SkyNews: Airlines in Spain & Russia warn vaccinated folks NOT to fly: increased risk of BLOOD CLOTS (June 11 2021)


Sky News. 11 June 2021: Airlines are now advising people who have been vaccinated NOT to fly. Yep, you heard me correctly. Airlines in Spain and Russia are warning people who've been vaccinated against Coronavirus NOT to travel because of the risk of BLOOD CLOTS. Now, this is a well known risk of long-haul flights. But, it apparently is exacerbated by the potential side effects — the clotting side effects — of the Covid-19 vaccines.

"Succession Planning": Major Corporations are right now Planning to REPLACE ALL VACCINATED STAFF within 2-3 years

As featured at Europe Reloaded, who said: "ER: We believe this lady could be genuine. See what she says about ‘succession planning’ in the oil and gas industry for which she recruits workers. They do indeed expect there to be many fatalities in the industry over the next three years among those workers who took one of the ‘vaccines’."


Major (Gas and Oil) Corporations are right now Planning to REPLACE ALL VACCINATED STAFF within 2-3 years

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Reiner Fuellmich : « Notre travail avance bien mais attention aux fausses rumeurs »
Reiner Fuellmich: "Our work is progressing well, but beware of false rumors"
by FranceSoir
Publication date 2021-06-05
Source: https://archive.org/details/reiner-fuellmich-notre-travail-avance-bien-mais-attention-aux-fausses-rumeurs
Original: https://www.francesoir.fr/videos-les-debriefings/reiner-fuellmich-notre-travail-avance-bien-mais-attention-aux-fausses-rumeurs

Nous recevons l’avocat allemand Reiner Fuellmich, une nouvelle fois pour un debriefing exclusif sur l’avancée des travaux du groupe d’experts qui forment le Comité Corona.

Beaucoup d’informations erronées ont circulé sur l’action qu’il mène avec un groupe d’avocats de plusieurs pays. Nous avons tenu à ce que Dr Fuellmich puisse apporter les réponses lui-même aux questions qui ne manquent pas d’enflammer les réseaux sociaux.


Les messages qui circulent sur les réseaux sociaux sont trop souvent « augmentés » rapportés de site en site, d’email en email avec des additions qui entrainent une déviation du message originel factuel.

Dr Fuellmich confirme travailler avec un groupe d’expert de moins de 100 personnes alors que l’on peut lire que ce groupe comprend parfois plus de 1000 avocats. Comme il dit :

« Seules quelques bonnes personnes suffisent »

Après un mise jour sur la procédure en cours, il répond à nos questions afin d'apporter une clarification nécessaire , très conscient du fait que la désinformation fait rage et sert possiblement à dénigrer ou dévaloriser l’action que son groupe mène.

Au risque d’en décevoir certains, il confirme qu’il y aura un procès, mais cela ne commencera pas le 3 juillet 2021 comme on a pu le lire sur le net. Pas plus que ce ne sera un Nuremberg 2.0 mais plutôt un Tribunal International établi spécifiquement pour la crise du Corona.

Retrouvez le debriefing complet du Dr Fuellmich

Version Originale sous titrée en français

We welcome German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, once again for an exclusive debriefing on the progress of the work of the group of experts that make up the Corona Committee.

Much misinformation has circulated about his action with a group of lawyers from several countries. We wanted Dr. Fuellmich to be able to provide the answers himself to the questions that never fail to ignite social media.

The messages circulating on social networks are too often "augmented" reported from site to site, email to email with additions that lead to a deviation from the original factual message. Dr Fuellmich confirms that he works with an expert group of less than 100 people when we can read that this group sometimes includes more than 1000 lawyers. As he says: "Only a few good people are enough".

After an update on the current procedure, he answered our questions in order to provide a necessary clarification, very aware of the fact that disinformation rages on and possibly serves to denigrate or demean the action that his group is carrying out. At the risk of disappointing some, he confirms that there will be a trial, but it will not start on July 3, 2021 as we have read on the net. Nor will it be a Nuremberg 2.0 but rather an International Tribunal established specifically for the Corona crisis.

French Paramedic In Tears And Nurses: Alert Massive Increase In Deaths Following The Shot
Found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZNeveri/status/1400516774446174210 June 3, 2021

The word "important" in French, in this context at the end of the video, means "major" or "massive" as in "major stroke" or "massive stroke".

