We construct a powerful energetic complex from a decade that no-one remembers, because it's said to be a cool colour. It was.
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Patreon, as I've said in this here video film clip, has been 'going off' lately. Some of these fantastic names are below. I've paired you in groups of threes this time, so rather than being best friends like the groups of two were last video, in this case its a group assignment and you're all working on a powerpoint presentation together. Each work on it individually, and then just paste your slides together 10 minutes before your presentation, so it's brutally clear when it jumps from one person's slides to the next, but the sudden change in font, style and colour. Oh yeah. Anyway:

William Griffin, James Guarnotta, Oliver Toth
Joseph Miller, Jason Petrou, Last Son of Europa
Clark from WY, Jack Steel, Zeo
Jacob Langbecker, General HiPing, Ben Gearon
Brian Talarczyk, Tyler Downard, Zachary Chapin
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Bitcore, Thorben Zethoff, Roger Kutyna
Sirius, Justin Pallo, PrettyChill Chemistry
Thomas Abbott, Stephanie Mills, Alok G Singh
Rossi, Justin reid, Vincent Cinfici
Michael Aichlmayr, joe, Daniel Coleman
David K Bennett, Jannic Rauch, Markus Rüegger
Jacob Leecock, The Gayest Person on Patreon, Joppe de Zeeuw
Jacob Bol..

Demonstrating the production of silane and diborane, both highly toxic gases that ignite on contact with air!
ChemicalForce's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqONNjBkukcc2yXbmHL8niQ

Backyard science. where I try not to get frostbite/burns/electrocuted/exploded/poisoned. A rad science time was had by all.

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Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExplosionsAndFire/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Explosions_Fire

There's so many patreons! I say that every video but now there are SO MANY: Anyway: you can join too but for now: here is the list of cool people that allowed this video to happen (

Mark Hartsteen
Craig M.
Stephanie Mills
Arne Strasser
R.R - DalitasDrain
Thorben Zethoff
Zackary E. Jenkins
Justin Lubbers
Adam Conour
Roger-Dot- Lee
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Daniel Coleman
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Azide Fox!
Grant Trent
Clark Lowe
Isaac Paciga
The Gayest Person on Patreon
Matt Jackson
Darren Hansen
David Cagan
Hunter B
Calvin Motes
Mark Blundell
Leon Stark
PrettyChill Chemistry
Luke McGoggan
Michael Kavulich
Oz Sabina
Zachary Chapin
Leon Schutte
Thomas Abbott
Aussie Chemist
Gregory Wong
Christopher Stillson

(Hope I got everyone's name right!)

Where's the hidden content you say?? Where is it? the people demand it. well screw you people, i forgot to organise hidden content for this description.

wait no I should split it Bitch Ute? how is it meant to be done?
regardless: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/explosionsandfire/
it's got the old videos too! watch them if you want to cringe!

Some more cool liquid oxygen videos from other people:
Random Experiments International: https://youtu.be/nyv1LMsplzc
ChemicalForce: https://youtu.be/qGaB..

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/I-ZawsbYpmo

Y e l l o w c h e m b a d

On Youtube: https://youtu.be/-Sz4d7RQB6Y
A video where I make a superexplosive and call it a cunt, which is somehow still not demonetized by Youtube.
Youtube ads make no sense if youre blocked out of them, and no sense when youre still in the program. Oh well, i shall continue to enjoy it while it lasts! Wont complain!

Don't throw stuff in the lab.
View on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/0zcqeaJfY-8

Sept 2018
I started this project actually because I thought the final video title would be real Clickbait-y. Turns out I know notjing about making good clickbait, because it never went viral.
Its on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/G_lTiQDzF9U

I spent a long time trying this. It seems like i over exaggerate my struggles for the video but... no I was genuinely very frustrated. Chemistry, as always, is a heartless mistress.

A lot of views for this on my channel are from people looking it up after seeing White Phosphorus in video games. This is... a good thing I feel. People want to see how things really are. If we ban all the videos showing dangerous things, then all people know are the games.
Like guns, if we ban all the real videos of guns, then the shooting games can be the only place between see guns. Idk. I feel like this opinion will win over some people on a site like this.

