easy for the govt to transfer funds. And privacy is done.

What if government declares cash is worthless and must be converted to digital by a certain date?

Reasons our founding fathers said only gold and silver were the standard of our monetary system.

Unfortunate consequences to the economy of the US since getting off the gold standard in 1971.

Numismatic coins are far safer than paper dollars. Paper dollars getting devalued very rapidly right now.

How has the dollar survived as the petro dollar? Since Bretton Woods, It’s been only possible to buy oil in US dollars. Forces foreign countries to stockpile US dollars, which otherwise don’t look like a good investment.

Seeing some countries transact for oil in other than US dollars. Fred doesn’t think the US will allow other countries to throw out the US dollar as the petro dollar.

We’ll never have a government that will tell us the truth. All governments lie. Flaw in current process is change in value of paper dollars.

In a study in the 70s, she found no evidence dietary fat is harmful.

Found more health incidents and mortality when PUFAs were substituted for saturated fats.

Found that dietary interventions had no positive influence and quite likely evidence of harm. They are not evidence-based.

With protein norm at 15%. a maximum of 30% dietary fat means carbohydrates will be 55%.

Harder now to uncover author and sponsorship conflict of interests.

Relentless campaigns now against meat and dairy. But no evidence there. Do they want us sick?

Eat Real Food.

Potato is a real food but not a high nutrient food. Will the starch mess you up? Not if you’re metabolically healthy. Could cause oxalate issues.

Real food doesn’t put fat and carbohydrate together in one package, except for nuts. But people find the combo irresistible, and food manufacturers take advantage.

If you’re feeling well, don’t go near a doctor and don’t test.

Don’t have overwhelming evidence that processed foods are bad.

Difference between sugar in fruit and packaged sugar? None. Body doesn’t know where the glucose/fructose/sucrose molecule came from.

Five A Day Fruits and Vegetables is a complete fairy tale.

What does sugar do in the body? We have 4 grams of glucose in our bloodstream at all times. After consuming sugar, insulin gets released to get glucose out of the blood, fructose goes to the liver.

Too much fructose causes NAFLD, too much glucose causes diabetes.

Hyperinsulinemia – high insulin state as a response to habitually too much sugar. Too much sugar smashes body’s delicate mechanism for glucose control.

Need a new paradigm on cholesterol. Statins are not the answer.

Dairy – Zoë personally eats a lot of it.

We don’t need fiber. Carbohydrates are not an essential need. Fiber is a subset of carbohydrates and therefore not needed. Can it be a benefit? No trial evidence that says it’s any good. Population studies show people who eat fiber tend to be healthier, but they don’t prove it’s the fiber that is causing the health benefit.

Cereal companies want you to think fiber is needed.

Eggs are really good. The yolk has the nutrients.

Main sugar in rice is glucose. Average serving has 100 grams carbohydrate.

Overeating high carb sources can cause blood glucose to drop below 4 gm because of insulin response, causing hypoglycemia. Want blood glucose to be even.

With a habitual keto or carnivore diet, the body runs on fats. Fat is the fuel we don’t run out of.

If eating high meat, do you need extra fat? No, eat the food as it comes. Eat the fat on the meat, don’t add more. Don’t add butter to the steak if trying to lose weight. Burn the body’s fat, not dietary fat.

Mixing fat and carbs is the best way to add weight.

Studies showing association between red meat and heart disease are population studies showing association between heart disease and affluence.

Why don’t dairy and meat industries defend themselves?

Is honey a good food? It’s just sugar with water. Good for wounds.

Berries are the best fruit. Sign up and get a weekly email.

Can you prove in a court there is no COVID virus?

See for essays on COVID fraud and dismantling virus mythology. Article: COVID 19 Fraud and the War on Humanity.

No control experiments have been done. Admissions of no evidence whatsoever.

COVID has been a blessing in providing the opportunity to expose virology. Lockdowns provoked people to take action.

Health freedom movement starting to realize the censorship and lack of freedom.

The idea of catching something doesn’t fly. No studies can show transmission.

500 p. textbook on influenza has no sentence proving you catch it.

