Reminiscences and Laughs with Gene Winfield was filmed at a dinner hosted by the late LeRoi Texas Smith for members and friends of the Castlemaine Hot Rod Club when Gene came to Castlemaine Victoria to visit Tex, it was a blast to see these to old friends and Hot Rodding legends wise cracking and sharing insights into people and events, Gene and Tex are both true Gentleman, we have lost Tex but he is not forgotten.

MotorEx is an annual show held at the Royal Melbourne Show Grounds in Victoria Australia, MotorEx brings together Hot Rods, Customs, JDM and Euro Cars with a few Custom Bikes thrown in, there is also a few artists and plenty of trade displays, they usualy have a high profile Custom Legend in attendance to promote and sign autographs, there are bands a Dyno shootout and maybe and a Drift display.
MotorEx is great for checking out some high quality Customs and to catch up on the latest Custom parts and service providers it is a great weekend show.

The Photos in this slide show where taken over to visits to Liberty Walk Performance in Nagoya Japan, the Nagoya Garage is the company headquarters, the garage occupies to buildings diagonally opposite each other at 1 Chome-178 Setogawacho, Owariasahi, Aichi 488-0023, Japan, here they design, sell and fit their signature style body kits and accessories as well as undertaking Custom builds for their clients, they also garage clients car and have a lot with numerous cars for sale.
Most people are familiar with the Euro super cars they build for well heeled clients, the Saudis are very fond of Liberty Walk cars accounting for many of their commissions however the Liberty walk crew have worked their Magic on a wide variety of cars from Europe, America, England and of course Japan, I myself love The JDM Cars, I find them more interesting than the Super Cars.
If you are traveling to Japan and are into High Spec Customs and JDM be sure to make the trip to Nagoya and visit Liberty walk Garage and once you are done exploring the cars on site visit the Cafe for a burger, fries and a milk shake and then hit the merchandise store.
Oh and I include some photos from a used JDM car dealer we stopped at in Nagoya, last photos before the end slide.

Towards the end of the night partying with friends from the War Pigs MC while listening to some fabulous music at the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, this bloke joins the band on stage, none other than Joe Branko, Malaysia's primo Guitarist, Wow what a special night, love Malaysia, Love the City and it's People.
You gotta wait for the solo!

I have been traveling to Yokohama for the Annual MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom Show since 2011and have never been disappointed, Shige Suganuma and his MOONEYES crew do a fabulous job of putting the show together, not only do they have some of the finest Custom Cars and Motorcycles from around the world, they have Bands playing during the day and into the evening, a themed Art competition which is open to anyone and a who's who of the worlds finest Kustom Kulture Artist come Yokohama to show their show their Art work, If money is burning a hole in your pocket there are dozens of Vendors selling every thing from clothing to collectables and custom parts, you can even get Tattooed.
MOONEYES HRCS Yokohama is a one day show, with so much to see you need to get there early and be prepared for a big day of Custom Goodness, I have taken many people to the show and they all say the same thing "I had no idea that the Custom scene in Japan and Asia was so big" it is also very diverse there are no constraints on your imagination here, the standard of design and fabrication is sky, I will be making a separate Video for all you Custom Motorcycle fans.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair is renowned for the Steam powered Vehicles and the number of Steam enthusiasts who make the pilgrimage each year, not just to see the vehicles but to see them doing what they were built to do, one such display was a Steam powered timber milling exhibition, kinda makes you realise how difficult it would of been for men working in the timber milling industry 100 years ago, but they would have gladly thrown away their pit saws, axes and wedges to work with these machines.

Nestled in the vine covered rolling hills of Côte de Beaune, Burgundy France, Chateau de Savigny-Les Beaune first built in 1340 for the Duke of Eudes, has since been demolished, rebuilt and changed hands several times, it was purchased in 1972 by a wine grower/operator of an estate (Vineyard/Winery) whom is also a passionate collector of Jet Fighter Aircraft, Fiat Abarth Cars, Fire fighting appliances, Vineyard Tractors and Space Travel Memorabilia.
Yo have probably seen the two other Videos on this channel, however todays movie is all about the Jet Fighter Aircraft Enjoy!
Link to Beaune Tourism
Chateau de Savigny-Les Beaune; beaune-tourism.com/discover/chateaux-abbeys-burgundy/chateau-de-savigny-les-beaune

I love it when i'm out walking or driving and I unexpectedly come across Car or Motorcycle shops, I have found some supprising stuff, take for instance Mitsuoka, they are a coach built car company, who manufacture quirky cars using other JDM vehicles as their platform base.
Bankara is a used Classic Motorcycle dealer specialising in earl Harley Davidsons, they also do restorations and servicing of Classic Bikes and yes those bikes stay out on the shop front apron day and night, you could not get away with that in Australia!
Aranciata sell, service, restore and customise mainly Vespa and Piaggio Scooters, sorry i was unable to get an decent photos of the green metalflaked bike it had some serious engine mods.
Indian Motorcycles well you all know what they do, what was curious was the little board track racer style bikes they were selling which were road legal and could be registered for use on the road.
Chop Shop Sams built Custom Harley Davidson Choppers and Bobbers doing all their work in house, yep those project bikes and customers bikes get parked outside as well.
If you want more info check out the Links below.