Look it up on youtube for... exactly the same content: https://youtu.be/ud1c5w06Y5E

Quite a bit of science packed into four minutes.
On Youtubbbe here: https://youtu.be/_7YpDityLak

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/RJh9yTIBY48

The original video had a few render errors, one of which cause really bad blending of frames from one camera, making it seem heaps blurry. Made it a bit hard to watch at points. Ive re-rendered it here though.

The guitar solo bits are actaully sped up sections of my own band's song called Blissfully. We are called The Cameramen and I had to speed it up because otherwise I wouldve got a copyright strike against myself from my own band, and I had no idea how to resolve that lol

Yes we eat chips/fries here with a fork. No, Aussies dont usually use forks, but how often are you served like 4 fries onto a plate??

Jan 2018
The first video on Explosions&Fire2! After several months off of main channel videos after Ex&F1 was deleted by Youtube in Sept 2017, we are back! https://youtu.be/zJRxCPLPlgs
Maybe one day ill make 'I love DBX-1' t-shirts. Probably shouldnt wear them in an airport, not that anyone would understand the reference.

Because this was a come-back video, i spent a lot of time editing it. It kinda set a precendent for future videos, and now I spend ages editing every video for this channel. Slow, and questionably worth it.

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/9V9ekuXl6Jw
Metal chemistry!! It was so much effort making that chromium trioxide, just for that 10 second demo. But oh well, do it For The Vine.

Watch on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/VAIgHgdaHas
MMS is an awful thing. No im not going to listen to your positive opinion on it, or have you talk to me about big pharma.

What gets me right, is this idea of big pharma being: doctors with alternate motives who actually recieve money from the pharmaceutical companies to give you medicine that doesn't actually make you better, misdiagnose you and give you things that actually make you sick.

Thats LITERALLY what happens with MMS and other quack medicine. Fake doctors, paid by scams, give you fake cures that make you sick!!
And even the proper drug stores sell so much crap like chlorophyll... because thats what makes them money.

Because people believe in a big pharma, it actually HAS created a big pharma, where so much of their profits are made from selling products they know are crap and uneffective, but people buy it because they wanna be alternative. Ah. Sorry, rant over

My favourite bit is how I'm wearing official NileRed merch in the end bit. They were good noodles too.

I also like this video, and was very on the fence about re-uploading it to Youtube after the first channel went down.

I'm proud of this video actually, I like this one.
Georgia wrote 'Science is cool and nice" and drew a cat on the board here. I still haven't the heart to clean that off, so its been in every chalkboard intro since, and is still there.

I went into the hydroponics store with Georgia. I asked for conc peroxide, they asked "you used this stuff before" and i said "yeah mate" and he said "no worries" and sold me a liter of 50% hydrogen peroxide for $20.
I suppose out of all places, a hydroponics store prides itself on not asking questions. I was probably the least shifty person to walk in their that day, and I was making HMTD lol.

I think this was my first Patreon Goal project. Get some mercury, cost was $30. I got 100 grams from a mate interstate. Pete. He has huge stockpiles of most elements, just because he wants to and thats awesome. He had kilos of mercury, so was pretty easy to buy small amounts off him. I bought potassium off him too. Cool guy.

Is it legal? I mean probably. Could you set up a buisness doing it? Absolutely not, but between friends, its all chill.
I suppose it is a different story if your mercury parcel breaks during its short plan journey interstate....

Theres a blank shot in here, its meant to footage of something but there was a render error so theres just 2 seconds of black. I didnt notice on upload, and I didnt even notice until months later when I rewatched it. Everyone on the comments was too nice to point it out to me. But yep, oops. Whatever.

I made this video with Sony Vegas, which is a huge step up from Windows Movie Maker. I should have made the switch 3 years earlier honestly, but I hadnt learnt how to pirate software yet.

Im pretty sure I fucked the heat gun with this video. Dad bought it online and didnt use it much, and I used it a bit heavily for this video. He went to use it a month later and.... it didnt work. So i got more use out of it than he did oops.

Was this before my new camera? It looks like it. This video doesnt feel that old but... man its old. Im old. Fuck.

This is the first chalkboard video! I finally decided on a format! This is the line where I say this video and more recent ones are 'new' and the other ones are 'old'. I know this video is several years old now, but thats how I define it. Kinda BC (before chalkboard) kinda division. Something like 60 videos before this one over 5 years. But from now, we are nearly making content people actually want to watch.

I still edited this on Windows Movie Maker. Every video preciously including this one used it. Dear god.