In 1918 Dr. Rosenau studied cause and mode of transmissibility of Spanish influenza. Not one case was transmitted.

Reasons for high 1918-1919 mortality: prior WWI trauma, mega high dose aspirin (30 g), multiple experimental vaccines, don’t know how diagnosis was made.

Cold can slow heart rate down, a parasympathetic action. Good to challenge the body. Don’t want to push the body too far though. Mix resistance training with anaerobic.

Why do we get sick? Nutrient deficiency, eating too much, ingesting toxins, not enough exercise, psychological discontentment.

Microbe-free animals can’t survive beyond a few weeks.

Bacteria and fungi exist, but not viruses. Everything works together in symbiosis, hard to differentiate human from non-human functions.

Parasites don’t affect healthy people. Affect the malnourished, those in a toxic environment.

Those that didn’t buy into COVID haven’t become sick. Some that have been forced against their will to take the jab because of the mandate have become broken.

Nature doesn’t care for man’s labels. Instead of labeling something as a specific disease entity, ask what the body trying to do.

Mass vaccination campaigns have lead to increase in allergies. Body is trying to expel something.

Health is not achieved through medications.

People are waking up to health, financial, and legal system scams. They can’t take away our sense of freedom.

New paper forthcoming about existence of SARS COV-2 particle.

Do dreams clean up our karmic litter?

Caller Mark shares a dream about his grandfather and 7 horses.

Everything that comes into our awakened state is as significant as if it occurred in a dream state.

Martin Armstrong’s prediction for unsettled financial times ahead.

Listener questions that vegetables and fruits aren’t beneficial to eat.

Why do things happen? Do we unknowingly create them? Patrick’s story of his refrigerator, home A/C and car A/C not working.

Were those breakdowns related to his being too snarky on his Facebook page to people contesting flat earth theory? A learning experience.

Listener asks about implants and if we can regrow teeth.

Latest Monsanto trial. Over 100,000 have brought claims regarding their use of Roundup and development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Most are settled out of court.

BluShield upgraded technology 5G unit for home use. Sale through 9/5. Monobased devices at close-out prices also.

Flat earth or not? Spiritual importance of knowing whether we are living a lie. Blue marble photo of earth is computer generated. Made-up germ theory.

Listener asks how often to put Vick’s VapoRub in the eye for floaters. Just a tad, can do every day, per Dr. Daniels.

Remember the spiritual reasons for why we are here and have created challenges.

Chart of COVID cases in Japan near record highs. 99% mask compliance. They’re still doing worthless PCR tests. Can’t let it go.

22,000 households in Colorado lost ability to control thermostats after power company took control during heat wave. They signed up for A/C Awards program, made possible by smart meters.

Holographic Blood: 40 years of utilizing the Terrain Paradigm: Messages in the Blood
Father Dr. Harvey Bigelsen looked at blood for over 30 years. Was an eye surgeon.

Patient tried an alternative procedure to Dr. Bigelsen’s usual surgical procedure. Got better, 5 doctors turned Dr. Bigelsen into the medical board.

Adam got sick with mono, was miraculously healed by a German regenerative medicine doctor doing microscope work.

Take a drop of blood, look at it with a microscope. Shows health condition now plus things from the past.

Bigelsen’s work Is not live blood analysis.

With their special microscope, can see holographic images in the blood. It’s all about the terrain. Shows the root cause, which is not a germ or parasite. The terrain is what the germ lives in.

Everything has its own frequency. Body is a perfect symphony unless something disturbs it.

We are part of nature. It’s the blood telling us what we are concerned about. 4 aspects of our terrain: physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual.

You can’t get better unless you believe you can. Thoughts are energy. Everything is emotionally triggered.

Emoto did with water what he tried to do with blood first.

Cancer is mold, which is reflected in pH. Diet contributes little to the body’s pH. It’s the associated emotion that changes pH.

Cancer patients have highly alkaline blood. If pH is <7.35, cancer can’t exist.

Body puts patients into acidic blood mode and they put out alkaline waste. 55% of blood is plasma, the river of life.

Terrain is the environment, the everything, inside and out.

Fear is perfect environment for poor health.