Mitsuoka; https://www.mitsuoka-motor.com/global
Bankara; https://bankara.com/hiroshima/
Aranciata; http://www.aranciata-ss.com/
Chop Shop Sams; http://www.sams-psycle.com/
Inidian Tokyo; https://www.indianmotorcycle.co.jp/

Time Tunnel Classic Motorcycles is located at, Kamiyoga 6-6-13, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo approximately 30 minutes south from central Tokyo, for a small workshop they sure have a lot of fabulous motorcycles for sale and as you can see by the photos that they also have a diverse range of brands for you to choose from, Time Tunnel also does all it's own restoration work and services classic bikes, as is the norm in Japan the quality of work is very high, if you are visiting Tokyo, jump into a taxi and take a ride to Setagaya-ku.

I am sure that most Motorcycle enthusiasts know who Sammy Miller is and are familiar with his carreer, if you ever get the opportunity to travel to The United Kingdom make sure you take the time to stop by New Milton, Hampshire and visit Sammy's wonderful Museum.
He has amassed an incredible number of Motorcycles some rare, some familiar, the Museum also houses a vast collection of memorabilia.

So here we are in 2021, over the last twelve months we've had the scamdemic, been oppressed by the Global Elites who were happily aided and abetted by our Governments, then to add insult to injury our American friends have watched in shock at the big election steal, will 2021 be any better? I don't know, but for now I give you four minutes of Beautiful Asian Girls, Enjoy!

The Nissan Heritage Collection is located at the Nissan engine plant at Zuma an outer suburb of Yokohama Japan, as the name implies it houses a collection of some of the most iconic and popular cars that Nissan has produced both for the street and the race track, in some of the early Datsun cars you will see a resemblance Austins of the era that is because there was a deal done between the two companies where Austin shared some designs and expertise, you may even notice some very 1934 Ford front Grilles, however Nissan very quickly moved on and produced some very beautiful and practical motor cars many of which unfortunately for us did not make it into western showrooms.
I tried several times to get my tour group into the Nissan Collection but was not successful until I reached out to a Japanese friend who helped, for some reason the web site and booking process are both difficult one could say almost obstructionist, even the actual collection site is difficult to access due in part to it being on the Nissan engine Plant premises, the fact that each group is allocated a set time and duration of visit makes it difficult to fully enjoy this magnificent collection of Nissan Vehicles, over the years we have visited a lot of Japanese tourist sites and found that they do not cater very well to international visitors, it is such a shame because Japan has such a wealth of wonderful Tourist Sites to visit.
If you are in or near Yokohama and are a fan of Japanese Cars get along to the Nissan Heritage Collection, it is definitely worth the trouble it takes to get there.

In 2014 I traveled to England for the Goodwood, what is possibly the best Classic Car, Motorcycle Racing and Retro Culture event in the world, if you are into classic racing and love to dress up in your best retro threads, then you must get yourself to Goodwood at least once before you die!

On the 26th of December at 16.00hrs Eastern standard time (Australia), I will make available a movie of one of the worlds best Car and Motorcycle racing and Retro Culture events, if you can tell me via comment on the video page what that event is, I will send you an official programme for that event, you will of course have to be subscribed and supply a mailing address if you win, Goodluck!
You can see the programme in the Video, no answers will be accepted after the time stated above.

Heres an early Xmas present for all you Custom Car and Bike lovers out there, Merry Xmas from Kustom Asia.
in 2019 the Bangkok HRCS moved to an outdoor venue and the start time was changed to 4.30pm, this was a great move adding a whole new feel to the show, It felt more like a party or a festival than ever before.
As usual Thailands best Custom Car and Motorcycle builders came to show off their creations along with some invited guests from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and the USA, there were also Artists, Journalists and enthusiast from many other countries across the globe all there to party with Thailands Kustom Kulture lovers.
Kustom Kulture Art played a big part again at BKKHRCS with many local and international Artists, including Wildman from MOONEYES Japan, Ero Kumanto from Finland Russle Murchie from Australia and custom painter Jeffrey Chang from Taiwan, the Thailand Pinstriping society also had a fabulous display of their members work, two of the highlights were Wildman and Ero Kumanto going head to head in a timed Pinstriping challenge and a real time competition between local artists which was judged by the guest artists who each chose the favourite art work.
But of course the Bikes and Cars were what most people came to see and they were not disappointed, every year the standard of work by the Thai builders goes up, they should be extremely proud of the work the put out, the balmy Bangkok evenings added to the enjoyment of show visitors who enjoyed the bars, particularly the Jameson Whiskey Bar which was serving a whiskey, ginger ale and lemon cocktail it was hard to stop at five, or was that ten? I cant remember, the food court had a wide variety of delicious food for show patrons to enjoy add to that the music and you had one hell of a fabulous event.

Castlemaine Rod Shop has been supplying conversion kits since the seventies, ranging from engine and transmission kits to suspension kits, they have a huge range and can supply a kit for a wide range of vehicles, from performance and race to customs.