Saint Joseph Saint Luc Hospital - Lyon City (France)

Stefan sums it up - With this insanity, to claim to have done scientific studies is absolutely sick in the head Content:
- Adjuvants, falsely called auxiliary substances in vaccines, are incredibly dangerous
- Not a single mRNA vaccine has ever worked in animal studies
- on the contrary!
- No placebo studies are done in any vaccine studies
- The placebo group always includes the so-called adjuvants (auxiliary substances).
- These studies are conducted in the poorest countries where no one notices anything

At the Pizza Hut on Queen Mary Road in Montreal yesterday afternoon (17 May 2021), I pulled out my camera, astonished at the hussle underway to quick-inject 90,000 people in a drive-thru "tent" at Trudeau Airport.

VISIT: https://thereisnopandemic.net/

In this second of two clips I managed to shoot, Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, liar and sell-out, pretends PCR results are "cases" and "infections".

A crime against humanity!

As he lies through his teeth, the leader board says: "Manitoba now holds Canada's highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate". Fraud and a lie!

Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, "intensive care physician", is an intensive CON MAN for hire. What are they paying him to LIE like this to the CBC, Canada's Pravda?

The PCR "test" is not diagnostic. It cannot identify an illness, a "case" or an "infection". This is a LIE to drive up the fake statistics to terrorize people into taking the shots.

Sars-CoV-2 has not even been "isolated" and "purified" from a patient alleged to be ill with it. There are no records anywhere of isolation and purification at all.

The whole SCAMDemic is a psyop, a psychological operation to terrorize the public into accepting the SHOTS required for globalist "vaccine passports", while killing off the elderly and sterilizing the young for massive population reduction.

Solution: STOP the phony PCR "testing" and there will be no fake results to call "cases" or "infections". Because nobody is going to be sick, and there will be nothing to report without the PCR shoved up their nose to generate sham "statistics".

The cold-blooded evilness and corruptness of people like this "Dr. Eric Jacobsohn" is jaw-dropping! Encouraging naive people to risk their health and their lives in this criminal fraud orchestrated by sitting juntas who long ago lost the right to be called "government"!

Filmed inside Pizza Hut on Queen Mary Road in Montreal: https://bit.ly/3wk2dK2

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At the Pizza Hut on Queen Mary Road in Montreal yesterday afternoon (17 May 2021), I pulled out my camera, astonished at the hussle underway to quick-inject 90,000 people in a drive-thru "tent" at Trudeau Airport.

VISIT: https://thereisnopandemic.net/

Drive-thru mRNA injections by the thousands pushed by corrupt, incompetent press and "medical" personnel who should be stripped of their license, and I don't mean driver's license.

I was absolutely jaw-dropped by the LIES coming out of the mouths of the talking heads pushing this event.

Fittingly, the LIVE-vaccination show was on in a fast-food place.

I filmed the wall-TV. Here's that Pizza Hut on Google streeview


Klaus Schwab explique la convergence bio-numérique des humains avec Internet.

La bioconvergence est la politique du gouvernement Justin Trudeau, mais les Canadiens n'ont pas été invités à voter pour savoir s'ils veulent faire partie du nouvel esclavage: la bioconvergence fera en sorte que chaque être humain soit sous surveillance 24 heures sur 24, chaque action, chaque souffle, chaque battement de coeur.


A 43-year-old father of seven children in Mississippi was left unable to speak and paralyzed on one side of his body three hours after being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, his family says.

People will Start Dying a Few Months after the First mRNA Vaccination.

This video features a presentation by Professor Dolores Cahill, Molecular Biologist, and Immunologist in Ireland.

Her host is Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, a French geneticist and scientist. Filmed in 2020.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer Ontario Flip-Flops on Mask Wearing. These people, in every government, live off YOUR backs. They have a salary off YOUR tax pocket while crushing you economically, lying to you to destroy your health while pretending they are protecting you.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Deep Nasal Swab Taken for the PCR Test.

This extract is taken from "In Depth Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman" uploaded 12 March 2021 on YouTube:

How many Canadians die from the Flu every year? Flu deaths reality check with Theresa Tam (2012)

Apparently, reports of alleged flu deaths are not based on records of actual patients, but on statistical models that distort reality. In this old news clip from 2012, Theresa Tam lies bold-faced to the camera about numbers of "flu deaths" in Canada. Tam reports grossly distorted and mere statistical predictions as "factual" flu deaths in 2012.

Therefore, what credibility do Theresa Tam's Covid-19 reports and predictions have in 2020-2021?