We’re a big bag of jello. If structure is out of alignment, it affects energy flow.

Liver problems can be from misalignment or anger. Liver is the result of some imbalance in your terrain.

Everything is emotionally triggered, which affects the physical. Must treat the physical, but also need to address the emotion.

Liver working properly can change the emotions. Have to change the attitude.

Homotoxicology chart shows progression of disease. 6th stage is cancer.

Bigelsen Academy.

Do we ever want to go into the body and kill something? No. Nature doesn’t work in anti. Calling it anti something weakens the nature of a herb. We’ve evolved through symbiosis.

Lamarck says we’re living in a cooperative experience. If a parasite attaches, the body adjusts.

Their practice consists of holographic blood work and running the Bigelsen Academy school of health. Work with clients long-distance via webinairs so they can take care of themselves.

Showed a number of slides of blood. Differential markers are size, slope, count, size, shape, debris, plasma activity, aerobiosis. Things manifest where body is weak. Shows emotions.

Concept of autoimmune disease is Orwellian.

Joy is strongest emotion. We need joy every day.

Strengthen your soil.

Have to be aware of a problem to be able to fix it.

We have to have sadness to have joy. Separate yourself from the emotion and shake it off.

Adam appreciates that the pandemic has made everyone wake up and appreciate their health. It’s new paradigm time. Germ theory is a failure. There is truth in nature.

13 week course at Introduction to Terrain Paradigm through the Bigelsen Method of Holographic Blood.

2 days left in Pine Pollen sale and Sauna sale.

Being mindful of how food animals are treated. Minimizing fear to avoid adrenochrome creation.

What is spirituality about?

Being present in the moment, open to experience, feeling gratitude and love.

What is an awakened state like? We would be more, doing in a mindful state.

Exploring the mysteries of human experience.

Take the power back to yourself. Have a lived experience. What is true with you?

Creating conflict to come to a new plateau. Need resistance to grow.

Overcoming wokeness in Hollywood. See Sean’s Best Kept Secret on Ickonic and

Overcoming the dark forces that are against life. We need to get hold of our minds and avoid merging with them. Become integrated and whole to transmute the external reality.

There’s a darkness in every one of us. We have to own it and get beyond judgment by having compassion.

Death feeds life. Suffering feeds growth. We’re going through a new birth process in an age of transition.

The low vibration will eventually collapse. It’s antithetical to nature. It’s not organic and won’t be strong. But it’s helping us grow.

Working with the inevitability of things. Working with the energy while still moving, as in jujitsu.

Federal system has gotten out of control. Loss of state’s rights, creation of Federal Reserve and explosion of debt, invasion of civil liberties.

The answer is not taking more money out of our pocket in taxes and throwing money at a problem. The Federal government will not fix it.

The power is in me. Can’t wait for someone else to come along and fix the problem.

Are there white hats that are trying to fix things? We are living a civil war. The human spirit is what defeats the darkness.

Check out Sean’s work. Interviews program with notable guests.

Are vegetables not good for us to eat?

Why can’t the body get used to eating things like wheat or corn? They’re not species specific and require processing.

Meat doesn’t need processing,

The elite eat meat. The masses eat mush, grains and vegetables which don’t make you strong.

If viewing the diet as a pyramid, the bottom part should be meat, the top part fat and eggs.

Kellogg’s cereal– the intention was to make people infertile.

Our bodies are geared to health and survival. Removing toxins allows our bodies to heal.

Probiotics target the digestive tract, which is where nutrition comes into our body.

Undigestable parts of plants like fiber are abrasive. See Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

It’s not that you can’t have a food, it’s that you are choosing to not have it.

Meat, fat and eggs are so usable to the body that there is not that much waste.

Do a trial of at least 90 days on carnivore. Will see improvements continue for months onward.

Dr. Wiedeman does one-on-one and group coaching for clients around the world.

HbA1c should be under 5.2. Even vegetables like broccoli have carbohydrate in them. Anything over 5.2, you’re on the diabetes spectrum.

Morning glucose should be between 72-84.