For the fuses, theyre actually from a mate I met up with after meeting him on Sciencemadness. Yes, i met up with a guy who I met on an internet forum. NedsHead if youre still out there, youre a lad.
I bought like... the KOH and ammonia and some other stuff off him, he had a friend in a cleaning buisness. Oh also the 50% sulfuric acid. I still use all of those a lot. Glad I bought a large amount of each of them off him! Oh also a large amount of K nitrate. Large. Love it

I really liked that DeadMau5 shirt.
The weirdest bit about this video is the Doug's lab shoutout. We had organised this collab where he would make picric acid, and then I'd show what you could do with it, which was making DDNP. We agreed upon a time, and I remember staying up until 3am to finish the video to hit the deadline.
Doug didn't hit it. He got back to me to say he wasn't very happy with the video, and wanted to refilm it.
Ok. I waited a few days. But i had worked hard to make this video, and I was so certain Doug would deliver, that I uploaded it anyway.

Doug never made or put up his video. He didnt even message me to say sorry. To be fair, i didnt message him either, but I was just a bit... let down. Oh well, hes a busy man, and it was a risk I took because he has 4x as many subscribers as me at the time.

Whatever, this wasnt a great video, despite the effort. Filming the intros at night.... very odd choice (probably because i was in a rush to hit the collab deadline lol). No hard feelings thooo

This video comes across as weirdly dodgy.

I achieved the height in the intro by putting the tripod on top of the sink. It wasnt very balanced, so I spent ages making sure it was pitched up perfectly so it wouldn't tip and destroy my camera.

Thanks to Georgia for holding a giant hammer. There were several other scenes I remember filming where I just got Georgia to hit various nitroglycerin things with that huge hammer, but most of them didn't work so well.

The nitroglycerin was yellow, likely from damage it recieved by nitrogen oxides, with poorly made nitric acid. Dodgy dodgy, fuckin yellow chem

I loved this shirt! Its an Art vs Science tshirt, who are a great Australian band and I saw them at the Uni Bar and got this shirt. Was an awesome gig. Since then, that bar has closed and they moved it downstairs amd made it all classy and open and everyone misses the dank THE DANK

Was the most powerful explosive id made at the time, and still one of my favourites.

This video got a strike on the main channel, so I remade the intro for Vimeo where i wrote 'fuck youtube' on the chalkboard. Yeah, that'll show 'em.

Voice overs are hard. I also didnt have a microphone for a long while. Pre-2014 I would just use the camera's inbuilt mic. Just filming the wall while I talked to it. Shit quality.
Then my university gave every Science student an iPad mini for... some reason (at the same time my sister in the arts faculty was having lectures basically in cupboards without ebough chairs for all the students, and half the classes were cut) and I recorded a lot of voice overs on that. To 'improve' the audio quality, i'd usually either record in the car or under the blankets in my bed. This sounds like an under the covers job here.
Puts a different spin on it, imagining me saying all this stuff while in bed. I shouldve just spent some money on a USB mic ages ago

I bought the nitromethane from this hobby racing store. They let me fill up a PET 1L bottle with it and charged me $30. The nitromethane started dissolving the bottle and i just niticed in time before it melted through the bottle after a day, and nearly spilt everywhere inside on some carpet. Oops

I asked Daniel to make me music that was like MinutePhysics, but wasnt exactly that. As always, he fucking delivered.

Hey this is a pretty interesting contact explosive. Those stains are still on my roof. Probably the most accidental detonations ive had in a video.

Luke helped out here. At one point, with the suspension experiments near the end, we set it up, ran away, and filmed over 15 minutes of solid nothing. No talking, because we didnt want to talk over any explosion. Was intensely boring. Was that this video... I think it was??

Its a lovely colour, but my NHN is garbage. Theres many fans of NHN out there, and I think I did them a disservice by making this video.


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Backup channel for Explosions&Fire2, featuring older videos too, in order!! Not because the videos are good, but just out of an interest of 'look how the channel has developed!'
Ex&F(1) ran from 2011-2017 with a lot of videos before it was deleted by Youtube, so there's a lot of old content, but a lot of it isn't good. Some stuff from 2016-2017 is okay though, even if it is 'too spicy' to be uploaded to Youtube.

In this channel, we combine cutting edge explosives science and historical explosives with... home chemistry and shitposting.