Original source - Project Veritas, for the full story: https://www.projectveritas.com/news/facebook-ceo-mark-zuckerberg-takes-anti-vax-stance-in-violation-of-his-own/

Around the middle of this video, Zuckerberg says to Fauci: "my understanding is that these vaccines do not modify your DNA, your, or RNA." Fauci replies: "No. Um, first of all, DNA is inherent in your own nucleus cell. Sticking in anything foreign will ultimately get cleared".

Wuhan scientist, Dr Wu Zinyou from the Chinese Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says:
"They didn't isolate the virus. That's the issue."
This gives added support to claims made by Principia Scientific International reporting on December 11, 2020: "COVID 19, and the subsequent governmental responses, appear to be part of an international conspiracy to commit fraud. It seems there is no evidence that a virus called SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called COVID 19." https://principia-scientific.com/covid19-evidence-of-global-fraud/

Flu deaths reality check 25 Nov 2012.

"Official figures on the flu deaths in Canada"

THERESA TAM interviewed and caught LYING, giving wildly exaggerated, merely statistical projections, as actual flu deaths.

The importance of intellectual integrity in every sphere of life, in particular from accountable government officials, is highlighted when THERESA TAM lies about numbers of FLU deaths in Canada, November 2012.

So, what has she been lying about since a Covid pandemic was declared in Canada?

In Germany, a detention camp for quarantine resisters. The "Corona prison" opened its doors in February, 2021.
Source: FranceSoir, uploaded 25 Jan 2021 at YouTube:
English translation 9 February 2021. Montreal, Canada.

First published at 15:27 UTC on January 31st, 2021 on https://bit.ly/3jlLDV0. Nota bene: Presentation of this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts is not an endorsement of Rocco Galati or his "legal" projects.

Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (retired) evokes the Normandy landings to rescue Europe in WWII, while urging all Americans to "stand up" to those who have seized control of society.

The Normandy landings were the landing operations and associated airborne operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Codenamed Operation Neptune and often referred to as D-Day, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The operation began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later western Europe) and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front.

Thomas McInerney (born March 15, 1937) is a political commentator and a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General who served in top military positions under the President of the United States and Secretary of Defense.

Use https://downvideo.stream/ to get a free copy of this video.

Additional tags:

Hammer and Scorecard: Comey corruption; Pelosi laptop; Ann Vandersteel; "democratic socialism": front door to Communism; China; Italy; Leonardo satellites;

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Personal comment:

Trump is portrayed as a brilliant strategist.

If so, why would he rally his own supporters to the Capitol on the 6th, but fail to anticipate they would be infiltrated. And having rallied them, why would he personally not ensure proper security, and even provide his own security? He had his own security for his own inauguration.

So, why was January 6th less important?

Why would Trump advocate Operation Warp Speed with dangerous vaccines that were in fact unnecessary, but not use his executive power to order HCQ released. And then, there's Ivermectin, apparently even more effective, and again no vaccine needed. Mass vaccinations are needed to launch the transhumanist agenda of the Great Reset.

McInerny says the situation today (with the stolen 2020 elections, and the press and media control) is like 1776.

No, it isn't like 1776. In 1776, the Saxon colonists of America declared independence from England, their mother country. In 2020-21, Communist infiltrators in the Capitol, in the Democratic party, said to be in league with China, are not the equivalent of the "mother country". They are traitors who have constituted themselves as a foreign power in the institutions of the United States.

The call to 1776 is coming from Sidney Powell as well, a lawyer who should know better.

But in 2021, 1776 means the break-up of the United States of America. However, your sweet old uncle Ron Paul, at a dinner meeting in 2015, well before the Capitol events, bragged joyously that the federal government of the United States was indeed BEING "broken up", due to the Nullification movement:


So, 5-6 years later, in 2021, breaking up the "government of the United States" is not really a reaction to infiltration and treason by the Communists in the 2020 elections, now is it? It's already well underway, and perhaps there needs to be an excuse to finish it?

Well, what would happen if the Americans could be conned into breaking up their own country by mass secession of the States?

If there's no federal government any more, then there's no federal military under a central command to protect the country. That would seem to expose America to her enemies and their ally, Red China, whom McInerny says have taken control of society.

There's also no social security or anything else any more, which is good for the insurance companies and government coffers.

In conclusion, I think it was a foolish move to rally Trump supporters to the Capitol on January 6th, while doing nothing about security. The effect was to invite the infiltration and the chaos, and prevent the challenge to the 2020 elections that we were told was intended.

The effect was to secure Biden's administration, which we are told is a coup d'état, and likely is, and Trump's "concession" to it. Unless Trump turns out to be some kind of genius, and he will turn it all around with Pelosi's laptop before the inauguration of a man not qualified to swear a valid oath of office or allegiance.