Fat is important. Don’t want to be eating skinless boneless chicken breasts. If it was once alive, it’s okay to eat. Want fat:protein ratio skewed to the fat side – 80:20.

Regular grocery store meat is good enough.

Ribeye is one of the fattiest cuts of beef. She adds butter or fat cracklings to it. Search on CarnivoreDoctor for her video on brown butter.

She doesn’t eat organs. Doesn’t find them palatable. She uses Pluck as a seasoning, which contains powdered organs.

Listener has CSR- central serous chorioretinopathy – a bubble of fluid on her retina. Dr. Wiedeman says meat is not a cause of it, but removing all but fatty meat and eggs will remove inflammatory or degenerative agents.

Glaucoma, dry eye, myopia, macular degeneration – all improve. Dr. Chris Knobbe says its dietary related. AMD Cure Foundation. Seed oil, canola oil, palm, cottonseed oils are all toxic to the body. Don’t eat anything from a box, bag, bottle or jar with a bar code. These oils take 8 years to clear out of your body.

Want fatty pork belly. She salts it, drys it in frig, cooks it in an air fryer, makes food sizzly and crackly. See her “Bacon Knot” video. It’s a good snack. Want chewy, fatty, not overcooked bacon.

Olive oil, avocado oil – what are you putting them on? Not eating salads anymore. 80% of olive oils contaminated with other oils.

Doesn’t meat have bacteria in it if not cooked properly? How much to cook it depends on your comfort level. She believes in seared rare meat.

Listener who is trying carnivore has cravings for potatoes, pasta, bread. Recognize that this is an addiction requiring abstinence. Don’t have fruit, stevia, monk fruit, anything sweet – don’t feed the drug.

She hosts Meata gatherings as she travels around the country. See her YouTube channel.

The Keto movement has gone astray. It’s very low carb, high fat, but commercial keto products feed the addiction. Don’t eat grains.

If on metformin or drugs, will need to deprescribe. Monitor with your doctor.

How much to drink? Drink when thirsty.

Eggs are good. Yolk has most of the benefits.

Any research on blood type with carnivore? Think – were there ancestral humans that did not eat meat?

What about grains that are soaked, sprouted, dehydrated? Maybe for times when animals were scarce and people needed to make do.

We have the ability as omnivores to eat nonmeat. Is it optimal and necessary? No.

Native Americans made pemmican with beef, tallow, salt. Shelf stable after dried, doesn’t go rancid.

Carnivore Bar – a high far, meal replacement bar.

Air Drying meat in the refrigerator before cooking. Getting away from the plastic, helps give a dry crust with searing.

How to freeze meat? Air dry for one day in frig, vacuum seal.

Contact her on Instagram, YouTube at CarnivoreDoctor. Or [email protected].

Armstrong’s Socrates Artificial Intelligence program monitors the entire world, writes reports, and generates charts and graphs.

Examples of successful real world Socrates predictions for Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. Computer picks up capital flow movements.

E.g. What would China do first if they were to invade the US? Sell off US debt.

Selloffs mean the money will be spent somewhere else.

Does Socrates need to be continually tweaked? No, it uploads new information itself. Only 6 people needed to monitor it. It’s not politically oriented.

First forecast of Socrates in the 80s was that the British pound would fall and British economy would flip in line with the US and countertrend to Europe. Britain was then becoming energy independent with Black Sea oil and Europe was still dependent for energy.

They staged a coup to get rid of Margaret Thatcher and John Major brought Britain into the EMR.

Bretton Woods collapsed because of a business cycle. Politicians don’t understand currency.

In 2014 after Ukraine coup d’état, Obama said he wanted SWIFT to remove Russia. They refused, twice.

We used to have sanctions between countries. Now sanctions involve individuals.

It’s no longer a global economy. Biden has split the world economy in half.

Europeans are being driven by climate change zealots. All they care about is reducing fossil fuels. They want to destroy as much as possible the ability to produce energy. They think solutions will come later.

Different situation in 3rd world countries with no social support networks. They don’t have the resources the West does. They will riot first. E.g. Sri Lanka.

European Commission leader says she doesn’t understand why electricity prices will be higher this winter.