In 2014 my wife and I went to the UK, we visited the beautiful Lakes District and whilst driving there we happened upon a group of Tractor Trekkers.

When I feel like my job is a pain in the arse, when I cant put up with the bullshit retarded cunts spew I think of these guys in Vientiane Laos collecting the garbage, loading, compacting and sorting in thongs (flip flops or whatever you guys call them), let me tell you a over night in the heat leaves this garbage smelling pretty bad.

The Bonnie and Clyde Rods, Rats and Rides Rockabilly festival was held at Tatura in Victoria Australia, The turnout for the first of which I hope is many was not huge but with approximately 150 vehicles and 3000 people through the gates it was alright considering there was a lot on that weekend.
I personally thought it was well organised with a fantastic variety of cars and some bikes, the Venue is perfect for the purpose, there was live entertainment in the way of bands and an Elvis impersonator, I will definitely be going back next year, congratulations to the organisers, you did a great job of putting on an excellent first show.

Showmans Engines are the most magnificent style of all the Traction engines, with bright paint, lights and shining brass fittings they are Steam Powered Royalty.
Showmans engines were used to tow the circus and fair wagons from village to village across England, the sound of the steam whistle and the huff & hiss of the engine was the herald call of the fairs arrival at your village.

Club member and Custom Painter Steve May organised a cruise through Melbourne for Strangebreed members and friends, even though it was a rainy day it was great catching up and cruising.

In March 2018, Boua and I drove to her home Village near Xayaboury, 8 hours and 365 kilometres north west of Vientiane in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos a very beautiful country that I love very much.
The trip takes you over mountainous roads often littered with the remains of heavy vehicles that failed to negotiate the descent, through small villages and beautifully scenic landscapes, speed limits and lane markers are a guide only Laos motorists seem to pay no heed to them, all in all driving in Laos is as exciting as it is wonderful, this short video takes you along some of the road to Vientiane as it winds along the Mighty Mekong River.

Chopped has grown to become Australia's premier Custom Culture weekend, With Rats, Customs, Bobbers, Choppers, heaps of Bands, Dirt drags with everything from Gassers and Altereds to Lowriders and Bobbers cutting loose on the dirt strip, if you prefer going around corners try the speedway oval, when you are sick of that hit the stage area and listen to some tunes or just grab yourself a seat and a brew, then kick back and watch the ever changing parade of characters go by.

Music by the Snowdroppers, from their Album, "Too Late Too Pray"

StrangeBreed CC spent the weekend at the 2013 Grampians old skool rod run, hosted by the Old Skool Rod & Custom Club, we enjoyed great summer weather (friday evening was a bit wet).
The guy's from Old skool did a good job keeping us entertained, with a band and a fund raising auction friday night, a cruise up to the fire watch tower, then back to the halls gap hotel for lunch.
Saturday afternoon we watched the Miss Old Skool 2013 pinup parade, compared by Miss ruby Rabbit, congratulations to Miss Flirtatious Belle (winner) and Miss Mary Nance ( runner-up ) well done to all the other contestants, you all looked fabulous.
Saturday night our hosts had set up a movie screen in the park, it was a perfect night for sitting out doors and watching Hot Rod a Seventies movie.
Sunday was quite warm for the show and shine, a great line up of cars, and the chance to relax and catch up with friends brought the weekend to a finish nicely.

Sankei-En is a traditional Japanese Garden located in Yokohama forty minutes south of Tokyo, Sankei-en is unusual because it was created by Sankei Hara, a wealthy businessman who succeeded in the silk industry, work on the Garden started in 1902 and continued for around twenty years, parts of the Garden were open to the public in 1906, In 2007 the Garden was gifted to the city of Yokohama and the garden was recognized as a "Place of Scenic Beauty" by the Government of Japan.
Another interesting fact about the Garden is that the Seventeen buildings in the Garden were gathered from Across Japan and now stand in the Garden. there are to visit several teahouses. and a three-story pagoda which was built for Tomyo-ji Temple in Kyoto in 1457.


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Kustom Asia is about the best of Asian Custom Cars, Motorcycles, Art and Culture, I have been writing about it, Photographing and making Videos of it as well as Judging at shows and making friends from all around the world all through my love of Asia and its Custom Culture.
I have been facinated by Asia and nurtured a love of Cars and Motorcycles for as long as I can remember, then in 2011 i had the oportunity to travel to Japan for the MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom Show held in Yokohama, I had been researching and communicating with Custom Car and Motorcycle builders in Japan, my neighbour, the owner of Australian Street Rod Magazine asked me to write and photograph a feature article for him while I was there and that would change my life for ever.
Since then I have traveled extensively in Asia attending Custom Car, Motorcycle and Custom Culture events in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and have come to love the people and their cultures as well as the way they look at Custom Culture, the innovation and individuality they apply to the Cars and Bikes they build, they are not constrained by peer pressure or fads, they build what they want, how they want, from world class Professional built Customs to Homebuilt Rats.
I will also include Custom Car, Motorcycle and Machinery content from Australia and elsewhere, with some Travel and Tour stories thrown in for fun.