Off Target. Hmm...another Woke marketing fail. #Target #Woke #GenderWars #StormWarning #Pray #Repent #Revival #JesusSaves #EndTimes #AreYouReady

Rocky goes water crazy, while Jake and Duke worry about his sanity.

#COVID is over. So why the push for the #Vaccine and #Boosters?
#Plandemic #TheJab #Depopulation #TheGreatReset #PoliceState #PrisonPlanet #Resist1984

I was working on the pond,and Rocky kept messing with the hose. So.... That one had no fear!

Rocky, our latest rescue, enjoy his rope and new backyard.

Rocky, Duke, and Jake enjoying their space and chew.

Hmm...could "Dr. Strangelove," be predictive programming?

Hmm...did the Deep State use HAARP to send Turkey a message?

Time for another false flag to bail the Deep State out, and clamp down on you.

When there is no justice, can there be peace?

The less you have, the happier you'll be. The shorter the chain, the freer you will be.

The border is under control; man holes, not so much.

Be aware of what is going on around you. Speak up. Silence is surrender.

There was a time when this country believed God, and American exceptionalism was embraced. We need to become that country again.

At what point will the Woke realize, we are being teched into slavery. The digital currency will allow the government to own you.

That time has come to start charging doctors, nurses and hospital administrators with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, assault, child abuse, and child endangerment.

Once again the brave warriors in Washington prepare to send our military to fight and die for the military industrial complex. The Uniparty bangs the drums of war for the Deep State's money laundering operation in Ukraine, all from the safety of their desks.

And now #men can have #babies. Maybe now we can create the perfect designer baby.Welcome to the #BraveNewWorld. #InfoWars #AmericanJournal #EndofHumanity
#PoliceState #PrisonPlanet #Resist1984

Don't think that this medical and governmental tyranny won't be here soon. Divorce yourself from the Uniparty system that seeks to enslave us.

Saying something is normal doesn't make it so...

Here comes the Global Health Passports...

Round and round go the animals...What's going on?

The truth isn't just out there, it's here.

At least the Brazilians haven't let the Deep State take their cojones. Wake up USA. Time to step up.

Points to ponder...


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The Republic is falling. Time to engage the Deep State.