Ukraine is the flat land. It’s where all the pipelines come together. Black Plague started there. Have been invaded multiple times – the tanks can come through there. Is why Putin didn’t want NATO in Ukraine.

John McCain was the leader of the NeoCons. Nasty person. It didn’t matter what Russia did, McCain thought they would always be the enemy.

Putin is Russia’s leader because of a plot to take over Russia. They wanted NATO to absorb Russia. Armstrong has a new book coming out about it called Seizure of Russia, based on declassified documents from Clinton’s presidency. Putin was not a communist nor an oligarch. Yeltsin turned to Putin because he was neutral. Yeltsin’s last words to Putin: “Protect Russia”.

Neocons thought we’d take out the dictators and the people would appreciate us for doing so. But you can’t change the culture of a country just by removing the leader.

Climate change people are controlling Biden today. So-called globalists are backing away.

Antagonism between Armstrong and Klaus Schwab. Schwab is a Marxist. Thinks Marxism failed because they didn’t have US and Europe in with them. Won’t acknowledge it as a failed policy.

When forming the Euro, they didn’t consolidate debt. Europe has cancelled currencies routinely. US has never cancelled its currency.

Biden has split the country. Civil War was because of state’s rights issues, not slavery. People didn’t want to be dictated to by federal government. Abortion rights, taxes – current hotspots because of efforts to federalize them. State’s rights issues again a cause of discord.

Hillary created the student loan situation. Designed loans so they couldn’t be defaulted on. So bankers set it up so parents would cosign and they can take parent’s assets. Can’t dismiss student loans in bankruptcy.

They think if they can push us down, and price of energy is high, you will end up with an electric car. Never mind the limited range.

Socrates says US will split. South joins with the Midwest. Northeast by itself. Northwest formed by California, Washington, Oregon.

They’re trying to make us the same. What creates civilization is when we can come together for our mutual benefit. Not when it’s imposed. will tell you if a photo was made in Photoshop.

Why do they tell us about their fakery? Is it because of the laws of karma?

Hubble, James Webb telescope photos are all CGI – they’re rubbish. NASA admits they don’t have pictures of earth.

We don’t see stars at infinite distances.

Comparisons of the size of Polaris to the sun and their distances from the earth. According to laws of physics, Polaris should not be visible.

Heliocentrism is a prison for your mind. It’s the reason for NASA. They create FEAR – false evidence appearing real.

The space shuttle is a helium balloon. The external tank is a rocket-assisted blimp.

Elon Musk’s Starlink is proceeding one state at a time. It’s connecting to ground towers, not satellites as purported.

GoFast Rocket hits the firmament dome.

We’re at the last step of the Communist Manifesto.

Listener asks what causes moon phases? In heliocentric system explanation, moonlight is reflected light from the sun. Moon phases are caused by the angle of the sun to the moon.

Dave believes the moon is its own light, which comes from an electrical system. Electricity comes from the sun. Everything is electric.

They can’t have self-sufficient people knowing stuff, so they keep us as slaves.

Whatever is beyond the shoreline of Antarctica is speculation. Military prevents anyone going below 60 degrees south latitude. Antarctica ice walls are real. The land is way higher than the water.

What if we had multiple ponds, that are pieces of the plane? Closest star is 25 trillion miles away.

Listener says theory of relativity is an accurate predictor and questions the assertion there is no gravity. Dave explains experiment involving electrostatic forces which disproves gravity.

The “missing” far end in the photo of the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain is an example of convergence.

Stars are entirely within our system. Are pulsing orbs of energy. Dave thinks they are sentient. Astrologers who woke up to flat earth get it.

Georgia Guidestones had a hole which lined up with Polaris. But after 40 years, precession meant Polaris should have moved ½ a degree and not be visible through the hole.

What about NASA employees? Are they all in on the deal? They’re all compartmentalized and have well-practiced simulations.

Where is earth? We are at the center of creation. We’re all sparks of the Creator so it can magnify its experience.

Look at Get the Flat Earth Sun, Moon, & Zodiac Clock app. See friend finder to find like-minded believers. See his Images section, also book references in Book section.

The Globalists – the WEF types – that name gives them away.


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