In these events at the Capitol, I don't see how Trump is any kind of genius at strategy if his real intent was not to certify Biden.

Which in turn, combined with the events of 6 January 2021, might well be escalated to the point that the States declare UDI... but they were already going to do that, if Ron Paul, your sweet old uncle, is to be believed.

Who "stormed" the Capitol?
Two black-clad Antifa smash windows at the Capitol on 6 January 2021, one with the butt-end of a flagpole.
View the flagpole wielder @ 400% with a free copy of the video: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ3TYYXZvHeyhlg3njzHr7EdUAdTw0L3M6sy

Listen to the peaceful crowd of Trump supporters cry "No! No! No!" and then chant "Fuck Antifa!" "Fuck Antifa!" "Fuck Antifa!" after two black-clad Antifa smash windows of the Capitol.

Christian COTTEN - First Warning to Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses and Health Officials - Covid-19 vaccines and the Nuremberg Code (2 December 2020) French with English subtitles.

U R G E N T - If you tried to download this before, and it didn't work, please try again! The folder has been updated to remove French accents from the file names, which may have prevented unzipping.

Free download of the transcript and video with English subtitles:

- - -

U R G E N T - Si vous avez déjà essayé de le télécharger et que cela n'a pas fonctionné, veuillez réessayer! Le dossier a été mis à jour pour supprimer les accents français des noms de fichiers, ce qui peut avoir empêché la décompression.

Téléchargement gratuit de la transcription et de la vidéo sous-titrée en anglais:


Paul Hellyer - Toronto Exopolitics Symposium 25-09-05
Video of Paul Hellyer's speech at the symposium
Video by Ernest Vershiyi

One month to the day after Queen Elizabeth gave her speech in the Quebec Legislature, urging the poor, oppressed French-Canadians to break up Canada, while offering herself to legitimate it, René Léveque, now a "Liberal" in the Jean Lesage government. makes his pitch on TV for the fundamental restructuring of all of Canada. That is not secession. Moreover, notice that, as a "Liberal", René Léveque refers to "separatists" and the risk of violence from these "separatists", unless something is done to prevent it, i.e. let the "Liberals" restructure Canada.

This video proves that the "restructuring" is not by "separatists". Because here, it's clearly the "Liberals" who are trying to get it done. And it is these very "Liberals" under Jean Lesage who hosted Queen Elizabeth in the Quebec Legislature the previous month, when she called for the break-up of Canada, which, in view of her Minister Lévesque's video, here, really meant Canada's "restructuring".

The hidden purpose of the "restructuring" (which is clear from other sources) is to create a regional union, meaning the top half of the North American Union, under the planned world government.

The restructuring of Canada is to be done on the model of the European Economic Community - the European Union; but, in this video, Lévesque pretends not to know this. He pretends there are all kinds of federal unions possible, and he lists a few, including the Soviet Union; but, of course, he doesn't mention World Federalism (except in his Memoirs (see the chapter segment, "Je Suis Fédéraliste") when he thinks no one is paying attention).

Chapter from Lévesque's Memoirs, in French, no chapter number: JE SUIS FEDERALISTE...

Chapter from Lévesque's Memoirs, in English, Chapter 17. "I AM A FEDERALIST":

Download a free copy of this video and a text transcript and translation, proving that not the so-called "separatists", but the LIBERALS, were the first to try to restructure Canada using Quebec and a threat of violence from "the separatists" if the restructuring was not done.

At the very outset of the video, you will notice that the female voice-over speaking French says the words "Premier Jean Lesage". It is Lesage's "Liberal" government that the Parti Quebecois manifesto of 1972 reports was the first to attempt to construct a (Communist) plan to run Quebec's economy in 1961. (pp. 101, 103).

Download the 1972 manifesto: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZuMIzkZj7N5FRei5IRTOoaqfEj1ojd41Gkk

That manifesto declares that all the sovereign powers are needed to construct a (Communist) plan, and this is the reason for the pursuit of Quebec's independence. The type of Communism is New Left, Yugoslav-style Communism called "Industrial Democracy" or "Workers' Control", sponsored by the Socialist International whose members are working toward world government.

In this video, 2-3 years after Lesage's first attempt to construct a (Communist) plan, which apparently could not be done without all the powers, Lesage greets Mrs. Windsor (EII; Queen Elizabeth IInd) in the Quebec Legislature, and she in turn offers Quebec a new constitution, with herself to legitimate the break-up of Canada.

Nice timing?

Download a transcript of The Queen's Speech together with research notes:

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